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What Time

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


GQ Thailand 

The most sought for magazine in Thailand – GQ Thailand issue April 2016. Image courtesy of @gqthailand


Loft & Co 

Promotion at Loft & Co and the promotion will be until end of March 2016.



Hj Minorhadi, Head of Government Relations & Special Projects Division, BIBD (right) with ALAF Students for the closing ceremony of the “ALAF TA’ARUF Camp 2016. Image courtesy of BIBD.

To further support the development and progression of students under the BIBD ALAF programme, BIBD has arranged learning camps to help build their self-confidence, develop their communication capabilities, and instil a sense of appreciation of the aims of the ALAF program.

The learning camps are divided into three camps with the first, Refresher Camp, starting on 26 March. The Refresher Camp is specially organised for the latest forty-six students who were recently awarded and included into the ALAF programme for 2016.

On the other hand, the second and third camps, the H.E.L.P (Holiday English Language Programme) camps, are arranged for around eighty students. These camps are organised with the cooperation of the CfBT to deliver bespoke English training camps for the BIBD ALAF programme students.

The H.E.L.P camps include lectures, hands-on and task-based activities to promote teamwork. The camps are also designed to foster a ‘can do’ belief in their English abilities and to establish good learner training habits.

The BIBD ALAF programme currently includes more than one hundred students, whose funding are collected from efforts of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which include BIBD Charity Expeditions for ALAF, along with generous contributions from corporate agencies as well as general public since its launch in May 2013 by Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah.


Guest of honour speaking to one of the ALAF students. Images courtesy of BIBD.

During the closing ceremony and certificate of participation for the ALAF students. Image courtesy of BIBD.

The ALAF programme was developed in close partnership with the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education, and in 2015 a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed with the Islamic Studies Department from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This will lead to constant efforts and close collaboration between all parties to ensure the successful implementation and provision of assistance to the ALAF programme.

The ALAF programme provides the selected students with provisions for school and tuition fees, educational materials and welfare, as well as mentoring and counselling necessities amongst others. All these efforts are meant to ensure the absolute commitment of these students towards the development of their education, and prevent them from being bothered by other commitments. The ALAF programme will also continue to provide support and assistance to these students until the end of their respective educational requirements.

Through ALAF, BIBD hopes to align its support to His Majesty’s 2035 vision of obtaining a 100% level of education for everyone, which in turn is hoped to help reduce poverty. In Shaa Allah, this will lead Brunei towards a more prosperous and peaceful future, making Brunei populated with educated, highly skilful and successful individuals, in line with internationally set standards.

Donation: Members of the public wishing to contribute into the BIBD ALAF fund may do so with a minimum donation of B$1.01 into the BIBD ALAF account at 1018181811 via BIBD channels such as the BIBD Online website, BIBD Mobile app, BIBD ATM and CDMs, and BIBD branch counters. The public can also set up a BIBD Standing Instruction to ensure a monthly donation into the ALAF fund.

As an added option, BIBD account holders can also use their accumulated BIBD Hadiah Points for cash conversion into contributions into the ALAF fund account. Progresif users can also make donation to the ALAF programme via its dedicated SMS in denominations of BND 1,5,10, 15 and 20 by typing “ALAF” and entering the amount selected, and sending it to 38988.





Audi Q7 

Many reasons to love the Audi Q7

Audi’s new Q7 has earned a Top Safety Pick+ from IIHS, despite requirements being tightened for 2016.

To qualify, winners must earn “good” ratings in each of the IIHS’ five crash-worthiness tests, the small overlap, moderate overlap, side and roof strength and head restraints tests, and to have an “advanced” or “superior” rating on front crash prevention system.

The German SUV did “good” in the five crashworthiness evaluations and scored a “superior” rating for front crash prevention, as the model has standard Audi pre sense city with automatic emergency braking, which can detect moving and stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians, at speeds up to 52 mph (84 km/h) and initiate braking if potential collision is detected.

“This year’s Top Safety Pick+ award for the 2017 Q7 represents our brand’s longstanding commitment to bringing innovative technologies to the market.”, said President Audi of America, Scott Keogh.

The new Audi Q7 also recently earned the top 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety rating in January. There will be a press launch of the Audi Q7 pretty soon. Do check out my IG and Snapchats this coming Thursday.





What Time 


Check out the new groupie chat apps by Tap Get

Chat Group Hell: We’ve all been there – stuck in a chat group that you can’t leave because it’s either rude, FOMO on juicy gossip or just not wanting to be ‘that guy’ who leaves. What Time is a new app where you’ll never get stuck in an unwanted group and it keeps conversations on topic.

It’s a simple idea: rather than having chat groups that stay open forever and get easily flooded with multiple topics going on all at the same time, it would be better to chat in groups that:
A. Only exist for as long as they’re needed, and
B. Stay on topic.

Only existing for as long as they’re needed. Chat groups start with a timer counting down from 24:00 hours, new messages sent to the group will add a further 10 minutes, but eventually as the conversation ends it will reach 00:00 and the group is closed.

Staying on topic. Groups are based on what ‘time’ it is, such as: “It’s Party Time”, “It’s Coffee Time” or even “It’s Sexy Time” and chat along with shared photos scrolling along the background so everyone in the group knows what everyone else is talking about.

The world does not need another social-network but group chat could be better, Tap Get CEO Keeran Janin commented, ”Groups in apps like Whatsapp and Messenger already do a great job of keeping us close with family and friends – but overuse for the wrong events spoil the experience – so rather than create a whole new platform we made What Time as an alternative app to chat about short-lived events that works with your existing social networks”.

Currently What Time works with Facebook contacts, adding support for other networks is planned for future updates.

What I feel: This is an interesting and thoughtful app especially for those with multiple group chats and some may seem redundant and unnecessary after the event is over or simply the chat group has literally gone dead. It’s good to see Keeran coming up with new ideas to make life more convenient and hassle free and still make it relevant in our everyday lives. The app is up and running on IOS. I’ve tried it and so far, it’s a great idea. This app takes two (or many) to tango but once the party gets a hang of it, this is a solid way of communicating and I love the interface as well.

For Android users, you might have to wait for a stable version as it’s still on beta. I do hope the traction of users will increase over a course of time.


Keeran Janin, CEO of Tap Get, releasing his new app called What Time. This image three years ago when he won the best logo competition for National Day. Sorry buddy, I googled and this came out :p

Now you can chat with your closed friends interactively and the inbox clears itself

Also available for iWatch




Still on a mission

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


BIBD Top Up Tia 

BIBD held a prize presentation ceremony today for its monthly “Top Up Tia” campaign winners recently.

The prize ceremony was held at the BIBD Rimba Branch. On hand to give away the prizes was Jeffri Ahmad Said, Head of Transaction & Support Services from BIBD’s Corporate Banking Group.

All the respective winners were in an ecstatic mood as they all were presented with their respective prizes ranging from the latest Apple gadgets such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPad Pro. The monthly promotional campaign will be running until the 30th of April 2016.


