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Archive for February, 2012


Shah Razen back to scoring chart

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Coming soon

National Day food promotion at Seasons and Airport

Perhaps the unique part of the National Day Special Promotion is the special local dishes that will be made available on the ala carte menu and buffet at Airport Restaurant and Seasons Restaurant. Some of the dishes are normally cooked at home and hence this will be the first time a few dishes will be introduced.

The National Day Special Promotion, which will run from Feb 20-25, will showcase a number of mouth-watering local delicacies such as Kembayau cream soup, Jackfruit cooked with prawn and Belutak fried rice with deep fried chicken and crackers. Other items on the menu are Mambangan Mousse served with fruits and sauce and Deef Fried Seabass Liking.

They will also serve ambuyat and the grilled items are only available during dinner buffet. Both Sous-chef Rosli Che Aman and Demi Chef Azizul Abdullah made some trials and see what’s good to include in the food promotion. Chef Azizul is probably known for his Kembayau soup where he once taught a short demo on how to make one.

Check out the poster for prices and mind you, the lunch buffet at Seasons Restaurant is fully booked for now on the 23rd February (National Day). So that really says a lot about the food promotion.

Deep Fried Seabass Liking served with steamed rice and sambal “mambangan”

I love this pakis dish

Nasi Goreng Belutak served with local sausage and deep fried chicken and crackers

Chef Azizul, Sous-chef Rosli Che Aman and Seasons Restaurant Assistant Manager Oscar Abrera

DPMM FC made it 6 games

I’m not sure what is the jinx for SAFFC. The army outfit from Singapore has yet to beat DPMM FC in six attempt after their 2-1 loss at their home ground. SAFFC is one of the favourites for the S-League title and they are still pointless after two games played.

SAFFC scored from a set piece when Tatsuro Inui scored from a free kick to cancel out in-form striker Basiru Osman’s goal. DPMM FC played the same starting line up against Tampines Rovers. Both goals scored from DPMM were from set pieces and this showed the lack of concentration of SAFFC’s defence when it mattered the most.

Perhaps the highlight of the match was Shahrazen’s first competitive goal which is a good morale boost for the DPMM striker. He’s back to full fitness and his support from Basiru Osman and Ghral well be a force to be reckoned with.

What DPMM coach Vjeran Simunic said – “Inside our hearts, we always trusted that we could come here and win,” claimed the Croatian. SAFFC are the No.1 team in Singapore, eight-time champions. Maybe there are some people who want us to get spectacular results, but we have to respect them, so I am happy with this win.

“We have had no football for three years, and it would not be logical for us to come to Singapore and become champions right away. But in my heart, I am always hungry for trophies, and I will transfer that spirit to my team.” (Source: Tam Cheong Yan of S.League)

DPMM FC’s first win is a good birthday present for the Crown Prince who celebrated his 38th birthday a few days ago. Well done to DPMM FC and I won’t be surprised that their t-shirt merchandise will increase in sales. Images below are courtesy of S.League Facebook page.

Rodrigo Ghral of DPMM FC in action against SAFFC last night

Wardun, DPMM FC’s keeper, did a great job behind the line and he hardly gets picture taken in DPMM FC matches too. Kudos to the photographer.

As usual, Basiru Osman will always be fouled and when this happens, you know such player is a threat. DPMM FC’s best signing so far

Just read the caption *lol* DPMM FC celebrated their first victory.

Carolyn bags top prize

iCentre’s iMMerse programme series, dubbed the “iMMerse Graphic Design Challenge”, ended with a prize presentation ceremony, marking another initiative by the organisation in identifying local talents in the Sultanate’s multimedia industry.

The second challenge carried the theme “My Brunei Forever Green”, where participants created a poster that showcases the richness, lushness and majestic environment of Brunei Darussalam, including how Bruneians coexist with nature in a greener and brighter world for today and tomorrow.

The ceremony began with an opening remark by Jeremy Chua, Multimedia officer from iCentre, who stated that the programme is aimed to nurture and grow a diverse community of untapped potential in Brunei’s Multimedia industry.

“Our upcoming challenge is the 3D animation challenge, which will take place in the coming months, followed by the short film challenge, and finally the web/mobile interface challenge,” he said.

Officiating the prize presentation was Aji Puteh, Head of Corporate Services at Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). The top winner of the “iMMerse Graphic Design Challenge” was Carolyn Lee Yi Zheng, whilst second place went to Rommel Oliveros. Text by Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.

