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Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RB flies twice to KL

Click image to enter website 

Oil & Gas Career Roadshow

Career day for next week

Charity Fundraiser: Family Power


The charity fundraiser event is being approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and it will be happening next Sunday 31st March 2013 and it will be held at Fun Bee Park, Batu Surat. There will be activities and games to be carried out during the one day event which begins from 10am to 5pm.

The organisers are also looking for volunteers who can help out during the course of the event. The booth spot are also available and it’s free with a $50 refundable deposit. Those who are selling items, 80% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

For more details, call 245 7729 or text 717 8232. Let’s give something back to the community. Your contribution will make a difference.


Norainah wins Toyota 86


Norainah binti Ghani (center) the winner of the Toyota 86 with her family and Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD

It was the perfect all-family affair for Norainah binti Ghani, as she became a proud owner of a brand new Toyota 86, the grand prize of the 3rd Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) Blessing Rewards lucky draw at the Airport Mall last Friday.

There was no shortage of excitement and anticipation as 10 selected finalists were shortlisted for a unique opportunity to win the perfectly engineered sports car with the iPhone 5 a guaranteed prize for four consolation winners.

After the 10 selected finalists were announced and introduced to the public, each customer was invited to pick out a piece of paper from an enclosed black envelope.

The finalist who picked out the right envelope with a picture of the grand draw prize advances to the next round while the journey for four finalists ends.

Mohamad Syah Nizam bin A Hidup, Haji Soffery bin Haji MT Akut, Abdul Hadi bin Metarshad and Saaherefah binti Matassim each walked away with a brand new iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 was the consolation prize for the seventh to tenth place winners, indicating the level of quality and attractiveness of the prizes in the draw.

The mini adventure continued for the six remaining finalists in the penultimate round and an opportunity to drive home a Toyota 86, one of the popular car models in the Sultanate in recent times. Each participant, in numerical order, then cut off a rolling banner which decided their fate with two spots up for grabs in the final round of the lucky draw.

Hj Muhd Amalul Arifin bin Hj Sulaiman won a Samsung package consisting of a Samsung NX11 kit in sixth place. Rosli bin Hj Masri won an Apple package comprising top range of products in fifth while Norlela binti Mohammad Alli will enjoy countless trips via Air Asia after accumulating 1,000,000 Air Asia BIG points. Third place winner, Norzainah binti Hj Moksin, won a Samsung household electronics package.

Tonney bin Muslim got off to a rolling start after his banner displayed the orange-coloured Toyota 86 with Norainah who completed the final two spots to begin what was a dramatic showdown.

The two remaining participants then had to try to start the car by choosing the right key and sound the horn to confirm that the car’s engine is switched on. Tonney went first but the car engine did not ignite so the opportunity fell to Norainah.

As the whole crowd waited in anticipation, Norainah attempted to switch on the engine but, like Tonney’s first attempt did not start the engine leaving Tonney to have another chance to select the right key.

However, his attempt to win in his second chance was not fruitful and with three sets of keys left, the margin between winning and losing was too close to call.

The excitement boiled down to the final two keys with both finalists getting a 50/50 chance. It was Tonney’s final chance but he missed out on the grand draw leaving, by default, the right key to a joyous Norainah, who shared her moment of triumph with her jubilant family members. It was still a perfect getaway prize for Tonney in the end, who won a travel package to either perform Umrah or tickets to Melbourne for two.

Norainah told the Bulletin that it was the first time she had won such a luxurious prize in this magnitude.

Tonney bin Muslim won a travel package to either Umrah or tickets to Melbourne for two

Norzainah binti Hj Moksin won a Samsung household electronics package

Norlela binti Mohammad Alli won 1,000,000 Air Asia BIG points

Rosli bin Hj Masri won an Apple package comprising top range of products

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of BIBD, Javed Ahmad, in a speech said that the BIBD Blessings Rewards is a highly prestigious promotional campaign in its third year.

“We are very pleased for the winners of the current Blessings Rewards promotion, which is perhaps the biggest promotion in the banking industry in Brunei with the number of quality of prizes that are unprecedented by any other bank. We have given away attractive prizes and packages to our customers. Insya Allah (God willing) we will continue to improve the BIBD Blessings Rewards going forward,” he said.

“It really is an occasion as a way for us to show our ‘thank you’ for their support and trust in us. We will continue to look after their needs and continue to improve the service,” he added.

The BIBD Blessings Rewards campaign ran for four months from early November last year to the end of February 2013.

