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Giving it back

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


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Giving back to community

For many years, our team have been very active in supporting one NGOs in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Last week, we dropped by ODA which is also known as Opportunities of Development thru Art and it was founded by Mr. Leng who had a real vision of helping the underprivileged kids especially the orphans in providing a happier childhood and also preparing them mentally, physically and emotionally in the harsh environment of Cambodia in the future. ODA also believes in providing education and creativity (through arts) where they will one day able to give back to the community and also earning for a living.

I’ve met Mr. Leng back in 2011 and I learnt about how ODA came about. Fast forward to this year, I learnt more about the past of Mr. Leng. It was truly a touching story and I salute his vision in actually making things happen rather than just walk the talk. The ODA residence have developed so much for the luxury of the orphans and now it stands at least 30 orphans residing at ODA residence.

Our friends managed to raise at least USD 4,000 last week and that many will be able to sustain food supply for the orphans to last the whole year. Amazing!! Some of the monies that we raised for them last year was also pumped in for creating and maintaing the mini plant farm they had nearby their residence. So in the future, they will be able to make some money by selling vegetables.

Mr. Leng has other strength and that is he’s creative in the painting department. He used to good effect where he trained the orphans to draw and paint. From there, their paintings will be made for display at the mini art display room where outsiders can buy. It’s also one way for the orphans to earn a living at a very young age.

Thank you, Mr. Leng for the eye opener and a constant reminder that about gratitude, appreciation and contribution. Truly honoured to be part of your community in contribution and to see how much growth ODA have gone through in just a space of a few years.

ODA is located not far from Angkor Wat and I’m pretty sure if you want pay ODA a visit, you can ask the tuk-tuk driver to send you there.


It’s always an honour to help Leng’s NGO called ODA – Opportunities of Development thru Art which helps to sustain the cost of living of the orphans in Siem Reap, Cambodia through means of selling their artwork.

Some of the amazing artworks the orphans drew and they are for sale.

The community connecting with the orphans and asking their experience as an artist

We also donated food for the orphans

Pat came a few months ago and the Cambodian kids still recognised her. It’s amazing to see the growth of the kids under this particular NGO.

Michelle and I came here a few years ago and we are back here again and so much have really changed and improved at ODA.

Our friends also helped to build the mini farm a few months ago and it’s shaping to be pretty good after another visit a few days ago. Some of the donations were also pumped into this mini project which can create opportunities for the orphans at ODA.

The man behind ODA, Mr. Leng, who is a certified art trainer and he trains the orphans to draw which is such an amazing idea. I truly salute his passion and commitment to help the orphans in Cambodia and he also created an avenue to study for the under privilege locals especially the kids.

It was a nice sight to his plight for the students to get their uniforms was a success



Angkor Wat Half Marathon 2014

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


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Angkor Wat Marathon 

Will I take part in next year’s Angkor Wat Half Marathon? Tempting. This year, I only came as a spectator and taking some photos 😀

I didn’t expect myself to actually witness a marathon at Angkor Wat itself. It was just coincidental that the Angkor Wat Marathon happened when I was still in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I did also bumped into two Bruneians there and I wished I was part of the spectacular event. Then again, I shall wait until next year as it will be the 20th edition of the Angkor Wat Marathon.

I also wanted to catch the sun rise over at Angkor Wat but I was lucky enough as it was kinda cloudy as well. Catching a near perfect sunrise there is pretty tricky. You just need to try your luck and it will be gone in a matter of minutes if you happen to catch one.

Nearly 8,000 runners participated in the event and that’s like more than double of Brunei’s normal marathon event. There are more than 78 countries participating in the marathon ranging from 3km, 10km to 21km categories. Back in 1996, there were only 654 runners from 14 countries.

For the first time ever, a Cambodian won the half marathon for the men’s category while a Singaporean won the 21km ladies’ category.


I came as early as 4:30am to get my tickets for Angkor Wat which costs a minimum of USD 20 which entitles you to a one day pass

The bag deposit area

It was great to see a full moon before the sunrise


Getting ready for the race

The only sunrise moment I could capture then



Really inspiring to see them participated in the 21km race

There were quite a few of them too

I was videoing the beginning of the race. I didn’t realise how many 21km runners there were and the video lasted over 5 minutes…..


I wonder if he survived the whole run in that suit

This is how they prepared the balloons

The bald lady told me she caught me taking a photo of them on the bike *lol*


Woohoo.. Nice to see a Bruneian flag there



Closing date 11th Dec

Click image to enter website

The Department of Co-Curriculum Education is set to hold “Century Run 2015” in January next year to celebrate the 100th year of formal education in the country and also to raise funds.

Director of Co-Curriculum Education of the Ministry of Education, Pg Suhaimi Pg Hj Bakar, briefed the media of the overall “Century Run” plan in a press conference recently at the Department of Co-Curriculum Education building in Lambak.

Pg Suhaimi said that “Century Run 2015” would replace the annual walkathon. He said the event, set on January 11, 2015 at the Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien Park, would be bigger and more fun-filled to bring together the officers and staff of the ministry in marking the 100 years of formal education and Teachers’ Day.

The Ministry of Education also aims for their officers and staff to strengthen their relationships.

Furthermore, the run also aims to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy body through exercises and to help reduce obesity among public servants and citizens of the Sultanate.

Another novelty for the “Century Run” is that this would be the first time in a decade where the participants would be asked to pay to be able to join.

Winners will also be awarded with medals.