The winners of the BIBD Top Up Tia campaign

The BIBD Top Up Tia campaign encourages its customers to use either the BIBD Mobile or BIBD Online channels to perform ‘top-ups’ on their DES electricity, DST’s Easi or GO!broadband and Progresif Cellular’s mobile and broadband. The service provides the perfect solution of having speed and convenience for the top-up of these utilities mentioned. Users of the service do not need to make any extra effort to purchase physical top up cards at vendors as they can just log on to BIBD Mobile or BIBD Online and top up all these utilities directly. These conveniences become extra useful in times of need, during off business hours or shortages of physical top-up cards in, especially the denominations you want.

For more information on any BIBD services, products and promotions, please follow the BIBD Instagram account at @BIBDBRUNEI; Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bibdbrunei; get in touch with BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181 or visit the nearest BIBD Branch. Also, don’t forget to download the popular BIBD Mobile App to get the latest BIBD offers and promotions under “What’s New” feature.





The Big Shopping Win 

The winners of Baiduri and Hua Ho’s ‘The Big Shopping Win’ promotion were awarded their prizes in a ceremony held at the department store held at Hua Ho Kiulap on Sunday.

Mah Wai Keun was delighted as she opened her envelope and realised that she had won the Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Auto grand prize. Headillah Zainuddin and his happy family took home the second prize of a Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Auto while Md Norizam Hj Md Zain won a $1,000 shopping voucher from Hua Ho.

Director of Hua Ho, Lau Soon Lin and Manager of Card Brand Relationship & Business Banking Support, Baiduri Michelle Lo together with Manager of Business Banking, Baiduri Davern Lim presented the keys to the grand winners.

Mah Wai Keun (left), the winner of the Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Auto grand prize with Michelle Lo, Manager of Card Brand Relationship & Business Banking Support and Lau Soon Lin, Director of Hua Ho

The second prize winner of the Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Auto

Md Norizam Hj Md Zain won a $1,000 shopping voucher from Hua Ho

During the final draw

The names of the 10 finalists were drawn last Friday, and the winners were determined through a number of rounds using envelopes – containing information that indicate whether they were able to pass to the next round or not – which were given randomly.

During the final round, the three finalists were asked to pick from a set of envelopes containing information on the order in which they get to pick the final set of envelopes, which contained the grand prizes of the day.

The other seven finalists received consolation prizes in the form of $300 and $500 Hua Ho shopping vouchers, presented by Branch Manager of Hua Ho Mulaut Alex Lim and Manager of Hua Ho Kiulap respectively.





PechaKucha #7 

Click image to book your tickets

It’s happening soon. The 7th edition of the PechaKucha series from Brunei Darussalam. I’m excited because of the line up of speakers especially Hj Rozan Yunos and my good friend Sophia Siu. I have attended a few sessions and they have been awesome because I learnt more about individuals and their ideas where some I could relate to.

Similar to a TEDx concept on sharing your thoughts, the only difference is that the presentation of ideas and thoughts are delivered through public speaking with 20 slides where it changes every 20 seconds.

So far the presentations have been successful and wonderful to learn at the same time. I just booked my tickets for the event and I highly recommend you to catch at least one PechaKucha and this edition is not the one to be missed. You can visit their website to book your attendance and do refer to the poster for more details.


Hj Rozan Yunos, a role model for me, is one of the listed speakers for PechaKucha next weekend. I can’t wait.

Finally she is one of the speakers for PechaKucha. Good luck, Sophia aka @lilmopiko

Abdul Zainidi, another local talent, who made his name internationally. Image from his Facebook.

A comedian, an actor, a public speaker, ah the list goes on.. I admire his journey to pursue his dreams. There’s only one Zainal Bostaman. Good luck next week.

The 6th edition of PechaKucha last December at Energy Kitchen. It will be the same venue again.

I was inspired by Josephine’s journey as an entrepreneur. I had the fire feeling inside when I saw her presentation at PechaKucha last December. Now reflecting back, I should have taken advantage of that fire in me. Click image to listen to Josephine’s story.

Amir Noor shared his passion on long board in the 6th edition of PechaKucha and how it has been gaining popularity in Brunei.




New player in town

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The All New Audi Q7 




My CNY updates 

This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is slightly tamer than previous year. Though I would like to say that I managed to attend almost all the invitation surprisingly. I managed to collect a few angpows too along the way (perks of being single). Chap Go Meh is a few days away which will mark the end of the Chinese New Year festive celebration.

Here are some of the photos taken recently to commemorate CNY celebration.


Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Ali Hj Apong Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism and spouse visited the Chong Fu Li’s residence. Also present were Chang Ein Hong, father of Chong Fu Li, His Excellency Cho Won-Myung, Korean Ambassador to Brunei and his family, Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank, Rino Donosepoetro, CEO of Standard Chartered (Brunei) and his family, Chong Ming Rui, my friend and host :p and others.

Thank Chong Ming Rui for the invitation. This is our tennis family though only one person doesn’t take up the sport

Tennis players from Brunei and Japan

At Leonard and Jackie’s open house. So Jackie, are you planning to visit Katmandu? :p

Visited John Tan’s residence and we had a good chat about toys with Stephen. It’s good to know the other side of John and his army toy collections.

A quick visit to Pat Li’s residence and I truly like the vegetarian home-made roll

Thankful for a wonderful friendship we have though we see each other once in a while

Tasted my first ever Blue Tea at Pat’s house

Even Mr. Brown’s greeting happy new year

Only known for less than 2 years but we have a great bond of friendship. Thanks for hosting my friend

… and Kristy makes one of the best latte in town. You can ask for her to serve you at Piccolo Cafe in bandar

We had an awesome learning experience in Hua Hin among other friends recently. It was a like a solo reunion and see how much both of us have grown individually. See you next time, Sarina.

Truly appreciative of my friend Pranika for accompanying me on my CNY visits this year. More to come …. next year :p

Without knowing, we coincidentally wore Deadpool colours :p

Management and team of Interhouse Company wishes Happy New Year. Image courtesy of IHC Facebook Page.



Game On!!! 

Starting tomorrow

I’m not interested in the other board games apart from Scrabble 😀 So any takers?

Times Square Shopping Centre will be holding a Board Games Weekend from 19th to 21st February 2016 at the atrium this weekend. National Day Board Games Weekend 2016 is organized by Times Square Shopping Centre and is co-organized by Brunei Chess Federation (BCF) and the Department of CO-curriculum Education. Events include Scrabbles competition and Chess tournament. Participants may register for the Scrabbles competition by filling in the forms that can be retrieved at the lucky draw counter and submitted before the event.

Board Games Weekend activities will include a Chess Simultaneous match, Basic Chess Lessons and Chess Blitz games. For the chess tournament, it will be 9 rounds for Rapid and 9 rounds for Blitz using the Swiss Manager Programme organized in accordance to the most recent laws of chess. The time control for the Rapid Event will be 15 minutes for the whole game plus 2 seconds increment and for Blitz Event will be 5 minutes plus 2 seconds every move played starting from the first move. The entry fee for the Rapid Event are $12 for adults, $8 for Under-20 (students), $5 for Under-14 (students) per person and for Blitz Event will be $10 per person (Adults category). Medals will be awarded to the Top 5 finalists of the Open category for National Day Inter-School Chess Blitz 2016 and category prizes for the Top 3 finalists for the Best Junior U14 and Best Junior U10. In addition, trophies will also be awarded to the Best 3 of the schools’ category.