Aji Puteh, Head of Corporate Services at Royal Brunei Airlines, talked about the iMMerse programme

Kwok Leong of KR Consulting, 1st prize winner Carolyn Lee Yi Zheng, 2nd prize winner Rommel Oliveros and Aji Puteh of RBA

Movie reviews update

Chronicle (2012). A very mixed reviews from my peers. The guys love it while the ladies thought otherwise. Maybe it’s not meant for the ladies, aye? I love the direction of Chronicle and the formula paid off especially the genius work of video capture as the audience saw the movie through the lens of V-cam throughout the movie.

The movie is pretty dark though and the ending might not be everyone’s cup of tea but to me, it fits the bill. Sometimes I feel that the scenario of the relationship among the three friends portrayed in the movie can be relate to most of our daily lives in how we deal with close friends. Sorry ladies, I don’t agree with your ratings for this one. One of the best movie this month. Verdict: 8/10.

The Descendants. I could feel the energy from Cuterabbit and lilmopiko when we watched this flick. Halfway through the movie, they felt restless because they lost interest *lol* This melodrama movie is definitely not for everyone and I was pretty curious on The Descendants as it was nominated for Best Actor (George Clooney) and Best Picture for the upcoming Oscars.

I have to say I quite enjoyed The Descendants but it’s somewhat depressing as the story depicts a father played by George Clooney who tried to pull his family together and facing reality on their dying mother with obstacles along the way. The movie also reminds me of the classic Little Miss Sunshine which I personally enjoyed more than The Descendants. After watching this movie, I’m still questioning how this flick was nominated as Best Picture. Verdict: 7/10.

Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace in 3D. I caught The Phantom Menace when it premiered in Australia back in 1999. Did I enjoy it? Well, despite the great visuals and fight scenes, I was pretty bogged down by the confusing plot which talks about politics. I am a fan of Star Wars series but I preferred episodes 4 to 6.

Now fast forward to the present, the producers have enhanced the movie in a 3D version. Was it worth it? All I can say that I was more impressed with the trailer of Titanic 3D (which was shown) than my 3D experience of The Phantom Menace. I noticed some scenes weren’t not rendered to 3D. I highly recommend this 3D movie for hardcore fans and also to those who didn’t get the privilege to watch The Phantom Menace. Oh yeah, Jar Jar Binks really spoiled my movie experience *lol* Verdict: 6/10.

There was a small gig for Brunei 501st Legion appearance during the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D premier at The Mall Cineplex

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Perhaps one of the movies which I had low expectations for two reasons – 1) first movie really sucked 2) Nicholas Cage?? I was more bemused by the outcome of some scenarios rather than the action. Some just didn’t make sense and I felt like drilling the director with my 2 cents opinion. Ghost Rider is comparable to the Green Lantern and it’s not a movie that will burn its way to the box office. It only opened at USD 22 million while the 1st Ghost Rider raked in USD 52 million back in 2007.

Ok, enough rants on Ghost Rider the sequel. I won’t say it was an improvement because I didn’t really enjoy both movies. I just hope they will stop making Ghost Rider movies as the producers are losing their investment in this particular movie. I love Nicholas Cage in Con Air, The Rock and Face/Off but his latest strings of movies (Drive Angry, Season of the Witch) were total failures. Even the comfort of the $20 VIP sofa seats didn’t save my movie experience. Sorry Ghost Rider. Time to put the flame out. Verdict: 5/10.

Safe House. This is one gripping thriller not to be missed. Denzel Washington is one actor that can’t go wrong when he’s on screen though not all movies I necessarily enjoy but he always does his best regardless. Ryan Reynolds also starred in Safe House and he suits playing this kinda of roles.

It was a better momentum after watching The Descendants two hours before. There are some flaws and some credibility issues that I kept me wonder at some points. However, the great chemistry between the co-stars and nicely paced action kinda delivers the movie to my expectations. I just wish they directed the suspense level to another level. Still a great watch. Verdict: 8/10.


