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Are you living your fullest?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

11 reasons for the images


KaPOW Burger will have a special buy 10 basic KaPOWs and get the 11th for Free! As part of 11.11.11! Have you been KaPOWeD? *T&C applied. Kapow stations opens 5:30pm onwards later. So have you tried @KapowBurger? 


All BarelyThere members will entitle extra 11% discount which mean you could enjoy 10% + 11% discount for all items while non member still be able to enjoy 11% discount. They sell Hello Kitty items, lingerie, costumes, games etc. You can call 824 8680


Starting from 11:11AM to 1:11Pm, customers of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop can enjoy a buy one gets one free deal on cakes, pastries, breads, buns and mini cakes etc on a first come first serve basis. No advance booking and while stock lasts only. Promotion only applicable at our main branch at Batu Bersurat. Follow @MrBakerBakeshop for updates


For FES Retro, they will be having special promotion at their new outlet (Times Square). The 11th paying customer will get a free polo tee and meal voucher


Yayy…. I’m flying today to Kuala Lumpur via @AirAsia and this will be the fourth time this year on AirAsia. Awesome!!!


Make sure you make your way to KFC’s newest outlet at Airport Mall. There will be tons of activities lined up later. Way to go, @KFCbrunei

The official soft opening will take place this morning and only open to the public by 3pm. Once you bowl there, you don’t just bowl but you also feel the experience. Two thumbs up!! Follow them on Twitter @MegaStrikeBowl

Thank you, @thannsanctuary for participating in the 11.11.11 gimmick.. So just read the poster guys for their promotion today

“Hi, cuppies for today are Vanilla and White Choc Cheesecake, Choc-Salted Caramel, Lemon Love, One-Bowl Choc. Pls kindly reply if you’d like some. Thx & Stay Sweet!” – Birthday celebrant Handara. Do call 861 0656 for details and happy birthday by the way

Immortals: Plot could have been better and there weren’t much twist either. Visually, it was awesome at times but I felt something was missing. This is no way near the level of satisfaction I had for 300. Nonetheless a commendable effort. Verdict: 8/10 though a 7 would be justifiable

Read below for the updates of the Airport Mall logo and it’s looking wicked too 🙂

C-Class promotion

Click poster to enter Facebook page to find out more


It’s happening later at 11am

There will be tons of activities at KFC Airport Mall later so do check it out!!!

The launch of the Double Zinger Burger…. Now you’re making me hungry!!!

On the eve of 11/11/11, KFC Corp., the brand famous for 11 herbs and spices announced today that it has discovered an unpublished “food autobiography” of the company’s founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, hidden in the company’s Louisville archival storage facility for the past 40 years.

The original autobiography provides an authentic look into the life of the world’s legendary entrepreneur and is centered on his passion for food, hard work and the importance of home-style country cooking. In it, the Colonel shares his personal memoirs and perspectives, life lessons, anecdotes and stories about everything from food to family, business, hard work, customers and franchisees and importantly, some of his own favorite personal recipes.

An excerpt from the opening chapter reads:

“This is a new kind of book. There’s never been another written like it as far as I know. It’s the story of a man’s life and the story of the food he’s cooked and eaten, running right along with it. The food I’ve liked, the work I’ve done and the way I think are all the same thing. I’m going to tell how I grew up and at the same time how you can have the kind of food I grew up on. I’m making room in these pages for real old-time American country and farm cooking before it’s forgotten. I was a farm boy and lean toward farm cooking. To me, my recipes are priceless.”

The Colonel learned to cook down-home, country-style food at an early age from his mother and carried those skills with him throughout his life. In the “food autobiography”, he shared for the first time his personal collection of favorite recipes that he gathered and perfected over his lifetime, including his very first recipe to make light bread which he mastered at age seven. A range of dishes are included for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with instructions on the right way to make biscuits, pancakes, omelets, casserole, pies and much more. One of his goals for the unpublished book was to provide inspiration and practical lessons for the home cook as well.

“We’ve uncovered a new secret of the Colonel’s and we want to share it with millions of KFC fans around the world,” said Roger Eaton, Chief Executive Officer, KFC Corp. “Colonel Sanders was a lifelong cook and sage and his life lessons are just as powerful and relevant today as they were forty years go. He is known for creating delicious home-style meals, developing recipes from scratch and sharing his strong beliefs with friends and family along the way. That’s why we are so delighted to let KFC fans know we will be releasing the ‘food autobiography’ next year,” added Eaton.

At the age of 65, Colonel Sanders turned a $105 Social Security check into a global chicken empire and until his death at the age of 90, traveled 250,000 miles a year visiting KFC restaurants worldwide.

