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Archive for 11/10/2014


WWE in Kuala Lumpur

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News



Get Connected through ICONIA




Citroën Brunei 

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BIBD’s latest promotion

Top up tia. Click image to enter website.



ICON Design Store 

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Malppy collaborates with BIBD 

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Malppy.com has made another big appearance alongside BIBD with the launch of their latest online payment service called the ‘eBayar’ and their existing ‘eTunai’ on Malppy.com. This introduction allows BIBD customers to enjoy the convenience of paying their online purchase at Malppy.com through direct deduction of their purchase from their BIBD account or redeemable BIBD Hadiah points.

eBayar is a new online live cash transferring system where you can connect your online bank account and approve the purchase transaction right on the spot. It is not only easy but convenient and secure, enhancing one’s online shopping experience.


Simon Soo, Founder of Malppy.com
Malppy.com is among the first online participant to have both eBayar and eTunai readily available on their website. The founder of malppy.com, Mr. Simon Soo strives to provide customers a complete e-commerce shopping experience hence this collaboration with BIBD is one of the big steps forward to enhance the efficiency and experience of online shopping at Malppy.com.

Aside from this grand launch of BIBD online payments at Malppy.com, catch their weekend promotion now as they are featuring one of their premium quality authentic Mayuki Tokyo Fashion apparels. You can now browse at their ‘NEW’ section to find out the varieties of product and promotions they have to keep up with all of their trendy style shortcuts.

Malppy.com is an online fashion and lifestyle store launched on April 2013 offering customers with a convenient way to shop, at the same time providing thousands of variety quality products to choose from, and lastly delivery Free to your doorstep at no minimum purchase. This collaboration is greatly seen as a major achievement as this type of modern payment could be a feature to our economic development in driving online and mobile-based transaction which has proven to be very popular in other nations. Press release and images by Malppy.com


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John Cena woos the media 

Keep Calm and Never Give Up

I’ve been away once again and for those who have been following me on instagram and Facebook, you will know that I was in Kuala Lumpur. This is my third visit to KL and this is for the recent WWE event in Kuala Lumpur which was held at Indoor Stadium Putra. I managed to get good fares during the Abacus Holiday Travel Fair two weeks ago for my KL trip (and thanks Darussalam Holdings for that) and I ended up staying at Cititel MidValley which was central for me between Kuala Lumpur city and also Stadium Putra.

Let’s cut to the chase. I managed to be a few feet away from WWE Superstar John Cena and Seth Rollins during the interview sessions prepared by the organizers. The press conference took place at The Saujana Hotel (Subang) and that’s where all the WWE superstars were staying. The feeling, alone, was surreal to be just that close to the WWE celebrities and I salute them for their professionalism, traveling thousand miles away from the US and show up their best during the interviews. I was not fortunate enough to get some time with Seth Rollins on the interview but at least I got a session with John Cena.

Mind you I’m not a John Cena fan as his character is getting on my nerves on WWE *lol* unless he is willing to turn heel which is very unlikely. I am amazed that he even spoke in Mandarin to one of the Taiwanese reporters. What amazes me about John Cena is his sportsmanship and even in public, he has become a top role model especially to those women battling breast cancer and he wore the t-shirt “Keep Calm and Never Give Up”. The Never Give Up tagline has been on his inspiring catch phrases in the WWE and he has given much inspiration to the cancer warriors and survivors.

I asked John Cena a question that if he will break Ric Flair’s 16th time World Title and he responded saying that mathematically it is possible but to him, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t break the Ric Flair’s record but more important is that he give his best in what he does and be one of the top WWE superstars before he retires.

When asked about the taunts and the boos that he got recently, he responded saying that it’s all about the energy from the fans and he is fine with all the reception he gets from the fans and he will continue to perform to his best in the WWE Universe.

I respect John Cena as an athlete and an employee of the WWE. He is one of the most hardworking WWE Superstars I’ve known and constantly appearing on every RAW episode and PPV if he is not injured. Regardless of the fans’ reactions especially the “Lets-Go-Cena-Cena-Sucks” chants, he will stay focus on what his role is as a wrestler and just entertain the crowd.

Thank you once again to the organizers, the PR agency and Tourism Malaysia (Brunei) for arranging the media access to the press conference and the first night WWE event. I truly enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait for WWE to return to Malaysia or Asia in the near future. My bucket list is still to attend at least a RAW or Smackdown episode or perhaps Wrestlemania 😀

I shall be reporting on my blog with regards to my experience at the Stadium Putra in the next post. Have a great weekend, guys!!


I believe they could smell what I was cooking then

John Cena received a warm reception from the member of the media

An Indonesian lady from the media asked a question with regards to cancer patients

The closest thing I will get to a selfie with John Cena

The customary salute from John Cena

The media registration for the press conference with John Cena

Seth Rollins looking cool before entering the interview room

Era FM brought their own belt too

The guys from Hitz FM waiting to interview Seth Rollns




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