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Fitflop SS16 Part I

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Fitflop SS16 collection 

Late post. I miss Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Firstly thank you to Fitflop and Hua Ho for making my trip a reality to the city last month. It was definitely a fun experience and it has been 10 years since my last visit to Ho Chi Minh. Of course, I was worried about my trip because of my status or the-lack-of-citizenship status, holding a Certificate of Identity instead of an official passport document. Good thing that our travel document is still recognized but you will need to get an official letter from the Vietnam Embassy to verify that the COI is legit and valid as a travel document, then all is good.

Back to Fitflop, the purpose of my trip is to see the latest collection of the SS16 range from Fitflop. I had the privilege already to see last year’s collection back in Bohol, the Philippines. So this year, Ho Chi Minh City was the showcase city for the latest SS16 collection and I must say that it was a great choice indeed.


My first overseas assignment of the year. Thanks Fitflop and Hua Ho.

Yea… Brunei represent yooo…

My gears and souvenirs from Fitlfop. Thank you 😀

Emma Saunter is such a lovely person and she shared to us on what’s in store for the new collection

Thanks Melody for taking taking care of us

So what’s new with Fitflop? Aplenty. For the men’s, sorry. This will be more focused for the Women’s SS16.


Our flip flops eat other flip flopsfor breakfast. Want to know why? It’s because underneath their happy-go-lucky, all-rubber, beach-friendly, wade-in-the-water-wearable upper is our patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ midsole – an ergonomic, pressure-diffusing, layer of cush.

• on our original Microwobbleboard midsoles
• generous fit
• APMA* Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
• biomechanically engineered, comfortable sandals
• supple, moulded, waterproof jelly upper
• adjustable, enamel-covered, metal buckle
• biomechanically engineered, comfortable sandals
• seamless built-in arch contour
• slip-resistant rubber outsole
• LEOPARD, SNAKE and WEAVE print options also available, along with SUPERJELLY SLIDE and SUPERJELLY TWIST options



We expect roars of appreciation when you slip on our outrageous new animal print flip flops. Because these are no ordinary jellies. Ours have Microwobbleboard™ superpowers – so feet feel the love whether they’re paddling, chilling by the pool, or out shopping all day.
With built-in arch contour and our amazing Microwobbleboard midsoles
• on our original Microwobbleboard midsoles
• generous fit
• APMA* Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
• biomechanically engineered, supercomfortable flip flops
• rubber uppers
• seamless built-in arch contour
• lab-tested for slip resistance
• snake and weave print options also available, along with original SUPERJELLY, SUPERJELLY SLIDE and SUPERJELLY TWIST options


Not only do OUR FLIP FLOPS EAT OTHER FLIP FLOPSFOR BREAKFAST but they do it looking like this. Adjustable straps, shiny jelly, weave pattern prints and our magic Microwobbleboard™ midsoles. Need beach shoes? It’s a no-brainer.

With built-in arch contour and our amazing Microwobbleboard midsoles
• on our original Microwobbleboard midsoles
• generous fit
• APMA* Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
• biomechanically engineered, supercomfortable sandals
• rubber uppers
• seamless built-in arch contour
• lab-tested for slip resistance
• leopard and snake print options also available, along with original SUPERJELLY, SUPERJELLY SLIDE and SUPERJELLY TWIST options


Want to channel a little 70s glamour? Perforated-jelly slides flip flops are fresh, light and airy – plus you get all-day cush. Slip on these supersporty flip flops with their funky retro vibe…and watch the decades slide away.

With built-in arch contour and our amazing MicrowobbleboardTM midsoles
• on our original Microwobbleboard midsoles
• generous fit
• APMA* Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health
• biomechanically engineered, supercomfortable flip flops
• rubber uppers
• seamless built-in arch contour
• lab-tested for slip resistance
SUPERJELLYtoe-thong and SUPERJELLY TWIST options also available


The Superjelly Slide

Click to enlarge

The Superjelly Print Weave

Click to enlarge

The popular Gladdie

Click to enlarge

So there you go.. Some of the collections for Fitflop to launch for the Summer Spring collection. 36 of us compromising of bloggers and copy writers from Southeast Asian region had the privilege also to interview Emma Saunter, Fitflop’s International Marketing.

