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Happy birthday Wabbit :D

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Happy Birthday Carol

Carol manning the booth for MINT at Marina Bay Sands last July

Happy birthday dearest Carol who celebrates her birthday today and it was good to know that you had a great day too. Too bad I am not there to celebrate your milestone but not to worry as I will be seeing you in two months’ time. And I can’t believe you forgot how young I am too *haha* Have an awesome year ahead and thank you for your friendship, love and compassion ever since we knew each other. Enjoy your trip to Kuching next week 😀

Movie reviews


Possession. Hmmmmm based on a true story?? The idea of such movie is to give you to the creeps and I could tell what the director intended to do with the suspense moments. Does it pay off? I would say I wasn’t as scared and I thought the direction of the plot could have been more refined. I was reluctant to catch this movie at the beginning because it had a poor rating on Rottentomatoes but what the heck… I still love catch movies *lol* You are seeking for some cheap thrill horror, then by all means, catch Possession. Verdict: 6/10

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution. I love Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil movies. Yes, the RE movies are always below par and I’ve never had higher expectations either especially it is produced by Paul Anderson who happens to be her husband. It’s not one of the best RE movies to date either but I did enjoy the opening scene which was kinda unique. Ada Wong played by Bingbing Li was a total disappointment. What’s with the straight facial expression with that horrible monotonous voice? In all fairness, Jovovich somehow saved the show but there were too many flaws and as usual, OTT action scenes. Verdict: 6/10.

Dredd 2012

Urban as Judge Dredd was way better

Dredd. Ok, I’m pretty surprised how good this version of Judge Dredd was. Normally when you have a remake of a movie, it’s always a huge risk. Then again, Judge Dredd (1995) was a total bomb because it was Sylvester Stallone leading the role. This time, it is Karl Urban who played the role of Judge Dredd and wow, he was pretty impressive and put Stallone’s performance to further shame.

The second best thing I like was the plot though I might put some question mark because it did carry a similar feel to The Raid: Redemption movie. Do watch this movie if you enjoy violence, visual effects and some good sense of (dark) humour. This is a violent movie, peeps and a few profanity here and there so it’s not good for the kids. I might catch the movie again in 3D because of the spectacular visuals some were talking about especially during the slow-motion effects. Well done, Urban, for pulling off a Judge Dredd. I was sold. Verdict: 8/10.

One of my favourite movies of the year – The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption. I can’t believe it… The Mall Cineplex is finally showing this spectacular show in Brunei. I caught this in Singapore back in June, thinking it won’t be showing in Brunei because of its limited release. But wowww, I’m impressed that the management has made this possible *thank you, thank you*. I will be catching this movie again because this is the top two movies of the year for me (along with Cabin in the Woods).

If you have seen Dredd, then you will see some similarities but I still prefer The Raid for so many reasons. One for sure is the insane, awesome stunts during the fighting scenes and it’s a totally different league in terms of action flicks. It brought back the memories of Hard Boiled on that level of satisfaction. You will be amazed but do take note of the high level of violence. I would have to be honest though that the plot ain’t that original and predictable at times but the adrenalin rush will keep you gasping for more. It’s not the best movie of the year but definitely a top favourite so far this year. Verdict: 9/10.

Coolest Kids/Babies room awarded

Butra Home Concept Magazine announced the top 3 winners yesterday, after a 3 months’ quest to look for the ‘Coolest’ Kids’ and Babies’ rooms in Brunei.

Crowned as the champion was the room of a one and a half year old, Hana Raihana from Kuala Belait. Hana also pocketed the grand prize of BND 1,000 sponsored by Butra HeidelbergCement, with her room’s photo being chosen as the cover feature for the October 2012 issue of BHC Magazine.

According to the editor of BHC Magazine, Shaun Hoon, “The judging process was particularly tough, as the photos received from the contestants were of very high caliber.” The BHC team shortlisted 14 finalists, with each of them demonstrating their unique strength and style.

The editor said he wouldn’t have been surprised shall anyone of the 14 finalist been chosen as the winner. To the panel of judges, the real test came in whether or not a child would get excited and have fun living in the room.

Shaun went on to add that he was very satisfied with the result, as the top 3 winners not only passed the test, they also epitomized the very essence of “coolness” in their own right. You can have a preview of the rest of the final nominees from www.FaceBook.com/ButraHome.

Hana Raihana from Kuala Belait was the grand winner of the competition

Hana Raihana’s room

Hana Raihana’s room

Kris Phang came 2nd with cash prize of $800 from Insurans Islam TAIB

Kris Phang’s bedroom

Kris Phang’s study area

The second prize winner was 6 year old Kris Phang, who received the cash prize of BND 800.00 from Insurans Islam TAIB and the third prize winner was 4 year old Aedan Md Walee who won a toy house from Triple Star Enterprise valued at BND 695.00.

The coolest kid’s room contest was a first of it’s kind competition ever to be organized in Brunei, supported by Butra HeidelbergCement, Insurans Islam Taib, Triple Stars Enterprise, My Small World and Catalyst. Following the success of the first competition, the magazine is considering rolling out a a contest with the same theme every year.

Aedan Md Walee came third with toy house voucher from Triple Star Enterprise valued at $695.00

Aedan busy with his toys

Aedan’s bedroom

Group photo with the winners and the sponsors

Get yourself a copy!!

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