The original manuscript for the “food autobiography” was discovered by accident by a 30-year veteran of the company who immediately realized the value and significance of the find. The Company believes that if someone less knowledgeable about the brand had found the document, it likely would have stayed in the archives and remained undiscovered for years.

The original “food autobiography” has been put in the KFC’s vault, next to the Secret Original Recipe®, which the Colonel made famous. The vault was modernized and remodeled in 2009 to go high tech. The custom-built, digital FireKing safe protecting KFCs secrets weights more than 770 lbs. and has a one-half inch thick steel door. The computerized safe also has a dual-opening system that requires both a smart key and a personal identification number (PIN). A built-in silent alarm and time lock feature provide additional layers of safekeeping which alert the security team of any attempted intrusion and allow access to the safe during pre-set periods of time. The vault is under 24/7 closed circuit monitoring as well. Text courtesy of KFC.

Savy’s Brasserie weekly promo

Something to start off your meal

The soup of the day then was lentil soup

Seabass as the main course

I had the beef shanks as my main course.. Thumbs up!!

From the set lunch, you can choose either dessert or soup

It was great catching up :))

The promotion at Savy’s Brasserie

Bike Run Bike event in Dec

The Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council is a non-profit organization and we have been around for a good 11 years. We try our best within our means to educate the society on HIV & AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, teenage pregnancy and social issues.

They give accurate information about HIV & AIDS and they are here to tell you that no one is immune to HIV. The best ways to prevent HIV is through education and correct behaviours. BDA Council have worked very hard to address the widespread misperception that HIV/AIDS is just “an old social problem”. They pay visits to schools, youth clubs & community gatherings to give talks, run workshops, forums and give free consultations.

Help them reach out to more people. Help them educate your children to ensure that they grow up to become responsible adults. Help us to spread correct information about HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections so the society can make healthy life choices.

They are an organization who really cares for the society’s perception of this disease because lack of accurate information can lead to irresponsible behavior and making wrong choices that can change your lives forever.

Join them to mark World AIDS Day this year. They will be organizing a charity bazaar and a dualthlon on the 11th of December 2011. They also welcome companies, organizations and individuals who wish to help fund our event and help us raise money to run better workshops and talks to educate your children, family and friends about respecting yourselves to get to ‘zero new infections’. Oh, for your information, the theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is “Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infection, Zero AIDS-related deaths & Zero Discrimination”

Remember, no one is immune. A person living with HIV looks just as healthy as who ever you are looking at right now- you can’t tell who’s got what. Go to www.facebook.com/worldaidsdaybrunei for more information and you can also follow on Twitter @BDAIDSCouncil

Aspire Ultra S3

Mega Strike Bowl opening today

The SocMed gang had a fun outing few days ago at the dry run of MegaStrike Bowl. I had one of the worst in terms of scoring *lol* Regardless, it was the fun factor and of course, the more the merrier. I’m impressed with the interior of the MegaStrike Bowl and it seems that they have put so much effort in building up the bowling area. I can’t imagine how they would bring the huge machinery to the 3rd floor and everything was done within less than 4 months.. Amazing!!

Now with three public bowling options available in Brunei, the culture of bowling is coming back! I remember I used to be an avid player (socially) and it was good for passing time with friends. Ok, those were my teenage years. Now bowling can get its groove back if Mega Strike Bowl play their formula right which I’m pretty sure they are on the right track.

Utama Bowling has been around for more than 25 years if I’m not mistaken and now they will face stiff competition unless they revamp or upgrade their facilities. Today (and many weeks, months to come), most visitors will lead to Mega Strike Bowl and this will be another pulling factor to draw the crowd to the Airport Mall.

Congrats to the guys behind Mega Strike Bowl and they are humble in person too. The SocMed gang will be organizing a mini-competition in December so stay tune for that. For now, let’s bowl for fun 🙂

The registration and payment counter

I love the new balls

The guys from MOFAT were at the dry run

Yooooo… BAG Networks represent!!!

So who got the highest among you guys?

Is it true about big size shoes?? 

The awesome ladies from The Brunei Times

They were watching video clips on the making of Mega Strike Bowl

The Cosmic Bowling session will depends on the demand of bowlers. Perhaps, it could only a weekend thing or three times a week.

It is such a spacious place. The cost of bowling is $6 per game, $1 for shoe rent and $1 sock for ladies and $1.50 for men

I’m pretty sure BruneiTweet bit my lowly score of 63 points *lol*

Fadhil the man was enjoying two games of bowling that he sweat more than playing football

The management team of Mega Strike Bowl with the local media

The logo of The Airport Mall

The Airport Mall, the country’s up-and-coming shopping destination, will be unveiling its all-new logo, created by Brunei’s award- winning creative agency Mixmediaworx, the same agency that created the international APEC CEO Summit logo for Singapore two years ago, on November 11, 2011.

