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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Need for Speed 

I love Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad. However, I couldn’t picture him leading a role just yet on the big screen. His role as the protagonist in Need For Speed is questionable. Is he really a hero after the two hour ordeal that I had to go through? Plot wise, this is nothing interesting and for many, they won’t care much about the plot as they have something to look forward to and that is fast, beautiful cars which ain’t a selling point for me.

The plus points for me was the camera style and technique on the car chase sequences. I would say that some of the scenes were slightly better than Fast and the Furious series. Maybe the director attempted to bring more realism with great score and sound editing along with it. Do listen to my podcast on the popcorn panel and yes, I have another quiz too but you have to answer them on my instagram handle to be eligible for the grand prize.

So far the reviews have been favourable among my peers. But an eight will be too high for my liking. Movie has many flaws to make this a classic. I still prefer the FF series. Verdict: 7/10 @abbylmf 6.8 Rottentomatoes 23%

Check out the podcast review for Need for Speed



UBD Film Festival 2014 


I’m kinda excited for this event as I’m a movie buff and also my interest in film making is kinda high. This is the first time that UBD will be hosting a Film Festival that will feature some of the students’ modules of short films as well as some of the local house production short films. The actual event will be on the 19th and 20th of April which will take place at the Core, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The tickets are free but the seats are limited over the two day period.

Last night, I was being interviewed by the marketing committee of UBD Film Festival 2014 and I’m honoured to be part of their project. They also interviewed some local videographers and creative directors where Elizabeth Sim was the host for the TV show format interview. Well, why I was chosen was because of my own going podcast on movie reviews on Sound Cloud – The Popcorn Panel.

Ironically, I interviewed the director of marketing, UBD Film Festival 2014, Efah, and you will be able to catch the interview soon on the Popcorn Panel. Good luck to you guys and I can see how much effort have been invested in this event. So peeps, don’t forget to catch UBD Film Festival 2014 on 19th and 20th April at the Core, UBD.

UBD Film Festival 2014 are also running a short film submissions from the public and you can check out their terms and conditions on their website and you can also download the form if you are interested. Who knows your short film will be shortlisted and be shown during the said event. You can also follow them on instagram @filmfestivalubd2014

You can be part of the UBD Film Festival 2014

The marketing team of the UBD Film Festival 2014 documenting the interviews

A young talented videographer being interviewed

Behind the scenes

Make up before the shoot

Testing before the shoot

The form for those interested to feature your short films


Amazing trailer 

Check out the first official trailer for Yasmine the movie

It was great to see the 30 second trailer of the much anticipated first featured film produced by a Bruneian entitled “YASMINE”. You may have heard about the movie on my older posts back last year and now it’s getting very close to reality that Yasmine the movie will be hit theaters and the producers have announced that the movie will be released by August 2014. Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia will be the first countries to release the movie though Yasmine will make its private screening at the Hong Kong International Film Festival (24-27th March) and Festival De Cannes: Marche Du Film (14-24th May).

As you can see that the Brunei’s film industry is still in its infant stage. So it’s great to see Origin Films taking a huge risk in creating this film which costs quite a huge sum of money. With the support of the Brunei Economic Development Board and the ministries involved in funding the project, Origin Films is confident that the Yasmine will translate not just exposure but also into box office success with Indonesia being the major market.

I have never been so excited about a local featured film for such a long time. The trailer itself have already raised my expectations on Yasmine and I have observed behind-the-scenes moments of Yasmine especially during shooting and I learnt so much about film making and I’m beginning to appreciate the efforts of even those who had minor roles in the film production.

Yesterday the media and bloggers were invited by Origins Film where Siti Kamaluddin, the director, introduced to the guests of the teaser trailer for Yasmine. She’s the lady behind the project with the help of Din Kamaluddin (producer), Chan Man Ching (stunt coordinator, action choreographer) as Action Director, Salman Aristo as Screenplay writer (Ayat-Ayat Cinta, Sang Penari), Cesa David Lukmansyah as Film Editor (Rumah di Seribu Ombak), Khikmawan Santosa as the Sound Designer, Aghi Narottama as the Music Director and Nidji, the composer and original songs on the soundtrack for Yasmine.

