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Slow and steady

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The nasi katok effect

The shop that I frequent in Singapore – Toy Outpost at Plaza Singapura. Image taken from their website.

That’s how it is. When you create opportunities and there is a huge demand, then it’s ideal to have new entrants into the market. I have been noticing the late surge of cube stores in Brunei. I saw this concept at Singapore many years ago at Plaza Singapura and I thought it is such a great way to sell items without dealing with high operating costs. I frequent there a lot because they mostly sell figurines and mini-figures (lego) and WWE products. They are very focused in their theme so I know I won’t be wasting my time and most of the items on display would relate to me. Of course, I also like to hunt for novelty products.

Now Brunei is more like an untapped market and we are beginning to enjoy the concept of window shopping at cube stores. This can help to promote small businesses or SMEs to start off their business on a smaller scale and test the market. Those who make a side business through means of social media will find this very handy indeed.

The concept cube store that was the so called pioneer was SCG Enterprise. It started in Seri Q-Lap Mall and now expanded its services at Citis Square. Now malls in Brunei are showing similar trends of cube stores. Well, it’s a good thing for the owners of the cube stores because it’s also a good income for them to sustain in maintaining cube stores and it’s more of a perpetual income on the basis of subletting the cube spaces.

Let’s just hope that we won’t have too many of it as our market is pretty small. In my opinion, the biggest advantage for cube store owners is location and maybe on branding presence. The latest one I saw was at The Mall Cineplex and it has a very clean, fresh concept. It’s very ideal especially for movie goers who would spare some time to shop before catching a movie.

Good luck to all the SMEs and who knows one day I might need a cube space of my own 😀


The latest cube store that I came across outside The Mall Cineplex


Helping the unfortunate

As part of their Ramadhan activities, Total E&P Borneo B.V. (TEPB) organized their fifth annual Ramadhan Charity, which provided in-kind assistance to the local communities where Total operates, namely Kg Lumut 1 & Kg Lumut 2 in Mukim Liang (where the Total Onshore Processing Plant is located) and Kg Sabun in Mukim Serasa (where Total Logistic Base is located). Total also planned another donation handover for an orphan of their former staff.

Focusing on the assistance to the local community mentioned above, a total of 10 Total staff volunteers were split into two teams to handover the donations concurrently to five (5) households in Kg Lumut 1 and Kg Lumut 2 in Belait District and another five (5) households in Kg Serasa, Brunei & Muara District.

The  donations consisted of daily necessities like rice, oil, bottled water and other food rations and utilities prepaid cards provided by the company and also personal contribution by Total staff members. The assistance was intended to help the underprivileged individuals of both villages to better celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is just around the corner.


The Total volunteers & MPK Lumut 1 representatives in a group photo at the residence of Dyg Hayati bte Japar in Kg Sungai Bakong

Dyg Sukarelawati (2nd right) in a group photo with the Total volunteers and MPK Lumut 1 representatives

Fauzi bin Osman (middle) receiving the donation from the Total volunteers at his residence

The recipients were selected based on the list of provided by the Islamic Religious Council Department. As they are mostly listed under the ‘faqir’ & ‘miskin’ or underprivileged individuals category, it is understood that they are currently receiving fixed term financial assistance from MUIB under the Baitul Mal fund. In addition, some recipients were also selected based on further consultation with the respective Village Heads. Donation to local community in Kg Lumut 1 & Lumut 2, Mukim Liang, Belait District The Total volunteers in Kg Lumut 1 & Lumut 2 was led by Zulhilmi Rambli, Corporate Communications & CSR Executive. In addition, the group was also accompanied by several representatives from the Lumut 1 Village Consultative Council (MPK Lumut 1) led by Awang Ho Chang Fui.

One of the recipients, Sukarelawati binti Ismail, 41, resides in Kg Sungai Tali Lumut 2. It is understood her husband passed away just over a month ago. Now, she is a single mother with five children. Her family currently resides at her in-law’s house. It is understood that she supports her family mainly by jointly operating a food stall at a nearby location. In addition, her family also receives a fixed term financial assistance from the Baitul Mal fund to cover expenses of her children education.

Meanwhile, the team in Pekan Muara and Kg Serasa was led by Muhammad Rasimoon Hj Adinin, Head of HR, Corporate Communications and CSR. Present to assist the Total group of volunteers were several representatives from the Village Consultative Council of Masjid Lama, Pekan Muara, Sabun, and Pelumpong. The MPK was led by its Head of Village, Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman. One of the beneficiaries is Awg Suhaimi bin Hj Masri, a 40 year old father with 7 dependents – a housewife and 6 children. He earns a living by going out fishing at sea three to four times a week. Without any fixed income, the family relies on a fixed term financial contribution from the Baitul Mal fund.


Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman (Ketua Kg of Masjid Lama, Pekan Muara, Sabun, and Pelumpong) handing over the donation to Abdul Rahman bin Inchut in Kg Serasa as Rasimoon Adinin (2nd left) of Total looks on

Group photo at the residence of Awg Suhaimi bin Hj Masri in Kg Perpindahan Serasa



The next draw 



Times Square Shopping Centre is having its next lucky draw prize presentation of the 5th Lucky draw campaign on Sunday, 9th August 2015 at 2.00pm. This would be the third draw of the 5thLucky draw campaign in 2015.

In order to join, customers may shop, dine, stay in Times hotel or watch movies at Times Cineplex (Times Square branch) then submit the receipts of the day to the lucky draw counter located in front of Dee Jay.

There are no minimum purchases required and all customers may participate as many times as they wish. This however, does not apply for purchases made at the food court. 20 daily winners will be contacted everyday where these winners are then shortlisted to join the lucky draw prize presentation.

So there are plenty of reasons to head to Times Square and be part of the lucky draw. You have at least a month from now to shop and dine. I’ve been dining and watching movies on many occasions. Perhaps a better time to put my name in the draw 😀


The quarterly draw at Times Square Shopping Centre back in May 2015. The next will be in August. Good luck 😀

You are even entitled when you catch a movie at Times Cineplex. We caught Awang Semaun two weeks ago with my social media buddies.





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