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Playing catch up

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Aspire V Nitro

Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition notebook now available at Concepts Computer

Are you ready to take gaming to another level? Then do so with Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition notebook built with cutting-edge graphics and speedy processing power.

The notebook from Acer sports a sophisticated and stylish design with a slim profile and gorgeous blend of premium materials.

The top cover is imprinted with soft touch NIL technology and the red glow of the backlit keyboard adds to the dramatic feast of visual and tactile textures.

Armed with top of the line Intel i7 standard voltage processors, 12GB of RAM, 8GB SSD, and the latest generation of Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics, the V15 promises to boost gaming performance and deliver full-throttle entertainment.

Blast off with the four built-in speakers and Dolby Digital Plus Theatre surround sound. Its high-end screen with IPS1 allows full-colour action even from wide viewing angles.

TheAcer DustDefender will prevent dust build-up and the Acer CoolBoost technology allows users to control airflow and improve cooling system through a pop-up interface on the screen.

General Manager of Concepts Computer Vincent Pao said that the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition is built for the future and provides powerful computing performance on the go .
So if you’re ready to upgrade your gaming system, head to the nearest Concepts Computer showroom to have a look at Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition yourself, or call 223 3551 or 223 3552 for more information. Text courtesy of Rebecca Oi of The Brunei Times.


Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition notebook now available at Concepts Computer

Vacancies at Concepts Computer


Affordable broadband from Telbru

A message from Telbru. Effective 1st March 2015, you can enjoy our broadband services at more affordable rates with these lower prices. TelBru will introduce a volume based broadband usage where customers are entitled to a certain amount of data quota for the selected plans in purpose of thoughtful usage.

The advance announcement of the new pricing plans is intended to socialize the plans and allow subscribers to choose their suitable plans based on their monthly data usage before the effective date.

You can check your monthly data usage by logging in to our eBill online and eBill mobile app.

For more information and assistance, please call our Customer Care Centre at 111.


The new pricing and rates for Telbru customers by 1st March 2015

Telekom Brunei (TelBru) Chief Marketing Officer Lim Ming Soon speaking to the press yesterday. Image courtesy of Leo Kasim of The Brunei Times.

My thoughts. With the launch of the Broadband Policy late last year, this is a great initiative by TelBru to ensure that all Telbru subscribers can enjoy better connectivity in their homes or offices. The great thing I thought about the new plan pricing is the affordability. Now you can subscribe tailoring to your needs. For as low as $39 a month, you are eligible for a broadband experience. With such low pricing, internet at home can be affordable and internet penetration will be very high within the next few years or so.

I believe the most important execution from Telbru is education – having multiple campaigns and roadshow to create more awareness to the public (potential and existing customers). Having a small booth as part of an exhibition isn’t enough. Telbru will need to go all out to grab attention like how they launched the High Speed Broadband back at Times Square in 2013. It’s important to win the customers’ confidence and trust and most importantly to be transparent to the customers in order to gain the trust.

There have been positive feedback and also the negative ones. It won’t be easy for any telco providers even for DST and Progresif Cellular. We as a community have high demands in terms of internet and data usage. Perhaps, we have been spoilt all these years, enjoying unlimited access of internet at an enjoyable speed. I remember Singapore used to have unlimited access before they switched to a limited (capped) quota of data to ensure that the internet speed doesn’t lag. This was a few years ago. Today, Singtel from Singapore provides even a better package with unlimited usage because of the better and improved infrastructure they have.

In my opinion, Telbru made the right move. I would believe the current infrastructure can’t be compared to neighbouring countries (Singapore, Malaysia) but it’s sufficient enough to cater to the Brunei population. Sometimes we forget how small of an economy Brunei is compared to other countries. We don’t have the luxury of a vast market but sometimes being small is good which means lesser hassle for the hotline 111.

Most countries have introduced the Fair Usage Policy as part of their terms and conditions. This will be new to Brunei especially to Telbru customers. As different users perform different online activities, the amount of data required per user will also be different. Telbru’s Fair Usage Policy ensures that all customers get a better browsing experience by allocating each user their ideal amount of data based on their usage preference. In other words, if you only fork out for $39 broadband fee, it won’t be fair if they enjoy unlimited access and causing the speed to slow down.

The new pricing and rates will be the talk of the town because it’s relevant to our daily usage. It’s like a staple food and the more we give, the hungrier and demanding we get. I’m already getting mixed comments on my IG after posting Telbru’s latest rates with quota usage. It has to start somewhere and education is the key. I understood now why neighbouring countries applied a similar approach a few years ago and now we are at that stage.

The months of April, May, June and even for the remainder of 2015 will be a testament on how Telbru can shift the mindset of consumers. It worked for DST when they announced the cap for data usage a few years back. So I don’t see anything different. I would have thought Telbru came up with this scheme before they launched the High Speed Broadband. Well, it’s better late than never.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, when is enough enough? For me, I’m still grateful for the new services Telbru has provide and they have continuously upgrade their services for the benefit of the customers.

If you ask me, this isn’t a paid review or editorial for Telbru. I wasn’t even given an invitation to their press conference yesterday. But I blog this because it’s very relevant to all of us and I’m also a customer of their High Speed Broadband and I’m enjoying it.


The new rates by 1st March 2015

The Yesteryear

A great knowledge on Fair Usage Policy. Click image to read more.


Route 300

Route 300 is located at Megastrike Bowl

The Hot Routes

Route 300, the in-house eatery at Megastrike Bowl, launched their new menu over the weekend, with members of the public, coming to enjoy the delicious new dishes and dressing up in 60’s style to enjoy a fun-filled time of bowling and dining.

The newly refurbished menu was created with the assistance of Gourmet Consultant, a local firm, to update and customize its food selections, yet priced at reasonable value for money for all to enjoy.

According to Managing Director of Route 300, Major (Rtd) Hjh Sharifah Hazlina Syed Elham, a month was spent analyzing and brainstorming to come up with the clever new menu, with names borrowed from the techniques, rules and elements of bowling.

Among the new dishes featured are the “Hot Routes” – beef and chicken Frankfurters in hotdogs buns with special toppings that are named after popular bowling styles — such as the Cranker which is made from beef rasher, mustard mayo and onion jam; the Spinner which include lemon garlic mayo and tomato salsa; and the Tweener which consist of thai chili mayo and pineapple salsa.

Another interesting addition, is the Gutter Ball Burger, an in-house made burger patty, which is filled with mozzarella sauce that oozes out when placed between it’s unique square shaped bun. The menu also features delicious quick bites called spare snacks, like their Cheesy and Tuna toasts, which are grilled on a hot plate.

The diner is also introducing their own take on traditional milkshakes called Quakes slike the Honey Banana, Cookies and Cream, and local inspired three-layered tea quake as well as other refreshing beverages, finger food and toasts.

Route 300 can provide catering services during tournaments or league games at the MegaStrike Bowl, and also has reasonable birthday packages for kids. For more information about Route 300, please visit its Facebook fan page ‘Megastrike Bowl’ and Instagram @megastrikebowl’


Major (Rtd) Hjh Sharifah Hazlina Syed Elham, Managing Director of Route 300 with representatives from Gourmet Consultant




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