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Bombay Palace for Sungkai

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Sungkai at Bombay Palace 

Bombay Palace is located at Batu Bersurat


The mood after breaking your fast at Bombay Palace


Bombay Palace. One of the great places to dine if you are craving for Indian food especially. The choices are just simple and of high quality. This is ideal especially for me who doesn’t eat much but surprisingly I had seconds because the dishes are tasty to begin with.

I had to delay my trip to Bombay Palace by a day because the venue was fully booked. The restaurant also hired a new chef, Farouk (spelling?), who has 13 years of cooking experience and he has been working at the Radisson Hotel in India. I have to say that I do like his cooking. Even my Sungkai buddies had seconds from the buffet line.

My favourites are the Palak Kofta and the Chicken Punjabi. I guess the green sauce of the Palak Kofta was the killer. For this, I had three rounds. The texture and the taste were just spot on. Seng Yee love the Mutton Kadai.. Yea, it’s called Kadai *lol* but yea, this is another great dish. If you crave for something spicier, then the Fish Tikka Masala will satisfy your taste buds.

Price wise is pretty of good value, just below $12 for adults to begin with. You definitely will be satisfied with the overall experience. This year I chose not to do many restaurants and focus on quality ones and I have to say Bombay Palace have the right mix. Not too many and not too little. Just nice..



Bombay Palace

$11.90 Adult $6.90 Child

Batu Bersurat

Tel: 242 7313 | 717 6513


My favourite dish – Palak Kofta.. Try it, try it

Chicken Punjabi

Veggie Pakora

Chicken Tandoori

Plain Briyani

The buffet line at Bombay Palace. Just nice.

New chef in town – Farouk who has been in Brunei for less than a week

The Mutton Kadai

Looking at this plate already making me hungry

Seng Yee with the boys from Filterworks Production

My Sungkai Buddies – Ruey and Shawn

Something extra for catering if you are interested

The ambience at Bombay Palace. They also have a room upstairs.



Bombay Palace Sungkai

$11.90 Adult $6.90 Child

Batu Bersurat

Tel: 242 7313 | 717 6513





CheezBox Sungkai Buffet

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


CheezBox Sungkai Buffet 


Queueing at the buffet line

Salted Egg chicken 😀

Wow! The Sungkai Buffet at Cheezbox was just wow. So many items to choose from. This time, Pranika and Shuyee were my Sungkai buddies and they gave it a big thumbsup after the meal.

Cheezbox had specific stations for savouries where salmon fried rice and mussels were among the items. Next to it was the salad station. On the other side of the restaurant was the Italian section where three sets of pasta and their sauces were being served and you could also make your own pizza. The lower floor had the Japanese station with sushis and tempuras next to the desserts station, which had so many varieties of ice-creams, cakes and puddings.

For Pranika and Shuyee, the desserts were their favourite. Even after admitting how full they were, they couldn’t resist getting a bowl of ice-cream with all the flavours. Now the flavours themselves (milo, peanut butter, seasalt, ginger, blueberry lavender, matcha) are very unique and they’re homemade! In every flavor, the taste was so strong. Pranika loved the seasalt one as it wasn’t too salty but it reminded her of freshness.


Corn 🙂

Sushi stuff at CheezBox Sungkai Cafe

The condiments for Soto 😀

Butter crab. Definitely a steal coming from this buffet.

My Sungkai buddies, Shuyee and Pranika

The ambiance was very cozy; the place wasn’t overcrowded but not too vacant either. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals and for me, the setting itself plays a big role on whether you have a good meal or not. Kudos to the staff too! They were so efficient in clearing the plates and glasses when we were done.

For such a wide range of food items, $29.90 for adult and $15.90 for children is value for money. Especially for children, they would have so much fun baking their own pizza and getting to choose from different cuisines. So what are you waiting for? Have you put Cheezbox on your list of Sungkai places yet?


CheezBox Sungkai Buffet

$29.90 Adult $15.90 Child (6-12 yrs)

Exclusive Buffet Vouchers “Buy 5 Free 1”

242 5506 | 729 5506


The Lamb Roast. Another reason to visit CheezBox.

Creamy Cheese Crab *slurp*

Pastries section at CheezBox

More pastries

Cold Cuts

The pizza section

You can make your own pizza

Lamb with mushroom sauce

Creamy salmon

Grilled Fish with Tomato Capers Sauce

Cereal Prawn

Healthy section

The pasta section

The Tanghoon noodle

Roti kosong

These home made ice-cream are awesome!!