Defending champions Thailand pulls out

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

The randoms on Sunday

Well done, Zul Fadly on the recent participation of Urbanathlon which took place in Singapore today. Apparently a group of Crossfit Brunei group joined the Urbanathlon. Last year I happened to be there for coverage. Giving it a miss this year. Image courtesy of Zul Fadly

This unexpected accident happened along the highway heading to airport this morning. According to a source, three cars were involved in the mishap. Drive safe peeps

LOL.. There was a commotion between CNN Piers Morgan and Emmanuel Frimpong of Arsenal. This was after Arsenal’s disappointing lost to Sunderland which means Arsenal will be title-less again this season

This was Frimpong’s reply to Piers Morgan’s tweet

Another LOL moment. Someone emailed me this evening and this was located nearby an ATM at Kiulap. Apparently judging from the torn bits, there are quite a lot of “school leavers”

Today my family’s gone off for another trip to Singapore. Loads of loading and unloading to do

Thailand pull the plug

It was a last minute decision by Thailand to withdraw from the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy disrupted the schedule of the HBT 2012 tournament. Hence the organising committee of HBT 2012 had a discussion with the Asian Football Federation (AFF) to clarify the issue.

According to President of National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Rahman, the withdrawal of Thailand was unexpected but the organizers respect the decision of Thailand’s withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances.

After reviewing the rules and regulations and with the advice from AFF, it is suggested that Brunei Darussalam which is in Group A with six teams in the group previously is to move to Group B with four teams after vacated by Thailand. This means Brunei will take on Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Timor Leste. Hence instead of Brunei Darussalam’s opening match with Laos, it will be replaced with Brunei vs Cambodia this Saturday 25th February 2012.

For your info, all the matches are FREE entry and to encourage people to watch, the organisers have introduced a lucky draw for the spectators where they can stand a chance to win a grand draw which is the Toyota VIOS. The public is advise to collect the tickets (free) at the counter one hour before the game. So I expect a huge rush of crowd as well as many counters will be opened to accommodate the traffic of people entering the stadium.

I shall update the schedule next week but all the Brunei matches will be played at the National Stadium.

Haji Abdul Malik, Deputy Director of Youth and Sports, Dr. Muhammad Hadi, Director of Info Department, Dato Paduka Hj Md Hamid Jaafar, Chairman of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy committee, Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Rahman, President of the NFABD and Hj Zamri, Deputy Director of Youth and Sports II

Dato Paduka Hj Hamid handing over poster to Royal Brunei Police Force

Dato Paduka Hj Hamid handing over poster to Ministry of Education

The cool lads from Info Department attended the press conference

Hanna’s 18th Birthday

Hanna (centre) celebrated her 18th birthday last Saturday. There were tons of entertainment too.

Belly dance performance

Such young talent these guys are

Singapore Scholarship is back!!

The Singapore Scholarship is back again!!!! Last year, Muhd Kamaaredzwan Kamarudin earned himself a scholarship at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU). So who will be the chosen one this year? So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to apply for the scholarship and if I were you, I would give it a shot because I’m biased since I love Singapore (my 2nd Home) *lol*. The application will be open on Monday 20th February 2012. 

I shall be talking more of the Singapore Scholarship programme soon.

Muhd Kamaaredzwan Kamarudin receiving his award from Singapore High Commissioner Joseph Koh

Singapore High Commissioner Joseph Koh with the previous Singapore Scholars with Danial Phua, Second Secretary of Singapore High Commission (far right)


What's your alter ego?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping


RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website

Education exhibition in February

Click image to enter website

Coming soon

RA Quiz winners for SCB “Run for a Reason”

In conjunction with the recent launch and announcement of the Standard Chartered Brunei Half Marathon 2012, Ranoadidas ran a special Twitter contest relating to the event.

Five lucky Twitterers were awarded prizes for their tweets on guessing the correct category that Rano would run in the event and another five lucky Twitterers were awarded prizes for being the first five to come back with the correct answer on the deadline of registration for the upcoming Half Marathon event.

A prize presentation for winners was held at the Standard Chartered Bank, Main Branch, Bandar Seri Begawan . Present at the event were Rano Iskandar from ranoadidas.com and Jennifer Kang, Head of Cooperate Affairs and Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank.

All ten winners walked away with exclusive Standard Chartered Merchandise. I am constantly on the look out for new and fun ways to engage our community on upcoming events in the country. The Standard Chartered Half Marathon 2012 is a highly anticipated event with a lot of buzz and excitement around it. Hence, it was an obvious choice to run a special Twitter contest relating to this event. And do you know that the registration has reached 850 participants and it’s rising every day. Awesome!!!