In attendance were representatives from Brunei Economic Development Board (LEAP Grant division), Baiduri Bank and Times Cineplex who were also impressed with the teaser trailer. Yasmine is very likely to be shown exclusively at Times Cineplex by August 2014. I shall keep you guys in the loop when the release date gets closer.

You can see some of the details of Yasmine the movie at their website yasminethemovie.com and you can also follow them on Twitter and instagram @yasminthemovie for updates. The web portal was also launched yesterday to give more hype on the movie before its release.

I shall be posting more behind-the-scene pictures in a few weeks’ time. Congratulations to Siti and her team on their tirelessly effort in producing a locally made film. You have my full support definitely.

Siti Kamaluddin, director of Yasmine and founder of Origin Films with her crew involved in the Yasmine project

Associates from the Brunei Economic Development Board were present

Members of the local media were also present

Siti Kamaluddin engaging with the guests about the latest development from the movie
The cast from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia feature Liyana Yus from Brunei playing the lead role of Yasmine. From Indonesia we see leading man Reza Rahadian (Fahri – Yasmine’s Father), Agus Kuncoro (Jamal – Silat teacher), Dwi Sasono (Tong Lung – School Silat teacher), Arifin Putra (Fahri’s friend) as well as young actors Roy Sungkono and Mentari De Marelle. Actors from Malaysia involved in this film feature none other than Dian P Ramlee, Dato’ M. Nasir, Nabila Huda, Soo Wincci, Carmen Soo and Aryl Falak.

YASMINE is a beautifully choreographed story that inspires us to revisit our dreams. Action, comedy and drama come together powerfully in this unforgettable journey. YASMINE being the first international feature film from Brunei has gained the attention of the film world and many international media. YASMINE has been featured in the Monocle (British Magazine) and has had articles in The Guardian (British Newspaper) and many other newspapers both locally and around the region. YASMINE will be introduced to the international film industry by appearing at the film market in the Hong Kong International Film Festival (24 March – 7 April) and the Cannes Film Festival (14-25 May) this year.


Liyana Yus in her lead role as Yasmine

Reza Rahadian, a well known Indonesian actor, playing as Yasmine’s father, Fahri



Seats are secured

I have been a big fan of purchasing movie tickets online. One reason – I don’t have to worry about my booked seats being taken because I paid for my seats and if I don’t turn up, then that’s my loss. I’ve always bought my tickets online whenever I’m in Singapore. For Brunei, the furthest we could do is book the seats online without online payment. This would mean that our seats won’t be guaranteed and according to Benny Ang, the General Manager of Times Cineplex, they can easily lose 60% from simply phone bookings, meaning the supposedly patrons didn’t show up for the selected movies they booked.

Today Times Cineplex have introduced online payment system for customers. I applaud such move and this will give movie goers a piece of mind especially me when it comes to securing your seats at Times Cineplex. You will need your Debit and Credit Card for sure and there won’t be a surcharge or booking fee when using the card. So that’s great news for movie goers. This online payment systems is only available for Times Cineplex.

“Ever since we opened nearly a year and a half ago, we have always maintained that we will continue to try and provide the very best for our customers”, said Benny Ang.

“We are delighted that this online booking facility is the first of its kind in Brunei for cinemas in that there is no pressure on the customer to come and collect their tickets at a stipulated time before the show.”

“They can book, choose their seats, pay for it all from their own home. They just have to remember their booking number to collect their tickets when they come.”

Of course, the phone booking still exists which is the usual bookings being done if you are not physically over the Times Cineplex counter. But then, you will have to be early before the movie starts to get hold of your movie tickets or you will risk your seats to those walk-in customers.

Benny also highlighted that there won’t be any refund when you buy it online but you will be able to replace your ticket with other schedules or movies of your preference if you happen to change your mind. This is a fair enough deal indeed.

So do follow the steps below or you can go straight to tutorial [click here].

Now you can pay your movie tickets online. Check out their website by clicking this image.

For new users, you will need a sign up first

Choose what movies you want to watch

You can choose for adults and/or kids

The payment gateway is made possible by Baiduri Bank

You will get this e-voucher in your email. So all you need to do is tell your Confirmation number over at the counter to claim your tickets 😀

Did you know that you can already purchase tickets for Captain America: Winter Soldier online at Times Cineplex. You can try out the payment online for the upcoming blockbuster which will only be screening by Thursday, 27th March. So now you can purchase your seats online with a piece of mind and collect your tickets even 5 minutes before your show. Of course, I won’t recommend you to do that since you will still have to queue up and the queues tend to get longer especially with blockbuster movies showing on the opening weekend.

