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Plus Minus

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Messi – the Golden Boy once again


Congratulations Messi… Click image to see why he won 2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or Award

Messi was voted 41.60%, Iniesta 10.91% and Ronaldo at 23.68%


The Ugly Truth


RA says thanks to my family and friends for the wishes yesterday. It was an awesome day to start off with and I just went with the flow though my other friends already made plans for me last night. It was also the wedding celebration of my long time friend Rozana Yunos who’s now officially married to Shahri and a big congratulations to both of you. A big shout out also to Liza Kamaruddin and Sofian on their wedding two weeks ago. Sorry, I couldn’t make it on your wedding day and it seems both of you are having a jolly good time, judging from your IG posts 😀

This is only the 7th day of 2013 and I’m slowly picking up some pace though I have to admit that I’m taking my sweet time and still adjusting to the new year. So far it has been just simple with a steady slow and I sense of better things to come, career wise and personal growth as well. I’m always been appreciative of my surroundings and of course, my abundant of friends who have been supportive and I truly learned a great deal from those experiences.

Lately I’ve been reading about a few mishaps that have been circulating on the social media and Whatsapp. The first of many was the 15 year old boy who has been clarified by the Royal Brunei Police Force that he is in better shape and he was not in serious bad condition based on the circulation of news. It wasn’t also a hit and run case incident too. I did post that it was a hit-and-run incident based on my friend’s post on IG and the victim was in need of blood which apparently he doesn’t need one. So I learned my lesson not to take things literally from my friends’ postings on social network and just wait for the actual statements from the RBPF. My apologies for posting that status on my twitter and Facebook account. It’s also a good reminder for us to be mindful what we post online and make sure the facts are right before hand.

In recent news, I have read about the recent SMS alert where some received texts (some more than 15 SMSes) on their phones and funny part is that most of the texts were outdated as SMSes were such as “Enjoy your iftar” or “Enjoy your fasting month” and there were some who received texts wishing them a pleasant Haj pilgrimage and oddly enough these recipients didn’t even go on the pilgrimage and furthermore, their respective travel agents have yet to refund their monies. Let’s hope they receive their refunds soon too.

I read something interesting in today’s The Brunei Times which I feel needs to be addressed. This is with regards to cleaners especially at the washroom area. I’ve noticed how sometimes female would clean the men’s washroom which also being practiced in regional countries. Even when that happened (overseas), I was already in an uncomfortable position and sometimes it might have a psychological reaction where I just can’t let it go *lol* My suggestion is to let the building owners or the one in charge to make a policy so there won’t be situations like these kinds in public buildings and even hotels. I just felt it’s not right and I salute to “Shyguy” for addressing this in The Brunei Times at “Letters to the editor” section.

Another interesting article I saw in today’s The Brunei Times is about the challenge that the Municipal Department has in turning our capital city into a “vibrant and lively” city. Hmmmm.. Now this is quite a tall order and strangely enough places like Gadong, Kiulap and Berakas are more populated while our town has been less active especially after working hours and weekends. Bandar will only get busy when there are events happening and it’s not every day that we simply can run events in the capital. Previously the weekend night market initiative along Jalan Sultan have been a flop as it lasted for a few months and the crowd slowly waned down and tenants perhaps lost interest in investing their time to set up their booths.

Now the Municipal Department is having another pilot project by having weekly leisure activities and also having a Sunday market for 2013. Will be a success? This again is another chicken-and-egg situation. Lesser crowd, lesser interest or motivation for stall owners or even activity coordinators. It’s good to see relevant agencies such as Tourism Development Department and Municipal Department working forces together. I believe a good research study by having focus group among the community might give a hint or two on what is lacking to motivate people to come to town. In my opinion, the proposed pilot project might need more ammunition than just having activities and a Sunday market.

That’s my “Ugly Truth” segment for the day.. Have a great week ahead!!

Will weekly activities help to boost the interest of the locals to visit town? Your thoughts. Image taken from The Brunei Times website.


GDA 2013 next week


Guess what? The Rockpit Zone (RM688) is sold out but there are still the Samsung Galaxy Zone (RM699) and the Hallyu Zone (RM 199) for the upcoming 27th Golden Disk Awards 2013 which will be held on 15th and 16th January at the Sepang International Circuit. This is like the Grammys but Korean version and yes, this is an annual event where Korean artistes will be honoured for their presence in the Korean music scene.

For your info, the Hallyu Zone was just introduced a week ago to cater to those who can’t afford the Rockpit zone and yes, it’s only RM199 which is pretty worth it for a two night concert event.

Earlier last December 2012, Mr Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Ms Kim Sora, Entertainment Editorial Director, Ilgan Sports today officiated the launch for the Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur (GDA). Confirmed to be held this coming 15th and 16th January 2013 at Sepang International Circuit, the event will be hosted in Malaysia by Mediartncomm Co., Ltd., supported by the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and presented by Samsung Malaysia Electronics as title sponsor.

So this is good news not only for Malaysians but neighbouring countries even Brunei because it’s only nearby and you will get to see 25 of the Korean’s top artistes performing over two nights in Kuala Lumpur. Mr Kwon believes that the extension of Samsung’s philosophy will enrich the Malaysians and Samsung will continuously strive to inspire and enrich our consumers’ lives.

Click image to enter SilverWings Facebook and enter the contest to win

The complimentary tickets will be given to the winners for the recent quizzes on Instagram and Twitter

By the way, there will be a final quiz where you can stand a chance to win Rockpit Zone tickets for two. However, this doesn’t include flight and accommodation. All you have to do is “Like” and answer a pop quiz question related to Golden Disk Awards on SilverWings Services Facebook page and one winner will be drawn. The contest will end by 11:59pm 8th January and the winner will be announced on the 9th January.

Good luck to you guys!!

Teen Top to perform next week at GDA 2013

4 Minute will also be performing


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