Jennifer Kang, Head of Cooperate Affairs and Marketing Manager, Standard Chartered Bank said: “We are grateful to Rano for his help in further enhancing awareness on our upcoming Half Marathon event through this contest. This will truly contribute positively towards our event. Congratulations to all the winners.”

Jennifer Kang, Head of Cooperate Affairs and Marketing Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, talking to the winners of the RA Twitter quiz

Jennifer Kang with the winners – @han316 @sir_abu @zero_fantasies @iamarifzainal @mika_193 and @hanizamalidin

The Standard Chartered Brunei Half Marathon 2012 is organised by Standard Chartered Bank with the strong support from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Brunei Athletics Association. The Standard Chartered Half Marathon Brunei 2012 is proudly sponsored by Telbru, TOTAL, Borneo Bulletin, Media Permata, GetFit CrossFit, MixMediaWorx, Radisson Hotel, Royal Brunei Airlines, Suci, Sunlit Advertising and 100 Plus. This event is also supported by ThreeG Media Sdn Bhd.

The deadline to register for the Standard Chartered Charity Run 2011 is 18 March 2012 or when maximum capacities are reached. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up early to avoid disappointment of limited spaces. Categories are capped at 500 participants for the 21km category, 1,000 participants for the 10km category, 1,500 participants for the 5km run and 2,000 participants for the 2.5km category.

All of the proceeds raised for the Run will benefit the Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (DANA) and Standard Chartered Bank’s Seeing Is Believing Programme.

For further details about the Standard Chartered Brunei please visit our website www.scbruneihalfmarathon.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/SCBruneiHalfMarathon2012 or call Standard Chartered Phone Banking at 265 8000.

Another kind gesture from SCB as all were given SCB umbrella because of the drizzle yesterday

New place, new experience

During my recent trip to KK, I had the privilege to try out the newest hotel at KK, Sabah and it’s at Ming Garden Hotel. Location wise, it’s pretty close to Times Square and only 10-15 minutes drive to the airport.

My stay was awesome though I only stayed over night. I chose the apartment and it was a pretty good choice for me. It was quite awkward though that I checked in a two-bedroom apartment. I love the facilities they have in the apartment though I have to say the apartment was too big for me. This is just nice if you are traveling with a couple of friends and even for Brunei families that usually come in numbers. Hence, I highly recommend this apartment for those traveling to KK.

I have yet to try the hotel side of Ming Garden Hotel but I shall leave that to my next trip. Oh yeah, the food is pretty delicious too. I had my lunch and breakfast at Golden Dew Bistro. Oh yeah, apparently the hotel also has some tie up with b.mobile so you can enjoy some discounts as well.

When you stay at Ming Garden Hotel, you will “come as a guest, return as a friend”. To find out more, click here.

The exterior look of Ming Garden Hotel

Rosewood Lounge at Ming Garden Hotel

The awesome guys from Ming Garden Hotel and they are doing a great job there

This area is yet to open and it’s located near the apartment side of the Ming Garden

My keycard and I’ve this in my collection too *shhhhh…*

This was the apartment I was staying at.. I like the concept too

There’s a pantry and very handy for family usage

The master bedroom of the apartment and yes, the floor is wifi ready and it’s complimentary

This is the Junior Suite from the hotel side of Ming Garden

I had the breakfast buffet at Golden Dew Bistro

The Nasi Lemak Nyonya Baba is a recommended dish on the ala carte

Oh yeah, another bonus about Ming Garden is the vast basement carpark (2 levels) and as you know, parking is always an issue especially for Bruneians who drive up to KK and it’s complimentary too

These are the special rates at Ming Garden Hotel. Click image to find out more.

BICTA continues roadshow

It’s a never-ending roadshow for BICTA organisers to Government Tertiary Education Institutions and Secondary Schools. BICTA stands for Brunei ICT Awards competition and it’s one of the biggest IT competition.

So what’s the idea behind the numerous roadshows for BICTA? One reason is create more awareness and interest among students on the upcoming BICTA and who knows they will represent Brunei in the regional APICTA 2012 where Brunei bagged a few big awards last December 2011.

The workshop sessions are pretty informal as you can judge from the images below and the attendees are urged to join the workshop as the seats are limited. This workshop is also ideal for those who wants to start from scratch. Well, it’s like a walk through session and the workshop will give the students more knowledge on what’s expected during the competition.

