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Archive for 19/10/2011


ThinkBig Innovate kicks off today

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Sunday Brunch at Radisson Hotel

Click image to enter Facebook page

ThinkBIG Innovate 2011 updates

The registration area for Think Big Innovate 2011

Dona of @BIBD, Azhani of @royalbruneiair, Ley Hian of @BEDB and Sophia of @lfhwbrunei

The invited guests for Think Big Innovate 2011

@bruneitweet with his “Dell” notebook and @keeranj with his iPad

Anyone ready for questions??

Derek Sivers talks about the business culture between Silicon Valley and Asia?

Derek Sivers, Javed Ahmad and Keeran Janin the birthday boy and the moderator

This system is cool for Q&A and it’s live on http://live.pigeonhole.sg

Yay!!! My question made the top list at one stage

JIS Arts Centre – Magnificient

The best investment so far? Sometimes when we see new things being invested or developed, we sometimes question ourselves or have 2nd thoughts on what benefit or how much impact such investment will have on consumer end. Two nights ago, I paid a visit to JIS Arts Centre and I was in awe because I never expected such facilities in the school alone. (Two days ago, I posted the 750-seater Auditorium)

So would a better facility warrant a good beneficial outcome? Definitely… and of course, human capital (teachers and educators) is also important ingredient to bring the best out of students. When I had a quick tour of the building, I was sold. I’m definitely bringing my future kids to enroll in JIS.

JIS has given much priority in Arts & Design and Design & Technology and judging from the upgrade, the Brunei Investment Agency went “full blast” (in Malay terms, “alang-alang”) to make the best out of invested project and they have created one magnificent Art Centre to provide the best education (in Arts) and students are able to excel in different areas of the Arts – “Music, food technology, drama, studio recording, composing, design, technology… you name it”.

According to the press release, The Creative Arts offered at JIS include the highly-respected Music Department which gives over 250 private instrumental lessons each week to students as well as teaching music at all levels of the school including GCSE and A Level Music and Music Technology.

The Drama Department are looking forward as well to many wonder opportunities the new Arts Centre will offer.

The new Arts Centre is now open for public viewing until Friday. You can view the art exhibition, showcasing the creative talents of more than 300 students from Jerudong International School.

Last Monday a handover key ceremony took place at the Arts Centre. The Guest of Honour was the Minister of Education who witnessed the handover key ceremony between Arkitek Ibrahim and Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong, Chairman of Jerudong International School. The ceremony was also attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Hjh Hafizah Sururul Bulqiah.

Last night Rob Fenn, The British High Commissioner to Brunei, paid an official visit to the Arts Centre. Parents and students were also invited to view the exhibition gallery. His Excellency spoke of high praises for JIS’ priority in upgrading the Arts department.

HRH Princess Hjh Hafizah toured the multi-million dollar Arts Centre

This is the dance studio and it’s huge too

The holding room for VIPS?

The computer lab which is also equipped with iMacs and piano keyboards for music arrangements

The ladies’ dressing room for drama, musical and dancing events

The rooms at the new Arts Centre

This is the music recording room and it’s all Mac ready. Two thumbs up since I’m a Mac lover too ๐Ÿ˜€

They even have a rehearsal room with a mock stage. Awesome!!

The recording studio where you can have your jamming and vocal session

The dining area for VIPs

Rob Fenn, British High Commissioner to Brunei, was full of praises. Even his spouse is into arts and she was very much involved in arts back in the UK whereas His Excellency played more of a role though he was more into making home movies. With such facilities as the Arts Centre, it shows that “Brunei is finding its voice” and the prioritization of the creative industry. He also highlighted there’s no conflict between MIB and being creative.

There was some musical performance which Sophia and Winnie enjoyed. We need this kind of music at cafes

There’s also a section to display some art

There was quite a crowd that night too and the public is able to come here and view the art gallery. It is open until Friday for public viewing

The pantry and kitchen area for the food technology section

Students prepared some dishes that night.. Now that’s cool

The sweets and cakes were served to the invited guests and the Principal of JIS (right) was impressed with the students’ efforts

Sophia trying out the wooden chair made by a JIS student

A quick drama play by JIS students

I like this particular art

Over 300 arts are on display for public viewing

New arrival at ETA

50% discount at Grazie Mauri for Oct 11′

Maurizio Intrigila, better known as Chef Mauri, is back in the kitchen at Grazie Mauri and is on a mission to give the best the restaurant can offer to its customers. There are new dishes introduced each week this month and up to 50 per cent discount on all ala-carte items on the menu.

“Chef Mauri is back in the kitchen, and I am ready for business,” said the forty-year-old food perfectionist. “I want to offer patrons the best food and the best environment for them to enjoy their meals,” he said. For your info, Chef Aira is no longer the head chef at Grazie Mauri.

At the restaurant, located in the busy commercial area of Gadong, Chef Mauri offers everyone the chance to experience his unique Italian creations. Each week, new original creations are added to the menu all throughout the month of October.

The new additions include all categories on the menu from Breads, Soups, Appetisers, Pizzas, Pastas and desserts. [Click here] for more story by Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.

1) Home-made duck ham with melon in a mango chutney dressing 2) My favourite egg plants is there 3) Herb roasted cherry tomatoes with mini mozzarella and balsamic dressing

Grilled snapper fillet with leaf spinach and capers

Want some chicken balls or some meat to start off?

