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Please legalise Paintball :D

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

BICTA Workshop next week

Click image to enlarge poster. It’s happening next week. Highly recommended

Audi 6 making an impact

T.C.Y. Motors Sdn Bhd recently launched the new Audi A6 Sedan at the Times Square shopping mall last night, after it was unveiled by the guest of honour Director of Land Transport Department, Hj Khalid Hj Mustafa together with TCY Motors chairman Teng Chin Yeng. Also present was Hambali, Sales Manager of TCY Motors.

The new 7th generation Audi A6 is the most advanced sedan in its executive class. Constructed with ultra lightweight technology, the new A6 is 80kg lighter than its predecessor, resulting in less work for the engine and therefore less fuel consumption.

The all new Audi A6 for Brunei will be equipped with distinctive full LED headlights and rear lights, Audi’s Side Assist rear blind spot detection, parking aid with reversing camera, electromechanical parking brake, power start button and exclusive 19 inch wheels among other features.

For more details, you can visit the T.C.Y. Motors showroom.

The guest of honour and the chairman of TCY Motors unveiling the new Audi A6 Sedan at Times Square

The new Audi A6 Sedan

Hambali Hj Salleh, Teng Chin Yeng and Hj Khalid Hj Mustafa

Dinner was held at Times Square for the official launch of Audi A6

Guests of TCY Motors were also invited to witness the launch

John Tan taking a picture while Amy was being entertained by Fakhrul Razi

Amy was so shy when he sang a line with her name in it

He was the emcee and also the entertainer of the night. Awesome job, dude!!

The guests had opportunity to check out the Audi A6 Sedan

The Audi A1 was also being displayed

Audi support BLGA

Recently T.C.Y. Motos Sdn Bhd as the local Audi dealer/importer held a hand-over ceremony of sponsored t-shirts to the Brunei Ladies Golf Association (BLGA) at its administration office located at the new Audi showroom building in Kiarong.

20 lady golfers from the BLGA will be competing this weekend in the 14th Borneo Ladies Golf Challenge Trophy to be held at the Miri Golf Club, the previous tournament was hosted by the BLGA in Brunei Darussalam.

Datin Seri Utama Hjh Rosnah binti Abdullah as the Chairlady of BLGA was on hand to receive the t-shirts from TCY Motors Chairman Mr. Teng Chin Ying. Datin expressed her appreciation & thanks for the support which will hopefully continue in the near future.

The Audi brand is an active supporter of the sport of golf and holds its own annual global tournament the Audi quattro Cup, this year the World Finals will be held in South Africa in November. The Audi quattro CupBrunei now in its third year is scheduled to be held in September.

Datin Seri Utama Hjh Rosnah binti Abdullah as the Chairlady of BLGA was on hand to receive the t-shirts from TCY Motors Chairman Mr. Teng Chin Ying

Have you got your tix?

Who knows you will be able to watch Euro 2012 live this June 😀

Here are the ticket prices throughout the period. Hence it’s cheaper if you buy sooner 😀

A plague presentation ceremony for sponsors of the 2012 English Premier League (EPL) Masters Football Tournament Brunei Cup was held last month at the Members Grill of the Empire Hotel & Country Club in Jerudong.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid Hj Mohd Jaafar, graced the ceremony and also presented the plaque to all the sponsors.

Also in attendance were Brunei Tourism Board CEO Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed, and former Liverpool player, Dietmar Hamann, here in Brunei as the ambassador of the EPL Masters.

The sponsors for this year’s tournament are: NBT Brunei Sdn Bhd and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) platinum sponsors; Airport Mall silver sponsor; Fitness Zone – health partner; while Royal Brunei Airlines official airline; The Brunei Times, official media; Ranoadidas.com, official blog; Armtrix Enterprise, official merchandiser.

The event partners include the Empire Hotel & Country Club, Candidsyndrome Brunei, Cooltones, Aewon Brunei and Imperial Sports.

The football tournament is a sport event organised by Ad Sports Event Management (ADSEM) and Masters Football Asia, and is presented by telecommunication provider B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd.

