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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


It’s a full moon


A beautiful moon last night taken at 1:10 am


MADbites and Peugeot Boutique

It also houses a corner which showcases a bit of Peugeot’s rich history. Peugeot started up back in the 18th century, manufacturing coffee, pepper and salt grinders or mills. Only later did they enter the vehicle market, by means of crinoline dresses (stiff dresses) that used steel rods, leading to umbrella frames, saw blades, wire wheels and bicycles.

TCY Motors Marketing Executive Kai Wei said that the boutique was built to increase traffic flow into the showroom and also to teach customers a bit about the history of Peugeot, particularly during its salt and pepper mill production days. A Peugeot brand salt and pepper shaker and grinder is even available for sale at the boutique.

Apart from selling Peugeot merchandise, TCY Motors also invited Mad Bites a popular online bakery to set up shop inside the showroom.”We chose Mad Bites because were were inspired by the Peugeot showroom in France during a trip there, where the Peugeot cars and boutique and cafe were located next to each other. The concept is almost similar to the one in France,” said TCY Motors Managing Director Teng Chee Khiong.

Both the Peugeot Boutique and Mad Bites is open from 10am to 10pm daily except for Sundays, so drop by Peugeot’s showroom in Kg Kiarong to grab a “Mad Bite” and pamper yourself with Peugeot goodies made and flown in from France.

For enquiries, call the Peugeot showroom in Kiarong at 2426969 or 2425522. Congratulations to Peugeot boutique and MADbites on their opening. Text courtesy of Ammirul Adnan of The Brunei Times.

Check out Peugeot boutique at Peugeot Showroom at Kiarong

It was full house during MADbites official opening last Friday

The food items were all gone by late afternoon

Do try out their new flavours of macarons 😀

Fly to Sg via AirAsia


Click image to enter AirAsia website and book your flight to Singapore via Miri/Kuching/KK


Recap: Movies reviews


The Impossible: I have heard many good reviews about this movie. A few have warned their followers on Instagram how tearful The Impossible can be but too bad, the formula didn’t work on me. However, my buddy Lulu was in tears almost half of the screening and she looked like she had a bad emotional day when she came out of the cinema *lol* Don’t get me wrong, though I wasn’t weeping (or weeping in the inside), The Impossible was a pretty compelling movie and I was drawn from the start till the end.

For your info, the movie stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts who both played a father and mother figure who were on a holiday trip to Thailand when the tsunami incident took place. Yes, this is based on real events and being depicted on the big screen. So I would think that this movie ain’t for everyone as it can get pretty emotional and tough to watch. What I was impressed is the visuals of the tsunami and it felt so surreal. The characters on screen also lived up to the momentum and it was well paced. There were many touching moments too. You can catch The Impossible at Times Cineplex since it’s only showing there. So far the best movie in January and it’s sad to say most movies I caught this month were so-so. Verdict: 8/10 and Rottentomatoes 81%

Naomi Watts was awesome in The Impossible

Upside Down: I feel sorry for Kirsten Dunst. I used to be a big fan during her Spider-man days. I watched Bachelorette and I wasn’t impressed. This time she starred in Upside Down which is about two cities that exist in opposite sides (up and down) and one represents the rich, the other represents the poor. Ah, I just can’t get over the sci-fi ridiculous plot. This was one of the restless movies I had to endure. There were some missing pieces that were unexplained too and the climax wasn’t the great either. All in all, my interest level was low from the beginning. Kirsten Dunst, I kinda have lost trust in your choices of roles in movies. Yes, there are some nice sweet moments that I can appreciate but overall, it was a failure. At least it’s not as bad as CZ2012. I’m pretty surprised this movie will only be released in March in the States. Verdict: 5/10.

The Last Stand: Is this his comeback movie? His last appearance was in The Expandables 2 and it was fun ride for him. The Last Stand was surprisingly entertaining though it was quite obvious that his stunts were restricted, maybe due to his age. He played a role as a sheriff in a low crime area. The Korean director Kim Jee-Woon cleverly used Arnold Schwarzenegger to his best strength and you know how Arnold is when it comes to his acting. This is a good popcorn movie with some nice humour to it. There was some nice “fast and furious” action scenes to be amazed by too. I just thought his adversary was slightly weak but his henchmen were more cunning. It’s safe to say that Arnold’s hollywood career is resurrected. Verdict: 7/10 Rottentomatoes 60%

I caught a movie marathon with Christine last week. It was my first attempt to catch three movies in a row *lol*

Taxi! Taxi! I always have a soft spot for Singapore movies. It stars the popular Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee who played roles as taxi drivers. It also stars Malaysian radio presenter Gan Mei Yan and Singapore YouTube star Chua Sen (the little kid). It has been some time since I’ve seen Gurmit Singh on the big screen. The movie is inspired by the 2010 book “Diary of a Taxi Driver”. Ok, I always feel that Gurmit doesn’t act as natural as comapred to Mark Lee. It was nice touch to see some political issues incorporated in the movie such as the locals criticising the government of the foreigners taking over the jobs. There are some great laughing moments but it’s not one of the best Singaporean movies to date. I still think “I Not Stupid” is the bench mark of Singaporean movies. This is still an entertaining movie nonetheless. Verdict: 7/10.