Times Cineplex is also running a special gimmicks where customers can get a Free exclusive set of Captain America Metallic Foil stickers for every four tickets purchased per customer. This offer while stocks last but for those buying tickets online, you will have to physically go to the counter to collect the stickers as they are based on first come, first serve as in ticket collections. I will be catching Captain America in Singapore 😀

Now you can purchase Captain America tickets at Times Cineplex website

Get these special set of Captain America Metallic Foil stickers for every 4 tickets purchased of Captain America movie tickets


Sam the Inventorbot 

The animation was based on an android who invents gadgets at amazing speeds, and is hunted by a villain who wants to abuse its ability. “Sam the Inventorbot” is created by Hj Khairul Azhar Hj Rosli, founder of Cinematicpro.

Last year he won himself first place in the AITI Next Innovation and Multimedia Award for Sustainable ICT Industry (ANIMASI) Pro-Digital Animation Challenge which also secured him a BND 35,000 development of ICT and Digital Media Industries grant from AITI. You can check out the Proof of Concept Trailer for Sam, the Inventorbot, a 3D animated series.

Hj Khairul thanked his team members involved in the project, AITI, BEDB, iCentre and all the professionals from Autodesk. He also thanked the consultant, gigglegarage and his production partners, tribeaudio and Banshee creative.

Click image to view the trailer


I Love Brunei 

This is another videography competition organised by The Brunei Times. Show your love for Brunei Darusalam in moving images and join The Brunei Times video competition in conjunction with Brunei’s 30th National Day celebrations. he competition, themed “Brunei Through My Viewfinder”, is open to ALL RESIDENTS.
The competition consists of Category ‘A’ (25 years old & above) and Category ‘B’ (Below 25 years old).

Click on this WEBSITE to register for the competition and find out more TERMS AND CONDITIONS on this SITE. The closing date for this competition is April 30, 2014 at 1500 hours.

The prizes are pretty attractive too. For Category A, winner can win a savings account sponsored by Baiduri Bank worth BND 7,000 and Dell Notebook sponsored by Netcom Computer House and Crystal Trophy sponsored by Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd. For Category B, winner can win a savings account sponsored by Baiduri Bank worth BND 3,000 and Dell Notebook sponsored by Netcom Computer House and Crystal Trophy sponsored by Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd.

Another way to showcase your videography talents.

Do join the competition and showcase your talents



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News

Maju Motors hosts


 Need For Speed

The big blockbuster this weekend – Need For Speed

It’s good to see Maju Motors (Volkswagen Brunei) creating activities for its customers from time to time. Previously they held a weekend carnival and also a meet-the-fan session for the DPMM FC players with the presentation of the grand lucky draw for the Volkswagen Jetta. This morning, Volkswagen Brunei invited its customers to The Mall Cineplex to enjoy a private screening of the much awaited Need for Speed movie which was premiered worldwide recently and more than 300 customers attended the private function catered just for them.

The Need for Speed movie, which saw its worldwide premiere just a few days back, showcases some of the world’s fastest cars like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg Agera, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, McLaren P1, Saleen S7, and a rare GTA Spano as well as the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and a heavily modified 2014 Mustang equipped with a wide-boy kit. Although there were no Volkswagen models featured, but brands like the Bugatti and the Lamborghini are both part of the Volkswagen Group.

The event was held to show gratitude to its customers and also to strengthen ties between the customers and their families along with Maju Motors‘ employees. “2014 is an important year for us. Changes will be made to better serve you and it will all be done to assure your (the customers) satisfaction“, said Maju Motors Sdn Bhd Executive Director, Chan Key Hong. He added, “We are doing this to give you a better ownership experience.“

This was said after an introduction clip which explained “Why only Volkswagen can build a Volkswagen“, which was then followed by a few international advertisements from all around the world which were funny, catchy and entertaining. After the adverts were played, the Need for Speed movie was then featured, which is the highlight of the event.