On the first day, we were treated to a mini photo competition where one winner will be given a one-year collection of the new Fitflop range. We had to use Ho Chi Minh’s landmarks such as the Saigon Opera House, the Independence Palace, the Post Office and the Notre Dame Church for the Instagram competition. Last year, I won the competition but this year, the line up was pretty tough.

The Fitflop team introduced the new collection during a presentation at Propaganda Saigon (a popular restaurant/cafe). The evening itself we were treated to dinner at Villa Song where Emma Saunter unveiled other collections, inspired from Miami Luxe.

Thank you once again for the opportunity and I’m sure the locals here can’t wait for the upcoming collection. Do check out Hua Ho Manggis in the next few months or so.


One of my entries for the IG competition. Taken at the Independence Palace. Interesting history of Vietnam then.

The post office. I send a postcard but don’t think it reached its destination :/

Loads of walking with the delegates but it was fun especially crossing the streets

The night event at Villa Song and unleashing the new batch of Fitflop

The Miami Luxe collection

The Miami Luxe collection

The Miami Luxe collection

The Miami Luxe collection

The older collection

Representatives of the distributors from the region

Love the hotel we are staying in because there is a cinema downstairs at Liberty Point Hotel

Catching up dinner with my roomie Azley at Seria restaurant at Ho Chi Minh City

There are many halal restaurants at Ho Chi Minh City




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News



Listen to the podcast review of Zootopia. A must watch 😀



Vietnam Round 2 

Soon Tiong, representative from Hua Ho Manggis sending Azli Azney of The Brunei Times and I at the Brunei International Airport last Tuesday as we departed for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Traveling on National Day, Royal Brunei Airlines served this on the plane. Awesome!! Well done on the viral image of RB’s women pilots recently. Apparently it has reached more than 2 million viewers, thanks to the power of social media.

It’s great to be back in Vietnam after 10 years. The last time I flew here was backpacking with a friend as we traveled to three cities – Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Siam Reap. I’m happy that I finally made it to Vietnam recently. I had this fear that I won’t be able to make it to the country as passport or should I say my Certificate of Identity may encounter problem at the immigration counter upon my arrival.

Yes, there have been cases where families have been sent back to Brunei as the immigration doesn’t recognize the brown book (our version of Brunei passport) and this is despite having a valid visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Brunei Darussalam. Then at one stage, Vietnam temporarily stopped from COI holders to enter Vietnam before opening the opportunity again to COI holders. So the back and forth saga didn’t really give much confidence to me and other COI holders.

This time, I had no choice but to take the risk as I accepted to do a coverage in Ho Chi Minh City for a FitFlop regional launch event. As you may have recalled that my previous FifFlop coverage was at Bohol, the Philippines. This time round, it’s in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The application fee is kinda pricey (BND 80). Malaysia is the cheapest I think (below BND 10) while Thailand visa costs BND 50. I’m also given an official letter, written in Vietnamese, from the Vietnam Embassy that the COI document is recognized by Vietnam and acts as my safety net should any problem arises.

I did manage to get my travel document chopped but it took the immigration officer a while to do so. He had to consult with his colleagues on my brown book and also the official letter. So I’m glad after a few minutes of internal discussion, the officer was convinced that my COI document is legit and it was a huge relief for me.

So to all the Certificate of Identity holders, don’t worry about traveling to Vietnam. Just make sure you get bring the official letter to state the legitimacy of the COI document. It really does help. And yes, Ho Chi Minh City is a great city to visit as it has developed in the past 10 years and affordable too.

I will posting a dedicated coverage on FitFlop tomorrow. So ladies, you can check out the latest design for FitFlop for the coming Spring Summer Collection of 2016. Thank you once again to Hua Ho Manggis and FitFlop for giving me this opportunity. I’ve been wearing them at home and FitFlop also gave me two new pairs to bring back home. One word – comfy 😀


How the visa looks like for those holding the Brunei’s Identity of Certificate. It costs BND 80.

The official letter from the Vietnam Embassy in Brunei Darussalam to state that the COI document is recognized and valid. Show this two-paged letter at the immigration upon arrival. It saves the hassle from being interrogated.

Yea, we have our own signboard from FitFlop and thank you, Huong, for taking care of the Brunei delegates

We bought the sim card at the arrival hall of the airport. I subscribed for the 3G bandwidth which ran out after two days (too much IG-ing and Snapchatting). Do get the Viettel line.

