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So what's your illusion?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


ZELL-V make you look younger (and more)

This is first time that I’ve taken supplements because of the key word that caught my eye – anti-aging. I never really heard of this particular supplement but ZELL-V have been in the region in Malaysia and Singapore. Did you know that health business is one of the booming industry other than cosmetics? I hardly give so much emphasis on my health but I was already aware that health is one thing I should make priority in my life. It’s always sad to hear of people dying of certain illness and I rather not be part of that statistics.

What caught my attention also was that this ZELL-V soft gels are able to rejuvenate cells so organs and glands in our body can function as if they are new. Hence this is one of the factors that will lead to anti-aging. For instance, if you have problems with our liver, if you consistently consume ZELL-V, there will be improvement in that particular organ as mentioned by Mr. Simon Hooi, ZELL-V Global Head of Health and Wellness Department.

Not to worry as ZELL-V is approved by the Ministry of Health and for your info, ZELL-V outlet is now officially opened in Brunei back in January and the responses have been quite overwhelming.

I bought myself one box of ZELL-V soft gels and tried it for a month. Some of my friends did notice small changes though I can’t really tell since I don’t really look at myself at the mirror *lol* Energy wise it has improved but of course, the emotional side is a different matter :p So now I ended up buying two more boxes to last me a few more months and according to Elliott Pang, ZELL-V International Business Development Executive, it will take at least 3 months to see the difference.

If you have any questions or need more details, you can click here. The ZELL-V store is located on the 1st floor, Rizqun International Hotel (next to Tourism Malaysia office). You can 245 7668 for more details.

This will be one of the common words you here or see from me

I started with one box then I ended up stocking up for the next few months

Did you know this Malaysian celebrity is one of the ambassador for Zell-V? So this really says a lot about the product

Before I bought my Zell-V soft gels, I had a quick blood check

These are the cells in my body and this is not considered healthy *lol* The cells are clogged up and I show some sign of cholesterol too *oo oo*

Do you know that ZELL-V platinum cells are extracted from sheep placenta and not to worry as the sheep cells are easily accepted by human cells without any rejections

And yes, ZELL-V is certified Halal as well

The only downside is that the pills or tablets are freaking huge to my liking.. It’s also important that you consume tons of water as these can get heaty for some people.

Since I can’t swallow huge pills easily, I made used of different soft food to assist me in my challenge. The egg tart did the trick

I even tried using sushi for my pills during my lunch at Kitaro Restaurant

But it’s always been a tradition that I consume most of my pills with bananas… The “kedai runcit” near my house must be thinking why I keep buying bananas from time to time *lol*

Aaron & Sonia’s wedding

Amazing deals with Fitness Zone

In conjunction with the EPL Maters Football presented by b.mobile, AD Sports Event Management are offering an unbeatable promotion from Fitness Zone for the month of March. Sign up for a 1 year membership for only $600 and you’ll also receive a $59 ticket for EPL Masters and a guaranteed exclusive workout session with the players. Offer valid for the 1st 50 New Members only. Call ADSEM on 8231333.

Pesta Santai Muara 2012

The Pesta Santai Muara 2012 (PSM 2) is set to be launched on March 23 and will run till March 25.

It is being organised for the second time by the Village Consultative Council of Kampong Masjid Lama, Pekan Muara, Sabun and Pelumpong (MPK Muara), in collaboration with their appointed event manager Cityneon Displays and Construction Sdn Bhd, with the guidance and support from the Brunei Tourism’s KNK section.

The MPK Muara, led by Pg Hj Mohamed bin Pg Hj Othman @ Osman, the Chairman of the MPK Muara, would like to extend their invitation to residents for the Pesta Santai Muara and provide the opportunity to partake in the fun and games whilst enjoying some quality family time and giving back to the community. The theme for this year’s PSM is ‘Responsible Tourism for All’, with the ideology of respecting and taking care of the places we visit, starting with a beach clean-up this weekend at Pantai Muara, on March 18 entitled ‘I love my pantai’.