The customers invited during the exclusive movie screening consisted of those owning any Volkswagen models ranging from the entry-level Polo, its bigger brother the newly launched Vento, all the way to the luxury SUV, Touareg.

Also invited were Volkswagen owners from the local Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG), who are some of Volkswagen’s strongest supporters and a true example of the Volkswagen culture, made of young professionals and car enthusiasts. They portray the spirit of togetherness, friendship and family traits, this is what Volkswagen is about.

Private screening for Volkswagen owners

The customers waiting for the show at The Mall Cineplex this morning

Volkswagen customers registering at The Mall Cineplex

Volkswagen customers registering at The Mall Cineplex

Some clips from Volkswagen before the movie starts

Some of the Lamborghini collections at Maju Motors showroom… Vroom!!!!!



Technology brings us closer 

Rita Lim, Principal of Seri Mulia Sarjana International School, in her welcoming remarks

I stumbled across an article yesterday in the Weekend Bulletin as I read the news about Seri Mulia Sarjana International School (SMSIS) introducing their mobile apps exclusive for the SMSIS community. This mobile app is ideal for parents definitely who want to be up-to-date with the events and notifications from the said school. I believe this is the first school in Brunei that uses mobile apps and I won’t be surprise if other schools will follow suit as our society is very engaged when comes to mobile technology.

he school app is a one-stop portal for the parents of SMSIS that puts all school-related information at the parents’ fingertips. Forgotten circulars and missed school activities will now be a thing of the past as the school strives to build stronger parent–school relationship; a vital ingredient in assuring children’s success in school.

Datin Dr Hajah Asmah binti Haji Morni, Acting Director General of Education at the Ministry of Education, together with the founder of Seri Mulia Sarjana International School (SMSIS), Mary Lim were present during the launch. Parents were also invited for the launch of the mobile app.

Thumbs up to SMSIS for having this made possible. This is another useful tool to connect SMSIS with the parents of the students.

Alex Adjawi, Corporate Director of SMSIS presenting the benefits and features of the SMSIS App

Parents downloading the SMSIS app

I also downloaded the app on Apple store to have a look

A pretty useful app indeed especially for parents


b•mobile lays a helping hand 

From b•mobile: We would like to extend our deepest sympathy and concern to the family members and friends of the passengers and crew members involved in the missing aircraft MH370 since last Saturday, 8th March 2014.

With regards to this incident, we’re going an extra mile with the#PrayForMH370 Compassionate 089 Rates to help for the cause during this unfortunate period by offering lower rates for 089 International value calls to 13 countries; namely China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, France, USA, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Netherlands and India, at only $0.20 per minute, starting from 14th March until 31st March 2014.

By doing so, we hope that this will allow subscribers to have a more convenient and easier way to contact and give support to their loved ones who may have been affected by the incident.

We prays for the safety of the passengers and crew of the flight and hope that the missing aircraft MH370 will soon be located.

Simply dial:

089 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone number

Great initiative from b•mobile


6 countries, 1 voice 

Chan Man Ching, Mariah Abdullah, Liyana Yus, Siti Kamaluddin and Fai Zaini (Team Brunei) at the Gala Premiere of Ikal Mayang 2014, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Late post: The voices through women are often unheard. It was interesting to know a film festival entitled “Ikal Mayang: Unspoken Truths” was showcased last weekend in Malaysia. It raises the awareness and sharing the women’s voices through filmmaking to reveal “Unspoken Truths”.

Ikal Mayang 2014 organised a 2-day festival at the Golden Screen Cinemas, in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The event comprised film screenings, arts installations and music performances in and around the venue.

The biggest highlight of the festival was the premiere of an anthology of six 11-minute short films directed by South East Asian directors which include our own Bruneian Siti Kamaluddin. The other directors are Niramon Ross (Thailand), Shireen Seno (the Philippines), A.D. Chan (Singapore), Nia Dinata (Indonesia) and Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba (Malaysia).

Apart from that, the film festival showcased ten 2-minute clips featuring original stories by local Malaysian personalities and most of them are making their directorial debuts.

Low Ngai Yuen, President of WOMEN:girls, wants to keep the conversation going after the success of the first Ikal Mayang. She hopes that the 2 minute films will give more exposure to the directors regionally, showcasing a more diverse stories and this will also encourage younger directors to take on the challenge.

