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Archive for 12/09/2012


iPhone 5 unleashed

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

HSBC Spot Send & Win

HSBC Spot, Send and Win. Click image to enlarge.

The iPhone 5 unveiled

Screen shot of iPhone 5 from Apple.com

So finally the wait is over!!! Tim Cook and his team from Apple had unveiled what the latest iPhone 5 can offer and its uniqueness. I believe smartphones particularly has reached its cycle span in terms of design and its multi-touch screen features. How else can you top all that? Samsung has done its best, Nokia has jumped into the bandwagon of smartphones and the latest iPhone features are definitely a great upgrade as compared when 4s was introduced.

The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter. Another difference is the height and instead of the usual 4 rows of icons, it now has 5 rows. That’s nothing to shout about but it’s good to see some changes in the layout in the iPhone 5.

The other notable difference is the connector which is now called the lighting connector and it replaces the usual 30-pin connector. But not to worry, there’s an adapter for it. The camera features is what amazes me because its able to shoot in low light mode and I always love a feature where while video recording, you can snap photos away. Well, that works for me 😀

You can check out the complete features of the new iPhone 5 by clicking here. I won’t say that I’m like super WOW but it’s definitely a better upgrade than the current 4s I’m using. I’m off to sleep and it’s already late. If you’re asking, yes, I will get the next generation iPhone for sure.. Thank you, Apple!! I won’t say the features are innovative and some features are already available on android phones anyway (then again, iPhone doesn’t release their phones until now until Android phones). Innovation is not right word for this keynote but I was surely impressed by this powerful iPhone 5.

Note: This still could be a problem for Brunei though because it used a nano-Sim standard which is 40% smaller the micro-sim card used in 4 and 4s. This is the LTE network that Apple has included in the phone line and LTE is the next wave after 3G network. Problem is that we don’t have such network here in Brunei just yet though there have been talks about it as mentioned by Idris, CEO of DST, a few months ago and also Ericsson (in Brunei) has been running some trials in Brunei using LTE network

Now this will be pressure for both b•mobile and DST to come up with LTE network in Brunei and yes, LTE will one day replace 3G. For your info, HTC will be giving some tough time for Apple because of the LTE features. So do expect something interesting to happen in the courtroom again *lol* As for Apple’s strong brand, this will give a push to telcos to roll out LTE features in Brunei and also regionally. Now the question is when will LTE be made available in Brunei.

Image below are taken from mashable and gdgt live updates.

Tim Cook of Apple doing what the late Steve Jobs was good at

Ok, boasting numbers about iPads

Good to see an improvement on battery life though SIII is still way better

A better camera feature and now the front camera is HD too. Cool for Facetime 😀

Ok, LTE is something new which capitalises on fast internet. It’s not available here in Brunei but I won’t be surprised if this will come out in the near future. LTE is the future anyway.

The new connector for iPhone 5 … Gone are the days of a 30-pin connector

How the new iPhone 5 looks like

Screen shot of iPhone 5 from Apple.com

Some of the features of IOS 6 and I love the 3D mapping *thumbs up*

Now with the IOS 6, you can create and share pictures with your close friends and family. Treat it like another instagram but more private.

The new type of earpiece called EarPods

Ok, this is awesome.. that Singapore is one of the countries that will have the stocks pretty early than other countries

Apple also unveiled the new iTunes look which will be ready by October

The new Nano iPod was also announced

Now the 5th Gen iPod has features of the 4s

…and it has a loop where you can put your strap

Susan won Hanbok

LANEIGE Brunei Darussalam officially launched its corporate and social responsibility initiative, ‘Laneige Health Campaign’, in an event underlining their concerns held at The Mall, Gadong on September 9 recently.

Themed “Beauty through Healthy Lifestyle”, the health campaign is a movement supported by the Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health, Korean Embassy of Brunei Darussalam, JPMC Fitness Centre and Susan’s Fitness Studio.

Highlighting the event was its Healthy Snack Making Contest which carried the concept “Korean Fusion Food” supported by the Korean Embassy in Brunei. Seven out of 34 recipes were chosen for their Korean inspired themes. The seven dishes were:Rendang Roasted Beef with Mushroom and Sesame Rice Cake, Four Flavours Kimchi Salad, Korean Vegetables Pancake, Aisah Mixed Salad, Beef Roll, Egg Pancake topped with Steamed Seafood and Vegetables and Green Papaya.

The judging criteria was based on their nutrition value, presentation, low salt, low sugar, low fat and taste. The Korean Ambassador’s wife, Madam Kyung Soo Kim was present to hand over the grand prize of Laneige products worth $400, an exquisite set of Korean traditional costume called ‘Hanbok’ and a one month free membership to JPMC Fitness Centre to winner Susan Fong Sia Sun for her rendang dish.

The idea of Korean Fusion is to encourage the creation of new healthy dishes that blends Korean dishes with the local cuisines. The aim of organising the event is to educate the public about the importance of a balanced daily diet together with a regular exercise schedule and proper daily skincare regimen.

Another reason for such an event, according to the organisers, is to follow up from LANEIGE’s Waterful Sharing Campaign aimed at providing clean water to the children in Mali, Africa, by building water tanks. Throughout the event, the organiser encouraged people to participate in fitness challenges and games by JPMC Fitness centre. Text by Ammirul Adnan of The Brunei Times.

The winners of Healthy Snack Making Contest

Grand winner – Susan, Fong sia sun – Rendang Roast Beef with Kimchi, Mushroom and sesame rice cake
1st runner up – Aiza Zorina Rivera – green papaya archar
2nd runner up – Onn Fai Tee – 4 flavors Kimchi salad

Zumba-ing during the ‘Laneige Health Campaign’

Zumba-ing during the ‘Laneige Health Campaign’

After the Zumba session

The judging began for the Healthy Snack

The finalists showcasing their own creation

The judges were pretty tough

2nd runner up – Onn Fai Tee – 4 flavors Kimchi salad

1st runner up – Aiza Zorina Rivera – green papaya archar

Susan, Fong sia sun – Rendang Roast Beef with Kimchi, Mushroom and sesame rice cake

Group photo with finalists and judges

Fanboys Infinite

A new shop in town that has comics and collectible figurines which opened its door last Saturday. For those interested to check it out, it’s right after Le Apple at Menglait. It was such a great turnouot last Saturday when it opened its door at 5pm. Congratulations to shop owners Khairul and Amirul on the new venture.


Loving the pressure

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

MS Carnival 2012 pictures

Fitness Zone showcasing spinning at the auditorium

Young chaps selling cool popcorns and only for that day itself

I used to eat these “astronaut” dry ice-cream

A caricature talent

KDN also had their presence at the MS Carnival 2012

It was quite a huge crowd last Sunday

Students performing for the public

Maziah and Hafiy, the two olympic icons were there to show support

They even have their own gimmick with the polaroids

There were some quizzes as well

Business was quite brisk for vendors

Candy floss anyone?

They had some puzzling activities

Can you unlock the padlock?

Hello fans of RA 😀

Hommed Baga had a very long queue. Still one of the most popular burger joints in town

Volunteers from the Brunei Aids Council

One of the players from “Have You Seen My Disc?” who received a gold medal

Ultimate Frisbee Under-23 competition

The runners up Team Awesome

All smiles after a good tournament

The Under 23 team of “Have You Seen My Disc?” that won the tournament

Group photo of the frisbee players with the Vice-Principal of MS



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