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Archive for March, 2012


A learning lesson for #HBT2012

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

The ticket commotion

So many words that I couldn’t described on this morning’s outcome. More than 5,000 people showed up way before 8am but almost 3/4 of the crowd went home empty handed. Well, I can’t tell if it’s 5,000 or way more than that but I’ve never seen such a crowd way early in the morning. This is how patriotic our supporters are in supporting Brunei.

However, I was truly ashamed of what took place. The longer hours of waiting didn’t pay off. Some were screaming. Some were whistling. Some shoved, cutting queue. Some fainted especially kids. And some even brought their infants along (WHATT!!!??)) I have to say firstly this ain’t the place to bring infants or babies for many reasons. Where’s the common sense in that? That’s totally uncool and very irresponsible.

My friends voiced out their complains to me and blaming the organisers for not having a proper way of distributing tickets. First of all, there were no barriers or Q-stands or even signboards indicate people to queue up. Secondly, there were no ushers at the queue area but all of the committee involved were inside the Belapan Sports Complex and they tried their best to coordinate using their voice from above which is fruitless and fell on deaf ears. Thirdly, there weren’t enough enforcers such as the men/women in uniform. I believe they were only 20 or less of them that turned up to control the thousands of crowd.

From my understanding, the committee had a meeting Thursday afternoon to decide where the tickets will be distributed. Only late afternoon, it was confirmed that the free tickets distribution will be handed out at Belapan Sports Complex this morning from 8am to 11am. Perhaps, what they didn’t expect is the thousands and thousands of supporters turning up and they didn’t have a contingency plan to control the massive human traffic outside Belapan Sports Complex.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is racism and hooliganism. Both are creating headlines on the Twitter timeline in the past two days after fans witnessing how some Bruneians mocked and abused Myanmar supporters during the National Anthem and the match. This is a total embarrassment of a news but this has to be shared so we can educate the public to pay respect to any individual regardless of race and nationality.

Tonight is the final between Brunei vs Indonesia. The Yellow vs the Red. There will be a big screen showing at Belapan Sports Complex for those without tickets. So it’s the next best thing. I know a lot of my friends are having gathering of their owns to catch the finals. For once, RTB will have the highest viewership in many years as the finals will also be a live telecast.

The car queue at 6:45am near Belapan Sports Complex

The sea of people waiting for the limited tickets to be distributed. This was taken outside the venue. Image courtesy of Hasnan

The crowd getting frustrated even at 7:30am though ticket distribution starts at 8am

Hmmmm This is not a good idea to bring young kids to a huge crowd due to security reasons #fail

More enforcement came before 8am but they couldn’t do much to control the crowd

Here are some of the loyal supporters of Brunei football team

One kid was looking for her family and then seconds later she fainted

He queued up since 6:30am and he was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket

He was upset that he missed out on the tickets for tonight’s epic finale

Enough is enough.. So one fanatic climbed over the fence and unlock the gate from inside #uncool

People were squeezing in through the gates. One fainted during the ordeal but managed to be carried to safety *phew*

She was still smiling despite the long wait

One football enthusiast was interviewed by Borneo Bulletin reporter and he shared his disappointment with the organisers

Ok, this happened during the semi-finals last Wednesday. Police were having a hard time controlling the human traffic at the gate. Apparently those without tickets also managed to get in. This was taken before the kick off between Brunei and Myanmar

This was the scenario at half-time where some were stuck outside

This was how the Indonesians queued up *salutes* A total opposite of what we saw at Belapan. Image taken from Facebook.. Well, someone whatsapp me this image 🙂

Even people were asking our great friend for a favour for tickets for the finals. I love his status. Classic!!

Tonight the colour is yellow. This is image of Azri the fullback of #HBT Brunei team with his family. Taken after the post celebration of Brunei’s victory over Myanmar

This afternoon Mr. NJ bought himself a Brunei jersey from Ridah Sports shop and apparently another sports shop Imperial Sports was crowded with Brunei supporters

“Occasional crossing of showers or thundershowers at some land and sea areas this afternoon; with chance of spreading widely at night.” This was taken from Brunei Weather website. So I headed off to GL Extra shop to buy this. Another hot seller according to the sales person *lol*

Let’s forget about this morning’s episode and now focus on what’s at stake tonight 😀 Great artwork by the artwork

The atmosphere taken at 6:30pm… It’s almost full!!!! Go Brunei 😀

Eahui and Carol are big supporter for Brunei tonight and it’s also Eahui’s first visit to the stadium

This time the queue system is smoothly executed. Well done to the officers and ushers

Jake Ten of Borneo Bulletin had to fit in Azrol’s pants or else he won’t be allowed to wear a media vest since he came in with shorts *lol* Now he looks a bit homey yoo!!


