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Archive for 09/11/2011


CNBlue concert postponed to February 2012

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

More pictures from

21st Abacus Appreciation Dinner

Doing the Lady Gaga moves for the audience

Luk dropped a lady shoe while doing the cat walk

“Rolling down the river” dance by Urban Vibe

Luk of Century Travel (Manggis) was full of joy as he was one of the lucky winners

Lucky draw winners that night

Wafi from Darussalam Holdings got a prize too

They won trips to resorts and hotels at KL and KK sponsored by Tourism Malaysia

Woww.. She’s flying to London.. One of the grand prize lucky draw

Another winner for the trip to London

Urban Vibe with their last performance of the night

I have to say these guys were impressive that night. Abacus Brunei made the right choice for entertainment 🙂

Before the night ended, everyone did a 5-minute Zumba session

Recap: Deseo’s 3rd Year Anniversary

Video presentation of Deseo

The face of Deseo and winner of Deseo talent search

Denise with the Top 5 finalists

Clothings from Deseo

Lexy did bring some cheers from the crowd

Lots of guests turned up for the event

One of the consolation winners

One of the best dressed guests that day

Rachel was announced the best dressed guest

Denise with the ladies wearing Deseo dresses

Denise with her parents

Holika Holika
Holika Holika announced 30 winners

30 winners have been drawn by Holika Holika to catch CNBlue Concert in Bangkok and also a two night stay at Bangkok which is currently under flood crisis. Hence, the concert has been postponed to February 2012 and it’s slated for the final week of February 2012.

During the draw, Doris Lee, Holika Holika sales manager and selected guests were asked to draw names. As part of the package, the lucky winners will receive free air tickets including accommodation, as well as tickets to the CNBlue concert and on top of that, each will be given BND 100.

The lucky drawn campaign was organised by Holika Holika and they had to spend a minimum of $50 and above on a single receipt at any Holika Holika branch and they had to fill an entry form too.

The trip is a way for Holika Holika to treat their customers for being a part of the cosmetics line’s vision, which is to “create a dream come true for all individuals”. Winners will be notified by Holika Holika.

Below are the list of the 30 winners.

1) Law Yen Yen
2) Nazirahwati Binti Talip
3) Dk Nurul Hazimah Pg. Mohin
4) Chong Siew Yin
5) Noraisah Abdulllah Tee
6) Nan Ni Ni Hlaing (Annie)
7) Jacky Chong
8) Jenny Koh Fong Jtuan
9) Wong Siaw Ling
10) Carol Lim You Zhen

11) Edah Buntar
12) Esther Elizabeth Sihawa
13) Pang Ze Yuan
14) Helena Soh Ai Choo
15) Aimi Zawani Ajamain
16) Meriam Bte. Hj. Lamit
17) Muhd Ibnur-Waie Bin Ali
18) Elli Goh Mei Tieng
19) Angie Teo Chen Chen
20) Siti Nurromeyna Khairah Binti Abd. Rahim

21) Hjh Aisah Mohamad
22) Ong Siew Eng
23) Azim Jaya
24) Siti Aisyah Abdullah
25) Fatimah Hj Timbang
26) Nauyah Binti Hj Hasshim
27) Evelyn Chang
28) Lim Lee Min
29) Jessica Chong
30) Ysabelle Chong

She’s flying to Bangkok!!!

She’s flying to Bangkok too!!!

Another excited winner who will be catching CNBlue in February

Emily (in pink) was unlucky not be one of the chosen ones

Now in stock at ETA

Updates from Honolulu

Thanks to @denogoh of @TheBruneiTimes who is currently in Honolulu for the coverage of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Hawaii this week. I shall be posting pictures behind the scenes and Hawaii is one of the places that I want to visit one day. I’ve heard so many great things about the place.

I’m also following @timothy_ongTM (Dato Timothy’s Twitter) on the updates at Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks for the pix @denogoh.. well, at least both of us are flying to Bangkok next year for the CNBlue concert *lol*

Deno Goh and Ubai are currently in Honolulu, Hawaii

One of the stations for APEC

Now this looks pretty Hawaiian to me

Bebeland promotion


Nuffnang Blog Awards, here I come

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

That exclusive seat!!!

Click image to find out more

This is another regional blogging event that many are fighting seats for. It’s no easy task but hey, this is still worth a shot. Next month, Nuffnang will be hosting the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. It will be held at Putrajaya Marriot, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott

Two years ago, the award was held in Singapore and the ever-popular @xiaxue bagged three awards including Region’s Best Blog. So who will it be this year? The nominations are closed and it will only be listed on the website on 15th November 2011.

