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Archive for 17/01/2013


GDA 2013 concludes

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

G-Dragon stole the show


It was such a great honour to be part of the media of the recent Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur. My guess is that most K-pop fans might be aware of this award and this is the 27th time it was being held. Just imagine this as the Grammys for Korean music industry and it was also a great privilege for Malaysia to host such an event because this is the first time that the Golden Disk Awards is hosted in South East Asia.

The event was sponsored by JTBC and Ilgan Sports, organised by Joongang Culture Media and Mediartncomm Co. Ltd., supported by the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) together with the Ministry of Tourism and presented by Samsung Malaysia Electronics as the title sponsor.

It was definitely worth the admission fee (RM 688) for the rockpit zone area and those with the Samsung Galaxy Zone (RM999) had the best of the lot because there were able to take close up shots of their idols. I came in as a media and we didn’t have the best spot at the concert area but nonetheless we have access to the press conference as well as the Red Carpet moment where we can take better shots.

I was simply amazed by the set up, the lighting, the sound and the great energy by the K-pop artistes. All in all, for a two-night concert, I gave this a 9/10 rating. I’m pretty those who bought those tickets will share the same sentiment. It would have been nice if the Samsung Galaxy Zone had more spectators but then again, the tickets price might be a turn-off.

I think most of you who followed me on instagram realised on my new found love – Kara *lol* They were simply stunning on stage and their music is pretty catchy too and of course, they have the looks to compliment their talent.

I also finally knew that G-Dragon is the leader of Big Bang and he really stole the show on the 2nd night of Golden Disk Awards 2013. Based on my research, G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong) is also a song writer, record producer, designer and yes, he’s a rapper too. Ok, you can see that I’m pretty new in the K-pop scene and the first taste of K-pop was at CN BLUE’s concert last year in Bangkok and I was impressed.

A great job by the organisers in putting up a great show!! And a huge thanks to RougePR for taking care of my stay in KL as well as handling the logistics. Ok, it’s me RA signing off …. (and I still can’t get over Kara).

Full list of winners

Song of the Year: PSY (GangNam Style)

Golden Disk Award Song Division: T-ara (Lovey Dovey) / miss A (Touch) / Sistar (Alone) / 2NE1 (I Love You) / Heo-Gak / f(x) (Electric Shock) / Big Bang (Fantastic Baby) / K.will (I Need You) / Secret (Poison) / G-Dragon (Crayon) / PSY (GangNam Style)

Album of the Year: Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single)

Golden Disk Award Album Division: infinite (Infinitize) / B1A4 (The B1A4) / FT Island (Grown-Up) / CN Blue (3rd Mini Album Ear Fun) / 4Minute (Volume Up) / Beast (Midnight Sun) / Kara (Pandora)

New Rising K-POP Star: EXO / Juniel

MSN Southeast Asia Award: Super Junior

JTBC Best Artiste: Beast

Malaysia’s Most Favorite: CN Blue / Kara

Next Generation Star: BTOB

Most Popular Star: SHINee

Producer of the Year: Han Seong Ho of FNC

Best Dance Performance: Hyuna & Hyun Seung (Trouble Maker)

Best Group Performance: Infinite

New Rising K-POP Star: B.A.P / Lee HI / Ailee

Single Album of the Year: Teen Top (It’s)

Best HIP HOP Star: Epik High

MSN International Award: Big Bang

Galaxy Star Award: Sistar

CeCi Popularity Award: G-Dragon from Big Bang

InStyle Fashionista Award: Lee Hong Ki from FT Island

Results taken from The Sun Daily.

The press fighting for a good spot at yesterday’s press conference

Ailee was super hot especially on stage.. I love her charisma too. No wonder lots of fans screaming.

B.A.P. at the press conference

Teen Top at the press conference

K.will in the house

miss A but I still prefer Kara 😀

Secret are hot too but but but…. I still prefer Kara 😀

f(x) are another girl groupie but still my votes got to Kara

Sistar but you already know what I’m gonna say

Epik High at the press conference

*lol* G-Dragon was cool and hilarious

Even the media have to follow rules and regulations. The door was shut during the press conference.

Lee HI was the last of the lot

The opening act of the night

Another strong crowd on the 2nd day

G-Dragon got an award for Golden Disk Award Song Division for Crayon and Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, CeCi Popularity Award and also for MSN Internatioanl Award for Big Bang

The photographer not happy with the rulings for media. Apparently we were only instructed to take photos for 10 minutes and taking turns with others.

Yanny was comfortable in her zone and she is a huge fan of G-Dragon

G-Dragon accepting PSY’s award on his behalf for Gangnam Style

PSY giving his acceptance speech. Image taken GDA 2013 Facebook page

The finale of the show – Gangnam Style by the artistes





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