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Hadi is one lucky winner

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

All Stars Masters & Hadi, big winners

The All Stars Masters defended their title as they defeated the Liverpool Masters 7-4 in a pulsating final. Last year Liverpoo Masters finished third but bettered themselves by reaching the finals. DPMM FC finished fourth in the tournament. This year’s tournament featured the likes of The All Stars Masters, Liverpool Masters, Manchester United Masters and DPMM FC Masters.

The Guest of Honour was His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s office and he also presented the medals and trophy to the winners. This is the second time that Brunei hosted the EPL All Stars Masters brought to you by B-Mobile.

Kevin Gallen, Regi Blinker and Robbie Fowler were joint top scorers with 8 goals in the tournament. Regi Blinker was named the best player of the tournament.

It was a night to remember for Hadi who never won a lucky draw before and last night he won the biggest prize at the EPL Masters Brunei Cup 2012 lucky draw as he won the Lexus CT200H. There was a minor confusion among the audience as there were were three ticket holders that had the the same number (No. 0051) – one from upper, one from lower and one from the VIP sections. So one of the ticket holders thought he won the car as he had the same ticket number. However, it turned out that my friend Hadi Iskandar who works at AITI won the grand prize as his name was mentioned by the emcee, Jenny Malai Ali.

Perhaps it would have been safer if the organiser issued one number instead of three numbers on the respective tiers/sections for ticket holders to avoid confusion. Well, anyway, the winner is legit as the numbers and his name was mentioned. Hadi is not sure yet what to do with the Lexus CT200H and he will only get hold of the car by next week or so. He was too excited that he didn’t sleep until 3am last night as his friends and family were congratulating him. I’m pretty sure his colleagues at AITI will be teasing him tomorrow. Congratulations buddy and do make sure you take me for a spin too :))

Dutch striker signing autographs for the fans

It’s good to see young kids craving for their signature

DPMM FC Stars still falling short in the tournament but still a good effort

Fans was in for a treat as they fought for the ball souvenir

Quinton Fortune had a small gash on his knee

The fans were excited to see their idols

Celebrity Zainal Abidin was also a spectator

The local media also enjoyed the football entertainment

The section of the crowd at EPL Masters tournament

UBD FM made their presence felt last night

Nice pose, guys *hahaha*

The fans celebrating after every goal

The crowd was aiming for the gloves thrown to the crowd and Zul Fadly was forunate to catch them

The 8 year old kid won a mobile phone presented by Mr. Lim Ming Soon, CEO of B-Mobile.

She won a one year contract subscription fee from B-Mobile

Faridah won an all expense paid to Poland to catch the Euro 2012. Btw, are you selling your ticket?

The crowd was anticipating to which number will be called out

The crowd kept looking up on the screen for the winning number

It turned out that it was Hadi who won the Lexus CT200H and he also had the same ticket number

Robbie Fowler and Steve McMamanam presented the key to the grand prize winner – Hadi

Asprilla was in jubilant mood as he lifted the tropy

The All Stars Team with Mr. Lim Ming Soon, CEO of B-Mobile

The Body Shop participating in Earth Day

Today’s the final day

As a global business, we strongly feel the need to be proactive in the battle against climate change.  

We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our business practices and reduce our carbon footprint. We have set ourselves strict targets to reduce energy, waste and water use.

In 2008 we replaced all our carrier bags with 100 per cent recycled and recyclable paper bags. We have a pledge with Dept of Environment, Parks and Recreation @ Jastre of Brunei Darussalam on No Plastic Bag Campaign since last year and have no intention in backing up. We aim to use the minimum amount of packaging materials for products. We also use post-consumer recyclate (PCR) in packaging wherever possible, and if the primary pack uses paper and/or card, it is from an FSC-certified source.

Everyone has a right to have a clean and healthy environment regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status. Our planet, our home is being neglected. Climate change continues unabated. It seems there’s a new ecological disaster happening almost daily. This Earth Day it’s time to mobilize the planet from the ground up to send a message that the Earth won’t wait!

In Honor of this Earth Day, We, The Body Shop is here once again to participate and show our concern to the environment. As our vision, we always strive to protect this beautiful planet, and the people who depend on it.

We, The Body Shop are selling small trees to the public at a very minimum price at The Body Shop, The Mall outlet only in conjunction of Earth Day commence 20th April to 22th April 2012. The objective of the campaign is to encourage and educate the public of the importance of planting trees. In the same way, we would like them to be aware on the environment hazards by highlighting the problems around us and how we can be able to contribute to protect the environment. Funds collected from the tree selling campaign, we will buy garbage bins and recycle bins and will donate them to schools.

Your contribution is very much appreciated. It may not be big but your concern and care to the planet that counts. Let us take this Earth Day to the Heart. Text courtesy of The Body Shop.

You can buy the small trees at The Body Shop at The Mall

You can buy the small trees at The Body Shop at The Mall

Sneak preview for today’s post

He has the same t-shirt as mine and he also won the grand prize with a little controversy arising. Find out how later

Yay, I officially stayed in the glass box for an hour.. Find out later on what happened. Thank you, HSBC!!

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