The line-up of directors for Ikal Mayang: Unspoken Truths include a wide range of women and girls from all ages and backgrounds such as Eja (also known as Siti Shahrizah), Elza Irdalynna, Ineza Roussille, Nora Nabila, Soefira Jaafar, Deborah Henry, Leia Aljoffery, Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan, Junad M. Nor and Melissa Indot; who will be helming their films with the support of Creative Director, Ida Nerina and Executive Producer, Lee Su May. The scripts selected were from a call for submissions from the public held early August 2013.

Ikal Mayang is an initiative under WOMEN:girls produced by Garang Pictures & big EyEs Entertainment to increase the share of women’s voices through filmmaking and screened in conjunction with the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8 every year. WOMEN:girls is a non-profit organisation set to create an ideal world where women are empowered to be enablers for aspiring girls to achieve their dreams.

I’m trying to get hold of Siti Kamaluddin short film entitled “Mentari” which features a rising star Liyana Yus who was recently filmed in the upcoming movie called Yasmine, another film directed by Siti Kamaluddin.

Liyana Yus and Siti Kamaluddin at the Media Screening and Press Conference of Ikal Mayang 2014

Indonesian director Nia Dinata and Bruneian director Siti Kamaluddin

Niramon Ross, Nia Dinata, Siti Kamaluddin, AD Chan, Shireen Seno and Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba

The promotional poster for Ikal Mayang: Unspoken Truths 2014

Mentari, a film by Siti Kamaluddin

The official trailer of Ikal Mayang: Unspoken Truths 2014


Podcast review of 300: Rise of an Empire



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in DPMM FC, News


DPMM FC, perfect record 

DPMM FC celebrating their goal against Home United last night at Jalan Besar Stadium. DPMM FC won 3-0 and maintain a perfect record in the S•League
Steve Kean does live up to his word. He aimed for 3 points and nothing less than a draw. He was wary of the quality of their opponents last night but Kean had high hopes because of the strong partnership for DPMM FC’s attacking line. He was happy that Roy O’Donovan has settled and gelled in well with the players despite his late arrival and missing most of the pre-season training which lasted six weeks. Last night was a great testament of O’Donovan’s calibre as a marquee player as he scored a brace in DPMM FC’s 3-0 away victory Home United (Protectors).

DPMM FC had a comfortable half time lead with O’Donovan scoring in the 25th minute and Rodrigo Tosi in the 36th minute. DPMM FC had a few chances that they failed to convert. The Protectors also had scoring opportunities but their finishing failed to find the net. After the break, Tosi added the cushion lead to give a much comfortable lead and the win. After two away victories, the memories of last season was easily forgotten when DPMM FC finished 8th last season. DPMM FC were usually vulnerable away from home last season. It was more of different story now. They have scored four away goals and conceded none in two away matches and DPMM FC are also invincible at home.

Kean is definitely happy with the maximum 9 points and this will give more smiles to the DPMM FC management on the consecutive victories since the start of the season.

According to the interview by S•League, Kean were happy with his players but it is still a long journey ahead.

“When we don’t have possession of the ball, we worked very hard – not only the back four but the whole team,” he said after the match.

“There were periods in the game where after you score, you’re always a little bit open to conceding but we kept our concentration and worked our socks off the ball. It wasn’t the three goals but the clean sheet that pleased me most. I think they can [play better than what they did today] and we’ve evolved into a real good side but I still think there’s still more to come from us.”

I was a bit surprised that Home United failed to find the net, given that they have a high good scoring goal ratio. I believe that the fixtures that they are having might take a toll on them. Three days before, they had an AFCCup match against an Indonesian club and soon they are traveling to India for their next AFC Cup match.

DPMM FC’s next match will be on at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium on Sunday 23rd March as they take on champions Tampines Rovers, the other undefeated team in the S•League. Pictures taken by Darren Ho from the S•League.

DPMM FC Roy O’Donovan finally opened his goal account with a brace. He even hit the woodwork earlier in the game. Good things to come for the former Sunderland player.

Lee Kwan Woo of Home United had chances but failed to score and thanks to the towering defence of Boris Raspudic and Shahrulrizal Abd Rahman of DPMM FC. They have protected the keeper on three occasions and kept a clean sheet in the process.