Adi Said – a superstar in the making

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Great deals at Social Deal

SocialDeal is here with a sizzling hot deal again! this time for the ladies who wanna stay pretty & shiny. We last saw www.SocialDeal.com.bn here couple months back with literally 0 members & now here they are with 3300+ members, 22000+ facebook followers after having walked through several awards such as the Brunei ICT Awards 2011 (BICTA) & THINKBiG Ignite Business Plan Awards.

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If you are new to SocialDeal & unclear of how it works, they went the extra mile to make you a 1 minute simple animation video voiced by local artist, Zul F – check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQc1LzSn_OY&feature=player_embedded

Click image to find out more 😀

Adi Said produced some magic on pitch

Woowww.. What a second half!!! Brunei produced their best performance in the 2nd half to overcome a tough, resilient hot favourites Myanmar and acheived another milestone – reaching the finals of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012. Such feat is like a dream come true for Brunei as they have never progessed pass the group stage ever since the tournament has been introduced.

One of the reasons for Brunei’s improved performance was the guile and inspired display by Adi Said, Shahrazen’s younger brother. He was purely stunning upfront with his mazy runs. He created a perfect pass for Azwan to score the 2nd goal before Adi Said scored the icing on the cake from a Najib corner which happened to be the winner of the match.

Adi Said was over the moon with the infamous victory. “I didn’t expect us to reach the finals and I’ve bagged five goals so far. The half-time talk really made a difference and all we did was believe in ourselves and give more than 100% in the second half.”

Brunei now faces Indonesia which is billed “Clash of the Titans”. It’s the yellow vs the red and I would advise everyone to wear yellow to support Brunei tomorrow which will be held at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. More report on this later or tomorrow.

For now, let’s celebrate Brunei’s best achievement to date and let’s hope we will do one step better – the TROPHY 😀

Adi Said’s winning goal episode

Adi Said positioning himself during the corner kick

Despite being behind the maker, he was certain he was gonna win the ball

One great ability about Adi Said was his aerial skills and it’s one of Brunei’s main strengths upfront

Aerial is one thing but connecting a header while being challenged is no easy feat but the striker made it looked so easy as his glancing header found the empty net

Just look at that priceless smile on Adi after his effort crossed the goal line

He sprinted behind the goal towards his fans

Even the reporters were chasing him to capture the moment of his celebration

The crowd were on their feet after Brunei scored the third goal

The heartbeat of the crowd. They chanted, they cheered, they also initiated the “Brunei wave” in the stadium. Awesome energy from the lads till the end of the match!!

Adi Said taking photos with the supporters

Adi Said has won the fans with his tiredless display last night

Street Fighter vs Tekken

Click image to find out more. Organised by ETA Games @ Cineplex and Bru Shadaloo

National Day Parade: Part III


Brunei vs Mynmar tonight

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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A thank you message

NMHQR crew escorting Maher Zain upon arrival to Brunei last weekend

The Belait Book Swap

This is another popular evennt that is happening this weekend. It’s the B:Read’s Belait Bookswap which will take place on 11th March 2012 at the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre.

The club had a successful outing during the Boko Fair at ICC last week and they had about 140 swaps at their booth. They also organised a small gathering for bookswap last November 2011 at Muara Beach. So this will be the first time such event will take place at OGDC, Seria.

So what’s the purpose of the event? Simple really.. To swap books. As you know in the barter trade system where you exchange one good for another so the same applies to books. You might have old books that you wanna swap in the pool of books where some titles may be of interest to you.

So mark it down your calendar and this is very ideal for book lovers. As for the organisers, keep it up, guys!!! This is a great avenue to increase the reading culture in Brunei Darussalam. Kudos!!

