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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RB flies daily twice to KL


Twice daily to Kuala Lumpur starting May 22nd


Recap: OTC turns 20


For your info, OTC stands for Olive Tree Corporation and it handles two popular franchises – Pizza Hut and DQ. Two weeks ago, they have their 20th anniversary celebration held at the Manggis Ballroom and this is a yearly event where all the staff and employees under OTC will gather together and celebrate the achievements of the winners and also their leaders – Mr. Johnny Liew and Mrs. Evelyn Liew – who deeply appreciated their team for their continuous hard work.

Below are the accolades for those who have contributed to the growth and success of OTC.

Gay Prieto (PH Mentiri)
Joseph Catina Cornelio (PH Gadong)
ovelyn Ramoso Pastrana (PH Sg Tilong)
Cestlavie Arino Alvarez (PH Mall)
Nurul Maziah Binti Ismail (PH Airport Mall)
Robert Soriano Hernandez (PH Sg Tilong)
Hjh Rosliah Binti Zainal (PHD Mentiri)
Conrado Trajano Gonzales (PH Airport Mall)
Ruel Maimot Fornis (PHD Mentiri)
Diogenes Lozado Novelo (PH Gadong)
Novi Hardiyanto (PH Sg Tilong)
Alvin Dela Cruz Estacio (PH Kuala Belait)
Nurul Jannah Binti Khalidi (CSC)

Cleanliness Excellence Award : PHD Mentiri
Hospitality Excellence Award : PH Kuala Belait
Accuracy Excellence Award : PHD Bunut
Maintenance Excellence Award : PH Sg Tilong
Product  Excellence Award : PHD Seria
Speed Of Service  Excellence Award : PHD Mentiri

Cleanliness Excellence Award : PH Mall
Hospitality Excellence Award : PH Gadong
Accuracy Excellence Award : PH Gadong
Maintenance Excellence Award : PH Gadong
Product  Excellence Award : PH Mall
Speed Of Service  Excellence Award : PH Gadong

PHD Mentiri
DQ Tanjung Bunut

Maria Lilia R. Lascano (DQ Mall)
Pia A Bolivar (DQ Sg Tilong)
Trina Liza B. Rey (DQ Mall)
Md Khairuttaufik Bin Mudim Hj Sapar (DQ Tilong)
Buena Joan Cajayon Atienza (DQ Airport Mall)

DQ Sg Tilong
DQ Tutong
DQ Yayasan

PH Mentiri
DQ Teck Guan

Mr. and Mrs. Liew with family and friends

Let the show begin

Mahani Abu Zar delivering her congratulatory messages from the States

There was a lion dance too

Ben and Mark were rewarded by OTC for their courageous effort during the recent robbery

Amy getting an award from the Liews


BruMingham 7th Paintball Tournament


Paintball has always been a great recreational activity that helps to create a good bonding session but it has always been done outside Brunei especially from students studying abroad. Lately the Brunei Birmingham Students Society organised the 7th BruMingham Paintball Tournament and it was in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam’s 29th National Day. Over 180 Bruneians participated and according to the organiser, it was regarded as one of the most highly anticipated events.

Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd (BSP), Brunei Halal UK and Brunei Student Unit (BSU) London sponsored the event. Upon opening the ceremony, BBSS President Yasmin Bakar welcomed the participants and proceeded to present a souveneir to representatives from BSU who came in support of the event.

Participants were gathered for equipment and safety briefings before being allowed to proceed into their battlefields. Twelve teams were divided into two groups of six teams, at which, each team would play six games spread throughout the day. Some of the games include, Speedball, Woodsball, Scenario Paintball, etc. The final battle, however, was the Battle Royale, where over 180 participants fought in one battle to defend their groups.

An award presentation was later carried out straight after Battle Royale. Chronic Keelers from Keele emerged 1st place, Victorious Secret from Sheffield, in 2nd place, and one of the home teams, Brumingham Alpha, emerged 3rd.

Top three teams with their trophies

Gearing up for battle

Speaking in an interview, Ak Abdul Hafiz Pg Abdul Samad, captain of the Chronic Keelers reflected on his first experience participating in this tournament last year, he also recalled the excitement the tournament has brought upon them, having given them an opportunity to see their old friends and making new ones whilst also having fun. He stressed that this is by far, their biggest win. “We did not expect a lot from our freshers since it is their first time playing paintball, but ultimately it was the commitment and dedication from each player that mattered the most,” he said. It was a triumphant victory that they will never forget. “My team and I would also like to thank the organisers and sponsors for hosting this event. Your hard work did not go unnoticed!”

Brumingham Alpha’s captain, Don Giovanni Abdul Rahman said in an interview that he “had to make hard decisions on creating rosters and starting line-ups” but evidently was all worth it in the end, giving his team a 2nd runner-up win. This year, Brumingham Alpha had to battle in a “derby” with Brumingham Bravo for a spot in the top 3, making it the second time of such occurance, with the first one being 4 years ago. His team had 40 per cent female paintballers, and with the 1st place winners being an all-male team, and the 2nd having only one female, he felt proud that his team achieved what they had. “I had no doubts that the girls could step up and give it all they had. It was incredible to have such a big number of Bruneians at an event like this. We came in as strangers and came out having new friends!” he exclaimed.

Also joining the students in their paintball wars is Arif Shamirul, an Engineering Officer in the RBAirF, here for a 30-week aerosystems training course at Royal Airforce Cosford. He took this as an opportunity and entered the tournament as Brumingham Alpha’s import player. It was his first paintball tourney and he thought it was impressive that it had been successfully organised by the students, despite the massive number of participants. Having been trained to shoot live rifles before being introduced to paintball markers, he explained that even with “basic marksmanship fundamentals”, paintball markers “won’t give you the accuracy a live rifle could”. When asked about his experience with his team he said, “We were determined to be the best, showed the kind of character and teamwork normally only associated with uniformed personnel in the military and it paid off! It was all good fun!”

BBSS Sports Officer, Hazim Halim shared his gratitude for the amount of people that had shown up, and the event that had gone smoothly despite the hostile weather. “Given that it is our 7th consecutive year organising this, we aimed to make it bigger and better, and I believe we’ve achieved that goal. Thank you to my fellow Brumingham committee members, who made all of this possible,” he said. He also hoped that the event had been memorable for the attendees especially after gathering altogether as one to celebrate Brunei’s 29th National Day.

The event ended with a patriotic high-note, seeing over 200 Bruneians standing tall in the middle of the cold paintball site outside of home, singing Brunei Darussalam’s National Anthem loud and proud.

Stefan Bird, one of the paintball marshalls working that day claims that “this was probably one of my(his) favourite weekends”. Press release source: Brunei Birmingham Students Society. Images courtesy of Khalilah Baharulalam.

BruMingham committee members and volunteeers with BSU representatives

BSSS Committee members pose for the camera

BruMingham Alpha




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