Left back Sairol Hj Sahari was magnificent outing and even clear the ball off the line. In this picture, Sirina Camara of Home United skipping a tackle by Sairol and he also had his shot saved by Wardun Yussof in goals

Lee Kwan Woo of Home United sighed after missing a scoring opportunity against DPMM FC

It was good to see Hendra playing some match time after subbing for Roberto. Shahrazen was also introduced late in the game and it was also his first match appearance in the S•League this season

Wardun Yussof has kept two clean sheets and he was dominant in goal against Home United

It was good to see some DPMM FC Brunei supporters at Jalan Besar Stadium

Rodrigo Tosi has scored in all three games for DPMM FC. He’s definitely a key player for DPMM FC.

The first team line up for DPMM FC against Home United

The young DPMM FC fan supporters from Brunei at Jalan Besar Stadium

Japan Festival at Times Square 


YAM Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Wadood Bolkiah and His Excellency Kenichi Suganuma, the Ambassador of Japan to Brunei Darussalam with their spouses and Amal Majidah, the General Manager of Times Square Property Management at the launch of the Japan Festival 2014

This is the second time that the Japan Festival is being held at Times Square Shopping Centre with the support of the Japanese Embassy last Thursday. The event will end on Sunday , 16th March 2014.

Present to launch the Japan Festival at the atrium of the shopping centre were YAM Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Wadood Bolkiah as the guest of honour and the Ambassador of Japan to Brunei Darussalam, His Excellency Kenichi Suganuma, and both placed the replicas of sakuras (cherry blossoms) on a man-made sakura tree.

In his speech, Suganuma told the audience that this was a special year for Japan and the Sultanate as it marks 30 years of friendship between the two countries. The ambassador also added that patrons visiting the four-day fair will enjoy a variety of Japanese activities. These include Manga drawing contest, Karate-do and origami demonstrations as well as cooking demonstrations by the ambassador’s chef.

Meanwhile, Amal Majidah, the General Manager of Times Square Property Management, who was dressed in a traditional “Yukata”, thanked the organisers, sponsors, tenants and exhibitors who were involved in making this event a success.

At a side event, a ceremony for the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation Award, which consisted of a certificate and gift presentation, was handed by the ambassador to the President of the Brunei Japan Friendship Association (BJFA) – Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Chapter.

The ceremony ended with Master Yamada Shihan and three members from Akido Federation of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia demonstrating the Japanese martial art.

The festival, is part of a series of events marking the 30th anniversary of friendship between Japan and Brunei. The event is also supported by the BJFA – UBD Chapter, the Japan Foundation and the council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) Japan.

Some of the activities are such as Martial Art Demonstration (Aikido), Sushi eating competition, ongoing quizzes, Japanese Cooking Demonstration by Misato, Manga Drawing, Soran-bushi dance, cosplay, and Kawaii (cute) baby contest. So do drop by Times Square Shopping Centre this weekend.

The guest of honour placing the flower on the Sakura tree to officiate the opening

Shahbudin Musa, the President of the Brunei Japan Friendship Association (BJFA) – Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Chapter thanking the Japanese Foreign Minister on the Commendation Award

Handing over of the souvenir

The Aikido demonstration

The Aikido demonstration

One way to distract your opponents

The emcee from the Japanese Embassy

A van from Nissan

Touring around the booths and this is at Hana Soy & World booth, selling soya from HS. Healthy stuff!!

Trying out the Yukuda outfits

Trying out the Yukuda outfits

Want to learn more about Japanese culture and language? Check this booth out. I got some brochures from here 😀

Guest of honour visiting Malppy’s booth

Origami on display


In Need for Speed? 

Exclusive for Volkswagen Owners in Brunei

Maju Motors Sdn Bhd, the official dealer for Volkswagen vehicles in the Sultanate will be giving its owners an exclusive screening of the much awaited for blockbuster movie, Need for Speed. Owners were called and informed to pick up vouchers that will entitle them to two movie tickets for this Sunday’s 10.50am showtime (16th March).

This event is held to show gratitude towards the never ending support of its customers and also to strengthen ties with the customers as well as their families and friends. Need for Speed the movie is a film inspired by one of the most played car racing games also titled Need for Speed. The Mall Cineplex will have a number of showtimes for this movie in order to accommodate for the crowd that is expected to show up for this movie.



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