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Archive for 01/04/2012


Awesome Melbourne

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Catch Aaron Aziz in April

Guess who’s coming to town next weekend? It’s the Ombak Rindu star Aaron Aziz where you get the chance to meet and greet the superstar at Tarindak D’Polo Restaurant Jerudong. I will be giving out a few silver tickets worth BN 100 each on my Twitter @ranoadidas so stay tune for more details

Check out the poster for details. Click to enlarge

Hush Puppies Sale

Great deals at Hush Puppies located at Rizqun International Hotel and the discounts is up to 50% which began since 30th March 2012. So drop by Hush Puppies on the 1st floor of Rizqun International Hotel (next to Zell-V and Tourism Malaysia office).

Check out the great sales at Hush Puppies

The 12 Apostles

If you are in Melbourne, then I suggest you dedicated a day to visit the 12 Apostles which is quite a ride from Melbourne. There are interesting histories related to the 12 Apostles and we were being explained by Darryl our bus driver along the way. I was pretty nervous in the beginning when I was being offered to catch the helicopter ride to view the Apostles as I never been on a helicopter before.

Thanks to Azhani @emmagoodegg for sponsoring me for the ride 😀 and the chopper ride is not that cheap too. It costs around $145 per person for a 15 minute ride and they have different price ranges too but that was the lowest range of the lot. But I tell you…. the 15 minute ride was worth it. The view of the Apostles was priceless and yes, I highly recommend you to catch the chopper as it’s a life time experience. Perhaps the best time would be in the afternoon due to the glare of the sun that might make photography a bit trickier. I don’t mind bringing my friends here next time on my next visit to Melbourne.

The helipad where they load and unload passengers for the Apostles chopper ride

We had a small helicopter and I was already getting slightly nervous as I’m scared of heights *lol*

Thanks to @emmagoodegg (behind) for giving me the opportunity for the helicopter ride

Our pilot that took us around the Apostles

The view from the helicopter. Some of the Apostles though there aren’t 12 Apostles as a few have gone missing

Awesome view from the helicopter

This one looks like a question mark, aye?

This was taken from the main land

The famous Loch and George and there’s a beach where you can go down and take some photos (and even get wet)

Camera and Travel Fair 2012

It’s happening on the 5th April till 8th April

Wrath of the Titans

I never caught the first one – Clash of the Titans which is a remake of the 1980s classic. But I did manage to catch it on Astro instead though bits and pieces. I knew the movie was gonna be a disappointment and surely it was. So I wasn’t really look forward to watch Wrath of the Titans. However, it was the only movie available that was either on Gold Class or Bean Bag movie. Initially I booked online for “The Raid” which is a much talked about movie but I missed it since we came back from the Ocean Road Drive/12 Apostles trip 20 minutes late and I had to forgone my tickets as that was the only time showing.

Anyway, I know this movie will be raking lots of $$$ as the 1st one did. It won’t make as much as the first though which opened at over $60 million. The Wrath of the Titans fell short of its predecessors as it only raked in $45 million. Rottentomatoes.com weren’t also generous with their ratings (below 30%) and I totally agree with the critics. It was visually great but less focus was given on the plot. I didn’t have high expectations anyway. I’m looking forward to Mirror Mirror. If you are looking for a popcorn movie with a “no rocket science” plot, you will probably enjoy this. Verdict: 5/10.

It was my last night at Melbourne and I wanted to give the cinema a go. So I had a choice of either Gold Glass Village Cinema or the Bean Bag Cinema at Hoyts. I was hoping for The Raid at Gold Class or Bean Bag but the timing didn’t suit me so I opted for Wrath of the Titans on the Bean Bag Cinema. Woowww!!! I really enjoyed the new experience at the Bean Bag cinema and they only had limited bean bags and I was slightly “sakai” by it hahaha..

The Bean Bag seating costs almost AUD 40 where it can accommodate for two people. Prices of cinema in Australia is pretty expensive and one normal movie ticket can costs up to AUD 17-18 per person. That’s like BND 22 per person for a movie ticket which is three times more than what we pay at the Mall Cineplex. Anyway, if you happen to be in Melboure, try out the Bean Bag Cinema at Melbourne Central and the experience factor is awesome because I’m a bean bag person. Now I wonder where can I source for that kind of bean bag?? Hmmmm.. Verdict of Bean Bag Cinema: 8.5/10

Instead of using the number icon, the Bean Bag cinema has its own unique symbol for cinema goers. The Bean Bag cinema is only available at Hoyts Cinema.

I’m glad I took the opportunity to try out the Bean Bag cinema

The American (Pie) Reunion casts were promoting their latest installment

I should have brought my blanket next time. The bean bag was pretty comfortable and not too soft either. It was so comfy though I have to admit that I fell asleep during the climax of the movie. I had to get Ain to update me on the ending of the movie *lol*

Thanks for the company and catch you soon mate..

The Great Ocean Drive

LOL I found it funny that all the years I have been in Victoria that I never paid a visit to the Great Ocean Drive. It was great to be back in Melbourne after 12 years of hiatus and the feeling was somewhat surreal in a way. We had the opportunity to visit places of attraction in Melbourne and thanks to Royal Brunei Airlines for organising this trip to benefit the travel agents and the local media so we will be able to share with you guys on places to visit while you are visiting Melbourne.

So one of the tourist destinations is the Great Ocean Drive which is quite a fair ride from Melbourne. It was roughly 2 to 3 hours drive by bus though we did have a few pitstops along the way where we had the opportunity to view wonderful sceneries in the state of Victoria. I know a few of my friends have been the Great Ocean Drive during their short stay at Melbourne and I felt so ashamed that me being a student for at least 6 years and I didn’t have the opportunity to visit this place *lol* But now I’m glad that I did and it was a wonderful experience.

Oh yeah, I do recommend you to hire Gray Line for the bus tour service and they have great bus drivers who are educational and hilarious too. We had Darryl who drove and kept us entertained and he was always making sure that we are on time so we will be back by the hotel at a certain time. Our trip took us almost 12 hours to tour the Great Ocean Drive and 12 Apostles as the main spots and of course a few pitstops here and there.

Dermot Mannion enjoyed his visit to the Great Ocean Drive

Some great views along the way of Great Ocean Drive

Mr. Foo of Century Travel was helping out Darryl. He was always on the outlook to make sure our group was okay and he’s quite helpful as well during check-in at the airport counters. Awesome lad!!

Dermot Mannion had his first taste of Vegemite but I’m not sure if he’s a fan of it now *lol*

Mr. Reedz of @anakbrunei loves Vegemite on his roast lamb

Darryl showing us how the “billy tea” was being made. The tea has a minty taste by the way.



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