CheezBox Sungkai Buffet

$29.90 Adult $15.90 Child (6-12 yrs)

Exclusive Buffet Vouchers “Buy 5 Free 1”

242 5506 | 729 5506




PSW Jerudong

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Sungkai-ing at PSW Jerudong 


Pondok Sari Wangi at Jerudong. A must visit.

Pondok Sari Wangi, renowned for their variety of Indonesian cuisine, has their Sungkai Promotion at $20 for adults and $16 for children only at Jerudong outlet. Now don’t get me wrong.. Different branches have different price range and such. The one I visited was the one at their newest branch at Jerudong (just near first area of the Jerudong Park food court).

The Jerudong branch has a bigger venue and it made a mark when it had its first wedding dinner event at the 200 plus capacity restaurant. What I love about the Jerudong branch that it has a mini aquarium where you will enjoy the freshness of the seafood items. We were in luck as we had the butter milk crab as part of their sungkai buffet.

The difference I found there from other places was that the crowd wasn’t too much in the beginning as they trickled in phases. Hence we had an easier time getting our food from the buffet line. The buffet itself had items like mee goreng telor, baby kailan (Pranika love this dish) in oyster sauce, crabs, prawns along with appropriate sides like fried tahu and tempe to accompany them.

I was especially drawn to the desserts section where traditional items were served in an appetizing manner. Among all, I tried this item which I had never had at Pondok – the kecang hitam. It was a red bean-based dessert and I liked it so much that I had two servings of it.

The people slowly started coming in around 7 and it was just a good timing so queuing was not a problem. The staff also caught my attention as they were attentive to the needs of each guest.

Great atmosphere, dedicated staff and delicious food. What else can we ask for? If you’re still deciding where to go for Sungkai tonight or tomorrow or day after, Pondok Sari Wangi (Jerudong) should be on your list. Let’s not forget my favourite dish on their ala carte menu – Beef Rendang and Telur Belado.


Pondok Sari Wangi

Ramadhan Buffet

Jerudong: $20 Adult $10 Child

Citis Sq, Gadong, Sengkurong: $16 Adult $8.50 Child

Jerudong: 261 0728 | Citis Sq 234 0608

Gadong 244 5043 | Sengkurong 266 1893


Tempe, tempe, tempe *yum*

Baby Kailan

Queueing up for the food

The crabs from PSW Jerudong are totally fresh

and this is what we had last night… A stealer…

Roasted chicken

The famous sambal from PSW


Beef with potato 😀

Yummy chicken

Mee goreng

The refreshments area

Interesting kueh

I had two servings of this 😀

Filterworks buddies on the job

Now if you want something off the buffet, I would recommend this Sea Bass..

One of the Chinese cuisine dishes on the PSW ala carte menu

Or maybe you have a big appetite, then go for the Seafood Platter with the Indonesian sauce.. A worth it platter


Pondok Sari Wangi

Ramadhan Buffet

Jerudong: $20 Adult $10 Child

Citis Sq, Gadong, Sengkurong: $16 Adult $8.50 Child

Jerudong: 261 0728 | Citis Sq 234 0608

Gadong 244 5043 | Sengkurong 266 1893




Rack & Brew Sungkai promotion

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Rack & Brew Sungkai 


The Crepe Lasagne, one of Rack & Brew’s signature dishes

This is the first of its kind for Rack & Brew – Sungkai buffet. I’m a big fan of their kolo mee and their cakes but this time, Rack & Brew came up with something more attractive for the benefit of their patrons.

They have a good variety of main courses to begin with. My personal favourite is the ribs.. Or I could be just biased since I’m a sucker for ribs. If you are not settled for just ribs, R&B also serves lamb.. yum yum. Then something else caught my taste.. It was the Gado-Gado 😀 Why? Because of the spicy peanut sauce. It has this unique spicy feeling that I can’t explain and I ended up having two servings of it.

Do expect a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines such as satays, tempura, assorted sushis and many more..

There are also the healthy corner where you can enjoy the salad and vegetables. Apparently, my buddy Louis was a big fan of their mushroom soup.. He had more than two rounds of it.

All in all, the choices were just great and you will have a great time with your families and friends because R&B also has a cozy ambience.

You can also see more coverage on Thanis Lim’s post on R&B sungkai coverage.