Check this event out on Sunday. Click image to find out more

The 1st Book Swap event held at Muara Beach, November 2011


Historic achievement by Brunei

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Brunei in the semi-finals

It was one of the best atmosphere ever experienced at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. The energy was super vibrant and the 12th man (the crowd) played a big role in Brunei’s third win in the competition. The result meant that Brunei Darussalam qualified for the semi-finals and they will take on Myanmar tomorrow.

A draw would have been enough for Brunei but the young lads did a bit extra for the supporters by winning the match. I have to say that Timor Leste are no pushovers and they are physically bigger and taller than the Brunei players. Despite those disadvantages, Brunei produced a gritty performance but they couldn’t convert their chances on numerous occasions.

Timor Leste had their fare share of chances but Fakrul was superb in goal. His bravery in aerial contests was one of the reasons that Brunei didn’t concede any goals. Timor Leste looked more of a tough opponent than Malaysia. Timor Leste’s coach wasn’t happy that they weren’t able to convert their chances.

Hj Feisal, Brunei’s Manager, thanked God and the fans for last night’s match and he was aware that Myanmar is a tough opposition in the semi-finals. He hopes that Brunei supporters will come again tomorrow (Wednesday) to show support for the young lads.

Last night Brunei beat Timor Leste 1-0 while Malaysia beat Cambodia 3-1. Vietnam will take on Indonesia in the 1st semi-finals at 4pm, 7th March at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium while Brunei Darussalam will take on Myanmar in the 2nd semi-finals at 8pm, 7th March at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

Congratulations once again to Brunei for making it to the semi-finals and this is the best achievement so far in the history of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy.

Brunei team did a lap of honour in front of the fans after the historic moment


A few hours before


A huge traffic leading to the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. I left the stadium around 11pm and there was still a long traffic from the stadium. I wonder how many people turned up last night.

It was a sea of yellow at the stadium last night. Let’s all supporters wear yellow tomorrow 😀

One of the them can’t resist the temptation to watch the boys in action. The roles of these guys are to monitor what goes on the stands and watch out for those misbehaving inappropriately such as throwing objects or playing with laser lights.

There were lots of Brunei flags in the stadium

The celebration of the only goal of the match. It was a perfect cross and Aminuddin scored from close range for a 1-0 victory.

They were in ecstatic mood too after Brunei scored

Apparently this is an issue at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. Smoking is not allowed and they have to respect the rules. It’s a family event and children are also watching the match. So smoking is prohibited within the premises of the stadium.

Fakrul was awesome in goal and it ain’t afraid to put his body in the line against the huge Timor Leste players. Awesome display by the young keeper!!

Hj Feisal telling the players to calm down during injury time. Did you know Brunei was playing with 12 players at one stage for a minute or so during injury time? There was a confusion by the referee to allow the already-subbed player to return to the field.

One of the Brunei coaches congratulating Fakrul after the final whistle. The keeper was emotionally overwhelmed the fact that Brunei qualified for the semi-finals.

Timor Leste representative congratulating Hendra who is back from injury and this is a major boost for Brunei’s next match. Adi Said should be available too against Myanmar.

This image had over 450 likes on my instagram and this shows how much our country is proud of our players’ achievement. Reaching the semi-finals is already a big milestone.

It was a cheerful press conference after the match and well done to the manager and the coaches. They brought the best out of the players and these guys deserved a pat back on their backs.


Click image to enlarge

International School of Brunei (ISB) organises the annual, student-led conference Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC), supported by HSBC, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Brunei LNG and local enterprises and institutions. It’s happening from 9th March to 12th March this weekend.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Seven billion people; one planet’. Delegates will touch on global issues such as the sustainability of energy, war and terrorism, human rights and the growing economic crisis.

The special guest speaker at next year’s conference will be 2004 Young Australian of the Year and CEO and co-founder of the Global Poverty Project, Mr Hugh Evans. Previous ISB BGIC special guest speakers have included the late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangaari Maathai, environmentalist Professor David Bellamy (OBE), Animal Planet television presenters Monty Halls and Dr Alison Cronin, American Medicine Man Nathan Chasing Horse and children’s rights activist Kate Mcalpine.

