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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


Harley-Davidson Street 750 


One of the highlights of my trip to the Harley-Davidson of Korea was the first sneak peek of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and unfortunately it won’t be available in the our region (Asia Emerging Markets) until 2015. The Street 750 is one of the most talked about model and this could be attributed to it being the featured bike in the recent Captain America: The Winter Soldier blockbuster movie.

The Street 750 is a great example of having its Dark Custom accessories to beautify the motorcycle. This model feels just nice for my size since its smaller than the ones I rode and I felt the Street 750 will create a timeless experience for riders alike.

What made it different from other Harleys is that the Street 750 uses its first all-black exhaust ever since its original Cafe Racer back in the 70s. So it’s good to have that modern vintage feel with a Dark Custom attitude that makes you crave to own one.

The Street 750 uses the all-new Revolution X engine (pure Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine) which is specifically designed for urban riding. It sports a smooth shifting 6-speed transmission. The chassis is pretty lean and narrow for easy handling (which is ideal for me) and plus the seat is super low.

There is so much to boast about the H-D Street 750 but my knowledge of H-D motorcycles haven’t gone deeper just yet. Price wise, I am not really sure but apparently it’s one of the affordable range out there. So far, it’s only available in India and some parts of Europe.

If you want to read more about the Harley-Davidson Street 750, you can click here and it has better description of the said model.

Thank you once again to Harley-Davidson of Korea for giving us this special privilege last weekend. I am truly grateful and honoured by your special invitation.


The ladies unveiling the Harley-Davidson Street 750 to members of the media at Harley-Davidson of Korea

Look at that beauty – the Harley-Davidson Street 750

One of the ladies having a feel of the Street 750

The Dark Custom Matt Finish on the Street 750

One of the media from Vietnam posing with the Street 750

Eka from Indonesia poses with the Street 750

Apparently Peter from Thailand is a celebrity and he has quite a following on instagram @petercorp

A hot dealer from Harley-Davidson Taiwan

A Malaysian TV celebrity Michelle (Football Overload) poses with the Street 750 and it was an honour to have met you in person

The image says it all



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


Malppy Weekend

Malppy.com great weekend sale. Click image to enter website.

Free gift from Malppy.com and click to find out more


Seoul Day 1 

Wow, I have to admit that I truly enjoy being in Seoul and the thing is I have not explore to other places of interest apart from three or four places yesterday. I do understand now why my friends keep saying to stay a bit longer or so. I have already extended two nights at least in Seoul which is a total of five nights. However, the Wednesday’s arrival didn’t really count since we arrived 10:15pm and by the time we reached the hotel, it was already past midnight.

I’m currently in Seoul, Korea for a rare, exclusive coverage of the Harley-Davidson where the principals and marketing side (international media) are invited for Dark Custom (Harley-Davidson) event tonight. The previous event by Harley-Davidson was back in October 2013 where Harley-Davidson celebrated their 110th Anniversary (Do read Izam Said’s coverage on that). So this time round I was invited by Harley-Davidson under Asia Emerging Market (AEM) Harley-Davidson for media coverage and of course, under the principal of Sri Sentosa Sdn Bhd, the sole dealership of Harley-Davidson in Brunei Darussalam.

So technically, yesterday was considered Day 2 but since I landed two hours before midnight, so I will still mark 1st of May as Day 1 in Seoul 😀 Yesterday was free and easy as I only had to pick up the media kit from Harley-Davidson. Hence, I took the opportunity to explore some parts of Seoul and learning a bit of the culture. Surprisingly, I have not picked up a single Korean language just yet *lol*

Anyway, I’m just gonna share with you some pictures I documented along my journey in Seoul.

Pretty cool that these taxis use gas instead of petrol. The grey taxis are slightly cheaper than the orange ones. The black (deluxe taxis) are the most expensive

Plenty of choices to choose from. Well, only three if you wan a dongle for your wifi and it’s on rental basis. The price range is around $5-10 per day depending how many days you want to use it for. There’s almost a $400 penalty charge should you lose the mifi gadget.

The 4G is pretty fast here and my limit is 1 Gig per day. Not bad 😀

Thank you Siti for this handbook guide from the Brunei Embassy in Korea. I have yet to catch but hopefully in the weekend 😀

Thank you Pg Musa for arranging this trip and big thanks to Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets and Sri Sentosa Sdn Bhd for this opportunity

I’m super impressed with the service at Ritz-Carlton Seoul. The lady on the left served me on the first and her name is April and she was simply super helpful and even went an extra mile on the F&Q I asked. The lady of the right is Sherry and I almost got mistaken her for April when I talked to her the following day *lol*

April even walked me to the taxi after calling the taxi for me. How sweet!!

The main reason why I’m in Seoul right now *bless*

A pretty cool welcoming from Harley-Davidson upon my arrival at my room at Ritz-Carlton Seoul

Sugar high

I highly recommend this place because of its service. It’s one of the most expensive hotels in the area but it’s definitely worth it for the service they provide

My bedroom is spacious

Met up with Alice and Richard yesterday and we went for some sightseeing around Seoul

Both did their caricature

But they weren’t impressed with the outcome *lol*

The Love Museum. You should check it out


I love their subway. Thank you @alimoomoo for your help. Almost got stuck when I bought the wrong ticket *lol*

It’s sad to know this happened and I was using this tube line just last evening

Trying out the Harleys today

The media was lucky to see the much anticipated Street 750 which won’t be available until 2015. Awwww… And Michelle, you are damn pretty 😀

This is the scenario in my room every night *lol*



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