Lately the BICTA roadshow has been conducted in Saint Andrew’s School, Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School, WASAN Vocational School, St Georges School and DPM Al-Muthadee Billah Gadong College.

The roadshow started from 7th Feb and will go on throughout the whole month of February. Any interested schools and institutions may contact the BICTA representatives at 2323232 or via email at bicta@aiti.gov.bn or visit the BICTA website at www.bicta.gov.bn Images below courtesy of AITI.

BICTA roadshow at Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School

BICTA roadshow at St. Andrew’s School

BICTA roadshow at St. George’s School

BICTA roadshow at WASAN Vocational School


Music to my ears

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Coming soon

BT supports Maher Zain’s concert

The promotional poster for Maher Zain

It has been a while since we have an international concert/gig in Brunei. I remember even bringing the U-KISS Meet-the-Fan session was unsuccessful due to management problems. After the controversial incident of the Agnes Monica concert that didn’t take place, this will be the first international concert in many years and apparently the organisers NMHQR Studio Productions said it wasn’t a smooth road getting the approval of the concert and it took them almost a year to be approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Yesterday was a press conference held at the Brunei Tourism Board conference room and it was led by YAM Pengiran Anak Muhd Haffiz, YAM Pengiran Anak Qayyum and Brunei Tourism CEO Sheikh Jamaluddin. Maher Zain is one of the most popular artistes in the international Islamic music industry and finally he will be performing live this coming 8th March 2012 at the Jerudong Amphitheartre.

Also performing during the concert will be Irfan Makki (who has a vocal similar to that of the legendary Michael Jackson) and there will be performances by our local artistes Fakhrul Razi and The Seeds.

YAM Pengiran Anak Qayyum said that it’s a privilege to bring Maher Zain to Brunei again and his songs are very inspirational and Islamic and this also promotes the MIB culture in Brunei.

Tickets are sold at $120, $90, $70 and $40 from KFC Plaza Athirah outlet, KFC Belait outlet, KFC Lumut SPARK outlet, Deejay Home Video outlets and NMHQR Studio Productions (on the sixth floor of Plaza Athirah building) and part of the ticket sales will be donated to Pusat Ehsan and SMARTER Brunei.

You can contact 224 1777 or 815 1118.

The press conference for Maher Zain’s concert

Sheikh Jamaluddin of Brunei Tourism, YAM Pengiran Anak Muhd Haffiz, co-event Manager of NMHQR Studio Productions and YAM Pengiran Anak Qayyum, co-event Manager of NMHQR Studio Productions.

Group photo with the organiers and Brunei Tourism

Don’t forget to buy your tickets. I will be heading there too 🙂

Reckoning now at ETA


We need one

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Plans for your loved ones?

Click image to enter Facebook Page

RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website

Education exhibition in February

Click image to enter website

Hamann to lead EPL Masters

Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann has confirmed his participation in the upcoming EPL Masters Football Tournament Brunei Cup 2012 slated for April 21. The German on his first visit to Brunei is here as an ambassador for the EPL Masters Football.

He couldn’t make it for the first edition last year because of coaching commitments at Leicester City. But now he is looking forward to playing in the Sultanate this April.

“It will be great. There are going to be some great teams and I will also be able to see some of my old teammates,” said Hamann during an interview with The Brunei Times at a dinner function at the Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club in Jerudong last night.

“I do play a bit of tennis to keep myself going and I do hope to do a bit more before returning here,” he added.

The competition is organised by Ad Sports Event Management (ADSEM) and Masters Football Asia and is presented by B-Mobile Communications S/B. A dinner was held last Sunday with the organizers and the sponsors where B-Mobile Communications S/B, Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Brunei Airlines’ representatives were present.

For more of the story, click here, courtesy of Yee Chun Leong of The Brunei Times.

Didi Hamann arrived at the Empire Hotel last Sunday

Liverpool fans taking a photo opportunity with Didi Hamann

Carol is also now a Liverpool fan supporter, right?

Didi Hamann mingling with the organizer and the main sponsor for the EPL Masters, B-Mobile Communications

Dinner was served at poolside, Polo and Riding Club and man, I love the lamb!!!!

Now it also falls on Friday

This Friday, 17th February, JASTRe Green Initiative has included Friday as No Plastic Bag Weekend.. Kudos!!!