The public will have the opportunity to test their skills against Brunei’s best players and the chance to learn first-hand from a professional chess player. There will be a National Day Chess Festival 2016 where students from all schools in Brunei Darussalam are welcomed to participate in the competition, which will be held on the 19th of February 2016, Friday at the ground floor of Times Square Shopping Centre. The deadline for the registration is on Friday, 19th February at 2.30pm for the Rapid Event and for Blitz Event will be on Sunday, 21st February 2016 at 1.00pm. Interested students can either register directly at the ground floor of Times Square Shopping Centre or contact the organizing committee to register.

Other board games will also be opened for customers to try out and play. These include Snakes and Ladders, Cluedo, Monopoly and Jengga. In the nearest future, Times Square will be having several events such as Japanese Language and Culture week on 18th to 20th March, 9th Mini Carnival on 23rd to 29th March 2016 and a Wedding Exhibition in April 2016. You may also find out about all upcoming events simply by following Times Square Shopping Centre’s pages on Facebook and Instagram.

For further information about the chess tournament, please contact Pg Abd Rahman (+673)8780282, Amir Fakhry (+673)8669759, GM Vakhidov Tahir via Vakjhidovt@yahoo.com and for Scrabbles competition, please contact 2338208 or 2338006.


So speaking of board games, we recently had some board game session at Games & Latte

The gang that showed up last weekend. Let’s do another round.



BIBD Media Appreciation Night 

The Clever Cup demo by It’s a Grind during BIBD Media Appreciation Night. Image courtesy of BIBD Facebook Page.

Members of the press. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

Bloggers and radio presenters. Image courtesy of @anakbrunei

Nadzri the magician and entertainer for last night’s event. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

Image courtesy of @photobychihb

The colgate potential model :p Image by Allen Shim.

Image courtesy of Conia Kaur.

The best dressed – Adriane Jaafar of The Brunei Times and Rudi Hamid of Pelangi FM. Image courtesy of @pelangifm



2016 awakens? Not just yet

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


New MD of BIBD 

The Board of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam today announced the appointment of Mr Mubashar Khokhar as its Managing Director with effect from 30 November 2015. He will take over from Mr Javed Ahmad who will leave BIBD on 29 December 2015, after having successfully led the Bank since 2008.

Dato Paduka Haji Bahrin bin Abdullah, Chairman of BIBD said that Mr Khokhar brings with him a wealth of knowledge and international experience of over 30 years in the financial industry, which is well-suited to BIBD’s ambitious plans to take the bank to the next level. “Mubashar has deep knowledge of the Islamic finance industry and proven executive experience across fifteen developed and emerging markets, including the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council. He will continue to drive the transformation and continuous improvement agenda that we have set out for the Bank, to generate respectable returns for our shareholders, while continuously providing our customers with world-class Islamic financial services.”


Mr Mubashar Khokhar as its Managing Director of BIBD. Image taken from emirates247.com

Prior to BIBD, Mr Khokhar was Managing Director at Fajr Capital, Dubai, a principal investment firm and, CEO of Ajman Bank, a publicly listed Shari’a compliant bank in UAE, and also served as the CEO of Badr Al-Islami/Mashreq Al-Islami, a wholly owned subsidiary of MashreqBank. Under his leadership at Ajman Bank, Ajman Bank received widespread industry recognition, including the coveted ‘Best Domestic Bank’ award in 2011. He started his career with American Express and Bank of America.

Dato Haji Bahrin also thanked Mr Javed Ahmad for his immense contributions during his tenure at the helm of BIBD. Mr Javed Ahmad was instrumental in the transformation of BIBD into Brunei Darussalam’s largest bank and the sultanate’s flagship Islamic financial institution, serving over 30% of the Bruneian market. Several milestones have been chartered during his leadership at BIBD, including the Bank’s major rebranding exercise in 2013, the introduction of pilot banking innovations and technologies, as well as the Bank’s regional expansion to Singapore. BIBD has also received numerous international recognitions under Javed Ahmad’s leadership, including receiving the impressive A- (Stable) credit rating, the highest in Brunei Darussalam and among the highest in Southeast Asia accorded by international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s.


Thank you, Mr. Javed Ahmad, for your friendship and continuous support during your capacity as the MD of BIBD. I wish you the best in your future endeavours.


Swipe to Fly 

Pg Suhardy bin Pg Hj Nordin, BIBD’s Head of Branches, present a prize to one of the winners

Pg Suhardy bin Pg Hj Nordin, BIBD’s Head of Branches, present a prize to one of the winners

BIBD last weekend handed over three pairs of air tickets to Kota Kinabalu for the first monthly winners of its “Swipe to Fly” campaign at the Radisson Hotel in the capital. Present to hand over the prizes was BIBD’s Head of Branches, Pg Suhardy bin Pg Hj Nordin.

Throughout the promotion period ending 29th of February 2016, every transaction made using any physical BIBD cards will entitle the card holder one entry, automatically entered into the ‘Swipe to Fly’ campaign. As an added bonus, any transaction on the same cards above BND$50 will also entitle the cardholder an additional five entrees. The four-month promotion will also offer air tickets to Jakarta, Bali and Bangkok.

BIBD is also currently running its BIBD Card Privileges promotion which allows BIBD cardholders, including the BIBD Virtual Mastercard, to enjoy a discount of up to seven percent when you book your travel accommodation with Agoda. This promotion is valid until the 31st December 2015, and is available via the BIBD landing page at www.agoda.com/bibd.

For more information on any BIBD products, services and promotions, please follow the BIBD Instagram account at @BIBDBRUNEI; Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bibdbrunei ; get in touch with BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181 or visit the nearest BIBD Branch. Also, don’t forget to download the popular BIBD Mobile App to get the latest BIBD offers and promotions under “What’s New” feature.


Group photo with the winners



The Peugeot 3008 crossover 

Check out the new Peugeot 3008 crossover now available in Brunei

The front view and now the lights are pretty unique, powered by Bi-Xenon Directional Light

The trend is picking up or it already has been the trend in Brunei Darussalam. Car enthusiasts prefer to drive an SUV than a saloon car. So it’s no surprise that many European car manufacturers are listening to the demands especially in Asia and Brunei is one of them.

Today my post will feature the latest edition to the Peugeot family – the Peugeot 3008. This model will surely attract many potential customers. Why? Because of its affordability for a crossover SUV and its awesome safety features.

The Peugeot 3008 is a crossover SUV capable of seating five in comfort thanks to its MPV-like interior and clever use of space from our fully imported model from France.

Designed to look more like a 4×4 estate than a traditional SUV or people carrier, the Peugeot 3008 stands out on the road and the modern, attractive design incorporates vast boot space for luggage and equipment.

Inside the Peugeot 3008, the interior is kitted out with an almost-executive-level of equipment and the use of quality materials puts the 3008 ahead of many of its rivals.

An excellent petrol engines provide plenty of power matched to low running costs, low levels of emissions and small car fuel economy.


Even the bonnet area is spacious and can carry the human weights of my media buddies

Annison, TCY Motors Peugeot sales manager, adjusting the partition at the boot area. He highlighted how the new SUV is clever in using its space.

Adjustable space at the back

Vincent Hong checking out the new 3008

Now for only BND 539 per month and with the new AMBD directive, you don’t need down payment. Coolio!!

Safety feature. Customers will feel more confident knowing that the 3008 crossover is being awarded a 5* Euro NCAP rating.