It is supported by the MCYS, Brunei Tourism Board, and the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD).

The tournament will kick-start on April 21, and tickets are available for sale already. For more information, call 8231333. Text by Anwar Rosly of The Brunei Times.

Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid and Sheikh Jamaluddin were present during the sponsorship ceremony

b.mobile is one of the major sponsors for the EPL Masters 2012

NBT (Toyota) is one of the sponsors as well for this year. You can win a Lexus CT 200H!!

Royal Brunei Airlines Deputy Chairman//Acting CEO Dermot Mannion talking to Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid. Royal Brunei Airlines is the official airline for EPL Masters Football Brunei Cup 2012

Irshad Ahamed, Manager of Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Brunei with Dietmar Hamann. SCB is one of the sponsors for the event

Aewon is one of the sponsors as well

A fan taking a picture with Dietmar Hamann

Candid Syndrome is the official photographer for the event

Armtrix Enterprise is the official merchandiser for the event

Dietmar Hamann and Idham Abas of Adsem

Dato Paduka Hj Hamid and Dietmar Hamann posing with the trophy

Group photo with the sponsors

Futsal at The Empire Beach

Now this should be fun. Empore Open Beach Futsal 2012 Champioship

Will paintball be legalised?

This has been a dragging affair where paintball enthusiasts have been struggling with the authorities in legalising paintball. I remember a few years ago, there were a few illegal paintball activities held in the country until the authorities became aware and took action.

Then Labuan became a place where organisers and individuals felt much safer to play paintball tournaments. The urge is definitely there but there’s no avenue where we can have such tournament in Brunei.

In today’s paper (Borneo Bulletin), it was reported during the #LegCo8 that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports doesn’t opposed the paintball but it is still a huge question mark why no license or approval have been granted to the paintball operators. I’m pretty sure that the Ministry have looked into this matter and accessing the equipments used for paintball. If you asked me, I don’t see any danger apart from the small bruise marks you get at worst.

I posted some pictures taken in the recent paintball tournament.. Not to worry (to the Brunei authorities) as this event was held in the UK, not Brunei. For many occasions, Brunei students studying in the UK, organised paintball tournaments and the participation is always overwhelming and is there a negative thing that came out on these activities? I’m sure they have more sophisticated equipments than the ones we have here in Brunei. So what’s the big deal in allowing such activities to be approved in Brunei? Mind you even the organisers managed to get sponsors from BSP and Brunei LNG and DST and this shows such big organisations show support to such activity and focus on the brighter sight of things. I do hope the Ministry and the authorities take this matter seriously for the sake of the youth in Brunei.

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei was being briefed by Kalel of Prosynergy Paintall at BRIDEX 2011

In other great news, Nerf tournaments have been raising in popularity and the youth have been investing their nerf guns too. Of course, nothing beats paintball in this category but this is the next best thing which the authorities won’t have objections to it.

For your info, today Times Square will be hosting a Nerf Tournament as part of the school holiday programme and it starts from today till Sunday, 18th March. Do check out the poster below for details.

The organisers setting up for the tournament last night

BBSS Paintball Tournament

This article was written by Fatin Safri. The 25th of February 2012 marked an important day in the calendar for Bruneian students around the UK. It was seen as an opportunity to celebrate ‘Negaraku Brunei Darussalam’, Brunei’s 28th National Day. This very reason united 200 students from different Brunei UK societies at Warped Cosford Paintball Site. The annual BBSS Paintball Tournament was back in it’s sixth run, and with a fiery hot vengeance.

The teams participating were ‘BruWick’, Bruneians in Warwick, ‘Team Trolls’, a group with members from Newcastle, Birmingham and London, ‘Bradham Havoc’ from Bradford and Nottingham, ‘Rolling Thunder’ composed of students from London, Sheffield, Manchester and Loughborough. Wales sent their ‘Welsh Guards’ while Loughborough sent ‘Lufbru Elite’ and Keele sent the ‘Chronic Keelers. The BBSS sent ‘Birm Reapers’ and ‘Bru Bots’. Some teams included players from the local community, to share the patriotic values in celebrating Brunei’s National Day.