Lately every Saturday, The ISB Secretariat, consisting of 12 members, have been conducting workshops for the local school participants and they get to learn and experience a Model United Nations conference. They will be taught on the procedures or how to create solutions and many more.

Abdul Hakim Hj Ahmad Zakaria is the student leader and he has been running the workshop with the help of the Secretaries. Abdul Hakim has been exposed at many conferences around the world and his experience has brought more freshness into BGIC.

The attendance of the workshop have been encouraging as well from the local schools. This shows how enthusiastic the students and their dedication to the BGIC. The public is more than welcome to watch the BGIC which will be held at ICC this Saturday to Monday. There will be seats allocated for public viewing and you will get to witness how a Model United Nations conference is being conducted.

Pictures from the workshop

Testimonials from students

Muhammad Fadli Hj Awang Zaini, PTE Meragang The BGIC training, facilitated by ISB, has been intensive with the expansion of their training sessions once every week since the beginning of year compared to the previous BGIC. Having experienced English teachers back at PTE Meragang in BGIC, we’ve only attended the last two of the training sessions whereby the remainder of the exercise is conducted at within our own circle. In general, the BGIC training sessions give a feel and perspective to students to how Model United Nations (MUNs) work as to illustrate the Parliamentary Procedures on how to use “Point of Concern, Motion to close to debate etc.” – which they actually quizzed us on, how to write your Opening Speech and how to write resolutions using the standard UN format as seen on the Preliminary Guide given to every student when they’ve registered.

Back in 2010, I experienced my first BGIC (Human Rights Committee Forum 2) and another MUN simulation once in the United States under the US – Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Programme 2011 (SEAYLP). My experience in BGIC from my previous year was actually amazing. Having said that BGIC is the only MUN in Brunei, BGIC is a really unique opportunity for students to actually experience formal debate with the benefit of expanding connections by meeting new people of different perspectives from other schools and countries alike, an opportunity to showcase leadership and promoting self-awareness of community engagements and civic responsibility of concerning global issues of today. Being in the new addition of the Security Council (Forum 2) this year, I truly believe it will be as awesome having to know more people here, being already adjusted to the procedures and the task of tackling the topics as they address UN structural issues which differentiate to the other three committees – namely on economic/social, political and environmental global aspects.

Terry Wong, St. Andrew’s School –  The workshop that ISB held for all local delegates is amazing. the workshop started by implanting the idea and giving us a rough sketch on how the UN works when it comes to making solutions and resolutions for problems. then it dissected and it became more informative. it constructed a path for us and there are guides here and there to walk hand in hand with us to truly experience this surreal event. the chairs and security generals has been a wonder to us. they helped us so much that they made it so clear and easy on what we delegates are supposed to do. they even came up with a simulation on how it is going to be on the real day itself. it is truly amazing on what ISB has came up with.

I, as a first timer, am really impressed on what ISB has done to ensure that we really catch a glimpse of the political world. I, from St. Andrew’s School, am a delegate of Canada in the Environment committee and will be debating and finding resolutions and solutions on preventing inhuman animal hunting and exploitation and combating climate changes. thinking about BGIC gives me the chills because the formality of this event scares me at first. this is where the chairs and security generals and the whole team played their part. they actually made a way to calm us down and replenish us with the idea that this would actually be pretty fun and yet very serious. so now when i think of BGIC, my knees actually feel a little wobbly and i get jitters in my tummy because im ecstatic about it! the team has prepared us well with every sort of way they can and im sure that i can go through this wonderful experience with much euphoria and joy. i cannot wait for BGIC X 2012! 🙂


The hunt begins…

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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You should try ZÉLL-V 😀

I’ve been using ZÉLL-V for a month plus now but I won’t share much details yet after I have completed my three month consumption. I’m not much of a capsule person and I have problems swallowing capsules or tablets *lol* Anyway, this is the first time I tried a health supplement because I’m amazed by the results it can do for you.

For your info, ZÉLL-V was recently launched at Rizqun International Hotel, 1st floor and they have been receiving great responses from the users. In order to increase theri awareness, ZÉLL-V (Brunei) just kicked off some activities to increase the awareness of a healthy lifestyle and also looking younger than before. I see ZELL-V as killing two birds with one stone.