The 3008 is the only entry level SUV in Brunei, to be fitted with Bi-Xenon Directional Light (totally cool feature). This feature is very important on safety aspect during night driving. When maneuvering, the light follows the direction of the steering wheel, thus making your driving safer and with confidence.

The New 3008 is fitted with 6 SMART airbags that inflate according to the force of the impact, giving you exactly the right level of protection. Every part of the New 3008 has been designed for maximum safety.

Price? Well, you will be amazed to know that the price is set at BND 34,900 or from BND 539 per month depending on your specification. We had the privilege to have a closer look at the new Peugeot 3008 crossover at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf last week. For those interested to view the car, you can drop by their Peugeot Showroom at Kiarong.

You can also follow their Facebook Page and their Brunei’s Peugeot website for more updates.


The black one looks cool

Close up view of the front

The interior look



Winners feted for video comp 

Muhammad Abdul Mu’iz Darul the winner of the Open Category of the Financial Scams Awareness Short Video Competition and presenting the prize was AMBD Managing Director Yusof Hj Abd Rahman

Ak Sulaiman Pg Hj Aman from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) the winner of the Student Category of the Financial Scams Awareness Short Video Competition and presenting the prize was AMBD Managing Director Yusof Hj Abd Rahman

The creators of the best videos on financial scams were recently given recognition by the organiser of the competition, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD), at the Theatre Hall, Ministry of Finance Building last week.

The Financial Scams Awareness Video Competition, which was divided into two categories – Student and Open – saw a total of three winners from each category.
In the Student category, Ak Sulaiman Pg Hj Aman from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) took the first place for his video Desperate. In second place were Chung Ming Ru and Nurul Hafizah Zakaria, also from UBD, for their video, Loving Can Hurt. Meanwhile, in third place was a group of students from Politeknik Brunei – Mohd Izzat Afifi Hassan, Ak Md Akmal Muazzam Pg Mohammad Adam Nor-Islam, Amin Yusuf Abd Salam; and Muhd Hafiy Masri – for their video titled Tabung Dana.

In the open category Muhammad Abdul Mu’iz Darul was announced the first place winner for his video Tuah Malang. In second and third places respectively were Mohammad Hanifi Hj Juffri for his video The Pyramid and Amirul Jazli Jali for his video Caught in the Web.

The consolation prizes winners went to Abdul Hanan bin Haji Erwan, Nurul Fatin Haziqah binti Abdul Rahman, Siti Zuraidah @ ‘Aziyah As-Zahra binti Mat Jais and Najihah binti Haji Ali from Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA); and Muhammad Meerza Helmi bin Uzapuspa, Muhammad Afiq Khairuddin bin Kamaluddin, Audrey Lim Hong Eng and Ahmad Fikri bin Zulbahri from Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (MSPSBS).


2nd place winner in the Student Category

The top three winners in the Open Category

The top three winners in the Student Category

Group photo with the AMBD and the winners and finalists of the Financial Scams Awareness Short Video Competition

Present to hand the prizes to the winners was AMBD Managing Director Yusof Hj Abd Rahman, who also presented prizes to consolation winners. Also present at the ceremony were AMBD’s management and staff as well as external judges Shaikh Hj Hanafiyah Shaikh Hj Ahmad from Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB); and Siti Kamaluddin from Origins Film Sdn Bhd.

In an AMBD press statement, the competition was organised to develop public awareness on financial scams.

The winning videos, Desperate and Tuah Malang, can be viewed on AMBD’s app, which can be downloaded for free on both App Store for iPhone users and Google Playstore for Android users. All the images courtesy of AMBD and text taken from The Brunei Times.




Agree to disagree

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News

The Good Dinosaur 

Listen to the podcast review of The Good Dinosaur with special guest Pranika Lama


The season’s over 

During the Singapore League Awards last week. Image courtesy of S•League

Azwan Ali Rahman won Young Player of the Year award. Image courtesy of S•League

Steve Kean won Coach of the Year. Image courtesy of S•League

The season has concluded and DPMM FC and the management have worked their socks off for a wonderful season and winning their first ever S•League title. Now they are on a mini-break for a few weeks before they are back training again.

Recently DPMM FC won a few accolades including Coach of the Year (Steve Kean) and Young Player of the Year (Azwan Ali Rahman) feted at Singapore League Awards last week. It was a well deserved award for Steve Kean as he missed out last season. As for Azwan Ali, he has been very consistent with his performance all around and week in, week out, he had made an impact to DPMM FC.

Two years ago, Azwan Ali was in a difficult position as his former club Indera FC was reluctant to let him go. In the end, he made the right choice to join the only professional club, DPMM FC, in Brunei Darussalam and his adventure started with a bang. Let’s hope for better things for Azwan Ali in the new season.

Now the biggest question will be the current import players of DPMM FC. With the new ruling of allowance of three import players, this will put a dent in Kean’s strategy as he has trusted the five import players throughout the season. All of them are instrumental in bringing the first ever S•League title to the club. Now it boils down to Kean and the management of DPMM FC on who will be sacrificed for the next season.

My pick would be Paulo Sergio, Rafael Ramazotti and Boris Raspudic. However, according to DPMM FC’s website, Rafael has turned down an offer to extend his contract with DPMM FC. It remains to be seen who will be the chosen one to replace Rafa. The club have renewed the contract of Paulo Sergio and Brian McLean for the next season. This means that Boris Raspudic and Joe Gamble are being released.

A few days ago, DPMM FC had a meet and greet session for the fans at The Mall. It was organised by I Lyke Toh Entertainment and the players and fans had a great time together. It was another way to appreciate the fans for supporting the football club.


Having fun with Beracun on stage

DPMM FC fans gave token of appreciation to the team

Move it, move it.. @wards25

It’s the last time we will see Joe Gamble as a DPMM FC player. Thank you for your contribution.

The Zumba move

DPMM FC players worried what was next when Beracun controlled the stage

Some DPMM FC players hiding away from Beracun


Swipe to Fly 

Another promotion back by popular demand for BIBD customers




DJ Amad crowned champion 

The winners and contestants of the DJ Mix Competition with the organisers, sponsors and representatives of Jerudong Park management at JP Amphitheater. Image courtesy of @kurapak

DJ Jakey crowned the champion for Rookies with DJ Leiley. Image courtesy of @kurapak

DJ Amad winning the competition in the Open Class category. Image courtesy of @kurapak

It was the first time I attended a DJ competition in a very long, long time. I remember back in the early 2000s, I was involved in the team that brought international DJs regionally and it was also showcasing the local talents that we have such as DJ Felix and DJ Leiley to name a few.

Fast forward to now, it’s a whole different landscape with stricter rules and regulations that the Bruneians have to follow when it comes to local entertainment. The talented musicians have to find alternatives or be more creative in showcasing their talents without crossing the line (of the laws). If you think about it, to make a music showcase possible, then it shows that we have to be a step ahead and be more creative to make things happen.

Hence to have a DJ Mix Competition is already a great start despite the limitations to the organisers and the public. The seasoned DJs shared their vision in helping the young blood (DJs) to learn about mixing music and one avenue is to have competition. The three day event also involved a DJ Mix workshop (on Sunday) to give more knowledge on mixing and the techniques to the local DJs. One of the DJs, @leiley_lim shared that Brunei DJs have the best equipment regionally but lacking the avenue to share their talent to the public.