The bikes are aplenty but now the number of cars are rising compared to 10 years ago

Emma Saunter unveiling the Miami collection for the Spring Summer collection of FitFlop for 2016 at Villa Song Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

I kinda like the cinema environment at Cinema Liberty Hotel. Very impressive.

…. and I caught Deadpool for the second time. It’s not censored too.

The hotel room at Liberty Citypoint is pretty awesome too. Spacious and internet speed is pretty fast too. The going rate is BND 170-180 per night.



FitFlop SS15 Part I

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


FitFlop SS15 Collection 

The amazing launch of the Spring/Summer 2015 (SS15) collection at Amorita Resort, Bohol, the Philippines

[Late post]: I’ve been busy recovering from my lack of sleep due to the Chinese New Year visits. I still have pending stories and today I’m gonna talk about FitFlop. Yes, FitFlop. I recently was invited to the Philippines for a media coverage for the launch campaign of the FitFlop SS15 collection at Bohol Island, the Philippines. I remember covering a shoe event in Malaysia a few years ago but I must say this private small event had more of an impact to me especially if it just relates to footwear.

FitFlop Philippines hosted delegates of the media from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and their local media who had the privileged to see some of the 300 new designs for the FitFlop SS15 collection. During the 2 day event, we were educated on the different types of FitFlop that will be in the market. I’m not sure when the Spring Summer 15 collection will reach Brunei market but should be in May or June if I’m not mistaken.

I didn’t know much about FitFlop but I know my mom is a huge fan of FitFlop especially when she shops at Metro, Paragon, Singapore. But I never knew what is so good about them until I saw Jill Coglan’s quick introduction about FitFlop. She is the Global Sourcing & Product Development Director at FitFlop Asia. I shall revealed more of her drive for FitFlop in my next post. She has been in this field of shoe line for 24 years and only 3 years in FitFlop. She is one of the reasons why FitFlop has been so successful in Asia.

The Indigo from the SS15 Collection. Targeting more of the youthful users.

The media from Indonesia

Joill Colgan, Global Sourcing & Product Development Director at FitFlop Asia with the host Stephanie Henares

The range of Indigo FitFlops being worn

One of the models being photographed wearing an Indigo collection from FitFlop

Photo opportunity with a FitFlop model

So what’s so special about FitFlop? Well, they have a strong trademark where the footwear boasts MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ which is a triple density midsole. It’s just pure comfortable and I owned two now courtesy of FitFlop but sadly not many range for men since the brand suits more for the female gender. Now FitFlop has a great brand positioning which is “WEAR THE SHOES. RULE THE WORLD” and it’s no surprise that the brand has sold more than 20 million pairs.

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection (SS15) is all about looking good and feeling good. Among the 300 designs, this season includes the all-new SuperJelly™ sandals (slightly cheaper than the normal ones) which makes use of a trademark waterproof material made stylish in a variety of vibrant toe-thong designs, neutral slides or the multi-strap twist design. Ah, I’m typing this I know so much about FitFlop *lol* Yes, it’s always interesting to learn in-depth of a footwear that focuses more on my gender counterpart.

While staying at Amorita Resort, Bohol, the Philippines, the media was fortunate to see the four different types of collection being showcased. There are the Indigo, Lustre, Garigue and Tera Nova collection. I shall display more of the collections as well on my next post together with my exclusive interview with Jill Coglan.

For your info, FitFlop started in 2006 and founded by Marcia Kilgore. The brand has grown into new heights and its mission is simple – to create the most comfortable footwear in the world. Only in 2014, FitFlop has made its way to the Brunei market and selling quite well in Hua Ho Departmental store. I would like to thank FitFlop Philippines and Hua Ho Manggis for giving me this opportunity to cover the SS15 media launch in Bohol, the Philippines.