The keyword here is “anti-aging” and that’s what ZÉLL-V is known for. The other great news is that it’s able to generate new cells and improves the functions in your body organs too because of generation of new cells.

Recently, Mr. Simon Hooi, a renowned cellular therapy and anti-aging specialist, was in Brunei to run a mini talk to the customers of ZÉLL-V and educate more on the benefits on its consumption.

ZÉLL-V Brunei will also walk into the public in the coming month by providing complimentary cell check services at the Mall. For more information on ZÉLL-V’s health and promotional campaign, kindly contact their professional health care consultant at 8219221 (Hotline) or 2457668.

Simon Hooi, the specialist for cellular therapy and Elliott Pang, International Business Development, ZÉLL-V Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) were in the country to help out with the local activities

Simon Hooi giving a talk to the customers last Sunday

A quick check up can be done at the ZÉLL-V office at Rizqun

One box will have a month’s worth of consumption. I have been taking it slightly over a month 🙂

New rims from Sin Hup Huat

El Ranchero Sundown Feast

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A draw is enough

It’s now or never for Brunei.The Sultanate face Timor Leste today in their final match in Group B at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, in Berakas, with a spot in the semi-finals of the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy (HBT) at stake.

Both teams are locked on six points after three group matches, but a draw would suffice for Brunei due to their better goal difference.

The Sultanate have never made it into the round of four in the past three editions of the biennial competition and this is their best chance to break the tradition.

However, Brunei will be without prolific striker Adi Said, who has scored in all their three matches, for this important mission the ex-Majra FC player suspended for tonight’s match after picking up his second yellow card of the tournament in the 3-0 win against Malaysia on Saturday. For more story, click here, courtesy of Yee Chun Leong, The Brunei Times.

So do catch Brunei tonight vs Timor Leste tonight at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. Will be another packed stadium? It was last Saturday.

Can Brunei dribble their way to the semi-finals? Find out tonight

Can the 12th Man (the fans) make a difference again?

Oooo oooo… a misprint in today’s Borneo Bulletin but we know the venue is otherwise :))

Buy genuine Microsoft

Concepts Computers, in cooperation with Microsoft (Brunei) Sdn Bhd, launched its first ever Education Community Offer last week.

“We want to help both teachers and students to move forward into the digital age, with the use of various Microsoft Office software and other revolutionary Microsoft programmes, to set up a more interactive learning environment, not only in the classrooms but also at home,” said Andrew Tan, Aademic Programme Manager at Microsoft (Brunei).

It offers customers a full-packed education bundle with the purchase of any selected Acer laptops or all-in-one multimedia PCs. The bundle includes Microsoft Office Professional Plus Academic 2010 comprising Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2012, Microsoft Excel 2012, and many more.

The selected Acer laptops and all-in-one multimedia PCs include Acer ICONIA W500/W501 Table, the Acer ASPIRE S3 Ultrabooks, the Acer Aspire Notebooks, and the Acer Aspire All-In-One PCs.

Furthermore, customer who purchase the aforementioned products will receive free gifts worth $268, including high quality learning tools with Microsoft Learning Suite, free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus, a Microsoft specially designed sling bag, and a 4gb pen drive.

“We (Microsoft) will also provide a half-day professional training for the Microsoft Office products, conducted by Microsoft certified trainers,” said Tan.

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive at Concepts Computer, said the offer is specifically for those in the educational community. “This includes principals, teachers, education officers, students and school staffs under the Ministry of Education or other government educational bodies, excluding private institutions and schools,” he said.

The Joint promotion will run until March 31. For more information, contact 2233551/1/2/3 or 2448102/3. Text by Adib Noor of The Brunei Times

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer with Andrew Tan, Academic Programme Manager, Microsoft (Brunei), holding Microsoft sling bag with staff of Concepts Computer

For the education promotion, you will get additional software such as Access 2010, Outlook 2010 and Publisher 2010 which is not stated in this package. So do get the educational pack :))

Among all vendors, only Concepts Computer has this certificate from Microsoft (Brunei) and this has resulted in a huge surge of demand from the public. You’ll be surprised that the public might be duped thinking that they have original or genuine Microsoft in their computers/notebook.