The organisers and the partners were happy with the overall competition and workshop as it was a successful one. It was also great to see the DJ Mioy, DJ Leiley and DJ Felix working together for the benefit of the community in a longer run.

Below are the winners and ranks for the respective categories.

Open Class Category:
Winner : DJ Amad
1st Runner-up : Jimmyroll
2nd Runner-up : Fiiz The Shiiz
4th : DJ Izra
5th : Aeros
6th : Mask

Rookies Category:
Winner: DJ Jakey


DJ Jimmy Roll took 2nd place. It also came 2nd in the previous competition

Fiiz The Shiiz came 3rd place. Image courtesy of @kurapak

Ammirul was the emcee/host for the finals last Saturday

It was good to see all the seasoned DJs working as one

DJ Aeros spinning for the crowd last Saturday

@Kurapak taking great shots with his trusted Fuji film camera

Behind the scene

DJ Amad stole the hearts of the audience and judges

The back shot

DJ Leiley playing his track Radioactive and hopes to make it big with a record label down under. Good luck, buddy!

DJ Mioy showcasing his talent to the delight of the crowd




A blood drive 

A welcoming remark to the Filipino community

In collaboration with the Embassy of The Republic of The Philippines, The Jerudong Park Medical Centre held a blood donation drive, open to the Filipino Community. The objective of the blood donation drive was to raise awareness on the importance of donating blood, in saving lives and contributing to blood banks in Brunei Darussalam.

“Blood banks always need volunteering blood donors.” said Romeo Tabios, JPMC’s blood bank nurse. “Giving 15 minutes of your time by donating blood can help save lives.” Blood donation not only gives back to society, but also provides physical and mental benefits to the donors’ health. Donating blood helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as burn calories.

The drive was held at the Philippines Chancery, Embassy of The Republic of The Philippines from 3pm – 5pm, and received a total of more than 30 interested donors, who contributed to a good cause.

Before donating blood, donors were interviewed on their brief health history and screened for basic physical health. Donors were made aware of certain factors to consider, such as pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, cholesterol, and haemoglobin levels. Blood donors were also screened for infectious diseases.

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre hopes for future collaborations to aid the blood banks in the country. Images courtesy of Jerudong Park Medical Centre.


The Filipino community showing their support

Taking a blood sample

The blood donors last weekend



32 more days

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HRH at BIBD relaunch 

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik in the group photo during the relaunch of the newly refurbished BIBD Headquarters in the heart of the capital. Accompanying His Royal Highness were Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Bahrin bin Abdullah, Minister of Development cum BIBD Chairman (2nd from left), Yang Muliakan Pehin Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Raja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Hj Suhaili Hj Mohiddin, Chairman of BIBD’s Shariah Advisory Vody and its subsiadiaries and Shariah Appeal Court Judge (left) and Javed Ahmad, Managing Director of BIBD. Click image to enlarge.

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik launching the event this morning at BIBD HQ

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik graced the launch of the newly refurbished BIBD HQ in town this morning. He was greeted by Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Bahrin bin Abdullah, Minister of Development cum BIBD Chairman.

The Chairman made his welcoming remarks on the build up to leading to the launch of the refurbished headquarters of BIBD. He shared about the processes and transformations from the times of IBB (Islamic Bank of Brunei Berhad) and also The Island Development Bank which later merged with Islamic Development Bank of Brunei in 2005 and rebranded as BIBD (Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam).

The current HQ consists of three floors. As you can see that each floor is designated to cater for different purposes. The ground floor will be for counter transaction services, the second floor for financing services and third floor will handle BIBD’s Corporate Banking division. The dedicated floors are easily accessed through means of lift for the convenience of the customers.

The main branch also provides four ATMs, two Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), a Cheque Deposit Machine along with an internet kiosk to provide speedy and seamless banking transactions even after working hours.

According to Javed Ahmad, the Managing Director of BIBD, the relaunching of BIBD HQ symbolises the Bank’s journey into becoming a modern, world-class financial institution and marks the completion of an intensive rebranding exercise that started in 2013.

As of now, there are 15 branches of BIBD which are strategically located across the country. Furthermore, BIBD has a dedicate 24-7 Contact Centre and also an active BIBD online services and let’s not forget their BIBD Mobile application to make transaction seamless for BIBD customers.

Congratulations once more to BIBD on the event this morning as everything went pretty smoothly. So have you bank with BIBD yet?


HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik cutting the ribbon to make the occasion

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik toured the ground floor of BIBD HQ

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik in the group photo with BIBD associates

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik viewing the video presentation on the changes of BIBD

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik being briefed on the history and milestone of BIBD

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik being briefed on the corporate customers of BIBD

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik signing the plaque

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik receiving a pesembah from the chairman of BIBD

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik with the other ministers during refreshment

Chairman of BIBD, Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Bahrin, in his welcoming remarks

At the tent outside BIBD

The Chairman was happy with the success of the event

Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Dewa Major General (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Hj Mohammad Hj Daud, the former chairman of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD)

Pg Shamhary Pg Dato Paduka Mustapha, Managing Director of Brunei Shell Marketing was present too

Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines, was among the invited guest


The Good Dinosaur 

Listen to the podcast review of The Good Dinosaur with special guest Pranika Lama




Happy 32nd birthday @a_munim_ 

My brother @a_munim_ with mom during the cake cutting last Saturday

He’s a big fan of Mercedes-Benz too

Oh yea, we both support Liverpool too 😀

A good celebration last weekend.


Jati’s Appreciation Day 

Pg Mohd Nasir Pg Anak Ja’afar with the associates of Jati Transport Sdn Bhd (Mercedes-Benz Brunei) at Appreciation Day yesterday at Beribi showroom.

Last year it was raining. Yesterday was a different story. Jati Transport Sdn Bhd had its Appreciation Day for their customers who have supported the company. As you know that Jati Transport is the main distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Brunei Darussalam. They recently launched the new V-Class last week which was well received from the Brunei market.

Hundreds showed up in the heavily packed event where customers bring their families and friends to celebrate the occasion at Jati Transport showroom in Beribi. There were catering from Radisson Hotel, London Kebab, satay joint and everyone’s favourite, Mr. Softy ice-cream. There were also face painting, animal show, life sketch drawing and of course, the Photo Booth by @meinaboxbn, the most popular spot of the lot.

Present during the Appreciation Customer Day were Pg Anak Hj Ja’afar Ibni Al-Marhum Pg Pemancha Pg Anak Hj Mohd Alam, Executive Chairman of Jati Transport, Mr. Andrew Chiam, Executive Director of Jati Transport, Alfred So, General Manager of Jati Transport and Pg Mohd Nasir Pg Anak Ja’afar.

You can follow their updates on Facebook or instagram @mercedesbenzbrunei and they are quite updated as well.


The long queue at Mr. Softy

Andrew Chiam enjoying his ice-cream

Huge crowd yesterday at Jati Transport Beribi showroom

@cheahong2012 caught by surprise by my shot :p

Face painting for the kids and even adults

The crowd eyeing on the iguana

Loads of lamb spit from Radisson.