Today I’m aiming for that special seat and to be part of the prestigious event this December and hence I’m pointing out three good reasons why I should be part of the 500-guest list 😀

1) This could be the first chance for a Bruneian to be part of this prestigious event and furthermore, no Bruneian has been represented in such event (please care to correct me if I miss out). I do hope a few more Bruneians can be part of the regional event. It would be a shame for Brunei not be listed among the 500 attendees. Let’s put Brunei on the map.

A coverage of such event in my blog will generate more interest for my readers and they can also learn from the experience. I plan to do a live update through my blog and Twitter too. Apparently, someone has nominated my blog for the upcoming awards (Thanks to whoever you are).

2) To meet-and-greet other regional bloggers apart from Brunei. With the number of blogs slowly fading away after the emergence of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc), it would be a privilege to meet existing bloggers who have made a difference in different parts of the world. I do hope to bump into superstar bloggers such as @Xiaxue (Singapore) and funny man @KennySia (Kuching) whom have bagged awards in 2009 Asia-Pacific Nuffnang Blog Award. I’m also rooting for my friend @SuperAdrianMe (Singapore) get shortlisted as a nominee because I love what he does.

3) The concept of Nuffnang has proven to be a success and it has been ongoing for years. It’s quite interesting that a friend of mine also works in Nuffnang and it would be indeed a great honour to meet the actual guys behind Nuffnang and I would also take the opportunity to interview the founders of Nuffnang. Keep it up!!!!

So there you go, guys!!! Nuffnang, if you read this, you know who’s the best bet to represent Brunei and I do hope others will get selected too.

The past winners and finalists of The Asia-Pacific Nuffnang Blog Awards. Image taken from Passportchop


What are the odds?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

The awesome bunch from UBD

Ok, yesterday I witnessed and truly enjoyed the insightful presentations on innovation by the MBA students from UBD. Not only they are in tune with their innovative ideas but they surely showed some passion and love too. It was also great to meet up with Soon Loo (center) who travels back and forth to Brunei and inspire the students. More updates of the presentation this week.

New arrivals at Charles & Keith

Zul Faden’s debut album

After a few years, Zul Faden (formerly known as Zul F) finally debuted his solo album with the collaboration of Phuturephase Production and Music Expression. Formerly under the management of Origin Artistic Management, he gained creative control of his music and almost all his songs in the new album “Memori Cinta” are written by him.

Two weeks ago, Zul Faden performed a few songs to commemorate the launch of his debut solo album as well as the launch of his website www.zulfaden.com. The launch took place at Jerudong Park Mini Amphitheatre and he’s also the ambassador for the said venue.

There was also performance by our popular singer Maria and Lily Chiam. Too bad Hans Anuar wasn’t there to perform the song “Sepi” but they did improvise by having a music video of the single with Hans Anuar’s voice streaming out of the audio while Zul Faden sang live. Interesting..

It was also a surprise moment for Zul Faden as the organisers did a surprise advanced birthday for him. The cake was sponsored by Eric from Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop and ironically it was Eric’s actual birthday too.

Congratulations to Zul Faden on the success of his debut album and I do hope you soar high in your music career. It’s good to see our music local scene being recognised and I hope this momentum will spur more local singers.

Guest of honour receiving souvenir from Zul Faden

Zul Faden belting out of his songs

A duet with Maria

Maria, Lily Chiam, Zul Faden and DJ Izan

A surprise greeting song from Expression Music

Mr. Eric presenting birthday cake to the Zul Faden

Eric giving his testimonials on Zul Faden’s success and talent

VIPs and guest witnessing the launch of Zul Faden’s album

The famous hairstylist Moore won a voucher for answering a pop quiz

Another guest was brought on to stage for another pop quiz

Peaches and Dea posing for RA

#MovemberBN Movement

Man, this is tough… Not to have my facial hair trimmed or shaved and it has only been 9 days and we are three weeks away from getting it trimmed or shaved *lol* So peeps, it’s #Movember month where it’s a campaign to highlight the awareness among men on prostate cancer in Brunei.

#Movember has been around for a decade but this is pretty new in Brunei and thanks to the trio @mujahidjohar @zulfadly @thewheat who successfully launched the #Movember campaign in Brunei and you can follow them on Twitter @movemberbn and they also have the support of the National Cancer Center (NCC).br />
The campaign will end on 3rd December though I won’t be around and there will be activities on that day and perhaps a session for “public shaving” (for facial only of course *lol*). Venue is yet to be confirmed. For now, you can visit this website from The Wheat [here] and you can follow them on Facebook [here] or Twitter @MovemberBN. If you have any queries, you can email at MovemberBrunei(a)gmail.com

Want to be part of the campaign? Courtesy of The Wheat. Click image to enter

Guess who??? Click image to find out

Now open at Citis Square



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