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B-Mobile Football Fiesta a success

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Many awaits for the Audi Q3

There was an early preview for interested customers of the much awaited Audi Q3 which is not available yet in the market. The guests saw the new Audi Q3 compact premium SUV at its new new 2-storey Audi showroom in Kiarong. Some would call Q3 is the baby of the Q5.

For your info, the special unit of Q3 showcased is a left hand drive from Audi AG Germany and the unit has been on an Asia Tour since late last year which includes Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. So last week it was at Brunei’s turn to showcase the sneak preview of the Q3.

The Q3 showcases Audi’s expertise in all aspects of engineering: from its lightweight body through strong and efficient drive trains and a dynamic chassis to its state-of-the-art assistance systems and multimedia systems. Many of its features are straight from the luxury class.

Despite its coupe-like styling, the Audi Q3 is clearly recognizable as a member of the Q family. Its wraparound tailgate is similar in design to those on its larger siblings, the Q5 and Q7. The Audi Q3 is 4.39 meters in length (14.4 ft), 1.83 meters in width (6.0 ft), and 1.60 meters (5.25 ft) in height – roof rail included.

For more info, you can call 239 0725 for more details and the price is estimated in the region of BND 60,000 plus. Not bad at all 🙂

Many customers have their eyes on the much awaited Audi Q3

This is how the back view looks like on the Audi Q3

Some of the guests trying out the Audi Q3

Great deals at Airport Restaurant

Yesterday I attended a quick briefing from the Airport Restaurant as they are having a special promotion until the end of the month (April). Basically during dinner buffet, if you happen to bring a group of 4 or 8, the fourth person in the group only pays $1 for the buffet. Awesome, aye? This means that if you split up the bill, you will be enjoying 25% discount on the buffet with a minimum of four people.

There’s also a good catch for diners at Airport Restaurant as they will be able to get a rebate on the parking. You can enjoy a $2.00 Airport parking rebate for every $25 spent in a single receipt at Airport Restaurant. For more information, you can call 233 1853.

With the Airport Restaurant managers, chef and the waiters and waitresses

Check out the promotion

See how you can benefit dining at Airport Restaurant

So among the four friends, who will be the lucky one that only pays $1? *lol*

Ruzaini, Basri big winners at b.mobile roadshow

The B-Mobile Football Fiesta final road show ended in style after a jubilant Ruzaini bin Mahadi clinched the top spot in the B-Mobile Football Kick-Off Challenge at the Airport Mall last sunday.

The football fan retained pole position, which he accomplished in the semi-final rounds, after clocking a time of one minute and 18 seconds ahead of Ak Md Hilme Ahtirahpuddin bin Pg Jufrizar in second place and Abdul Rahim bin Haji Muhammad in third place. Pg Hj Yasrizam bin Pg Hj Yaakub secured fourth place.

Md Basri bin Hj Md Mansor emerged as the champion of the PS3 Cyber Games after recording a convincing 4-1 win in the final at the expense of Md Ridzuan bin Awg Kamal. Experienced gamer Mohd Hilmi Shah Mohd Sahri settled for third place. The football Kick-Off challenge was a crash course where the top 10 participants had to beat the fastest time of the round by coming across five inventive obstacles.

The winners of both events earned themselves two golden tickets, Meet the Players’ dinner session, EPL T-Shirt, B-Mobile’s PURE handset, certificate of participation and Fes Retro Goodie Bag worth $100. The prizes for second place were a $59 EPL ticket, EPL T-shirt, B-Mobile’s PRISTINE handset, $30 top-up card, B-Mobile’s certificate of participation and Fes Retro Goodie Bag worth $75. The third place winner won himself $39 EPL ticket, an EPL T-shirt, modem, $20 YES! Zoom top-up card, certificate of participation and Fes Retro Goodie Bag worth $50. Each golden ticket won gave the customer 10 times more chances to win the grand prize – a Lexus CT200, which will be announced at the Football Masters on April 21 at the National Indoor Stadium.

The road show, which was billed a success given the strong response from the public, was also filled with other activities suitable for all ages such as “Spot the Sticker” for the grown-ups and drawing and colouring contests for the kids and teenagers organised by B-Mobile loyalty merchant, Rainforest Gallery. There was also a 3 aside football tournament organised by Adsem where 12 teams participated.

