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Catch HBT champions at Times SQ

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Brunei HBT 2012 champions Part II

His Majesty presenting the championship trophy to Hj Feisal, Brunei U-21’s manager and captain Najib. Image courtesy of Infofoto.

Hj Fiesal and Najib lifting the HBT 2012 cup

Comments from the public

Maurina: “The boys were amazing. They were confident and quick on their feet. I’m extremely jealous of ppl who get to go in the stadium! Wish i was there! looking forward to more wins! and I’m glad to see the comeback of Brunei football glory.”

Dk Hamizah Pg Hamzah: “Unfortunately I’m currently not in brunei so i wasnt able to be part of the historic moment otherwise it wouldve been fun watching the match ramai2. From the pics im seeing, the crowd was amaazing. Its nice la to see the bruneians all hyped up, even my friends n family who are not at all interested in football pun being supportive n all that.. It’s been a while since ive seen bruneians thrilled and fanatic over some sports. Phenomenal!”

Fadilah Ahmad Alhijazi: “What a jubilant night for Brunei, with the lads taking the trophy home! Congrats to them, including the Coach & Manager Feisal for a job well done!! Keep it up!!”

Yasmin Patera: “I am proud of the boys that played. As Under-21s i didnt expect much maturity, but they showed that very well throughout the games they’ve played. It was a well deserved win, on-the-pitch terms. If we had to include scores for the supporters… Then… No. The players deserved the win all the way. This is what dedication to sports is all about.”

Al-Haadi Abu Bakar: “It’s really wonderful to have the atmosphere of 1999 back in Brunei. I truly believe that our footballers can really compete in the big leagues.”

Dj Dean: “To be honest, bro, I’m not a big football fan. But watching the final match between our lads and the Indonesians last night, it reminded me of how much more dreams we ,as a people, could achieve. When the collective efforts of those who believe they can are driven by the thundering cheers of the mass who also believe, it was as if as I was watching the clash of titans, not red giants against yellow minnows. My friend, we witnessed the rising of not just football stars but also the validation of our faith that Brunei has always had what it takes to stand amongst the best.”

Tareq Muhmood: “Brilliant.. I could hear the celebrations from Saigon! :)”

Rudolf Portillo: “Brunei youth football has really improve a lot. I’ve been covering football games for more than a decade here. Well deserve win.”

Kitty Wen: “Personally, I’m not a football fans but i know about the achievement Brunei made via Facebook & Twitter…. & proud for Brunei. The only pity part was the ticket distribution flow, it seems bruneians are so disappointing of don’t know the right way of Queuing.”

Dato Paduka Hj Hamid Jaafar: “It was magical! Alhamdulillah.”

Amar Agus Din: “All i can say is that, we were the underdogs despite being on our homegrown. we defy the odds and I was lucky to be involved in another history of Brunei football. I cant remember wen was the last time we had a huge success in the football world, (not talking about DPMM, cause drang club level). We showed that we do have the potential and even though the other nations’ squad was not their 1st teams but hey, start small, think big. Who knows what we can achieved in the next few years with the current (& future) players. I was proud to be amongst the thousands that came, and we surely deserved the trophy cause we worked hard for it. Not to mention, the loyal supporters that came & supported the team throughout the entire tournament. Let’s just hope, this HBT win, will be a stepping stone for us.”

Azhani Abu Daniel: “Congratulations to the young men of the Under 21 National Football team for their historic win against Indonesia last night. Credit has got to be given for the hard work that they put into preparation, and their sportsmanship and good nature exhibited on the field should be an example to all off it.”

Sharon Awang Sitai: “That night was historic – our Bruneian players succeeded in demonstrating the true value of teamwork. It was heartwarming to see just how much support they had garnered from their fans which further emphasised what a strong community we have. What was the most priceless, though, was the smiles they brought to HM’s face. Its an indescribable feeling knowing that your King is proud of you.”

I wonder what’s the feeling from the players themselves

There was a pitch invasion but a great one

The fans managed to experience Adi Said’s trophy

Almost 90% of the Brunei supporters wore yellow

A very united team and love to see their great bonding among the team mates

Everyone seemed to take photos with Azri, Brunei’s U-21 popular icon. He was magnificent in defence again!

A fan wearing red ironically was fortunate to catch Azri’s jersey (drenched in sweat *lol*)

Another excited fan wanting to jump and join the celebration

A fan asking influential midfielder Hendra to celebrate to a group of supporters

I love this bunch.. Because they were in Adidas gear 😀

The coaching team has done an excellent job from the start. With only limited time preparation, they pulled off the unexpected. Let’s not forget about these guys 😀

A big shout out to the paramedics as they have done a lot throughout the tournament. They play a huge role in making sure those injured are treated with efficiency

The group photo with the sponsors of HBT 2012

The L.O.s for the invited Asean countries

Catch the Champions at Times Sq

It’s meet the fans session with the Brunei U-21 Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012 champions which will happen tomorrow, Sunday 11th March 4pm to 6pm, Times Square. Let’s give these lads a strong support for what they have done for the country

DPMM FC vs Alberix

It has been a few weeks since DPMM FC played their last game as they have to give way for the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012 tournament. Tomorrow they will be in action against S.League leaders Alberix Niigata FC at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

Both sides DPMM FC and Albirex Niigata FC have yet to taste defeat. It won’t be an easy fixture as coach Simunic said yesterday (before the HBT final match). “Albirex has improved season after season and now they are the top team in S.League with three wins.”

He wished that their next game would be sooner because of the great momentum that DPMM FC was enjoying then. He was also impressed with the Brunei U-21 team and he spoke highly of Adi Said. He was pleased with Brunei’s progress in nurturing the youth and this is good for Brunei so other regional countries will take notice.

So guys, let’s support DPMM FC tomorrow at the stadium as they will need the 12th man as a morale booster. Good luck, guys!!


I caught up with DPMM FC coach at the stadium last night before the HBT 2012 finals

Shahrazen (center) has regained back his form in DPMM FC colours. He was celebrating with his younger brother Adi Said who was named Best Player of the HBT 2012 tournament

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