BIBD customers who sign up for any of BIBD’s eligible financing or deposit products covered during the promotion are eligible to enter. Text courtesy of Fadhil Yunus of Borneo Bulletin.

It was a tense finale between Norhainah and Tonney

The top 6 finalists

The top 10 finalists before they were shortlisted by a draw

There was so much anticipation from the audience


The Taste of Nyonya


DISCOVER the authentic taste of Malacca cuisine at I-Lotus Restaurant. The “Taste of Nyonya” lunch theme buffet will be ongoing until April 15 where diners can enjoy an array of Nyonya’s all seasoned and flavourful delicacies.

Popular dishes such as the Nyonya Rendang Chicken, Pineapple Prawn with Coconut, Nyonya Five Spice Meat Roll, Nyonya Turmeric Squid and others will be available at the I-Lotus Restaurant from 11am to 2pm (lunch time only)

There will also be a noodle counter for those who would like to taste the spices of I-Lotus’s very own curry noodles as well as an array of appetisers with various selections.

Patrons can also indulge in the hearty meal of its Nyonya temptations with the addition of the sweet taste desserts to end the meal with a choice of Kueh Kosui, Kueh Puteri Sarlat, Pulot Inti, Onde-Onde and Kueh Genggang, amongst others, served in a buffet-themed counter.

The “Taste of Nyonya” promotion is priced at $16.80 per adult and $11 per child. VIP members will enjoy 10 per cent discount. Check out their Facebook page at I Lotus Restaurant.

Try out their Nyonya Lunch Buffet at i Lotus restaurant

This for me is the best dish – Nyonya Chicken Rendang

This is also a nice dish – Sambal Belacan Pakis

The noodle stall

…. and they are serving curry laksa

Some of the menu dishes at the Nyonya Buffet line

You should try the Nyonya Popiah

For desserts, I recommend you this

Promotion ends 15th of April




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RB flies twice to KL


Click image to enter website 


Oil & Gas Career Roadshow


Career day for next week


Earth Hour this Saturday


Click image to enter Earth Hour Brunei facebook page

It’s happening soon.. Brunei has been actively a big support of Earth Hour. I won’t be in Brunei again for the 3rd time *lol* Last year I was in Melbourne and surprisingly the city didn’t practice too much of Earth Hour. I know the team in Brunei did a tremendous job every year and the awareness was just growing year by year and even gets support from the relevant government agencies.

Yesterday a press conference was held (why no call me? :p) at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf hosted by the Earth Hour representatives to official announced that Brunei will be joining Earth Hour which will take place this Saturday 23rd March. The main event will take place at National Stadium along the Awang Budiman Walk unitl the grand staircase (nice) form 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

The organisers have created an interesting gimmick with the theme “I will if you will” challenge. One of the participants is Microsoft and Kodu Developer Brunei where they are collaborating with schools. They will be creating environmental related games.

Secondly Kristal FM DJs have been doing their own pledges on instagram.. And all you do is like their photo on @Kristalfm and should it reach a milestone of 1,000 likes, then the respective DJs will do something out of their comfort zone. Do check out their instagram for the pledges.

The third challenge will be from Zumba @ Fitness where they will give zumba session for free with a Zumba teaser which will be previewed on the following day. The other challenge also involved the Heart of Borneo where the representatives will be going to Melilas, part of the Heart of Borneo, to document some of the plants and animals.

If you want to know more about Earth Hour Brunei, do click here.

Earth Hour Brunei is supported by Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Department of Electrical Services, STEP, Heart of Borneo, Forestry Department, Orchid Garden Hotel, Bruneitweet, Asia Inc Forum, JASRA, Rimba II Secondary Schoo, Kodu Developer Brunei, Google Developer Brunei, HSBC, Green Brunei, Kristal FM, Pelangi FM, Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Times, Media Permata, AnakBrunei, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Armtrix Enterprise, the Ship of Southeast Asia Youth Programme (SSYEAP BPY 38th) in collaboration with FuhReakZ for Zumba Fitness, ITB, UBD, Brunei Polytechnic, Maktab Duli and Intelligent Power Management Plus (India).

Press conference held at The Coffee Bean. Image courtesy of facebook.com/earthhourbrunei

Press conference held at The Coffee Bean. Image courtesy of facebook.com/earthhourbrunei

Jenny’s pledge

Daffy’s pledge

Idham’s pledge


Oil & Gas Career Roadshow


Career day for next week




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