The winner of both events received a voucher from Rainforest Gallery and goodie bags from B-Mobile. Second and third place winners won goodie bags from B-Mobile.

The final road show also featured a T-shirt lucky draw where anyone who purchased the EPL T-shirt stood a chance to win a golden ticket. Five golden tickets were up for grabs.

The final road show marked the end of a series of activities, which began last February and concluded with a prize presentation in the Football Kick-Off challenge event and the PS3 Cyber Games.

Mr Lim Ming Soon, the CEO of B-Mobile, presented prizes to the top three finishers in the B-Mobile Football Kick-Off Challenge and the PS3 Cyber Games. Text courtesy of Fadhil Yunus of Borneo Bulletin.

The Football Kick-Off Challenge drew many participants during the 3 day roadshow

One of the consolation winners of the Football Kick-Off Challenge

Ruzaini receiving his 1st place prize of B-Mobile Football Kick-Off Challenge from Mr. Lim Ming Soon, CEO of B-Mobile

Md Basri receiving his 1st place prize of B-Mobile Football PS3 Cyber Games (FIFA 2012) from Mr. Lim Ming Soon, CEO of B-Mobile

The second and third place of B-Mobile Football PS3 Cyber Games (FIFA 2012)

The top three winners of B-Mobile Football Kick-Off Challenge and PS3 Cyber Games (FIFA 2012)

The management of B-Mobile had some fun playing 3-aside after the event

3 more days to go!!! Get your tix!!

Click image to enter official website of the EPL Masters Brunei

Movie reviews recap

Titanic 3D. I can’t believe I actually caught this movie again *lol* For one, I was pretty impressed with the trailer of Titanic in 3D a few months back and I told myself I’m gonna catch this movie again. There have been mixed reviews on 3D movies as the benchmark is still Avatar though Hugo was an exception.

I won’t go too much details on the movie itself since …. come on, who doesn’t know or haven’t seen Titanic? But I must say give this movie another go in 3D. Yes, I’ve watched Beauty & the Beast in 3D but it was just a so-so 3D effect. I re-lived the experience of the Titanic and it seemed refreshing. I won’t say it’s one of my favourites of all time but it’s good enough for a notable mention. James Cameron has done it again. Verdict: 8/10 on movie and 3D display..

We Not Naughty. Jack Neo the guy who never lacks controversy. For your info, Jack Neo is one of the top directors in Singapore and he does write too. His popular hits “I Not Stupid” and “Money No Enough” were iconic movies in Singapore where cultures and social issues were raised in the movies. Hence it’s quite relevant to Singaporeans with a taste of humour as well.

We Not Naughty is another follow up where it examines the relationship between parents and rebellious children in Singapore’s current society. The movie itself was amusing and entertaining but I thought the direction could have been better. The final 30 minutes seemed unnecessary and the movie felt quite long. I didn’t enjoy it as much as “I Not Stupid”. The moral and the value of the story are quite evident but with some cut off scenes, it would have been properly executed. Verdict: 7/10.

Battleship. Hmmm I don’t get it why U.S. will only release Battleship in May while in other regions, Battleship are raking in huge numbers in their debut last weekend. I wanted to catch this movie badly after seeing people’s response on their ratings of Battleship.. Well, it was an average of an 8 which is surprisingly high. So I booked for a Saturday evening show with my gang with high expectations already.

Now here’s the thing.. I’m still trying to figure out where the 8s, the 9s or the 10s come from (as in from my peers). Don’t get me wrong though because the movie seemed to make less sense or lose that sense of credibility as it progressed. Action sequences were entertaining at least but a huge question mark remains on why Peter Berg (the director) fell flat on ideas in terms of the plot. A believable one at least.

I didn’t realise the lead actor is played by Taylor Kitsch who had big roles such as the flop John Carter. From the looks of it, he had a better showing at Battleship and I’m pretty sure once it opens in the States, Battleship will outperform John Carter in the box office. So much promise and even my buddies think I’m too generous with my ratings. RA’s Verdict: 7/10. Del Goh’s verdict: 3/10. Winnie’s verdict: 2/10. Sophia’s verdict: 4/10.

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