Rack & Brew Sungkai Buffet

Adult $29.90

Children $14.9 (6 – 12 years old)

Tel: 2457886

Tel: 7299668

Starting Friday, 10th June 2016

6pm to 9pm


This might sound weird but I’m quite hooked on this particular Gado-Gado- Try out the sauce and you will know why. Image courtesy of Thanislim.com

Pauline and Jane helping to the buffet

The media from different agencies enjoying dinner at Rack & Brew

Mmmmmmmm Rosemary Honey Chicken

Lamb oh Lamb…

This is contender for one of the best ribs I’ve tried

For tempura lovers


My friends were pretty stuffed after the meal

Chicken satay 😀

Seafood Marinara.. Excellent choice. Image by thanislim.com

Mango Pudding. Image by thanislim.com

All the satisfied diners at Rack & Brew. Second round, perhaps?

For your info 😀



Tasty Tandoor

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Tasty Tandoor 


Filterworks experiencing Sungkai at Tandoor Restaurant


It is my unspoken habit to go to Tandoor at least once every month. Since it opened a buffet line during last Ramadhan, I went there three times that month for Sungkai. I wasn’t going to miss it again this year. And I sure wasn’t disappointed. The ambiance was so cozy, it was less noisy and the aroma that filled the air was amazing.

Tandoor has an exclusive mixture of Indian, Italian and Arabic cuisines on its menu. I quickly went to the main draw of this buffet – the mouth-watering Lamb Mandi, also known as Talam. It is actually a popular Arabian dish which has perfectly cooked, moist rice with very tender lamb. The lamb is flavourful and you can just taste the spices in every bite. Also, the Lamb Mandi is enough to feed the entire restaurant unless everyone decides to go for seconds. It is available every Sungkai so you won’t have to worry about it not being served when you visit.

Less known to a lot of people who go to Tandoor for Indian and Arabic food, their Italian dishes on the menu is worth trying too. I personally love the pizza there. As for desserts, their homemade ice-cream has a unique taste so I recommend that for those looking for something sweet after the main course.
$20 for adults and $12 for children is a great catch and value for money. What more? It opens until 2am for Sahur. So don’t forget to visit Tandoor for Sungkai this Ramadhan.



Tandoor buffet
Adult $20
Children $12
Tel: 882 9495
Tel: 245 0182

Restaurant opens until 2am for Sahur



Lamb Shawarma

Tikka fish

The main event – the Lamb Mandhi

Gobi Manchurian

Pasta 😀

Pepper Chicken Masala

A’aqiil helping a serving of the Lamb Mandhi


Don’t forget to use the sauces for this dish. Highly recommended.

Can Tibby finish up the whole tray? :O

There’s even pizza in the house

My Sungkai partner in crime last night

Brinjal Masala yummm

Ah, you know what this is 😀

The dessert corner

The ice-cream corner.. Home made Kulfi.. Interesting taste

The home made ice cream. Actually Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from India



Tandoor buffet
Adult $20
Children $12
Tel: 882 9495
Tel: 245 0182

Restaurant opens until 2am for Sahur




More than just sushi

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Excapade Regent Square 

Filterworks experiencing Sungkai at Excapade



Many starters to choose from

My favourite area because of the salmon sashimi

Excapade does it again! It is my annual trend to break my fast on the first day of Ramadhan at Excapade. And it has never failed to wow me with its selection of Japanese cuisines. Priced at $33.80 for adults and $17 for children, the Sungkai Buffet at their branch in Regent Square Kiulap is a definite must-go.

I was there at around 6 and I could already see tables reserved for social media persons as well as the print media. Some of them had begun to take pictures already. As always, the sushi and sashimi section took the cake. The crab legs begged to be eaten too. The wooden signboard labels of the dishes added to the Japanese feel of Excapade.

I am a light eater but I’m a sucker for salmon sashimi. As always, there was a section full of assorted sashimis and my plate was filled with them. I was there with my friend, Pranika, and she was hovering around all the three sections of the buffet. I could see items ranging from sushis to tempuras to edamame to meshi on her plate. She said she was so happy that the queuing didn’t take long, the food was yummy and the staff attended to tables very quickly. I agree with that. The dessert section also had multiple choices. Even the icecream had 3 flavours to choose from along with 4 different toppings and I couldn’t help but take a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Excapade has always been a huge hit among sungkai lovers. It was no different this year. Amazing quality in terms of food, hygiene and service. The place was quite packed on the first day itself so I recommend making bookings before going there. Their 1st booking can be done between 6:30 – 8:00pm while the 2nd booking between 8:00 – 10:00pm. For bookings, call 223 4011 / 875 9866.