If you buy this All-in-One Aspire, you can enjoy the Educational promotion package

If you buy this Aspire S3 Ultrabook, you can enjoy the Educational promotion package

If you buy this All-in-One Aspire, you can enjoy the Educational promotion package

Maher Zain wooed Brunei

It was a night that many events took place where the big one was Brunei vs Malaysia #HBT2012 match where it was a totally packed stadium. At the same time, a “Maher Zain Live in Brunei” event was beind held at Jerudong Amphitheatre. I opted for Maher Zain’s event since this is truly one of the highlights since it’s rare to have someone of his calibre to sing in Brunei.

The crowd really enjoyed the concert, judging from their comments posted on Twitter and Facebook and Maher Zain is one great vocalist. His islamic songs are very inspirational and it was nice to see the fans singing along to his music too. I noticed that his most used words are “Bismillah” and “Let’s do this..”

There was also performances from talented Irfan Makki. The opening local acts were by Fakhrul Razi and The Seeds. Congratulations to the young team of NMHQR Studio Production who made the concert possible. Let’s hope for more in the coming future. Not a bad start for a new event management company.

YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Haffiz helping at the main gate as crowd started pouring in

I could tell he’s a Maher Zain fan

The emcees of the evening – Jenny and Zayn

Our talented local singer Fakhrul Razi

It was great to see expats too enjoying the performances

Irfan Makki sang a few songs. He has a voice similar to MJ

The superstar himself Maher Zain

Awwww this lil boy is cute

It was great to see these kids being inspired by Maher Zain

Fans managed to record a few songs on their smartphones

Behind the scenes where they had to monitor what happened on stage

The atmosphere at Amphitheatre

We were there to experience the concert

I saw this on Maher Zain’s facebook page. Hilarious!!!

Whiteroom Studio



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

BGIC 2012, another success

HRH Princess Sarah graced ISB Borneo Global Issues Conference 2012 and delivered the sabda. Image taken from The Brunei Times.

The Royal Patron for ISB BGIC 2012, Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah, officiated this year’s edition of Borneo Global Issues Conference at the International Convention Centre.

In her sabda, HRH Princess Sarah highlighted of the youth in our population are crucial to our development and it’s also important to empower them. Education is an important tool and so is health. This can lead to improve family values and carrying on to generations.

HRH also reminded us that the earth is facing unprecedented challenges such as decreasing natural resources and environmental degradation.

She praised ISB BGIC Secretariat who will be leading the committees of “political, environment, human rights and the security council”. 

“These upstanding young global citizens are aware of the significant responsibilities resting upon their shoulders and the importance of working together to achieve fair and practical solutions towards serious global issues,” said HRH Princess Sarah.

For more of the write-up, you can click here. [Source: The Brunei Times]

Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman David Wootton, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Poverty Project, Hugh Evans and British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Rob Fenn

Hugh Evans stole the show with his inspirational story on his journey ever since he was 12 years old. He showed “What one man can do?” to make a difference in this world.

Richard Parker is on a short visit to Brunei and for your info, he’s the founder of BGIC and he’s impressed how BGIC has grown ever since

Vincent Ho, CEO of HSBC Brunei, shared his views on the bank’s involvement towards BGIC initiative

Performance from ISB students during the opening ceremony

Also present was Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman David Wootton and our Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Datin Paduka Hjh Adina. 

Of all the speakers, it was the Aussie guy that caught my attention. Hugh Evans, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Poverty Project and did you know that he is Hugh Jackman’s brother? I’m pretty impressed with Hugh Evans @Hughcevans presentation and it made me realised a lot of things that I could have done to contribute to society. His presentation was totally inspiring to inspire volunteerism which is lacking in our society in Brunei Darussalam.

The ISB BGIC runs from 9th to 12th March 2012 and this is the 10th year that ISB has hosted such a big event. It’s good to see the local participation from local schools and also invited schools from overseas.

For the past two days, I could sense the fun factor experience from the students involved. Great job on the organisers and I shall be dropping by again today for the final day of ISB BGIC 2012 🙂

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina sharing a moment or two with Shazali Hj Sulaiman

I haven’t seen Richard (center) in a while. Great to bump into you again, buddy.

