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Real bad..

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RB flies twice to KL

Click image to enter website 


Oil & Gas Career Roadshow


Career day today

Picture of the moment


A great moment shot of His Majesty the Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam doing the Maori way of greeting. His Majesty was in New Zealand to hail close relations between Brunei and New Zealand in education, defence and trade. Image taken from front page in today’s Borneo Bulletin.


13 year old wins a car


13 year old Nor Najihah Ramli won Hyundai i30 for QQestore’s Shop, Dine and Drive promotion where the final draw was done last Friday

This reminds me when Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova won luxury cars during their teenage years and they weren’t able to drive the car around just yet. The same will go to 13 year old, Nor Najihah Ramli, who became the grand winner of QQestore’s Shop, Dine and Drive promotion as she won herself a Hyundai i30.

The event held at Hyundai showroom in Beribi which last from 2:30pm to 5pm was packed with the short listed entrants and their family, QQeStore local partners and Hyundai management and staff. Other prizes that were given away includes Apple Macbook Air 13″, Canon EOS 650D Kit, Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII 16gb, Apple The New Ipad 16gb wifi, Sony Viao VPC-YB36KG, LG 32″ LED TV, Sony Cybershot DSC-H90, Apple Ipod Touch and JVC Home Theatre.

The promotion lasted from July 25th to February 15th , 2013 has drawn thousands raffle entries as all transactions made from all QQeStore outlets and Gripps and Cheezbox Café and Restaurant merit draw coupons with no minimum purchase required. Short listed entrants were chosen through a pre-draw process held on February 28th.

For two consecutive years, QQeStore has been giving away premium brand new cars and other high-end technology products to appreciate its valued customers and to entice them for continued support and patronage.

With the introduction of great features and new look on its revamp website since late last year, QQeStore have strives to provide its customers a whole new shopping experience online. New product ranges had been introduced yesterday such as Baby Products, Toys, Watches, Kitchenware & Dinings, Kid’s Educational Products and many more.  QQeStore will continue to grow with its customers to achieve greater height from its current stats with over 4000 unique visitors daily and over 50,000 products range – which is the biggest in Brunei, and over 20,000 members registered online, bigger than any other online or offline store in town.

The winners of the QQestore’s Shop, Dine and Drive at Setia Motors


FBP – Looking for volunteers


Cecilia Lee, owner of Fun Bee Park with the organising committee for Family Power Fundraiser

Representatives of Fun Bee Park, IA Salon, Dreamz CT and Persatuan Orang Kurang Pendengaran Kebangsaan (OKP) met to finalise logistics arrangements along with activities along with the fundraiser theme “Family Power”. Present also were representatives of Sunlit for the booth setup and the Chin family of BR Trading Company Sdn Bhd.

The fundraiser will be open to the public from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, the 31st of March 2013 at the Fun Bee Park centre and respective carpark area. Expected on the day are family oriented booths.

Arts&crafts workshops, an upcycle and gardening centre where visitors have to bring their own old socks, shirts and plastic bottles, carnival style games, food and sales booths, the popular photobooth and more. A few free booths are still available to the public with most of the day’s proceeds going to the charity organization. The Lady Bikers organisation will be making an appearance along with the top 10 finalist of the Stardom Quest who will be participating in a special handson kitchen activity with selected special needs children and Fun Bee Park children.

The highlight of the fundraiser would be the art gallery showing by Merrick Chin Wee , an autistic child with artistic talent. It will be the first showing of his artwork collected over the past years. All of his paintings and artwork will also be for sale with all proceeds going into OKP the charity organization. Alongside will be the sale and showing of art work created by Fun Bee Park children from the Arty Camp Dec 2012.

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give,” – Quote by Winston Churchill. For more information regarding the fundraiser call 245 7729 or 717 8232. Follow facebook.com/funbeepark for up to date info regarding the fundraiser. 


A teaser from DST


Something is happening this Friday… Click image to follow DST on their facebook page


Russell the man


This was my first live gig of Russell Peters

I was in Singapore recently to catch the most popular stand-up comedian Russell Peters who is a Canadian. I wasn’t surprised to know that quite a lot of Bruneians flew to Singapore to catch his gig. I didn’t manage to catch all of my friends but only a few after the end of the show. Anyway, I didn’t expect much from Russell Peters. He’s an icon in the comedic scene. I’ve seen almost all his gigs on video and youtube and they were hilarious and tasteless. What actually makes him stand out is his observation skills and he is able to translate them with some humour. Another great gift he has is connecting with the the audience and he has a tendency to pick on random people in the front row seats and let his magic happen.

So why did I say I didn’t want to expect much? Well, I have seen some of his gigs and shows right after his most popular show Outsourced (back in 2006) and he hasn’t delivered the same impact though he was and still is funny. We are still stuck to his famous punchlines – “Somebody gonna get hurt real bad” and “Be a man!” and there hasn’t been new ones that stick to our mind. Believe it or not, I’m youtubing Outsourced right now and it’s still refreshing to watch 😀

Russell Peters played it safe this time round. He still poked fun at different races and nationalities – German, Mexican, a guy from Detroit, Liechtenstein, Indian, Kuwaiti, Italian, Singaporean, and Lebanese. However, there was an awkward moment when RP targeted a Lebanese lady but she declined to respond. Actually, it happened twice in a space of ten minutes, hoping she would interact back (and she even gave a zip it gesture which was caught on the big screen) so RP then shifted to another person, a Kuwaiti, who was two seats away from the Lebanese lady. I also realised that he didn’t relate too much on Singapore in his jokes. And this is the not first time he evaded topics or issues on Singapore. Last year in May 2012, he also avoided Singapore related topics and I wonder if his jokes were similar compared to last year’s. This could meant that he might be told not to poke too much fun on Singaporeans. Hmmm… 

The highlight moment for me was when RP picked out the four blue shirt guys from the crowd. Though he didn’t follow through with the joke, it was a sharp, witty moment that was so “RP”. Perhaps the thing that sticks in the crowd’s mind is Kevin Gandhi, one of the teen spectator, from India. It was pretty hilarious but too much focus was given on him and yes, I was a little tired and bored when he kept teasing Kevin near the end.

It was still a great show nonetheless and maybe it wasn’t anything new to look forward since it’s still the Notorious tour of last year’s. Will I come again if he does another gig in Singapore? Yes I would 😀 Verdict: 7/10

It was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and it was sell out gig with 27,000 in attendance

The security check point and you are not allowed to bring your SLR camera.

Su Li was my gig date and she was my ex-class mate from our years in Sunway College. So we haven not seen each other for 15 years and wow, she never heard of Russell Peters and she ended up enjoying the show

The show started with Ruben Paul and he was hilarious. I love his detective jokes.

This shot taken from my seat location

Kevin Gandhi in green with his family and Russell Peters after the show. Image taken from Russell Peters Sg Facebook

It was such a packed event

This, I believe, was Russell Peter’s transport after the gig

It was packing time for the organisers

I caught up with friends from Brunei as we were hunting for supper

We ended having supper at seafood joint Jumbo.. Yumm!!!!





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