Since the sporting event will be a fund-raiser, other ministries, prominent individuals, private groups and the general public are invited to contribute in the run.

Contributions from the participating runner will range from $20 to $30, depending on the category selected by the contributors.

The raised funds will be donated to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Hajah Maryam.

The run will have seven categories: open male and female running ten kilometres and will cost B$30, veteran male and female (45 years old and above) running five kilometres and will have to contribute $25, junior male and female (15 years old and below) running five kilometres and also has to be shell out $25, and a fun run for both male and female running three kilometres and will have to contibute $20.

Registration for the run is available on the website and fee should be paid before December 11 at the Department of Co-Curriculum offices in the four districts: Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong.

For more info, you can visit their website here. Text courtesy of The Brunei Times.


For Brunei Muara, the registration will open during lunch hours



I love Siem Reap

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News

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Siem Reap revisited 

I haven’t been consistent in my updates on RA and the reason being is that I’m currently outstation and in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is my third trip back to Siem Reap and it has been awesome apart from the slight showers. We were supposed to visit the temple with a bunch of friends but the weather wasn’t favourable. Today we will have another opportunity again to visit Angkor Wat during the day. Let’s hope for some good weather.

So peeps. I won’t be updating my blog for some time now so I can allow myself to enjoy the moments in Siem Reap which I have a few days left. Oh by the way, there will be a few Bruneians coming in to Siem Reap for the upcoming Angkor Wat Marathon. I do hope I have time to drop by and take some pictures. We shall see.


I would have thought my luggage would have been lower than 20K but no…. it hit the right spot 😀

For many years, we have been traveling buddies and truly appreciate the friendship that we have.

I’m actually quite impressed with the infrastructure of KLIA 2 (low cost terminal for AirAsia) because it seems to be more happening with tons of food & beverage outlets and shops around. It’s like millions way better than their older airport (LCCT).

This outlet, Hometown, is better than Old Town actually. Do try the steamed roti kawin.

Quite an affordable hotel at Tunes Hotel and I was skeptical in the beginning but the energy was quite welcoming and judging from the reception and the interior design at the lobby, I could tell the rooms would be just perfect for a short stay in KL.

Even the key slot for the room at Tunes Hotel look very savvy

The room is quite spacious and it costs below USD 60 per night

Arrived at Siem Reap last Monday and it seems the airport has not changed from the exterior bit. My last visit was back in 2011 and I was impressed that even my PR status passport didn’t require Visa unless you are staying more than 14 days.. Awesome!!! Thank you to the government of Cambodia for this.

Once you at the arrival hall, you will come across these kiosks and just look at the prices they offer. It’s quite competitive in Siem Reap where they have 5 telcos selling sim cards with data at very dirt cheap price. For USD 5, I could get a sim card and 3.5 GIGA data. Awesome!!! The line I chose was Cellcard (orange company)

A warm soothing welcome at Angkor Palace Resort & Spa. Actually, it doesn’t feel like a resort because there’s no beach around the hotel.

This is my current room and I will be staying here a few more nights. Pleasure to have Vincent Goh of Netcom Computer House as my roommate

We came to this desert place in city and wow, we were impressed with all the desserts. Highly recommended at L’Anexxe. Do google in and for those Bruneians coming down here for the Angkor Wat marathon, do try out this French cafe. There was also a small pool table for us to play.

Catching up with friends for dinner at Madam Butterfly.

One thing I like about Angkor Palace is the huge pool

Another amazing friend who I truly appreciate and thank you for believing, Pat!

The tuk-tuk ride to the city of Siem Reap and the riders are much more gentle compared to the ones in Bangkok. Make sure you don’t pay more than USD 3 per trip 😀

Few days ago this happened to my left eye and my eyes were pretty itchy too. I’m not sure if it’s the antibiotics that I have been taking because it stopped itchy after I stopped taking them.


DST Carnival 

The DST Carnival 2014 launches today, Friday 5th December 2014 at DST Headquarters in Tungku Link and will end on Sunday 7th December 2014. DST will also launch the new “Redemption Feature” as part of the Easi Loyalty Program along with Kristal Astro’s new MyKA account payment portal!

The official launch is set to take place today at 3.45PM and DST invites the public to witness the event and to enjoy the attractions offered at the DST Carnival this year which include exciting activities, games and special promotions on DST products and services exclusive for visitors!

Customers can take advantage on the various product and services promotions and offers by DST exclusively launched for visitors to the DST Carnival.


Click image to enlarge
Starting today DST launches a new 4G Prima post-paid subscription plan of B$85.00 per month giving subscribers free 2,000 minutes (local DST-DST outgoing calls), 150 minutes (local outgoing calls from DST-other local operator), free, 1,000 SMS (DST-DST), free 150 SMS (DST-Other local DST is continuously committed to helping customers keep up with a fast-changing world.

DST’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, “Future Series”, is an initiative to create platforms to nurture promising Bruneian ICT companies through investing in the companies to generate business opportunities aimed to drive innovation and creativity in Brunei. DST also has a community program, “Ihsan Kasih” aimed to gather DSTians for voluntary work and to do beautiful things out of love, to help the less fortunate Bruneian, orphans and special needs community.

With both continuous commitments in our products and services and also to the Bruneian community, DST works to our main purpose of catalysing Brunei’s economic diversification via ICT, whilst investing in human capital development and nurturing domestic entrepreneurship.


Click image to enlarge

Catch Liyana Yus and Nadiah on stage on 6th December at DST Carnival. Image courtesy of @liyanaus




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