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Suite Lola can make you shop till you drop

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Sunday Brunch at Radisson Hotel

Click image to enter Facebook page

Just what we need for online shoppers

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Suite Lola is a solution provider for online shoppers especially those who spend more of their $$$ online than shopping physically. I’m a regular online shopper when it comes to books (I source them from Amazon) and the delivery and the pricing have been great so far for me.

So how does Suite Lola accommodate or make your online shopping more enjoyable? Let’s put this way.. Have you ever experience a situation where you can’t access to the wide range of products especially from the US? Have you ever had problems of shipping your goods to Brunei because for a fact they don’t ship certain products to Brunei? This could be the fact that some retailers only accept US Credit Cards.

Or perhaps, you are very particular about shipping charges hence Suite Lola will provide you the best information to save on shipping costs. Just put this way — Choose any products you want to buy online (from US, UK, Canada or Singapore sites) and use Suite Lola to facilitate your shopping needs.

Winnie Sia browsing through Suite Lola and she signed up on the spot

But first thing is first, you need to register as a member of Suite Lola and they will need two requirements from you – 1) a photocopy of your IC 2) a photocopy of your utility bill such as your phone or electricity bill. Don’t worry as these requested items are treated as confidential. The purpose of these is to make sure that the registered person shopping through Suite Lola is legit and also for security purposes for tracking good delivered to your doorsteps.

Signing up is FREE and for regular users of Suite Lola, you will be eligible to be a premium member where your shopping becomes cheaper as well as shopping rates too.

Suite Lola has two types of services:

1) Self-service: Use your Credit Card to shop but you use Suite Lola for shipping
2) Concierge service: Where retailers don’t accept your CC so Suite Lola will buy and ship for you. A small fee is required for regular members but once you are a Premium member, the fee is waived.

Hmmm this might be a slightly confusing for starters but once you get the hang of it, it’s all good. You can click here for more about shippinbg. Not to worry as Suite Lola also has a FAQ section for any queries that you have. This, for me, is one of the best idea for Bruneians and residents who are spend a lot on online shopping.

For any queries, you can email suitelola(a)gmail.com. And yes, there’s a LiveHelp online chat on their main page of Suite Lola too. Do stay tune for updates next week on Suite Lola.

You can read Debbie Too’s update. Click [here]

Now I can shop at UK site such as Adidas (hmmm nice StarWars collection) and let Suite Lola facilitate my shopping needs. This is a screen shot taken from Adidas UK website.

The screen shot of Suite Lola website. If you don’t know where to shop, then enter Suite Lola as they have more than 400 online shops for you to browse thru. Click image to enter

Hello Kitty Bags

New bags of Hello Kitty at Barely There, Tanjung Bunut. Call 824 8680. Click image to enter Barely There’s Fan Page

Improving Customer Engagement

Guest of Honour Dato Paduka Ali Apong, Chairman of BEDB, urged the local businesses to be innocative and enterprising and not to depend on domestic market for future growth. He believes that Brunei can be a big player globally in terms of innovation and technology. Dato Paduka Ali Apong also spoke off building customer relationships, R&D innovation and the ease of doing business

It was great Local Brunei Development forum hosted by Asia Inc Forum. The keynote address was given by Dato Paduka Ali Apong, the Chairman of Brunei Economic Development Board, and he emphasized the importance of customer relationship, R&D innovation, enterpreneurship and intellectual property rights. He hoped that these can help to acheive the vision of “Wawasan Brunei 2035”.

I really enjoyed the line up of speakers that day and of course, the invited speaker of the day, Brenda Bence, who shared her advice of the importance of branding. I believe this is what is lacking in Brunei – branding and producting positioning.. Though it exist, not much emphasis has been given on branding and this is one of the reasons why businesses fail.

I hope to see more of this forum as it will aspire more businesses, corporate industries and even government sectors on the importantce of creating local business in the country. Thank you, Asia Inc Forum for the insightful forum. There will be more coverage this week on the rest of the sessions.

Invited guests at the Local Business Development forum

Brenda Bence with moderator, Andrew Dy

Mohd Roger Ainsworth, General Manager of Megamas Training Company asking a question

Dato Paduka Timothy Ong, Ken Marnoch, Dato Paduka Ali Apong, Pierre Imhof and Stuart Kemp

So which brands represent you once you see this slide? I think you know which one will represent me 😀

Invited guests at the Local Business Development forum

Michelle Kho and Sophia Siu learned a few things on branding and customer service



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