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Archive for 08/05/2013


The strike

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Netcom Computer House

Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


Seafood in the City

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The Run registration


Click banner to enter website. Btw, the deadline registration is on the 9th of May and do make sure that all payments to be made by then as well to be eligible 😀


Netball tournament is back!!


Double Daily to KL soon

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Sir Alex retires


What a great achievement for Sir Alex Ferguson!! His presence will surely be missed!

He has two more games left as Sir Alex Ferguson has called it quits after a 26 year stint with Manchester United. He led Manchester United to 20th league title and he has two European cup. He will still be part of Manchester United in the role of director and ambassador. The huge question mark remains – who will succeed him? There has been odds that David Moyes will be taking charge. We will know in the next day or two. I don’t think any manager will come close of Sir Alex’ achievement as a football club manager.


Celebrate the Sea


A press conference was held recently to announce a few interesting competitions in conjunction with World Ocean Day 2013 and yes, Brunei will be celebrating the occasion as well. So just bear with me since there will be one or two competitions that might be of interest to you.

The press conference was represented by Astera Consultant and Pentagram Design Sdn Bhd and one of the competition is the Children’s Art competition, which is the first activity for the festival. With the theme “Sharks are Friends”, the competition is currently ongoing, with the last submission date for entry set which will be 14th May (next week).

There are two categories to the competition: Category A, for ages 8 to 9; and Category B, for ages 10 to 12. The paintings can be in any medium (water colour, paint, pencil and so) and it must be done on an A4 or A3-sized paper or canvas.

The prizes for Category A are cash prizes of $400, $250 and $150 for the first, second and third places respectively. All three of the winners will also receive medals and certificates. Meanwhile, prizes for Category B are cash prizes of $500, $300 and $200 for the first, second and third places respectively. All three of the winners will also receive medals and certificates.

So who’s eligible? Well, it’s open to all students residing or studying in Brunei. How to submit? You will have to hand in by hand to the “Celebrate the Sea” Children’s Art Competition headquarters at MIPR (fishery department) or at the Serasa Firsheries Department. If you need more info, you can email to asterabrunei @gmail.com

A total of 25 entries from each category will be shortlisted for the preliminary round, which will be held on Friday, June 7 at The Empire Hotel & Country Club from 2.30pm to 4pm. The winners for the competition will be announced on Sunday, June 9. For your info, 7 to 9 of June is where Brunei will celebrate World Ocean Day 2013 and Brunei will organise the 12th “Celebrate the Sea” festival at The Empire Hotel in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Astera Consultant and OceanNEnvironment (Australia).

Sofia Eleni Theologou with Hjh Faridah representing Astera Consultant in the recent press conference

Now here come’s the big one… This also relates to “Celebrate the Sea” festival and it is open to everyone. This will be the first Brunei Shoot Out Competition. Well, technically there are two if you are keen to join. One is the Brunei Shoot Out Competition (open to locals and foreigners) and the other one is Local Brunei Shoot Out (only for residents of Brunei). Both these competitions are Underwater Photography competition and it will be selected Brunei Diving Spots. If you want more information, I suggest you attend the briefing this Saturday,11th May 9am on the 3rd floor of MIPR at the Fisheries Department. You can email to asterabrunei @gmail.com for more details.

The Local Brunei Shoot Out for Bruneian shutterbugs, scheduled from May 17 until 22 so you have at least a week to take underwater shots. If you plan to join the bigger one, Brunei Shoot Out Competition (which includes foreigners), that will be on 4th to 7th of June 2013. The winning images will be used for education and conservation of the region.

The cash prize for Brunei Shoot Out Competition will be USD 3,000 and for Local Brunei Shoot Out will be BND 2,500. There are many categories to join, just refer to the poster below.


BIBD held investment talk


Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD, with his opening remarks on property investment last week

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD) today held a property investment talk, for all its loyal Perdana Banking (PB) customers. The event was organised to preview to all of BIBD’s PB members just some of the many privileges and benefits they will have the opportunity to experience, as the event showcases the first of many scheduled events over the year.

A BIBD official highlighted that the “Key focus of today’s event ultimately strengthening our relationship with the clients, while at the same time to illustrate BIBD’s appreciation to the unyielding support BIBD’s Perdana members has demonstrated towards BIBD over the years”.

The property investment talk, held at the Indera Kayangan Hall at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, was attended by some 250 Perdana members, with the opening remarks delivered by Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD. The managing director took this opportunity to share the upcoming plans and initiatives for PB, as he noted that these are exciting times for the bank with all these efforts to grow BIBD up to its full potential.

The event served as a platform for knowledge dissemination amongst customers for basic knowledge of property investments and how property investment can be used as of the best ways to grow wealth. These property advices covered vital information on local and overseas property investments, capital appreciation, rental yields, and also to give an insight on the choices of properties available readily.

