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The fourth episode

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The Volkswagen Jetta 

Click image to enter website



Download SnapFeed 


Download SnapFeed app on your smartphones and check out the latest deals in Brunei and also get rewarded from respective merchants such as BurgerKing, KFC and Sushi Tei to name a few and also check out the new movie listings as well.


Doodle Art Colouring Contest

The three day activity hosted by Best Eastern will start off with a colouring contest for kids

Woohooo.. Am I gonna get hooked to colouring? I just recently bought a colour book called the Enchanted Forest and also some colour pencils to go alone with it 😀 Apparently these special colouring books by Johanna Basford (Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden) have bene very, very popular among ADULTS… That’s right.. Adults… Reason being is that the activity of colouring is very therapeutic and it can become addictive. So yes, I am giving it a shot as I bought one myself at Best Eastern last night.

However, since I’m on the subject of colouring, let me share with you that Best Eastern will be kicking off their activities starting tomorrow and it will be a colour contest for children. Do look at the details below and it will be a great time for parents to send their kids for this contest as it’s the school holidays.

Doodle Art Colouring Contest
11th September 2pm to 5pm
Open for kids 5 – 12 years old
Bring your own colouring pencils.  Will provide the colouring pages.
Prizes :

$100 Gift vouchers plus gift pack – 1st Prize

$80   Gift Vouchers plus gift  pack – 2nd Prize

$50  Gift Vouchers plus gift Pack  – 3rd Prize

Consolation Prizes as well.

The event will take place at Best Eastern, Times Square Shopping Centre but you can register at all counters at any Best Eastern outlets in Brunei but you will have to purchase any of the colouring book by Johanna Basford or Millie Marotta to eligible for registration.

Good luck to all the participants of the colouring contest.


One of the activities done earlier this week. This is a sample of what to expect for the colour contest.

Even adults are hooked with colouring 😀

Purchase one of the books, for instance, Secret Garden, for your children to be eligible for the Doodle Art Colouring Contest tomorrow, Friday 11th September.

The results of the colour can turn out like this

Another sample from the Secret Garden book when you colour it in.

The books are available at Best Eastern.

I even invested in colour pencils from Derwent at Best Eastern last night

Behold.. there’s even colouring contest for adults.. Woohooo..


Awareness of FS-ers


Press release from Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam. Have you heard of financial scams? They are scams involving deposits, money transfers and credit card transactions. Although some financial scams are too good to be true, there are many people that still become victims.

These are the common financial scams in Brunei:

1. Get-rich-quick scheme: a plan, which offers high returns or dividends not usually available through traditional investments. The focus of such schemes would be to obtain deposits without a valid product or services which will be used to pay returns or dividends to earlier investors. The scheme may take the following forms:

  Ponzi scheme

  Pyramid scheme

  Gold investment

  Land-banking investment

  Forex trading

2. Credit card scam: Scammers calling victim’s phone pretending to be a bank officer informing that the victim’s credit card is suspected of crime. For verification purpose, the victims will be deceived into providing their credit card details.

3. Job scam: Scammers pretending to offer a job in their organisation. However, in order to secure the job offer, the victim must pay an upfront fee.

4. Lottery and competition scam: Scammers send out an SMS blast to would-be victims informing them of prizes they have won in competitions organised by some big companies and are advised to pay an entrance fee.

5. Inheritance Scams: Scammers assume the role of lawyers or representatives for a recently deceased distant relative or wealthy benefactor leaving a large inheritance usually in cash of which is to be distributed amongst them at an agreed percentage.

6. Internet love scam: (LOL, never been duped by this before) By creating fake profiles, fraudsters have managed to exploit the other users by pretending to develop an intimate and personal relationship with their victims.


The grand prize for the Open Category to top off with the BND 1,200 cash prize

AMBD believe that it is important to educate the public and raise their awareness to protect innocent people from becoming unfortunate victims. Show your support and creativity by creating a short video on financial scams awareness!

Well, there’s a good incentive for you to join!! Because the winners will win awesome prizes. For the Open Category, first place will win BND 1,200 cash prize with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition, second place will win BND 900 cash prize with Sony Handycam while third place will win BND 600 with Sony HDR. There will also be student category with cash prizes for top three winners – BND 1,000, BND 750 and BND 500 respectively.

I won’t spare much details here but you can download the PDF form for eligibility and other information. Good luck and the deadline for submission is 30th October 2015.





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