The Airport Mall’s new logo reflects futuristic theme of progress and excitement, coupled with the elements of multi-coloured, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted designs. Creative Director at Mixmediaworx, Hamdi “NJ” Matussin said: “The Airport Mall logo is created to inspire. With an array of wide-ranging outlets at the mall catered to all walks of life, this logo is a distinct blend of exuberance and flair, youthfulness and stability, with modernism and a touch of class.”

NJ added: “The Airport Mall’s initials ‘A’ and ‘M’, have also been incorporated into the logo in a subtle, yet effective way, further demonstrating the sheer innovation and all-around appeal of The Airport Mall.”

Dk Hjh Asiah Pg Hj Damit, a representative from The Airport Mall said that their grand opening will be in January next year. “But we want a historical date, we have chosen that to fall on November 11, where we will reveal the logo’s identity,” she said.

Mixmediaworx’s engagement stretches beyond just logo creation, the main aim is to provide consultation and marketing for the mall, for it’s long-term strategic direction.

In the near future, visitors can expect a new and fresh exterior of the mall, with a re-designed interior and consistent branding throughout the mall to match its identity.

Along with The Airport Mall’s identity launching on 11-11-11, visitors can also expect the opening of the new 22-lane bowling alley, Mega Strike and the opening of KFC (B) Sdn Bhd’s 11th branch in Brunei.

Current tenants at The Airport Mall include Korean cosmetic brand Tony Moly; well-known Bruneian travel agent Darussalam Holdings; Cosmopolitan College, Urbanchic Boutique; MAYA Silk, gadget store NASH and SKH Supermarket. There is also talks about DST and Matadoe coming on board in the not too distant future.

The Airport Mall is currently 80 per cent full in terms of confirmed tenancy. The announcement of a partnership with creative firm Mixmediaworx last week, will see the property gain a strong and recognizable branding w kxith exciting out-of-the-box concepts await in the months to come. Text courtesy of Mixmediaworx.

It’s two weeks away

Get your tickets now and enjoy our local talented students

LANEIGE Broadway Musical is back again this year to be held on 26 November 2011. The responses from secondary schools have been very encouraging. There are 20 secondary schools that are going to compete in this charity competition performing some famous scenes from popular Broadway musicals like The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, The Sound of Music, Mama Mia, Oliver, Wicked, Grease, High School Musical, etc.

This is the 2nd year that LANEIGE co-organizes the competition with the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education. It was a remarkable, educational and meaningful occasion in 2010. There were great opportunities in discovering young peoples’ talents, energy, imagination and leadership skills. These were recognized in their contributions to each performance. There was a variety of development and creativity in music, communication, teamwork and culture exchange. Students were able to be part of and enjoy a number of musical performances within the local arena and this had never been experienced before. 

On another level, LANEIGE and the Ministry of Education wishes to emphasise that the main objective of organizing this charity competition within schools is really to raise the awareness in the public to look after those who are less fortunate. Through this charity competition, LANEIGE and the Ministry of Education wants to particularly encourage a wide spectrum of our youths today on the need to be more caring and compassionate. Our youths are our future: they would be the ones to continue to look after and manage the country. This charity competition is at the same a way to provide a platform and to expose students’ talents and creativity. 

Another important reason is we to give an opportunity to students to communicate, perform and develop artistically in English language. With the continuous support of Ministry of Education and generous sponsors including: HSBC, Brunei Press Sdn Bhd, Jasra Harrisons Sdn Bhd, Milo, Royal Brunei Catering Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Shalim (B) Sdn Bhd, Nyuk Lian Printing Company, Ranoadidas, Red Dot Studio, CFBT, Studio Scene and Brunei English Language Teacher Association. 

In addition, there will more to explore during the event, delicious irresistible foodies will be available on the day at the event like Bunny’s Yummies, Scoop Frozen Yogurt, Chicken pie by RBC, and many more food surprises to be arranged by the kind support of Brunei Food Bloggers.

The LANEIGE Broadway Musical Charity Competition 2011 will be held at the ICC Main conference Hall on 26 NOV 2011 at 1pm. Tickets are now available on sales at all LANEIGE branches (the mall 2428222, Kiulap 2232282, K.B. 3347217). 100% of ticket sales would be donated to KACA and Pusat Bahagia. To enjoy a meaningful and enjoyable afternoon of Broadway Musicals,for a good cause, get your tickets now for a wonderful afternoon with family and friends.

At the press conference recently held at STPRI

Patricia, Marketing Manager of LANEIGE holding the poster

Group photo with committee, sponsors, judges and coaches

Images from last year’s Musical Broadway at OGH

Images from last year’s Musical Broadway at OGH

Closing date is 14th November

ITPSS is also running a website design competition and stand a chance to win a MacBook Air. Click image to see more details.

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