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Archive for 12/02/2012


Siti's still smoking hot

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Siti Nurhaliza launches Dermagic

A new product, Dermagic, was unveiled yesterday by Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza at Paloma, The Mall. It’s the first ever Magical Cream with the power to virtually uplift your mood and unveil a more youthful, fairer and happier you. Dermagic will also make you beautiful inside out. Dermagic is one of the latest product from SimplySiti cosmetic line.

Around 30 lucky customers were treated to a special photo session and all the customers apparently bought SimplySiti product the day before the launch. This was made possible by Paloma, the official distributor for SimplySiti in Brunei Darussalam.

According to the management, most of the customers of SimplySiti are Malays and the prices are quite competitive as well as compared to neighbouring countries. Congratulations once more to Dato Siti Nurhaliza on the latest product Dermagic. She did hint that she will be launching her fragrance in April if all goes according to plan.

DPMM FC was so close

I had a feeling DPMM FC will be punished for squandering golden chances in the 2nd half and I was spot on. DPMM FC’s import players Basiru Osman and Rodigro Gral could have extended DPMM FC’s lead but their finishing touches let them down. Perhaps the best culprit was Gral when he was just 6 yards from the goal line but his point-blank shot deflected for a corner instead.

In football, 90% of the time it’s about result and the 2-2 score line didn’t reflect DPMM FC’s performance. It took them a while to gel as a team and they showed major improvement in the 2nd half. The only set back is that they are still suspectible at the back. Both goals conceded were from close range.

How did our DPMM FC imports fared? Ivan Jerkovic is superb in midfield and it’s good that DPMM FC re-signed him back. Tales Dos Santos is effective in aerial situations but his defence line conceded two sloppy goals. He also need great support from his team mates. I’m particularly impressed with Basiru Osman because of his pace and work rate. He had numerous scoring opportunities though some were half-chances. Osman was almost punished last night for losing possession while show boating football skills. Tampines Rover counter attacked and almost scored from that situation. Well, I’m pretty sure Osman will learn his lessons for that little episode that could have been avoided.

As for Rodrigo Gral, he had great touches on the ball. However, in my opinion, he seemed to struggle with the pace of the game. He needs to step up his game and he should have buried a sitter which could have put DPMM FC 3-1 ahead.

A good result for both sides nonetheless. Simunic will be slightly disappointed of the two coaches because DPMM FC was just minutes away from claiming 3 points before Tampines Rover Jamil Ali smashed in the equaliser.

After two years of absence, DPMM FC played fairly well in their first competitive match and they are ready for the S.League season. Welcome back, DPMM FC!!

It’s good to have Jerkovic back in DPMM FC. A vital backbone to the midfield area

An exciting forward Basiru Osman and he could be one of DPMM FC’s best signings

The men in uniform enjoying the match as well

Despite the rain, DPMM FC fans still watched under the rain

DPMM FC supporters waiting till the final whistle

Good luck to DPMM FC in their next match

Dermalogist Beauty Therapy

The shop just opened a few months ago and the product, Dermalogica, they brought in is highly recommended. The product itself came about in 1986 and now Dermalogica has a cult following. Not only they have good packaging and marketing hype, they produce results. Isn’t that what most customers want? :))

So you want to look youthful? you want to protect your skin from being damage? Dermalogica has the right product for your needs. I can name you a few products they have – Skin Prep Scrub, Pure Night, Multivitamin Power Firm, Ultracalming Cleanser, Antioxidant Hydramist, Chromawhite Trx Regimen and etc.

So if you have encounter problems with acne or dry skin or even the sun ray, you can call the skin therapists from Dermalogist Beauty Therapy 234 2928 or 871 6680and yes, consultation is FREE too.

Promotion for 2012 One Year Anniversary

1) Oxygen Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Serum (Super hydrates) @ $178 is NOW ONLY $130.

2) Oxygen Intraceuticals Brightening Serum (Whitening) @ $218 is NOW ONLY $170.

3) Oxygen Intraceuticals Clarity Serum (Sensitive Acne) @ $233 is NOW ONLY $188.

4) Oxygen Intraceuticals Atoxelene Serum (Deep Wrinkles) @ $180 is NOW ONLY $145.

Promotion :

1) Purchase of ANY Facial Packages B$300 & above entitle : Free 1 Diamond Dermabrasion facial treatment.

2) Purchase of ANY Facial Packages B$500 & above entitle : Free 1 Ultrasonic facial treatment.

Terms & Conditions:
Validity date of treatment : 3 months

Promotion End : 5th March 2012

For further enquiries, please call 2342928 or 8716680
Dermalogist Beauty Therapy

Block B, Unit 26, 1st Floor,
Serusop Complex, KG Delima Satu,
BB4713 Jalan Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam


The products from Dermalogica. Find out which one suits you

Get your skin analysed and try their facial treatment at special discounts

It’s open from Monday to Saturday


The hand that stole the show

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RIP Whitney Houston

I just heard the news on the internet and it’s a trending topic now. This is one of the first albums I bought when I started listening to music. Still one of the best tracks – Wanna Dance with Somebody.

The handshake incident

The rivalry just took another level after the handshake incident. Suarez’s refusal handshake was retaliated by Evra as he dragged Suarez’s arm. I remember the incident when Wayne Bridge refused to shake hands with John Terry but that didn’t blow out of proprotion. Evra’s celebration after the match was seen as provocative to Liverpool players and Sir Alex did admit that he shouldn’t have done that. Lots of talking points in this match and off-field incidents. Suarez didn’t show professionalism and same could be said of Evra. This could have been avoid by the respective managers by having mutual consent not to allow Suarez and Evra to shake hands in the first place to avoid further damage.

The Darkness II

Malaysia Exhibition: Study in Malaysia

Sunday 2pm to 7pm

Officially registered – Lisa & Shawn

It was my first time witnessing how a couple registered at the Court. I always hear of my friends being registered but never saw the process. For one, it’s pretty straight forward and it’s nothing like the Malays’ version of “Nikah”. When I say straight forward, I’m talking about timing factor.

Apparently the wait was longer than the registering process *lol*. I turned up at the Court by 3:10pm and left by 4:30pm which includes taking photos. A normal “Nikah” will take at least 2 hours before completion while the process of Nikah itself will last half an hour based on my coverage experience.

Anyway, I attended Lisa and Shawn’s “registering ceremonial” at the Court yesterday and I feel honoured to be part of Lisa’s entourage that day. This is because during registering, it’s customary not to bring the whole bunch of your family or friends (or Facebook buddies). That one you save it for the big wedding dinner/reception.

The solemnization process took place at the Marriage Registrar’s office and all their guests managed to fit in the room and it was nice of the Marriage Registrar to invite the rest in the room to witness the solemnization. Apparently the use of camera and video camera are permitted during the ceremony too. However, confetti and petals are not permitted in the building or the pavement outside.

Congratulations once more to Lisa and Shawn on their solemnization. If you are curious of what is required to be “registered”, you can click here.

With Lisa’s colleagues who dropped by

Taken inside the Magistrate Registrar’s office

Lisa and Shawn exchanging marriage declaration

Lisa and Shawn exchanging rings

Shawn and Lisa with the Magistrate Registrar

Lisa and Shawn are officially married

The expressive family and friends of Lisa and Shawn

Christine, Shawn, Lisa and Jessie



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