Mama: I kinda enjoyed this movie. We Bruneians are sucker for horror movies, right? The first half of the Mama was interesting and the camera works and the acting by the young kids were pretty good too. I would say that the camera technique and sound editing combo were well executed in style to make the experience chilling. I didn’t like the ending though so that kinda affected my rating for Mama. There are still flaws which I still can accept. It is an above average horror flick. If you need some adrenalin rush this week, I recommend you to catch Mama. Verdict: 7/10 Rottentomatoes 62%

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Hmmmmm something is just not right here. I’m quite disappointed with Jeremy Renner. He has a lot of talents but lately most of his roles are in wasteland. I truly love him in the Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible and so-so in The Avengers. But his current lead roles in Bourne Legacy and Hansel and Gretel didn’t do him justice. One thing this movie reminds me of is Van Helsing – messy, loss sense of direction, poor character development. It was sad note to end during my movie marathon with Christine (after watching Mama and Taxi! Taxi!). I don’t get it why some would enjoy this movie. The chemistry was bad to start off with and the relationship of Hansel and Gretel was supposedly “brotherly sisterly” like but some of us might think otherwise *lol* Definitely not a movie for kids due to the level of gore and violence. Another disappointing movie this and it should have gone straight to DVD or HBO. Verdict: 6/10 (being too generous here) Rottentomatoes 18%.

Something’s not right between the brother and sister… hmmm…


Dishes at Caliente Restaurant


Call 2234549 / 7202985 for reservation. Caliente Spanish Restaurant is located at Regent Square, Kiulap. It opens everyday but however, Monday only opens during dinner 6pm to 11pm. Tuesday to Fridays will be 8:30am to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday is 11am to 11pm.

A new dish, Chorizo Burger at Caliente Restaurant 

Caliente Sirloin, a selection of the main course

Lamb Shank, a selection of the main course

Moorsh Fish, a selection of the main course


Save with SocialDeal


Looking for massive knockdown offers in Brunei on cool stuffs to see, do & taste? Do make sure you pop by at www.SocialDeal.com.bn first! After what it felt like being a decade long (it’s actually 18 mths old), the SocialDeal has been continuously offering huge savings to the public, collectively saving close to B$360,000+ through some 11,400+ coupons sold!

For my readers, surely you might have missed out some of the mind-boggling Waxing & Polishing, Watersports, HotPot, Massage & Foodie Deals with over hundreds of Bruneians grabbing each of the deals within the 7 days timer limit. It’s not too late to join the hype of group-buying now, if you haven’t yet registered yourselves, i’d say you beam yourselves through this link for free registration: http://socialdeal.com.bn/customer/account/create/

There’s also comprehensive step-by-step guides on how to buy with cards, how to buy with bank transfer down to the details on how to even find your coupons in your email inbox later on. 

Some of the HOT deals on going right now with timer ticking are such:

1. 30mins Horse Ride/Pony Ride at BEQ Sdn Bhd Jerudong Park Royal Stables @ B$9.9 only (worth B$25) – Kind of a HOT Deal with more than 250+ pax bought!
2. SKINC Oxy Miracle Facial Treatment for the ladies at B$69 only (worth B$138)
3. Breakfast Set at Caliente Spanish Restaurant at B$10 only (worth B$16.8)
4. 1H Swedish Body Massage at M-Image Kiulap at B$15 only (worth B$35)

Well, the deals rotate every week and what is gone will be gone until nobody knows when, so don’t miss the runs at www.SocialDeal.com.bn, stay subscribed fellas. Oh, and by the way, sometimes one can (luckily) find out what’s coming next via their new instagram channel: http://www.instagram.com/socialdealbn

..Or maybe their twitter portal as well: https://twitter.com/socialdealbn

Happy Saving!!

Check out the deals from Socialdeal. Click image to enter website.


Oasis Marché


Click image to enter Oasis Marché website

Heard of Oasis Marché? They are the exclusive distributor of Rude Health • Firefly • Munchy Seeds • Queen Vanilla in Brunei and Malaysia and guess what…they are run by our local Bruneians *thumbs up* You can now sign up for their newsletter, just visit their website http://www.oasismarche.com for registration and you will also get a 10% discount off your total bill on your next order.

They will also have a special promotion on 8th February where they will be offering free delivery for one day only… Check out the image below for details.

You can also visit their Facebook page for updates apart from their website. And for instagram users, you can follow them @oasismutiara too.

Get your orders now

You can get Firefly drinks at Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop

Free delivery on 8th February for one day only


Dermalogist Beauty promo


For the new CNY’s promotion, Dermalogist Beauty Therapy (located at Serusop) is having a Diamond Dermabrasion facial treatment promotion at BND 75 instead of the usual BND 135. The promotion ends on 9th February 2013. Do call 234 2928 or you can whatsapp through 871 6680 for appointments.

Dermalogist Beauty Therapy is located on 1st floor, opposite Secret Recipe Serusop.

Try out their new UltraCalming from Dermalogica

This is used for facial treatment


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