The morning ceremony was continued by a briefing by Yusuf Flynn of Rumahku Real Estate, at the same time introducing an array of properties for investment at prime locations such as Jln Muara, Subok, Serasa, Sungai Liang, Kilanas. Hairani of Primeland Real Estate continued in the afternoon as they shared their local and overseas property especially the London portfolio and how property represents a sound form of wealth investment.

The event also provided the Perdana members with an opportunity to browse for an ideal property investments from an extensive range offered by both Rumahku and Primeland. Images courtesy of BIBD.

Yusuf Flynn of Rumahku Real Estate talked about the properties along Jln Muara, Subok and many more

The invited guests at the investment property talk


Flood, hopefully a one-time off


It was very rare to see such flood happening at the Brunei International Airport (BIA). Then again, to be fair that there was still an ongoing construction led by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Brunei Economic Developoment board (BEDB). It was good thing that the matter was attended with urgency after the arrival hall area had a mini flood which caused inconvenience to the arriving passengers on the late night flight. By 2am, the BIA operation was back to normal on the 8th of May. It was due to the heavy rainfall that started around 11pm that flooded the area. Good thing that it didn’t affect any delays or disruptions.

According to the press release isused by BEDB, the Airport Modernization Project Team had identified that the flooding, which lasted for about one and half hours was caused by ingress of water through the existing sump/outlet within the arrival hall. The flooding however caused no significant damage to existing property and equipment within the arrival hall. Swift actions by the airport authorities and other agencies including the Fire and Rescue Department, representatives of Department of Drainage and Sewerage, PWD and the contractors have enabled the arrival hall to resume normal operation by 2:00am.

The arrival hall scene at the Brunei International Airport last night around midnight on the 8th of May. Image courtesy of @dil122

In consultation with the Ministry of Communications and Department of Civil Aviation, the BEDB will be carrying out remedial measures to avoid such incidents from happening in the future. This includes widening and deepening the temporary drain network around the arrival hall and providing temporary pumps to drain rainwater from the affected area.

The BEDB and DCA would like to apologize for the inconvenience experienced by the arriving passengers and their family members as well as other airport users.

The country experienced one of the heaviest rain falls on the evening of 7 May 2013 when 181 millimetres of rain was recorded in Bandar Seri Begawan which have also caused flooding in certain parts of the highways as well as areas in Sengkurong, Mulaut and Kilanas.


HSBC promotion for Mother’s Day



Green Brunei YEL Programme


Green Brunei, one of the most prominent non-profit organizations in Brunei, is organizing environmental-centric camps for impassioned youth environmental leaders in Brunei this coming summer holidays. Believing that disconnect with the environment often arise from the lack of constant interactions with nature, all GB YEL classes are held at the fringe of the Brunei’s own pristine green treasures, at Rainforest School in Temburong.

This program includes teaching participants the basics of environmental youth reporting, learning from environmental science and issues’ classes, and also involving students to have hands-on experiences with nature by having activities such as picking their own vegetables and short treks into the rainforest, all of which are conducted by trained and experienced environmentalists, tour guides and locals. 

In greater details, one can expect both educational indoor and outdoor classes and activities. The YEL Programme is expected to be an experiential learning course suitable for all aged 13-25 with an interest in environmental conservation. Participants are promised to learn in greater depth the different aspects of environmental conservation: how to practise composting, the richness of Brunei’s and the region’s biodiversity, as well as hands-on activities such as cooking your own meals in the heart of the rainforest.

YEL alumni will have the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences with leading experts in the field of sustainability, network with other youth environmental leaders, develop relevant project management skils, public speaking skills as well as event management skills. Also, YEL alumni will have the opportunity to work with Green Brunei on environment campaigns, events and projects.

The program is jointly organized by Green Brunei, the Education Provider, and Borneo Guide, the Project and Venue Partner. Educational Resource Partners include United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as well as Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE). [Press release from Green Brunei]

The dates of the programme are:
Intake 1: 10th – 12th June
Intake 2: 12th to 14th June
Intake 3: 19th to 21st June

The deadline of registration is 27th May 2013.

About Green Brunei
Green Brunei aims to be the ‘largest green community in Brunei, with the goal of providing free green educational, green resources and an enabler of youth-initiated environment projects’.

Green Brunei has an intrinsic focus in promoting environmental education and creating awareness on environmental conservation and clean technology through media platforms, online and offline activities and projects.

About GB YEL
The first pioneering run of GB YEL saw a congregation of 26 youths, each with their ideals and hopes for the environment, come together for 3 days of intensive yet enjoyable learning beyond the classroom in the heart of Brunei’s own lush green treasures.

It serves to inculcate in participants the skills of critical analyses as well as environmental reporting, yet ensuring that learning more about the environment is never too boring an activity. GB YEL Programme is planned to run every quarter in the year.

For more information, please visit: http://www.green-brunei.com/yel/

To apply or for any enquiries contact Amanda at amanda.tew@green-brunei.com or Greg at greg@green-brunei.com with your questions.