Sharleen managed to get a photo opportunity with Hugh Evans. It was her first BGIC and she has learnt quite a lot along the way and enjoying the process as well. She is representing Madagascar on the topic of environment.

Gearing up for BGIC 2012

Training sessions at International School Brunei (ISB) began Saturday 28 January 2012 in preparation for the 10th ISB Borneo Global Issues Conference, to be held from 9-12 March 2012 at The International Convention Centre (ICC).

The student-run conference is organised by ISB in collaboration with HSBC, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and BLNG. Over the years, this conference has attracted various local enterprises that have sponsored and supported ISB BGIC, promoting intercultural understanding and fostering close working relationships between local and international student participants. 

The theme for this year’s 10th celebratory conference is “Seven billion people; one planet”. This annual high profile conference brings together three hundred secondary students will participate in this year’s conference, from 18 local schools in Brunei Darussalam and 3 overseas schools from Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The special guest speaker at the 10th ISB BGIC opening ceremony is 2004 Young Australian of the Year Hugh Evans, Co-founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project. Hugh is also the recipient of the 2005 Junior Chamber International Young Person of the World and a leader of the biggest anti-poverty movement in Australia, the “Make Poverty History” campaign. As a humanitarian and internationally renowned development advocate, he aims to motivate and inspire student participants to contribute more actively to society. 

Abdul Hakim, ISB student leader, conducted the training last Saturday at ISB

Students taking notes during the training session

ISB BGIC is a Model United Nations (MUN) style simulation where student participants represent countries to voice their views on real world issues, promoting international understanding and cooperation. The conference aims to develop students’ skills in public speaking, research and communication. This year’s topics include the question of rising global energy and food demand because of the growing global population, the question of the effectiveness of international long-term humanitarian aid with regard to natural disasters and war zones, and the question of massive financial debt worldwide. 

The 10th ISB BGIC Secretariat welcomed all local school participants and gave an introduction about the conference procedure. ISB student leader Abdul Hakim bin Haji Ahmad Zakaria is serving as Secretary-General this year and he recently attended The Hague International MUN (THIMUN) conference in Singapore. He said, “I am very passionate about debating world issues and promoting the voice of the youth here in Brunei Darussalam. Next week I am heading to Qatar to attend a university-level MUN conference; I think it is important that we strive to be responsible and caring global citizens who represent our countries fairly and work collaboratively towards achieving common goals”.

“This year, we are very pleased to welcome so many participants from Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Mutadee Billah; Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan; Maktab Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien; Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang; Pusat Tingkatan Enam Katok; Pusat Tingkatan Enam Tutong; Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri; Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam; Sekolah Menengah Berakas; Sekolah Menengah Masin; Sekolah Menengah Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna; Sekolah Menengah Pehin Dato Seri Maharaja, Mentiri; Sekolah Menengah Pengiran Isteri Hajah Mariam, Serasa; Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina ‘Othman, Tutong; Sekolah Menengah Perdana Wazir, Kuala Belait; St. Andrew’s School and Jerudong International School.

We also look forward to welcoming school teams from overseas: Bangkok Patana, Thailand; Kolej MARA Banting, Malaysia; and Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong;” he said.

A total of five training sessions will be held on Saturdays from February to early March, offering a chance for all local participants to interact with each other and prepare for the upcoming conference, under the guidance of the ISB student leaders. Members of the public are welcome to observe the proceedings of the conference at the ICC from Saturday 10 March 2012 to Monday 12 March 2012. Details are available on www.isb.edu.bn

The guest speaker of this year’s 10th ISB BGIC is 2004 Young Australian of the Year Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project

ISB BGIC 2012 Secretary General


I want the 5D Mark III :D

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Travel Fair this weekend

Attractive fares from the upcoming 7th Belait Travel Fair this weekend. It is organised by Royal Brunei Airlines and Abacus Brunei which will take place at the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre, Seria. So what’s the catch with the travel fair there? You can enjoy great prices during the two-day fair.

You can also stand a chance to win business class return tickets to Melbourne, Shanghai and Manila. So what are some of the attractive fares that will be available during the fair?