King prawns roasted with garlic and chilled served a saffron risotto and parmesan cheese shavings

Jessie Tey shared the dishes with me that night. Great catching up ๐Ÿ™‚

Penne with chicken, olives and mushrooms in a hot spicy garlic and olive oil sauce topped with parmesan flakes

Chef Mauri highly recommends the Connoli Sicilliani for dessert

Yayy!!! Chef Mauri is back after a month of holiday and taking over Chef Aira in the kitchen at Grazie Mauri

Check out the other dishes from the new menu

Zul Faden’s album launch this Saturday

Zul Faden will be launching his debut album on Saturday 22nd October at the Mini-amphitheatre, JPCC Playground. Fans will be able to purchase his album at $12 during the launch. Otherwise, it will be available in music stores for $15. It’s also a possibility that the album will be available on digital as well as on iTunes.

There are a few partners involved in promoting Zul Faden’s latest album. Of course, there’s the collaboration with PhuturePhase Production and Expression Music to make the album possible. He is also the image ambassador for JPCC and that’s one reason why the launch will take place at JPCC next weekend.

You can follow @ZulFaden on Twitter and also his main official website [Click here] and you can email him at contactme(a)zulfaden.com.

The much awaited Zul Faden’s debut album

Zul Faden formerly known as Zul F holding his new album. Congrats buddy and see you this Saturday


Ice-cream Sandwich announced

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Sunday Brunch at Radisson Hotel

Click image to enter Facebook page

Only limited copies left

Books are now available at Booker International and Best Eastern though I have to say the copies are running low as there are only 100 copies left, distributed among the book stores. I have to announce the winners from the Twitter competition and a few of them have been notified through Twitter for winning the first edition of “Business Icons”.

Last weekend, the book was officially launched and it was graced by the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources. Almost all the listed businessmen were present except for Pehin Hapidz (Abdul Razak Holdings), Pehin Lau (Hua Ho) and Jackson Ting (Sunlit Advertising) who had their representatives to represent them.

A big shout out actually goes to PHMD Publishing Company who published the book and of course, the four authors were behind the project led by Khairi Metussin. I met him earlier this year and his team did a solid interview on me and a few months later, their baby project became reality and I have to congratulate you guys for the completion of the book. This is a prime example of passion and commitment which I believe is lacking among our youth. They have shown a true characteristic of entrepreneurship and I can’t wait for your 2nd edition book.

As for the limited copies of the Business Icons book, PHMD will be printing the 2nd batch pretty soon due to the strong demand. To tell you frankly, I’ve yet to read the book and I will be doing that pretty soon.

Congratulations once more to the young lads of PHMD on their latest book. Looking forward for your next book of Business Icons.

The entrepreneurs and the authors with the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources. Image by Amar

Khairi getting signatures from the entrepreneurs

At the same time, the Minister signed some of the Business Icons book

Thanks ladies for showing up. Appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo opportunity with Han King Juan, 90, the man behind Jing Chew. He had the biggest cheer upon receiving the momento

Hj Zainal of Soto Rindu is also featured in Business Icons

The authors busy entertaining signatures for the guests

With the authors and the entrepreneurs

I shall be giving this away on Twitter soon

Few of the early recipients of the Business Icons.. Happy reading ๐Ÿ˜€

Simunic still not content

DPMM FC have a lot of work to do before they can be fully fit and “compact” as a team. DPMM FC are on progress in getting their team to great shape. They have been arranging friendlies with ABDB and Brunei U-23 SEA Game team. According to the head coach Simunic, DPMM FC haven’t really settled well and they are not compact as a team.

Last week, they had another friendly match with the U-23 team and it was also the first time that all the signed import players played together. Judging on the performance, the newly signed Ghanian forward Osman Bashiru proved his worth with his pace and contribution to the attacking force. He created two goals by jolting down the flanks and one of the scorers was Shahrazen.

However, DPMM FC blew their two goal advantage as U-23 team clawed back to make it 2-2. Both came from set-pieces, one penalty and one free kick. It seemed DPMM FC look suspectable at the back. They have surely missed the superb combination of Pg Salleh and former DPMM FC player Rene Kumar. Newly acquired defender from Brazil, Tales Ricate Dos Santos, was commanding in the air but lacked pace once U-23 team counter attacked. Nonetheless, he is still a fine signing for DPMM FC and it’s yet to be know who he will partner him at the back line.

George O’Callaghan is one of the confirmed import player for DPMM FC and he played the attacking midfield role for DPMM FC. I haven’t seen much of him but he has some great touches and brings the ball well. Let’s hope he settles well and make a difference in DPMM FC’s attacking line.

DPMM FC is still searching for one more import player to fulfil the quota and it will be a striker role if I’m not mistaken. However, Simunic is also sweating for the availability of the ABDB players Rosmin Khamis (Bobby), Suhaimi Suhaili and Ak Md Fakhrul Razi as ABDB are reluctant to release the players for DPMM F (interesting…)

DPMM FC is also waiting for the acceptance from the Singapore League from DPMM FC’s application. Though AFC has given the green light for the Singapore League to allow Brunei DPMM FC to play, the biggest decision will be from Singapore League if they will accept the request. Hence, DPMM FC is still playing the waiting game whilst building up the team.

Last of all, I’m quite impressed with the U-23 team who are representing Brunei in the SEA Games. They showed on the pitch that they are no pushovers and they looked composed and not intimidated by the DPMM FC players especially the foreign players. On that note, they are 3 or 4 players from the U-23 that are under DPMM FC too.

Back to the drawing board for Simunic and DPMM FC players

This Ghanian has really good pace

George O’Callaghan… Welcome to the DPMM FC and yes, you will be heavily marked too

Tales Ricate Dos Santos is a tall player for a centre back. Quite dominant in the air

Dennis interviewing a not-so-happy Simunic after the friendly match

The foreign flops that failed to impress the management of DPMM FC

Like I said, the U-23 are no pushovers. I hope they can represent Brunei in the SEA Games

One question about George… Don’t you think he resembles Dr. House? *LOL*



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