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Historic achievement by Brunei

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Brunei in the semi-finals

It was one of the best atmosphere ever experienced at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. The energy was super vibrant and the 12th man (the crowd) played a big role in Brunei’s third win in the competition. The result meant that Brunei Darussalam qualified for the semi-finals and they will take on Myanmar tomorrow.

A draw would have been enough for Brunei but the young lads did a bit extra for the supporters by winning the match. I have to say that Timor Leste are no pushovers and they are physically bigger and taller than the Brunei players. Despite those disadvantages, Brunei produced a gritty performance but they couldn’t convert their chances on numerous occasions.

Timor Leste had their fare share of chances but Fakrul was superb in goal. His bravery in aerial contests was one of the reasons that Brunei didn’t concede any goals. Timor Leste looked more of a tough opponent than Malaysia. Timor Leste’s coach wasn’t happy that they weren’t able to convert their chances.

Hj Feisal, Brunei’s Manager, thanked God and the fans for last night’s match and he was aware that Myanmar is a tough opposition in the semi-finals. He hopes that Brunei supporters will come again tomorrow (Wednesday) to show support for the young lads.

Last night Brunei beat Timor Leste 1-0 while Malaysia beat Cambodia 3-1. Vietnam will take on Indonesia in the 1st semi-finals at 4pm, 7th March at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium while Brunei Darussalam will take on Myanmar in the 2nd semi-finals at 8pm, 7th March at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

Congratulations once again to Brunei for making it to the semi-finals and this is the best achievement so far in the history of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy.

Brunei team did a lap of honour in front of the fans after the historic moment


A few hours before


A huge traffic leading to the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. I left the stadium around 11pm and there was still a long traffic from the stadium. I wonder how many people turned up last night.

It was a sea of yellow at the stadium last night. Let’s all supporters wear yellow tomorrow 😀

One of the them can’t resist the temptation to watch the boys in action. The roles of these guys are to monitor what goes on the stands and watch out for those misbehaving inappropriately such as throwing objects or playing with laser lights.

There were lots of Brunei flags in the stadium

The celebration of the only goal of the match. It was a perfect cross and Aminuddin scored from close range for a 1-0 victory.

They were in ecstatic mood too after Brunei scored

Apparently this is an issue at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. Smoking is not allowed and they have to respect the rules. It’s a family event and children are also watching the match. So smoking is prohibited within the premises of the stadium.

Fakrul was awesome in goal and it ain’t afraid to put his body in the line against the huge Timor Leste players. Awesome display by the young keeper!!

Hj Feisal telling the players to calm down during injury time. Did you know Brunei was playing with 12 players at one stage for a minute or so during injury time? There was a confusion by the referee to allow the already-subbed player to return to the field.

One of the Brunei coaches congratulating Fakrul after the final whistle. The keeper was emotionally overwhelmed the fact that Brunei qualified for the semi-finals.

Timor Leste representative congratulating Hendra who is back from injury and this is a major boost for Brunei’s next match. Adi Said should be available too against Myanmar.

This image had over 450 likes on my instagram and this shows how much our country is proud of our players’ achievement. Reaching the semi-finals is already a big milestone.

It was a cheerful press conference after the match and well done to the manager and the coaches. They brought the best out of the players and these guys deserved a pat back on their backs.


Click image to enlarge

International School of Brunei (ISB) organises the annual, student-led conference Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC), supported by HSBC, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Brunei LNG and local enterprises and institutions. It’s happening from 9th March to 12th March this weekend.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Seven billion people; one planet’. Delegates will touch on global issues such as the sustainability of energy, war and terrorism, human rights and the growing economic crisis.

The special guest speaker at next year’s conference will be 2004 Young Australian of the Year and CEO and co-founder of the Global Poverty Project, Mr Hugh Evans. Previous ISB BGIC special guest speakers have included the late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangaari Maathai, environmentalist Professor David Bellamy (OBE), Animal Planet television presenters Monty Halls and Dr Alison Cronin, American Medicine Man Nathan Chasing Horse and children’s rights activist Kate Mcalpine.

Lately every Saturday, The ISB Secretariat, consisting of 12 members, have been conducting workshops for the local school participants and they get to learn and experience a Model United Nations conference. They will be taught on the procedures or how to create solutions and many more.

Abdul Hakim Hj Ahmad Zakaria is the student leader and he has been running the workshop with the help of the Secretaries. Abdul Hakim has been exposed at many conferences around the world and his experience has brought more freshness into BGIC.

The attendance of the workshop have been encouraging as well from the local schools. This shows how enthusiastic the students and their dedication to the BGIC. The public is more than welcome to watch the BGIC which will be held at ICC this Saturday to Monday. There will be seats allocated for public viewing and you will get to witness how a Model United Nations conference is being conducted.

Pictures from the workshop

Testimonials from students

Muhammad Fadli Hj Awang Zaini, PTE Meragang The BGIC training, facilitated by ISB, has been intensive with the expansion of their training sessions once every week since the beginning of year compared to the previous BGIC. Having experienced English teachers back at PTE Meragang in BGIC, we’ve only attended the last two of the training sessions whereby the remainder of the exercise is conducted at within our own circle. In general, the BGIC training sessions give a feel and perspective to students to how Model United Nations (MUNs) work as to illustrate the Parliamentary Procedures on how to use “Point of Concern, Motion to close to debate etc.” – which they actually quizzed us on, how to write your Opening Speech and how to write resolutions using the standard UN format as seen on the Preliminary Guide given to every student when they’ve registered.

Back in 2010, I experienced my first BGIC (Human Rights Committee Forum 2) and another MUN simulation once in the United States under the US – Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Programme 2011 (SEAYLP). My experience in BGIC from my previous year was actually amazing. Having said that BGIC is the only MUN in Brunei, BGIC is a really unique opportunity for students to actually experience formal debate with the benefit of expanding connections by meeting new people of different perspectives from other schools and countries alike, an opportunity to showcase leadership and promoting self-awareness of community engagements and civic responsibility of concerning global issues of today. Being in the new addition of the Security Council (Forum 2) this year, I truly believe it will be as awesome having to know more people here, being already adjusted to the procedures and the task of tackling the topics as they address UN structural issues which differentiate to the other three committees – namely on economic/social, political and environmental global aspects.

Terry Wong, St. Andrew’s School –  The workshop that ISB held for all local delegates is amazing. the workshop started by implanting the idea and giving us a rough sketch on how the UN works when it comes to making solutions and resolutions for problems. then it dissected and it became more informative. it constructed a path for us and there are guides here and there to walk hand in hand with us to truly experience this surreal event. the chairs and security generals has been a wonder to us. they helped us so much that they made it so clear and easy on what we delegates are supposed to do. they even came up with a simulation on how it is going to be on the real day itself. it is truly amazing on what ISB has came up with.

I, as a first timer, am really impressed on what ISB has done to ensure that we really catch a glimpse of the political world. I, from St. Andrew’s School, am a delegate of Canada in the Environment committee and will be debating and finding resolutions and solutions on preventing inhuman animal hunting and exploitation and combating climate changes. thinking about BGIC gives me the chills because the formality of this event scares me at first. this is where the chairs and security generals and the whole team played their part. they actually made a way to calm us down and replenish us with the idea that this would actually be pretty fun and yet very serious. so now when i think of BGIC, my knees actually feel a little wobbly and i get jitters in my tummy because im ecstatic about it! the team has prepared us well with every sort of way they can and im sure that i can go through this wonderful experience with much euphoria and joy. i cannot wait for BGIC X 2012! 🙂

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