The flood memes

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


Seafood in the City


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The Run registration

Click banner to enter website. Btw, the deadline registration is on the 9th of May and do make sure that all payments to be made by then as well to be eligible 😀

Netball tournament is back!!

Double Daily to KL soon


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Are you a collector?


The members of the Brunei Numismatics Club that gathered on their 2nd meet last Sunday

Money, money, money… Recently I have been helping a friend in promoting and selling old currency on my instagram and the responses were pretty good too. For your info, there is an unofficial club where enthusiasts and collectors of old currency gather from time to time and share their knowledge or trade-ins or buy/sell old currencies. Last Sunday, the members of Kelab Numismatic Brunei (KNB) had their second gathering as part of their monthly activities at Gadong properties food court.

Erik of Brunei Numismatics Club said that this is a non-profit group that started out on Facebook group early this year and it garnered some interests from hobbyists. The objectives of the group/club is to promote numismatic as a hobby and also to serve as a platform for numismatists in Brunei Darussalam. For your info, numismatics means a study or collection of currency and you will be surprised that there are quite a lot of them in Brunei.

So far there are about 400 members on Facebook and I’m pretty sure it’s a growing number. Majority of them are from Brunei and also making up from Singapore and Malaysia. The club has also came up with a member card if you are interested.

They also want to educate the public on the selling of old notes at a reasonable, market price. There are some who will sell at a higher price which is discourage.

Numismatics also provides a good investment opportunity such as the values of uncirculated (UNC) Begawan $1, $5, $10, $50 and $100 notes (year 1967) are now worth B$85, B$200, B$210, B$900 and B$1,250.

A piece of Malaya and British Borneo year 1953 $100 note with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (which was used in Brunei before Begawan notes) is now worth B$2,100 (VF grade) and B$8,000 (EF grade) in the current numismatics market.

This is a rare pitis, the currency of Brunei which was circulated three hundred years ago

A hobbyist looking at the details of the pitis

The logo of the group is designed in a unique octagon-shaped pitis with a central hole (Reference no: SS 3E) of Sultan Hussin Kamaluddin (1710-1730 & 1737-1740), the 16th Sultan of Brunei, with the picture of a cat facing right.

Interesting book on the history in coinage

This handbook is useful to check the market value of old currency based on the year and the condition of the old notes


Ain’t true


This ain’t true. It’s a photoshop-ed image.

A message from RB’s Facebook page: Royal Brunei Airlines has been made aware that this image was uploaded and circulated via social media after last evening’s flash flood at the Brunei International Airport. Please be aware that the image of RB’s aircraft partially submerged in water is edited.

Please understand that creating and circulating an allegation such as this is considered a crime. Thus we seek the assistance from the public to stop circulating this false image.


Family Day in Bandar


It was quite happening during family day at the Royal Wharf last Sunday

Do you guys know much about Family Day? This is the second time that Brunei celebrates Family Day with the theme “Keluargaku, Haparanku” (My Family, My Hope). Last Sunday, there were four zones for family day in Brunei-Muara district. All together there were 9 zones across the country and leading the event were ministers and senior government officers.

I know of one school, SMSS, that organised their own family day at Jerudong Park. I just ended up covering the one at the Royal Wharf where the event was mostly sponsored by oil and gas companies.

The celebration’s main purpose, according to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in a committee meeting held prior to yesterday’s event, was to foster understanding in the community regarding the importance of reinforcing and strengthening family institutions for the development of society and the state.

A collaboration of efforts among the ministries of Culture, Youth and Sports, Home Affairs and Religious Affairs, the nationwide event was allocated a $500, 000 budget for programmes that emphasised on the reinforcement of the family institution.

I’m pretty sure next year will be bigger and better. Such event will need more publicity and awareness prior to the day itself. It was nice to see families participating in activities. Kudos to the ministries that made this possible.


3 Aside Futsal


Registration is now open

Another great news for the futsal enthusiasts in Brunei Darussalam, Proman Auto Care & Carwash will be organising a 3-aside futsal tournament on 26th May 2013. The registration is now open until 24th May 2013. Forms can be obtained from Proman Auto Care & Carwash, Spg 145, Kg Lambak as well as from Bola Bola Indoor Futsal Courts, 2nd floor Times Zone, Times Square Shopping Centre Berakas. For further informations, interested parties can contact Bola Bola at 2338730. The registration fee is BND80 for a team of maximum 6 players and is open to a maximum of 32 teams.

The Champion of Proman Autocare Cup will walk away with BND600 plus 6 free carwash, 1st runner up will receive BND300 plus 6 free carwash and 2nd runner up will receive BND200 plus 6 free carwash.

The 1-day tournament will be held at Bola Bola Indoor Futsal Courts, Times Square Shopping Centre, Berakas, the first commercial indoor futsal courts in a shopping complex.

I had a great experience playing at Bola Bola Indoor Futsal Court few months back!!




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