Pizza Hut Fan Party

I thought this was an awesome of giving back to the community in terms of appreciating the Pizza Hut Fans on the Brunei’s official Pizza Hut Fan page. The establishment recently run a small campaign and invited 50 Pizza Hut fans to the Primo Mall outlet at The Mall.

Not only they get to try the latest item on the menu – Crunchy Cheesy Bites pizza – but they also brought home a t-shirt courtesy of Pizza Hut. Some of the fans also participated in pop quizzes where they won Pizza Hut vouchers instantly.

Expect more events like this in the near future and therefore, don’t forget to “like” Pizza Hut Brunei on your Facebook account or follow @PizzaHutBrunei on Twitter too.

I didn’t know you guys are fans too… *awwwww*

A guest registering her name as one of the invited guests

Reagan made a welcoming address and appreciating the fans

The fans had to do the “Yum” Challenge cheer

Around 50 guests turned up last Friday

Behold… the Cheesy Crunchy Bites

Fans taking a photo to upload on the Fan Page

The “I love Pizza Hut” t-shirts 

Try this out at any Pizza Hut outlet

Car Boot Sale

National Insurance Company (Brunei) will organised the 3rd charity “car boot sale” to be held on Sunday, 26 February 2012 at National Insurance Head Office car park from 8am-12pm. Money collected during that day will be donated back towards education in assisting some students with school fees, or purchasing school books, school uniform or shoes. National Insurance realized the right of all children to get proper education to reach their potential for the future of the country. For more information please contact AHRM- Nanetta Jordana at 2226222, 2426888, 2233999 or visit their website at www.national.com.bn


Crunchy Cheese Bits

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Click image to enter Pizza Hut fan page



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Attending #msmw2012

I’m currently in KL right now attending the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2012. I believe I’m the only Bruneian here *wuwu* and I didn’t bump into familiar faces that I knew regionally from previous events. The topics and the content were pretty relevant and I learnt some new along the way.

I won’t be updating much news for today as my schedule is pretty tight. I shall be posting more on my findings from #msmw2012 event. Apparently Singapore is having one too but I shall go for 2013 edition. How I wish my #SocMed buddies are here too.

This is what I always pre-order on @AirAsia.. Always yummy and consistent in taste

AirAsia have a big sale coming up by midnight. Click image to enter site

My access to #msmw2012. Thank you, Norman!!

The panelists of bloggers on music, food and travel

@altimet talks about comparative pricing on digital music using mineral water and tap water as illustration

One of the audience asking questions to the panelists

When I arrived KL, my first thought was her… My third love *LOL*

They serve this in Malaysia and Singapore too apparently

The power of influence through @AidaSue @jojo_struys and @Karrotgold

Crunchy Cheesy Bites

Click image to enter Facebook page


Siti's still smoking hot

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Siti Nurhaliza launches Dermagic

A new product, Dermagic, was unveiled yesterday by Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza at Paloma, The Mall. It’s the first ever Magical Cream with the power to virtually uplift your mood and unveil a more youthful, fairer and happier you. Dermagic will also make you beautiful inside out. Dermagic is one of the latest product from SimplySiti cosmetic line.

Around 30 lucky customers were treated to a special photo session and all the customers apparently bought SimplySiti product the day before the launch. This was made possible by Paloma, the official distributor for SimplySiti in Brunei Darussalam.

According to the management, most of the customers of SimplySiti are Malays and the prices are quite competitive as well as compared to neighbouring countries. Congratulations once more to Dato Siti Nurhaliza on the latest product Dermagic. She did hint that she will be launching her fragrance in April if all goes according to plan.

DPMM FC was so close

I had a feeling DPMM FC will be punished for squandering golden chances in the 2nd half and I was spot on. DPMM FC’s import players Basiru Osman and Rodigro Gral could have extended DPMM FC’s lead but their finishing touches let them down. Perhaps the best culprit was Gral when he was just 6 yards from the goal line but his point-blank shot deflected for a corner instead.

In football, 90% of the time it’s about result and the 2-2 score line didn’t reflect DPMM FC’s performance. It took them a while to gel as a team and they showed major improvement in the 2nd half. The only set back is that they are still suspectible at the back. Both goals conceded were from close range.