Some more good news! If you’ve been to Giant recently, you must have noticed that Excapade is starting a branch there. This Rimba branch will be opened hopefully this month. So sushi-lovers – follow their IG @excapade or FB page for updates.



Excapade Sungkai Buffet

Kiulap Regent Square

Adult $33.80
Children $17 (6 – 12 years old)

Tel: 223 4011
Tel: 875 9866

1st booking 6:30pm to 8:00pm
2nd booking 8:00pm to 10:00pm

The popular garlic rice is always being served 😀

The greens of the Excapade menu

Sushi, sushi, sushi…

and more sushi… Let’s see how much your tummy can handle

Salmon aplenty

Prawns are aplenty too

Salmon asparagus

The healthy corner

My sungkai partner in crime

The cold appetizers. Nicely presented.

I forgot to get some servings of Edamame

Scallop with cheese… Nice combo

Chicken bites which I would recommend

The Excapade crew

Gindara Teriyaki

Have you tried the skewers?

Lamb Misoyaki

The drinks and refreshment section

Pudding galore


Condiments for ice-cream


A’aqiil on the job last night


Excapade Sungkai Buffet

Kiulap Regent Square

Adult $33.80
Children $17 (6 – 12 years old)

Tel: 223 4011
Tel: 875 9866

1st booking 6:30pm to 8:00pm
2nd booking 8:00pm to 10:00pm




Excapade Sushi Sungkai Buffet

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Excapade Sungkai Treats 


I don’t know why but this is the fourth year running that I broke my fast at Excapade Sushi at Regent Square. The number one local sushi franchise has never fail to disappoint in the variety of dishes it served. This is also one of the restaurants that will need advanced bookings especially for Sungkai. It was full house on the first night as usual and it’s no surprise.

I’m a big fan of sashimi and I am impressed how the quality is still consistent. Excapade Sushi, being the largest Japanese restaurant outlet in Brunei, meant that they will have to stock up many food items to cate to the demand among the patrons. I’ve paid a visit to their supply store and wow, I didn’t realize how big their storage for food was. They have dedicated chillers for certain products and I’m pretty sure this is where most of the raw stuff especially the sashimi are being chilled. The management highly put quality as their priority to maintain the customers and gaining new ones. So if you are big fan of sashimi, you won’t be heading to the wrong place indeed. Even my friends from Miri and Sarawak frequent Excapade Sushi and ranked it higher than the Japanese restaurants at their home town. So thumbs up to Excapade Sushi for that.

There are simply tons of dishes to choose from.. Apart from the sashimi, there are also different choices of sushis and tempura. Even from crab lovers, they serve Hokkaido Snow Crabs (the claw and the leg part). Another impressive dish is the mussels. Yummy!! For me, my personal favourites are the Unagi sushi and Salmon sashimi. Every year, buffet doesn’t do me justice because I’m a light eater. I even missed out on the Edamame because there were simply too many choices at stake.

This year’s presentation has improved and they was even coverage by RTB which is the first of its kind for a sungkai outing. I was being interviewed too but I’m not sure when it will be aired.

So to my readers, I give this restaurant two thumbs up for maintaining the standard and the variety. For the price of $31 for adult, that’s a great steal indeed. Of course, more advantage if you happened to be a privilege member of Excapade Sushi $27.90. Check out the poster for mored details.


Excapade Sungkai Buffet 

$31 Adult | $15.50 Child 

Call 223 4011 or 875 9866 

What I picked here is the Unagi 😀

You will be spoilt for choices at the sashimi section

Awesome stuff this. I had a few of this alone too.

More sushi :O

Sometimes being served in small portion helps

The buffet line and they have a few dishes served too

Gindara 😀

The dessert section. I had the blueberry one 😀

The thirst quencher

Don’t forget the sushi train

Ah, I’m posting another angle of the unagi. Me loves.

A packed crowd on the first night

Yummmm.. Winnie had two servings of this Green Tea ice cream with red beans

Lots of photographers on that night too.

The social media gang

Being interviewed by RTB

Fhey holding two certificates of Excapade Sushi Regent Square. It’s never easy to get a Grade A for a restaurant. Keep up the great work 😀

This photo was taken last year during the Sungkai promotion and both Hui Chiet and I thought the beautiful Fhey looked like the star of Yasmine *lol*




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