You can take photo with the eagle

Sketching portraits for the guests

Family shot at the photo booth

The happening Photo Booth @meinaboxbn

Betty and her baby at the event

Lots of kids got their face painted

Good music throughout the event

Some of the guests yesterday

Talk on safety especially when it comes to tyres

You’re the man 😀




Congratulations to Rafiyuddin aka Rupert and Siti Hazrena (Rena) on their niche yesterday

The bride being escorted to the nikah ceremony

Rupert was calm and he recited the whole sentence in one breath… very quickly

The bride smiling from a distance

Where the groom meets the bride

The customary kissing-the-hand of the groom

Rupert being briefed by Abang on how to stay calm and cool




The cast of Othello from PTE Meragang. Kudos to Rabi’atul Adawiyyah (in red and black) because you really pulled the show and played the role of Iago exceptionally well.

I’m familiar with Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet. But not so much on Othello. The ones I have mentioned are plays by William Shakespeare and I’ve seen different movie adaptations except for Othello. Hence I was intrigued when the English Literature team of PTE Meragang conducted a few shows with their version of Othello. I wasn’t too familiar with the language of Shakespeare but it will take me a while to digest so it was helpful that the organiser handed out synopsis of Othello for the benefit of the audience.

I must say I was impressed with the quality of the students, showcasing their acting talents. There were also students with the assistant of teachers involved behind the scenes such as at the lighting, props and make-ups. All in all, there were 55 students involved from Lower Six and Upper Six (English Literature students). They were well-prepared in advance before the show as they had examinations prior to this.

The adaptation play was directed by Siti Zuliana bte Hj Masri, a teacher from the English Literature of PTE Meragang. The second show was special as parents and families were able to catch the stars of the day. According to Hjh Soriana Salwa Hj Mornie, Head of the English Department, PTE Meragang, the show was a follow up of the British High Commission sponsored Othello workshop which was previously conducted at Repertory Theatre in Singapore as part of the school’s Shakespeare Education trip back in April. Now they have taken the initiative and give it back to the community. Thumbs up to the direction of the school and the students in making this possible.

Once again, I’m truly impressed with the students of PTE Meragang and those who worked behind the scenes, they too play important roles. Thank you to Adree for the heads up and also to Sharon Ong for saving a seat for me 😀


The character Othello played by Syed Ibrahim Faris Malai Hj Abd Hamid (right) was commanding on stage

Dk Siti Basyirah as Desdemona and Asyraf Amin as Cassio showed their charisma on stage and we were drawn to their chemistry

This scene reminds me of Pulp Fiction 😀



The bedroom scene

Picture opportunity with the cast

Picture opportunity with the cast

Picture opportunity with the cast

It was a full house show last weekend



Still in 2nd gear

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RIP Rex 

Charles Rex de Silva, 74, passed away two days ago in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’ve known him during his years in Brunei Press and I had a few conversations with him in his office. He was such a humble person, serving his profession back then as editor-in-chief of Borneo Bulletin (1990 to 2011). You will be dearly missed especially those who have worked with you. You have left a good legacy in Borneo Bulletin. Image taken from Facebook. RIP Rex.


Vrroomm…. in BSB 

Pengiran Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman bin Pengiran Seri Indera Pengiran Haji Ismail, Chairman and Executive Committee Secretary and also as Chairman of the Working Committee (centre) during the press conference for 2015 Brunei Darussalam Karting Championship. Image courtesy of Khairil Hassan of Borneo Bulletin.

This is a yearly event that’s happening this weekend. It’s the final leg of the 2015 Brunei Darussalam Karting Championship and this time it will be a 3-day event starting this Friday. This is one of the days where the capital of Brunei Darussalam will be transformed into a race-track.

The Go-Kart event is also in conjunction with the 45th Anniversary of Bandar Seri Begawan and it is organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs (BSB Municipal Board) with the collaboration of Brunei Darussalam Go-Kart Association and D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd.

The practice session will be happen on Saturday 21st November near the Royal Wharf while the official race will take place on Sunday 22nd November. On Friday, there will be activities for the public to enjoy at the Taman SOAS such as fly fox, retro car show, music competition, frisbee competition, bouncers and many more.

As for the Frisbee tournament, the registration is still open and you can contact Adib at 8796851 or 8903654.

All these were announced yesterday during the press conference at the Ministry of Home Affairs led by Pengiran Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman bin Pengiran Seri Indera Pengiran Haji Ismail, Chairman and Executive Committee Secretary and also as Chairman of the Working Committee.

There was also safety briefing for the public who will be at the vicinity of the race track. You will be advised not to cross the race track during the race and practice session.

Also for you info, there will be road closure as well. Do refer to the illustration below. The road closure will start from 2pm Saturday to 8pm Sunday.

So where can you park? Parkings at Jalan Cator, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and PGGMB Building and also a few areas like Jalan Bendhara will still be opened for the public. Just be careful not to park illegally because I ended getting a summon for parking illegally two years ago *oopsy*

Parking for VIP invitees will be at Jalan Roberts and Jalan McArthur while Committee parking will be at Commercial Centre Building and Storey Park Building.

Invitees’ parking will be at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah across Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque, TAIB, Electric Department, Main Post Office and Lapau.


Road closure starting Saturday. Illustration by The Brunei Times.



Congratulations Saiful 

The Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Managing Director of BIBD, Hjh Noraini Hj Sulaiman (L), presenting the winning trophy to Hj Saiful Rizal Pehin Dato Hj Ahmad, the champion of the Open Gross category during the prize presentation ceremony for the BIBD Perdana Banking Invitational Golf Tournament 2015 at The Empire Hotel & Country Golf Club. Image courtesy of Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.

Smiles were all around as close to 100 clients of BIBD took part in the BIBD Perdana Banking Invitational Golf Tournament 2015 which took place yesterday at The Empire Hotel & Country Golf Club.

The tournament was organised to foster stronger relationships between BIBD and its customers in the Perdana Privilege, Corporate and Institutional Banking segments.

On hand to present the trophies to the winners of the day was the Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Managing Director of BIBD, Hjh Noraini Hj Sulaiman.

The top winners of the day included Hj Khairul Jamaluddin, who was the champion of the Open Nett category, while Hj Saiful Rizal Pehin Dato Hj Ahmad topped the Open Gross category.

Wong Kai Tee was named the champion of the Senior Nett category while Dato Paduka Sheikh Adnan was named the Champion of the Senior Gross Category.

The Deputy Managing Director of BIBD thanked everyone for their support and participation in the tournament, and took the opportunity to recap on the excellent year BIBD has been having in 2015.

To find out more about BIBD’s products, services and promotion visit its official Facebook page here www.facebook.com/bibdbrunei or log on to www.bibd.com.bn www.bibd.com.bn or eget in touch with the BIBD contact Centre at 2239191. Text courtesy of Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.



IKHLAS Run with Colours 



Colour runs have been a popular gimmick as of late. Last Sunday, another one took place organised by SEAMEO VOCTECH with the motto “Ikhlas Run With Colours” and an amazing BND 17,830 was raised. The colourful event carried the theme “Run… Share and Care” and it aimed to bring the community together to create a colourful and fun event where the runners were in for a colourful treat being sprayed with coloured powder. Around 2,000 participants took part in the event.

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training (SEAMEO VOCTECH) said on its website that the run is one of the activities lined up for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of SEAMEO and the 25th anniversary of SEAMEO VOCTECH.