How did our DPMM FC imports fared? Ivan Jerkovic is superb in midfield and it’s good that DPMM FC re-signed him back. Tales Dos Santos is effective in aerial situations but his defence line conceded two sloppy goals. He also need great support from his team mates. I’m particularly impressed with Basiru Osman because of his pace and work rate. He had numerous scoring opportunities though some were half-chances. Osman was almost punished last night for losing possession while show boating football skills. Tampines Rover counter attacked and almost scored from that situation. Well, I’m pretty sure Osman will learn his lessons for that little episode that could have been avoided.

As for Rodrigo Gral, he had great touches on the ball. However, in my opinion, he seemed to struggle with the pace of the game. He needs to step up his game and he should have buried a sitter which could have put DPMM FC 3-1 ahead.

A good result for both sides nonetheless. Simunic will be slightly disappointed of the two coaches because DPMM FC was just minutes away from claiming 3 points before Tampines Rover Jamil Ali smashed in the equaliser.

After two years of absence, DPMM FC played fairly well in their first competitive match and they are ready for the S.League season. Welcome back, DPMM FC!!

It’s good to have Jerkovic back in DPMM FC. A vital backbone to the midfield area

An exciting forward Basiru Osman and he could be one of DPMM FC’s best signings

The men in uniform enjoying the match as well

Despite the rain, DPMM FC fans still watched under the rain

DPMM FC supporters waiting till the final whistle

Good luck to DPMM FC in their next match

Dermalogist Beauty Therapy

The shop just opened a few months ago and the product, Dermalogica, they brought in is highly recommended. The product itself came about in 1986 and now Dermalogica has a cult following. Not only they have good packaging and marketing hype, they produce results. Isn’t that what most customers want? :))

So you want to look youthful? you want to protect your skin from being damage? Dermalogica has the right product for your needs. I can name you a few products they have – Skin Prep Scrub, Pure Night, Multivitamin Power Firm, Ultracalming Cleanser, Antioxidant Hydramist, Chromawhite Trx Regimen and etc.

So if you have encounter problems with acne or dry skin or even the sun ray, you can call the skin therapists from Dermalogist Beauty Therapy 234 2928 or 871 6680and yes, consultation is FREE too.

Promotion for 2012 One Year Anniversary

1) Oxygen Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Serum (Super hydrates) @ $178 is NOW ONLY $130.

2) Oxygen Intraceuticals Brightening Serum (Whitening) @ $218 is NOW ONLY $170.

3) Oxygen Intraceuticals Clarity Serum (Sensitive Acne) @ $233 is NOW ONLY $188.

4) Oxygen Intraceuticals Atoxelene Serum (Deep Wrinkles) @ $180 is NOW ONLY $145.

Promotion :

1) Purchase of ANY Facial Packages B$300 & above entitle : Free 1 Diamond Dermabrasion facial treatment.

2) Purchase of ANY Facial Packages B$500 & above entitle : Free 1 Ultrasonic facial treatment.

Terms & Conditions:
Validity date of treatment : 3 months

Promotion End : 5th March 2012

For further enquiries, please call 2342928 or 8716680
Dermalogist Beauty Therapy

Block B, Unit 26, 1st Floor,
Serusop Complex, KG Delima Satu,
BB4713 Jalan Muara
Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam


The products from Dermalogica. Find out which one suits you

Get your skin analysed and try their facial treatment at special discounts

It’s open from Monday to Saturday


The hand that stole the show

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RIP Whitney Houston

I just heard the news on the internet and it’s a trending topic now. This is one of the first albums I bought when I started listening to music. Still one of the best tracks – Wanna Dance with Somebody.

The handshake incident

The rivalry just took another level after the handshake incident. Suarez’s refusal handshake was retaliated by Evra as he dragged Suarez’s arm. I remember the incident when Wayne Bridge refused to shake hands with John Terry but that didn’t blow out of proprotion. Evra’s celebration after the match was seen as provocative to Liverpool players and Sir Alex did admit that he shouldn’t have done that. Lots of talking points in this match and off-field incidents. Suarez didn’t show professionalism and same could be said of Evra. This could have been avoid by the respective managers by having mutual consent not to allow Suarez and Evra to shake hands in the first place to avoid further damage.

The Darkness II

Malaysia Exhibition: Study in Malaysia

Sunday 2pm to 7pm

Officially registered – Lisa & Shawn

It was my first time witnessing how a couple registered at the Court. I always hear of my friends being registered but never saw the process. For one, it’s pretty straight forward and it’s nothing like the Malays’ version of “Nikah”. When I say straight forward, I’m talking about timing factor.