Nice beach called Alona at Amorita Resort, Bohol

Trying out my new FitFlop sandals

The showcase of the Lustre Collection from FitFlop

It was a white theme event

The models showcasing the Lustre collection of FitFlop

With the Indonesian media mostly from magazines

Azli Azney of The Brunei Times and Jas Gill, Director of Mcgill Marketing Pte Ltd (distributor of FitFlop to Brunei)




Hello March

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Hello March 

I didn’t expect the long break from blogging but I’m back again. You can still stalk me on @ranoadidas instagram for updates though. I have been away and was in the Philippines for the weekend for a FitFlop event. Yes, you heard me right, a FitFlop occasion. I’m actually quite honoured to be part of the media list for FitFlop and it’s slowly to show its promise in Brunei Darussalam, after Hua Ho managed to bring in the brand to the Sultanate last year.

My mom is such a huge fan of FitFlop too especially when she shops at Metro in Paragon, Singapore. The only problem is that Fitflops are catered to females. Literally 98% of their collections are for the ladies. I was giving a few pairs courtesy of FitFlop Philippines during their recent SS15 media launch and I have to admit FitFlop are pretty comfortable sandals. For those who know me, I hardly were sandals for a “reason”. I shall be posting more stories on FitFlop SS15 latest collection in my future post.


I was in Bohol, the Philippines for the launch of the FitFlop SS15 Spring collection. More updates soon.

I missed two big events, well, one was bigger than the other which was the Regata Brunei Darussalam which took place yesterday at the Royal Wharf. It is a yearly event and I covered it for the past three years. It is always great to know His Majesty the Sultan is a regular participant of the Regata Brunei Darussalam. His Majesty was in the boat Rajawali which won the 500m special race, compromising of the Regata Brunei Darussalam Committee Team A.

Another event was DPMM FC’s opening seasoner game against Harimau Muda B where new import Rafael Ramazotti bagged a hat-trick with a 3-1 victory at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. The new looked DPMM FC retained the services of foreign imports Joe Gamble and Boris Raspudic but it was Rafael (Rafa) that stole the limelight. It could have been a clean sheet for DPMM FC but there were unlucky with the deflection late in the game. Nonetheless a deserving victory for DPMM FC but it is still early days.


His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam (3rd L), followed by HRH Prince ‘Abdul Wakeel (2nd L) and HRH Princess Ameerah Wardatul Bolkiah (2nd R), walking with Sarawak’s Minister of Resource Planning Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hasan (L) to the jetty during the Brunei Regatta yesterday. Image taken by Ridhwan Kamarulzaman of The Brunei Times.

Rafael “Rafa” Ramazotti points to the sky after scoring for DPMM FC. Image by PG Khairil Sapyri of S•League Facebook Page

This morning, I attended a press conference held by AITI and it was regards to the official announcement of the FREE incoming calls for both mobile operators – DST and Progresif Cellular. Before the announcement came, both the local mobile operators have taken quick steps to implement the new move of removing the charges for incoming calls. Awesome!! I shall go more into details in my next post. Finally after 20 years, DST has officially removed charges for incoming call and Progesif Cellular have also made it a win-win situation for their customers. This initiative was from AITI for your information to benefit the end users of mobile users in Brunei Darussalam.

My Chinese year celebration has been slightly muted and that’s how I wanted it to be anyway. I’ve been feeling the pinch in terms of my sleeping patterns but it should re-adjust to its usual timing …. in a few weeks’ time 😀 My apologies for those invitations that I wasn’t able to make it. There were simply too many invitations to entertain. I have a few more before the end of CNY which falls this Thursday. This year, I only managed to catch two lion dance performance. It must have been tough for the other associations with the newer laws on lion dance in Brunei.


At Chin Wei’s open house last night

A quick catch up with Lily Chiam over her small CNY lunch invitation

Ok, about time for me to sign off first and blend into my social world of visiting friends (open house). I’m craving for maggi curry but I don’t want to burden our home chef 😀 I’ll just wait an extra hour before I eat at my friend’s open house tonight. Thank you for reading and thank you for your patience. You can always stalk my IG aka instagram for updates 😀 and Happy Birthday to my sister, Muji, and love you loads 😀





Hello Philippines

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


DPMM FC photo shoot 

HRH Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah (Front Row C), the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, in a group photo with the DPMM FC staff and players during the photoshoot session held at Jerudong Mini Stadium yesterday. Image courtesy of Sanusi Hussin of The Brunei Times.