Besides the logo and mascot, another new development is the closing of the main entry road to Pantai Muara for all visitors, except members of the working committee, a conclusion reached by the Traffic Investigation and Control Department. Members of the public are encouraged to cooperate and not park within 200 yards of Pantai Muara, to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The promotional poster for Pesta Pantai Muara 2012

There will, however, be two designated parking areas on the way to Pantai Muara namely at the Muara Port carpark and Muara Health Centre, with free shuttle buses provided to accommodate the needs of the public.

Those who have disabled or elderly passengers on board will be allowed to drop their respective passengers at the entrance to Pantai Muara, but will then be instructed to make a U-turn and park in the designated areas provided by the working committee.

Fun and edutainment opportunities for the young and old throughout the three-day festival, will begin at Sam. Entry to Pantai Muara is free, however, certain activities will require the purchase of tickets, with prices ranging from $2-3 per entry, per person.

PSM 2 will also be giving visitors a chance to win an exciting array of prizes, by buying lucky draw tickets (with part of the proceeds being donated to the relevant charities and organisations) which are priced at $2 each. There will be 10 lucky draw winners each day, with an extra Grand Prize on the final day. The draws will be conducted at 4pm daily.

These are the mascots for next week’s event

The promotional campaign for PSM 2 is currently underway, with listeners of 91.4 Pelangi FM, RTB standing a chance to win entry tickets for the Cat Show, House of Reptiles and the Ghost House for answering the PSM 2 radio quiz on air throughout this week.

Other activities include a RC4WD Brunei Challenge Trophy 2012, Pesta Santai Muara Master Chef Challenge, Beach Football Tournament, a Bike Show, organised by the Bersatu Bikers Club and plenty of other games specifically tailored for children.

The opening ceremony for PSM 2 will begin at 7.30am, with the arrival of the guest of honour, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri SetiaAwg Hj Yahya bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Hj Bakar, the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, where he will officially launch the Pesta Santai Muara 2012 logo and mascot, YuYu D’Penyu’.

The Health Promotion Centre under the Ministry of Health would like to kindly advise members of the general public to take the appropriate measures to protect themselves from the sun (eg wearing hats, sunglasses and sun block) and to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

Those interested in obtaining one of the few designated stalls for food and other local products can contact 8841915/8894338.

Members of the public who have further enquiries about PSM 2 and how to participate in any of the tournaments and activities can contact the PSM 2 team atpestasantaimuara@gmail.com or cityneon@gmail.com, or via the following Facebook groups and pages; pesta santai muara, cityneon bruneidarussalam or mpk muara. Text by Jake Ten of Borneo Bulletin.

Group photo of the committee and sponsors

New AV Electronics Store at ITB

AV Electronics new store at ITB. Enjoy great discounts for students and teachers

Great response for Nerf War

Times Square Shopping Centre has introduced its first ever Times Square Nerf War Tournament last Friday, and ends today, 18th March 2012. The event has drawn vast attention and interest from the public, building up a realistic atmosphere of a warzone in the Atrium, located right in the heart of the shopping complex.

Due to the overwhelming response from the public, the Nerf War will be extended for 4 more days, until 21st March 2012. This is to ensure that everyone will be able to be a part of this excitement and thrill of the game, which has gained popularity among the Bruneian community.

In-conjunction with the school holidays this March 2012 to create more activities for the children and teenagers; Times Square has announced that there will be an extension for public play, where children and adults alike are invited to take part in for only $5 per match, inclusive of goggles and blasters. Those who have their own goggles or blasters will be charged at only $3 per game of 3 rounds.

Times Square Shopping Centre is a modern and innovative kind of shopping centre in Brunei Darussalam, reachable from the airport in less than 3 minutes’ driving distance. With international brands, food and beverages, children edu-tainment area and hotel, Times Square is a one stop shopping centre for everybody. Please call 2338208/ 2338006 for further information.



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