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You are what you eat

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


KB Sentral Grand Buffet 

My guest for that night – Jody Lo 😀

I’ve blogged about King of Buffets previously on my blog and that was the Sungkai Mega Buffet of Freshco. Now, I’m introducing you the queen version of buffets and that is KB Sentral’s Grand Buffet. With the same shareholders, you will the same local and international brand under one roof and this is located at Kuala Belait. So now there are more choices for the residents of KB and also Seria and this means it’s gonna get competitive as well.

Just a note that don’t expect a humungous array of dishes compared to the one’s at Freshco (Bandar). The choices are still aplenty to say nonetheless and you are still getting your money’s worth too. I’m happy that they have the beef rendang that I craved for in the buffet 😀

The KB Sentral’s Grand Buffet uses all the restaurant’s space of Sushi Tei, All Seasons and Waroeng Penyet and it can accommodate more than 200 pax.

You can also enjoy pastries from Auntie Anne’s and the western dishes from Pastamania. So do make sure to take your time dining and don’t hurry yourself to fill up your tummy. There are just many choices to choose from and they are of good quality too.

By the way, you can also stay over at Garden Sentral Hotel which is also the same building sa KB Sentral Shopping Centre. They have a special promotion of BND 149 per night (Deluxe Balcony or Poolside Room) and it’s inclusive of two sungkai buffet and two sahur. Isn’t that a great promo deal? For reservations, you can call 333 8333 and you can also follow them on instagram @gardensentralhotel


KB Sentral Grand Buffet
$34.80 Adult | $15.90 Child
863 4076 • 334 2337 • 334 2338 

They will greet you at the entrance. Great service too.

I see soft shell crab 😀

Anwar had a lot of rounds

MMmmmm butter chicken and look at the onions 😀

Quite a crowd and lots of walk-ins too

Baked rice from Pastamania

BBQed Lamb Chops

Dim Sum corner

Auntie Anne’s

My favourite dish – Rendang






Any fans of duck?

Coconut pudding

Dessert area

A birthday celebrant that night

Did you know KB Sentral is open for business and all the spaces are taken up

This is a great deal I must say.

The deluxe room

The sahur packed and they can send to your room too

I stayed here for a night.. All on my own. Ok, this is the apartment side with two huge bedrooms. It will cost u $500 plus a night.

Cinema is also available at KB Sentral



i-Lotus experience 


Whether it is Ramadhan or not, I-Lotus serves plenty variety of scrumptious savoury and dishes.

The Sungkai buffet now is $21.80 for adults and $13.80 for children aged 4 – 10 years old. Only during this Ramadhan time. dine-in customers can enjoy local Malay cuisines, Chinese and Thai delicacies, appetizers and desserts.

Indulge yourself with the food served from the Hot Plate Grill corner (seafood of your choice) and they will grill it for you on the spot. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, you can feast on the Soup Noodles, Rojak, Desserts and more.

For I-Lotus VIP cardholders, you can enjoy up to 10% off of the Sungkai buffet while Baiduri credit card holders, 1 free additional pax when you dine-in 10 pax at once via Baiduri credit card (Terms & Conditions Apply). They also provide outside catering.

Please call I-Lotus at 2422466 | 2440171 | 8714222 or visit their website at www.ilotusrestaurant.com. I-Lotus is located at No. 20, Spg. 12-26, Kg Rimba Gadong, BE3119.



Sungkai buffet 


$21.90 Adult | $13.80 childen 

Call 242 2466 • 2444 0171 • 871 4222 















Time to spend

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Bruneihalal hampers 

It’s good time to order now as it’s perfect timing of the festive season 😀 Do contact the bruneihalal sales team at 238 4533


New portal 

Click image to enter website

I knew Dallas Lim during his years in Yellow Pages (Brunei) as a sales person. He then ventured into his own business by opening up a property portal for the convenience of real estate and the home seekers. Then five years later (which is the present), Dallas finally launched his new baby – Bruneibusiness.com – which acts as a business portal online directory. Well, haven’t we all seen this before? However, Dallas’ website has a different approach.

Do you know when there are times when you struggle to know of a location? or what is available at that particular location? This is ideal especially for those staying at different districts. For instance, if I happen to drive down to KB, I won’t be familiar with a lot of commercial buildings. This is where the portal comes in handy for me. It will give me an indication of commercial buildings around KB and what is available at that particular building. It’s sort of a reverse process and it somehow works.