Hello Manila 😀 

The Manager of Hua Ho Manggis, Lau (L) and Advertorial Writer from The Brunei Times Md Azli Azney at the airport yesterday. Image courtesy of Obelina Wang of The Brunei Times

Woohoo, it’ s my first trip to the Philippines *sakai mode on* and thank you to FitFlop Southeast Asia for inviting myself to the Philippines for the FitFlop conference event at Bohol, the Philippines.

I am traveling with Azli Azney, reporter from The Brunei Times for the coverage and we will be joined with the media and magazine representatives from Indonesia and the Philippines.

We will be witnessing FitFlop’s SS15 Regional Launch and it’s very likely that the new line will be available in Brunei in the near future.

The new collections for FitFlop – Indigo, Lustre, Tera Nova and Garigue – will be the main features of the launch. I’m pretty sure my mom will be excited since she’s a huge collector of FitFlop footwear as she shops the collections in Singapore.

I shall be posting more pictures on my social media instagram at @ranoadidas so do follow me there for updates. Thank you Soon Tiong for this opportunity.



Disconnect to connect

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


New C-Class 

Visit the Jati Transport (Mercedes-Benz) showroom from 10am to 6pm to view the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class


The Popcorn Panel 

Our podcast review of Yasmine the movie with my special guest Seng Yee. This podcast has reached more than 700 listeners. Do catch Yasmine at your local cinemas and it has been a great response from the public.



BIBD’s latest promo 

Top up tia. Click image to enter website.


Fitflop available in Hua Ho 

The closing date is soon!! Hurry!!!

Awesome. To know that Fitflop is now available in Brunei Darussalam. You can purchase them at Hua Ho Manggis and Hua Ho Yayasan. Two days ago, the Fitflop brand was launched at the Emperor’s Court. Present during the launch were British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam David Campbell, Fitflop General Manager for APAC (Asia-Pacific) Juergen Strafe, Director McGill and Fitflop distributor in Brunei Darussalam and Manager of Hua Ho Manggis, Soon Tiong Lau.

I know my mom loves to buy Fitflop and also buying for her family and friends especially from Singapore. So what’s good about Fitflop? It has style and it has comfort. Every pair biomechanically engineered with their legendary, pressure-diffusing, shock-absorbing MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsole technology which makes a lot of difference. Their previous SS14 collection have been doing marvelous with sales increased over 50% and now with the new collection, it’s bound to do better.

So peeps, do visit Hua Ho Manggis and Hua Ho Yayasan for the latest collection pairs of Fitflop. By the way, Fitflop only carries women’s line for now.


Juergen Strafe, Fitflop General Manager for APAC (Asia-Pacific) posing with a Fitflop sandal

British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam David Campbell with invited guests during the launch

McGill and Juergen Strafe

Group photo with the Hua Ho Manggis management


Get a pair of Fitflop 😀

Soon Tiong mingling with the guests






Iconia Tab 7 

Now available at Concepts Computer


BIBD financial talk 

BIBD’s Wealth Management Unit Officer, Rozielawati bti Hj Jamil, conducting the financial talk to civil servants

Early this week, BIBD’s Wealth Management Unit (WMU) today, as part of its goal to help the public understand their finances and manage it wisely, held a briefing to around 50 new officers and staff of the departments under the Ministry of Development.

The talk was held at the Indera Pahlawan Hall of the Ministry, and was delivered by BIBD’s WMU Officer, Rozielawati bti Hj Jamil. She began by giving a brief introduction of what Financial Planning is and asked the audiences about their monthly spending pattern. After sharing a few tips and personal experiences, she emphasized the importance of understanding the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. An example of ‘needs’, is giving priority to purchasing groceries and household necessities while shopping; as a result, it may help us to save money from buying items that are not urgently required.

She also introduced another tool in financial planning i.e investment and advises the audience not to invest without understanding and analyzing the investment products first, or putting ‘all eggs in one basket’, meaning not diversifying the investment into different portfolios; which can help generate different returns depending on their future plans such as for retirement, financing children education and getting a dream home.

She also highlighted not to be a victim of the Ponzi scheme, an investment of unknown source, or any investment products from companies that are not registered with Brunei’s central bank regulatory, the Authority Monetary of Brunei Darussalam.

For further information relating to the Wealth Management Unit, interested members of the public may contact them directly at wmu@bibd.com.bn or call the BIBD Contact Centre at +6732 2238 181.


Group photo after the seminar




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