It was good to know that the money raised was channeled for the Special Education Unit under the Ministry of Education’s IKHLAS initiative where the guest of honour, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Suyoi Hj Osman, Minister of Education, handed the mock cheque to Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Ahmad, Head of Special Education Unit. The other beneficiary was Brunei Olympics Council.















Embrace change

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Pictures: BIBD CE ALAF run 



































New Song

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Cabinet Ministers sworn in 

New ministers and deputy ministers sworn in. Video by The Brunei Times.


Brunei’s new Cabinet ministers and deputy ministers were sworn in for a five-year term at Istana Nurul Iman this morning, October 26, 2015.

The swearing-in ceremony was held three days after His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalamm, announced the Cabinet reshuffle on state television.

A total of 21 office-bearers took their oaths before the Sultan during the hour-long ceremony, including His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister ‘s Office.

His Majesty retains the posts of prime minister, defence minister, finance minister and took over the foreign affairs and trade portfolio from His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah.

Five new faces are also included in the Cabinet line-up. Source: The Brunei Times.




Chatime at Citis SQ 

So what flavour are you?

It was great to see Richard To (in Superman tee) and his mother at Chatime last weekend. I do miss my Power Ranger days *lol*

The well known bubble tea franchise is here in the city. The first one was opened in Kuala Belait. Now the Taiwanese tea franchise, Chatime, opened its second branch in Citis Square. I only noticed of Chatime when I was traveling to Kuala Lumpur and apparently, it’s quite big in KL and to my surprise, a few of my friends kinda know of Chatime and they prefer the drinks from Chatime. The soft opening was last Saturday and the responses were great to begin with.

Grace Chen, the master franchise of Chatime for Brunei market, was happy that the second outlet was ready to serve the customers. The grand opening is slated soon and it will tie with some promotion as well. So what flavours are the popular ones? Do try the QQ Passion Fruit, the Maccha Red Bean or the Chocolate Milk Tea or the usual Pearl Milk Tea. My personal favourite is the blend mix of maccha and red bean.

Chatime can also cater to your sugar level and even ice level and you can enjoy a selection of 8 toppings.

Chatime in Citis Square is located not far from Burger King. Enjoy!!! You can follow on their IG @chatime_brunei


Sin Yi and Ming Rui enjoying their Chatime. However, Ming Rui is craving for the taro flavour which is not available just yet

The interior of Chatime at Citis Square outlet

It’s gonna be a busy month at Chatime




For the community 

Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Haji Awang Abu Bakar, the Minister of Home Affairs was the guest of honour during the BIBD CE ALAF’s prize presentation last Sunday.

BIBD CE ALAF became another hit among the locals. Thousands showed up last Sunday for another edition of BIBD CE ALAF programme. It stands for Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Charity Expedition for Advocating Life-Long Learning for an Aspiring Future. The event took place at the usual Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

The guest of honour was the Minister of Home Affairs, Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Haji Awang Abu Bakar bin Haji Apong presented prizes to the winners.

It was also nice to see former Minister of MIPR at the cycling category. Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yahya bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar cycled during the expedition accompanied by Javed Ahmad, BIBD’s Managing Director and both of them are cycling enthusiasts.

Javed was quick to point out the volunteers for their great contribution to the community. Did you know they have roughly 900 volunteers in helping out the BIBD event to be a success? Amazing feat.

Great job to the BIBD team especially to Hajah Nurul Akmar binti Haji Mohd Ja’afar , Head of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility, in leading the team to greater heights and also making the event another success.

Below are the winners of the respective categories.


Stephen Mungathia Nikubitu 1st place, Charles Munya Njaki 2nd place and Bernard Muthoni 3rd place in the Men Open 21km

Sefli Ahar 1st place, Abdul Malik bin Hidup 2nd place and Mohammad Samsul Zamri bin Muhammad Samsul Zam 3rd place in the Brunei Male 21 KM category

Tarus Gladus Jep Kechei 1st, Cheptoeck Careen 2nd and Esther Wambui Karimi 3rd in the Open Female 21KM category

Jenny Tan Feng Ling 1st place, Marnie Ahmad 2nd place and Jalquirey Cheng Nee 3rd place in Brunei Women 21 KM

James Cikunga Karanja 1st , Charles Kipkorir Kipsang 2nd and Titus Kipngetich 3rd in the Male Open 10Km category

Mastani Yussof 1st, Razali Sabli 2nd and Mohd Shah Azahar bin Abdullah 3rd in the Brunei Male 10Km category

Isabelan Kigen 1st, Valentine Jepkemoi Serem 2nd and Sarah Powdrill 3rd in the Female Open 10Km category

Nice t-shirt

Nurul Amirah Kariml 1st, Nurizyenny Muslim 2nd and Liza Hamid 3rd in the Brunei Female 10K category

Nikmatul Fatinah Haji Ismail 1st, Shazana Hamiroldzam 2nd and Dawn Lovell 3rd in the Female 5Km category

Kamau Kamau 1st (amazing feat of almost 16 minutes in the 5km run), Muhd Qamarul Ariffin Hifn 2nd and Lim Wei Kuang 3rd in the Male 5Km category



TechXpo last weekend 













Winners feted 

The winners of the Brunei Travel Fair feted two weeks ago

Irene Soon, General Manager of Abacus Brunei thanked all the stakeholders involved in the Brunei Travel Fair and also their customers

Late post: Well done to all the 13 winners of the recent Brunei Travel Fair as they won from the lucky draws organised by Acabus (B) Sdn Bhd which was held at Royal Brunei Recreation Club. The prizes were sponsored by Abacus Brunei, Royal Brunei Airlines (RB), Nautilus Diving Bali, Holiday Inn Express, Pathumwan Princess and Tourism Authority of Thailand and the official bank, Baiduri Bank.

The biggest winner was Nor Liyana Naqibah Bahren as she won one return air ticket to London and it was an anti-climax moment when new born Siti Nurzafirah Abd Azim won two air tickets to Melbourne. Maggie Sim won four return economy air tickets to Ho Chi Minh City and the fourth prize went to Kok Ngean with three return tickets to Bali. All the prizes were sponsored by Royal Brunei Airlines.

Holiday Inn Express (Thailand) sponsored prizes as well. Both Mohammad Hajatul Nazri Roslan and Mastura Kalong won a two night stay at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sathorn and Siam while Morsidi Haji Damit won a three-day-two-night free accommodation at Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

My friend @marul69 had one in five chances to win the GoPro Hero 4 but the Abacus grand prize went to Tan Meng Gueh, who purchased a ticket from Freme Travel Services. Instead Marul and the other consolation winners won a handy power bank. This category prizes were sponsored by Abacus Brunei.

Abacus Brunei also awarded prizes to the top travel agencies who registered the highest incremental bookings during the Brunei Travel Fair. It was no surprise that Pan Bright Travel won first place (as they have a good marketing gimmick) and this was followed by Darussalam Holdings Sdn Bhd and Freme Travel Services Sdn Bhd.

Present during the prize presentation were the representatives from the organisers and partners. Handing the prizes were Joan Lim, Head of RB’s Commercial Service; Pengiran Azaleen bin Pengiran Dato Haji Mustapha, Head of Baiduri Bank Retail Banking and Branch Network; Irene Soon, General Manager of Abacus Brunei and Abd Halim Haji Abd Rahman, Senior Manager (Sales and Marketing) of Abacus Brunei.