I’ve checked out the website and it’s quite comprehensive and update to date in terms of the commercial buildings in Brunei Darussalam. In other words, this portal focuses nationwide.

Will this portal be successful? Well, it is accessible on your portable phones or smart phones, then it surely will. The public are now gaining information online than on print media. This is definitely a substitute for print directories as online access is the way to go in this era.

Well done, Dallas, on your extended family business venture. I’m pretty sure that it will be a hit and hopefully be the local “google” version for commercial places in Brunei Darussalam.






Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Juicing has never been easier and natural.

I’ve always wonder how does the Kuvings work. I’ve seen it around in events, being used to serve to guests. I’m amazed that what this machine can actually do. Let me quickly give you a background about Kuvings. It’s actually a slow-juicer brand made from Korea. One mentality that I would like to share that this machine is not a blender because it doesn’t use any sharp blades. Instead of blending, it mash the fruits and vegetable together to give a smooth, soothing mixture.

The difference between a blender and a Kuvings slow-juicer is the final product. Sometimes when you order apple juice, after a few minutes, you will see two layers within the apple juice. The top part of the apple juice will be denser than the lower part and you will only able to taste the richness on the first few sips. Now, if you use a slow juicer, the texture of the apple juice will be consistent throughout. You will not get difference in layers even if you leave it for quite some time. Interesting, right?

This product has been endorsed by Sara Ding, an enthusiast health advocate, who have been using the slow juicer for her healthy consumption. She even has her own recipe book where she shared a hundred combination of juice you can make using Kuvings. The biggest reason for her for using Kuvings is because of convenience and the quality it produces. Imagine this. You don’t have time to cut or peel off the skin of an apple for instance or do the chop-chop on your vegetables. Let Kuvings do the job for you and all you have to do is wait. Easy peasy.

There are so many things that I can talk about the Kuvings but if you want an honest and thorough opinion, check out Sarah Ding’s review on it. You will be more convinced. Furthermore, the Kuvings create a healthy juice since the ingredients are raw vegetables and fruits. Hence you get the most of the nutrients from the combination of fruits and vegetable.

Now you can actually get hold of Kuvings in Brunei. Seng Hoe Huat is the sole distributor and they have been introducing to the local market since March 2015. They have managed to sell around 200 units of the Kuvings slow juicer and that will give you an indication that this machine gives you the best quality drink/juice.

Though the Kuvings slow juicer has a one warranty for its juicer, the main component which is the juicing screw (or Auger) and the motor have a 10 year warranty. That’s pretty cool too.

Popular restaurants such as Momo Restaurant and The Energy Kitchen have been serving the juices using Kuvings slow juicer. You may find the Kuvings quite pricey but this is a premium product that delivers. You won’t have to worry about any juice blenders or replacing one for a very, very, very long time. I kid you not.

For a special offer from the distributor, you can take advantage of their Hari Raya $50 discount and if you also purchase the Kuvings slow juicer, you will also be entitled to choose 1 serving tray and tea cup from Katie Alice, 2 mason jars, 1 Sara Ding recipe book and the juicer comes with a smoothie maker and a sorbet strainer.

You can follow them on their IG @kuvings_brunei or you can contact them at 8637575 or 8807353 if you are interested in one.



Check out Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer on Youtube


Comes with a smoothie maker and a sorbet strainer.

The juice screwer or auger has a 10 year warranty

For the Hari Raya promotion, for every purchase of the Kuvings, you will get two Mason jars

You will also get a 100 healthy recipe from Sara Ding

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray

You will get to choose any of the Katie Alice cup and tray


A highly recommended juice maker and it will give you a different experience. That I can guarantee

Kuvings Brunei Authorised Dealers

The Energy Kitchen

Address: Ground Floor, Fitness Zone, Kiulap

Contact Number: +673 223 3323

E-mail: theenergykitchen@gmail.com

Kitaro Japanese Restaurant

Address: Unit 5-7, Ground Floor, The Centerpoint Hotel, Gadong

Contact Number: +673 245 7373

E-mail: kitaro.restaurant@gmail.com

Kafe Toompee

Address: No. 15, Ground Floor, The Airport Mall,

    Simpang 13, Jalan Komersial Jaya Setia,

    Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan,

    Brunei Darussalam.

Contact Number: +673 234 0568

E-mail: toompee@gmail.com


E-mail: juicefests@gmail.com

Website: http://www.juicefests.com


Contact Number (Whatsapp): +673 729 8833




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