Apparently the wait was longer than the registering process *lol*. I turned up at the Court by 3:10pm and left by 4:30pm which includes taking photos. A normal “Nikah” will take at least 2 hours before completion while the process of Nikah itself will last half an hour based on my coverage experience.

Anyway, I attended Lisa and Shawn’s “registering ceremonial” at the Court yesterday and I feel honoured to be part of Lisa’s entourage that day. This is because during registering, it’s customary not to bring the whole bunch of your family or friends (or Facebook buddies). That one you save it for the big wedding dinner/reception.

The solemnization process took place at the Marriage Registrar’s office and all their guests managed to fit in the room and it was nice of the Marriage Registrar to invite the rest in the room to witness the solemnization. Apparently the use of camera and video camera are permitted during the ceremony too. However, confetti and petals are not permitted in the building or the pavement outside.

Congratulations once more to Lisa and Shawn on their solemnization. If you are curious of what is required to be “registered”, you can click here.

With Lisa’s colleagues who dropped by

Taken inside the Magistrate Registrar’s office

Lisa and Shawn exchanging marriage declaration

Lisa and Shawn exchanging rings

Shawn and Lisa with the Magistrate Registrar

Lisa and Shawn are officially married

The expressive family and friends of Lisa and Shawn

Christine, Shawn, Lisa and Jessie


The Red Battle II

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

1948 Olympic Torch Relay in Brunei and 200 Days to Go till the Paralympics

All part of the build-up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games, a flag raising to mark 200 Days-to-Go till the Paralympics and a 1948 Olympic torch relay, with the original 1948 torch, was held this morning Saturday, 11 February here in Bandar Seri Begawan. These events are organised in collaboration with the British High Commission, the Ministry Culture Youth and Sports, the Brunei National Olympic Council, and Jerudong International School – who brought the 1948 Olympic Torch to Brunei. The Relay will begin at 0730hrs outside the ground floor of Yayasan Complex, where the British High Commission flag poles are located.

The purpose of these two back-to-back events is to use the original 1948 Olympic torch as a symbol for peace, to generate excitement and promote involvement in sport amongst young people in Brunei, and to recall the Olympic ideals of friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

Additionally, this date will mark exactly 200 days-to-go until the Paralympics. The British High Commission is marking this milestone with a flag-raising carried out by Brunei Paralympian and the Hon. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. The UK has committed itself to staging the most accessible Olympic and Paralympics Games ever. It’s determined to use the Games to help change the way the world views disability and encourage a more open and inclusive society. Hosting the Paralympics in 2012 will be particularly significant for the UK as the country that founded the Paralympic movement in 1948, putting disability sport on the map.

After the flag-raising, the 1948 torch relay will begin. British High Commissioner, HE Rob Fenn and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Hj Hazair bin Hj Abdullah, will run with friends and colleagues, including from the Brunei National Olympic Council and Heads of Diplomatic Missions. The torch will pass through five checkpoints, with Standard Chartered Bank and International School Brunei (ISB) at checkpoint one, followed by students from Chung Hwa Middle School and SR Sungai Siamas at checkpoint two, St George’s and St Andrew’s school students at checkpoint three, SR Pusar Ulak and SR Mabohai at checkpoint four, and finishing with Jerudong International School (JIS) students with Brunei para-athletes at checkpoint five.

Standard Chartered Bank has kindly sponsored the ‘1948 Olympic Torch Run Brunei’ T-shirts and are very excited to be involved. Royal Brunei Airlines sponsored Chris and Sonia McGeorge’s return flight from London to Bandar Seri Begawan.

Commander Collins ran with the torch in 1948 and bequeathed the torch to Loughborough College when he died. It was kept in a filing cabinet for 60 years. When Chris arrived in 2008, someone gave him the torch and told him that he was now the custodian of the torch. He and Sonia decided to take it out of the filing cabinet and use it as part of a programme from Loughborough College to promote sports, health and fitness and the Olympic values amongst school students and young people.

Members of the public are welcome to line the route and cheer on the torch bearers as they run around the capital city, passing some of Brunei’s famous landmarks such as Kampong Ayer and the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Text courtesy of the British High Commission and images courtesy of Anakbrunei.com.bn



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