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The Edge of Friday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Get ready for Lunar New Year 

Click image to enter website

As the Chinese Zodiac moves into the Year of Goat, we take a look at the new series of products launched by Malppy in conjunction to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Among all traditions to observe for Chinese New Year, dressing up in new clothing is an integral part to welcome the New Year, and to also signify new beginnings. Everyone would dress up in brightly colored shirts, usually in red for auspicious meaning. This year Chinese New Year falls on the 19th of February and Malppy just launched their latest series of qipao (or cheongsam) for her and changpao for him to celebrate this holiday in traditional style to bring good luck and fortune for the New Lunar Year.

This latest series is available starting from as affordable as B$28.90. Their closing order for any CNY order will be on the 28th January as to make sure that all items arrive on time before the Chinese New Year to avoid the busy logistic period towards the month. Malppy is also giving away FREE Malppy Red Packets for every purchase B$35 and above in a single checkout.

Click here now to check out the varieties of qipao (or cheongsam) and changpao they have in store for you.



Renewal partnership

Datin Paduka Dr Hjh Norlila Dato Paduka Hj Abd Jalil, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, lifting some weights. Image courtesy of Yusri Adanan of The Brunei Times.

The Ministry of Health and Fitness Zone will continue their partnership in promoting healthy lifestyle in Brunei, following the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on Healthy Lifestyle and Physical Activities Programme yesterday.

The collaboration is to boost the effectiveness of the ministry’s Healthy Lifestyle Clinic Programme, aiming to combat obesity in the country. Under the new one-year agreement, which was first began in 2011, Fitness Zone will, among others, provide professional fitness instructions on nutrition and the right workout activities for participants of the clinic’s weight-loss programme.

Present to witness the signing ceremony at the Fitness Zone’s Kiulap branch was Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health Datin Paduka Dr Hjh Norlila Dato Paduka Hj Abd Jalil.

She lauded the collaboration that had been done with Fitness Zone. “The programme was successful, we want to continue it,” she said, adding that there were matters that the ministry could not provide alone. Giving example, she said, Fitness Zone provides fitness facilities that can help the ministry in carrying out its healthy lifestyle programme such as obesity control and weight-loss programme.

Fitness Zone’s Managing Director Wu Chun expressed hope that people who participate in the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic Programme could influence their family members and friends by letting them know of the benefits of living healthily. “With this, hopefully we can achieve our aim to reduce the healthcare costs in the country,” he said, adding that number of diabetes and obesity in the country can also be reduced. For more of the story, you can click here. Text courtesy of Sally Pri of The Brunei Times.


Renewal of the partnership between Ministry of Health and Fitness Zone. Image courtesy of Yusri Adanan of The Brunei Times.


The new slick ACER notebook

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, unveiling the new ACER Aspire ES1-311-C9T9 to the media

Check out that beauty 

Now notebooks have become comparatively cheaper than before. I remember forking out at least BND 2,000 in the past decade with not-so-fast specs. Now we can buy a notebook for less than $500 with a quad processor. Of course, I’m still stuck with my favourite brand which doesn’t operate on Windows OS. However, I’m always impressed with ACER’s capability to produce powerful mid-range notebooks.

Today, Concepts Computer launched the new ACER Aspire ES1-311-C9T9 which is a great target for students and smart executives because it is affordable and a highly mobile notebook. I was already impressed with the look when I saw it from a distance. It sports a chrome mate finishing and it’s kinda light as well with a 13” inch screen size. What I love about the specs is the memory which has a 4 G ram, running on low-voltage so this gives more battery life to the notebook and I’m a sucker for power juice when it comes to my gadgets.

Portability. Of course, when we associate with notebooks, you can bring it anywhere. Now this model takes an extra step where you feel the lightness and mobility of the ACER notebook and you won’t think twice about bringing it. The batter life has over 6 hours and you can stay connected all day.

Productivity. It has 10 multi touch screen which helps you to navigate the screen intuitively. Do try out the Precision Touchpad and chiclet keyboard which improves accuracy and speed when used for time-critical work.

Multi-media. Play a game, record a song, play a song, streaming movies. You can do that on this ACER notebook that has HD LED display and graphics capabilities.

SKYPE Certification. Now this is interesting. Most of the recent ACER notebooks will have this label on them and the brand is very serious when it comes to quality on video conferencing. The model meets the high audio and visual standards for SKYPE Certification. So you don’t have to worry about the minimal background noise or even the zero echo. Cool stuff.


The specs of the 13” ACER Aspire ES1-311-C9T9

One of the cheapest ACER notebooks at Concepts Computer

Trust is always important and Concepts Computer has a high reliability factor 😀
Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, believes the ACER Aspire ES1-311-C9T9 will be a huge hit as the company brought it quite a lot of stock. The reason being of its affordability with a price tag of BND 478 only and on top of that, they will also give a BND 50 voucher. This can be very ideal for students and now with the back-to-school term, this can be a good catch for them. Vincent has always envisioned to provide great quality IT products to students while making them affordable.

ACER Aspire ES1-311-C9T9 is powered by an Intel Quar-Core Celeron Processor, with 500GB of HD storage, 4GB of Low Voltage RAM, webcam, bluetooth, wireless connectivity, No Optical Drive. For more info, you can call 223 3551, 223 3552 or 223 3553 at the Concepts Computer. You can also follow updates on Concepts Computer Facebook Page.



Winners feted from Citroen

Hasmin Masri had 1/5 chance of winning the Citroen DS3 but won an iPhone 6 as a consolation at the Citroen Grand Draw this morning. More stories tomorrow.

The winner of the iPad Mini for the Citroen Test Drive

The grand draw for the Citroen DS3. Check out blog tomorrow.



Home Tafakful Protection

“Renewing your Home Takaful Protection Plan is now more convenient through the TBA Call Centre at 224 4000.”


This will come in handy after all. Something for you to consider 😀




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