According to Abacus Brunei, they have an increase of bookings compared to last year. This shows that the travel industry is a lucrative market because we love to go on holidays. I managed to buy tickets to Kota Kinabalu and Bali but unlucky not be shortlisted in the lucky draw. Maybe next time 😀


The winners of the flight to London, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City and Bali

The winners of the hotel accommodation in Thailand

Tan Meng Gueh won a GoPro Hero 4

The winners of the Abacus Brunei lucky draw

It was a packed occasion during the Brunei Travel Fair

The top three travel agents during the travel fair – Pan Bright Travel, Darussalam Holdings and Freme Travel



Make or break

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FOBISIA Tennis Tournament 


Representatives from Jerudong International School

FOBISIA is the Federation of British and International Schools in Asia. Jerudong International School is proud and honoured to be selected to host the FOBISIA Tennis Tournament. The visiting teams include the Bangkok Patana School, Marlborough College (Malaysia), Harrow International School (Bangkok), United World College of South East Asia, United World College of South East Asia-Dover Campus, The International School @ ParkCity, ACS Jakarta, St. Andrews, International School Bangkok, British School Manila, International School Brunei (ISB), Garden International School Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and British School Jakarta.

As well as the competitors and their coaches, many of the visiting teams are accompanied by an entourage of very supportive parents. Mr Barnaby Sandow, JIS Principal said “It is wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to welcome our overseas guests to Brunei Darussalam and JIS – to be able to show them what a special place this is and what a fantastic school JIS is. “

I attended the afternoon session yesterday and I was quite impressed with the young talents and I know they can teach me a lesson or two on the court despite their small figures. I do hope one day that Brunei will have a youth academy system in place to groom the tennis enthusiasts at a very young age. I believe we have the talent but it has to start from an early age to unlock the potential.










Swipe for Rewards 

Five BIBD customers had a shopping spree worth BND 500 yesterday as part of BIBD’s Swipe for Rewards campaign. The event took place at Giant Rimba yesterday.

Pg Suhardy bin Pg Hj Nordin, BIBD’s Head of Branches presented shopping voucher to a lucky winner

Five lucky BIBD customers were all smiles as they received Giant shopping vouchers worth BND500 each from BIBD’s final monthly “Swipe for Rewards” campaign.

Pg Suhardy bin Pg Hj Nordin, BIBD’s Head of Branches, presented the shopping vouchers to the winners, who took the opportunity to use their vouchers to fill several  trolleys with groceries from Giant Supermarket.

The BIBD Swipe for Rewards campaign was open to any customers who spend a minimum of BND30 in a single receipt using either the BIBD Debit or Credit Cards at selected retailers, with the opportunity to win shopping vouchers worth BND500.00.

BIBD is also currently running its sixth Barakah campaign until the 30th of November, 2015. The campaign allows BIBD customers a chance to win a grand prize of a Honda Odyssey along with consolation prizes of Apple iPhones and iPads on top of its monthly prizes of electrical appliances. Registration is automatic and simple as all they need to do to join is sign up for any BIBD financing product or assign their salary to BIBD.


Another lucky recipient

It’s shopping time!!

Always love how they choose what they want

It’s always good to survey the supermarket the day before the shopping spree



Father, son heading to Mexico 

Lt Col (rtd) Dato Hj Samid Hj Abd Aziz and his son, Hj Mohd Aminuddin receiving their first prize from Mr. Teng Chee Khiong, organising committee chairman of 6th Brunei edition of the Audi quattro Cup

The donation of BND 26,800 was handed to Pusat Ehsan

The rainy morning (last Sunday) didn’t dampen the spirits of the golfers during the 6th Brunei edition of the Audi quattro Cup amateur gold tournament at the Royal Brunei Golf Club in Jerudong. The tournament also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Audi quattro cup worldwide.

Present at the event was Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Paduka Awang Haji Hazair bin Haji Abdullah, who presented the trophies to the winning teams.

Over 130 teams took part this year with many sign-ups taking place on the day, marking the biggest turn-out to date. The enthusiasm for the event meant that BND 26,800.00 was collected from all the golfers entry fees, which benefited Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam. A mock check was presented during the prize presentation ceremony by Organizing Committee Chairman, Mr. Teng Chee Khiong to Hj Ahmad Bin Abd Rahman, the Policy & Planning Trustee for Pusat Ehsan.

Lt Col (rtd) Dato Hj Samid Hj Abd Aziz and his son, Hj Mohd Aminuddin won the tournament, carded a 45 on count back (ocb) and booked their place at the World’s Final at the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course in Mexico. Hj Osman Salleh and Hj Raya Dollah finished second after posting a 45, meanwhile Ang Kian Han and Simon Newn carded a 44 to settle for a third place.

From November 29th until December 3rd the winners of all national Audi quattro Cup qualifications will meet on the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol to compete for the final victory and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Audi quattro Cup golf tournament series. 55 countries, 750 tournaments, 100.000 players – after another exciting season around the globe the Audi quattro Cup will come to its crowning finish at the World Final in Los Cabos with 58 teams participating. Good luck to our Brunei representatives.


No one won the hole-in-one prize

BIBD Hadiah Points 

Congratulations to the 3 winners of BIBD’s Agoda promotion who each won 100,000 Hadiah Points


Pass or fail? 

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina with Pehin Onn Siew Siong and the management of The Escape Experience last Sunday


The Escape Experience, Brunei’s first fully fledged “escape the room” game, was officially opened during a small opening ceremony on last Sunday.

The guest of honour was Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman, the former Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, who participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony to officiate the opening with Pehin Onn Siew Siong, the President of the Kuala Belait Chinese Chamber of Commerce. After the ceremony, Datin Paduka Hjh Adina and her family had the opportunity to experience some of the rooms, led by one of the partners from The Escape Experience, On Hung Zheng.

The whole concept of the The Escape Experience” is unique adventure based games where players are locked into a room with objects, having to search for clues and solve puzzles against the clock.
There are five uniquely themed rooms at the Escape Experience, such as the Doraemon and Super Mario rooms, which is fun for adults and children while The Prison Break room is said to be thrilling with an intense atmosphere. The Escape Experience hopes to add more themes in the future with a rotating schedule to keep things fresh and keep players on their toes.

Each room can accommodate up to 6 players, but teams of 4-5 are recommended for each room, and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The experience is not just for families and friends, but can also be tailored for corporate events and team building activities.

They are open 7 days a week, with the first game slot at 1pm, except on Fridays, and are open until late. Booking for time slots is recommended, but walk-ins are welcomed. Prices start at $17 at off-peak times, with a $1 discount for customers who like their Facebook Page.

The Escape Experience is located at Unit F3 of the Setia Kenangan Two building behind Regent Square in Kampung Kiulap. Customers can WhatsApp +6738287778 to book slots or make enquiries.


Two weeks ago, we attempted the Prison Break and it took us more than an hour :p

Sisters Winnie and Elva needed to be rescued

How did we go in Prison Break? It could have been better.

Next up was Mario. We had a good run with team mates – Winnie, Alex and Rachel

The clues are pretty tricky. You will need to think outside the box but rewarding once you unlocked the clues.

We did better in Mario than Prison Break *lol*




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