After the teams settled in and geared up for the tournament, the marshals’ called for a briefing. The game this year was different. Instead of the usual ‘Capture the Flag‘ matches played over the years, the organizers decided to introduce scenario-based objectives, which meant that teamwork and quick-thinking was crucial in achieving the goals. Rules and gameplay were only explained in the battle zone. As the message started sinking in, teams started discussing tactics and strategies to lessen the possibility of being dominated. Feelings of excitement, anxiousness and for some, fear were shared amongst one another. In front of them, the gleam of forty-eight gold miniature paintballers stood, waiting for those worthy of them.

The winning trophies were sponsored by BSP and Brunei LNG

The participants being briefed before the tournament

Let the action begin

As the first two teams were called out on to the battlefield, Rolling Thunder and Bru Bots made themselves known. While Bru Bots waited to go through the army netting to get their guns, most of Rolling Thunder were already equipped with their own e-markers and distinct attire. The team consisted of players from last year’s winning team. However the look on their faces said it all- they didn’t know what to expect. Bru Bots was mentally prepared, knowing that there was no place for the faint-hearted in this game. In a different division, Bradham Havoc and Birm Reapers took their places on a different map Supporters and volunteers followed as spectators, watching intently from the ‘dead zone’.

It proved to be a hard competition, many matches ending in close results, as all the teams had their own unique specialties. While like Rolling Thunder, Welsh Guards were reputable for being a strong team, Lufbru Elite and the BBSS teams had once won the tournament. Bradham Havoc was known to be a serious contender, while first timers BruWick, Team Trolls and Chronic Keelers highly exceeded expectations with winning streaks.

Hours passed, and although pellets were depleting and the energy of the players were diminishing, there was an adrenalin rush, victory being the reason for some, for most it was an intense, eager enjoyment of what had happened and what was coming next. They cherished the little breaks in between that was used to rest, pray, making and catching up with friends over steaming cups of hot chocolate in the cold weather.

As points were accumulating on the scoreboard, there were not one, but two teams tied in first place. There were also two teams tied in second place. An epic battle ensued to be a tie-breaker, and as the games ended, the winners were evident. Third place belonged to the Welsh Guards. Captain Isa Sukarni thanked his teammates while cheers filled the air, and commented;

“On behalf of the BDSSW, I’d like to thank the Brunei Birmingham Students Society for organizing yet another ‘paintastic’ event. Personally, attending the event for the third straight year, I found it to be the best yet, and I’m sure I can say the same for the rest of the team. Even though third place was just as good as first for us, we’ll be sure to come again next year and get a higher spot on that podium.”

The Welsh Guards celebrating their victory

Chronic Keelers came 2nd place in the BBSS Paintall Tournament

Rolling Thunders, Champions of the BBSS Paintball Tournament 2012

Second Place went to the Chronic Keelers. On being handed the trophy, captain Fadhli Al-Shokry was ecstatic, saying;

“It’s a good experience participating in the tournament and it was an unexpected success for the Chronic Keelers as this was the first time that we are participating as a team but seems like the teamwork and commitment has brought in success. Chronic Keelers would like to thank BBSS for the amazing event and hope to meet again in the years ahead. It would be nice one day to see this sport being practiced in the homeland, Brunei Darussalam.

BBSS Players and volunteer hoodies were sponsored by DST

The winners of the tournament emerged to be Rolling Thunder, Second time first-place winner captain, Fadhlan Yakob later stated;

“I would say it was just alright. No big deal. We won. Okay, who am I kidding? WE WON! The committee was responsive and really good in organizing the event. The fact that they have managed to secured sponsorship for the event just shows how dedicated the organizers in making the event a success. We had so much fun during the event and best of all is we celebrated our National Day in this fashion. On the other hand, our team has done so much preparation and training. We even bought 4 walkie-talkies just to improve our sense of communication in the field!” – Text by Fatin Safri and images courtesy of Brunei Birmingham Students Society.

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