Check out the fares below.-

Melbourne BND 777 (which will fly daily by Mid-March)
Dubai BND 888
Singapore BND 411
Bangkok BND 443
Bangkok BND 413 *t&c applies*
Jakarta BND 452
Kuala Lumpur BND 369
Hong Kong BND 509

The rates are not inclusive during holiday periods (March and June) if I’m not mistaken. And the cheaper fares are also subjective to availability and what I have given you is the lowest that Royal Brunei Airlines and the respective travel agents will offer and the seats are also subjective to availability.

In addition to the promotional fares, Royal Skies will be giving away Royal Skies Miles to lucky Royal Skies members through the “Spin The Wheel” activity and have the chance to win attractive prizes sponsored by Royal Skies partners – Saffron Café, Fratini’s Restaurant, Standard Charted Bank, B.T. Forwarding (TNT), Charcoal Barbeque and Grill, The Empire Hotel and Country Club, Rizqun International Hotel, Royce, Excapade, and Martha Tilaar Spa.

Aside from Royal Skies, Royal Brunei Holidays will be promoting attractive holiday packages to various destinations including Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Melbourne and Dubai. For bookings made at the Travel Fair, customers are entitled to a discount of BND25 per person from the selling price.

Pictures from this morning

This is a cool t-shirt

Guest of honour visiting Tourism Malaysia booth

That’s a big smile from Efarina of Tourism Malaysia (Brunei)

Come and visit the guys from Darussalam Holdings

Some entertainment from RBC crew

Come and visit the OGDC

Royal Brunei Airlines being interviewed by RTB

Sales representative from Freme travel on the move (and well prepared with the calculator)

The Freme Travel booth

Pan Bright Travel booth

Visit Royal Brunei Airlines booth upstairs

Come and claim your airmiles here

Spin the wheel is back!!!

Check out Baiduri Bank special offer for AMEX and Platinum card holders

Anthony Travel & Tours booth

Vacancies at TOTAL

Brunei Bike Week 2012

The Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports, YB Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Awang Hj Hazair bin Hj Abdullah, last night officiated the launch of the 2nd Brunei Bike Week at Jerudong Park Playground.

The 2nd Brunei Bike Week marked another milestone for Independent Motorcycle Club in hosting another biking festival in the region, which also attracted participants from abroad including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Among the main highlights of the event was the minister having a feel of the limited edition ‘Nucleus Sunburst’ coloured Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour model, Victory’s signature bike. Only 150 models of this limited edition bike will ever be made, and there is currently only one in Asia.

One of the key features of this limited edition bike is that it is powered by a Freedom V-Twin 106 (cubic inches) engine.

Earlier this year, the Independent Motorcycle Club established its global position with the opening of a new chapter in Dubai. A number of riders from the Brunei Darussalam Chapter also participated in a joyride in the Middle East.

Various associations including PEMODA, Harley Owners Group, Kembara and Kelab Motorsikal Kekal Daerah Tutong are also taking part in the festival. To enliven the event, students from Sayyidina Othman Secondary School put on a cultural performance. There was also a special performance to honour the late Michael Jackson.

It was indeed a memorable night for Jimmy, an avid local biker, after he won himself a brand new Yamaha Mio Fino after his ticket was picked from a lucky draw. The bike was sponsored by BM Supply.

Awang Shah bin Alias and Ahmad Mahmud, both from the Singapore Chapter of the Independent Motorcycle Club, told the Weekend Bulletin that taking part in such a festival was all about celebrating brotherhood.

“Although we came here without our bikes … our ‘brothers’ here in Brunei were more than willing to lend us their bikes,” they said, adding that this was Singapore’s second. time participating in the Brunei Bike Week. The Brunei Bike Week ends tomorrow (Sunday). Text by Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin.

In Canon news……

Awweesommeeeee!!!!!!! Now I want this baby… The new Canon EOS 5D Mark III which is bound to be released early April in Brunei.. Wooohooo!!!


The becoming

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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RBA special promotion

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El Ranchero Sundown Feast

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Another last gasp winner

Sadly it wasn’t the same fairy tale where Brunei scored another late winner like the first game. This time Brunei was on the receiving end when Vietnam stole the show by grabbing a last minute winner in injury time and handed Brunei their first loss in the tournament.

I watched from the sidelines and despite the result, I was pretty impressed with Brunei’s performance as a whole. They looked calm during possession and play no nonsense football. I love the fact that they fought for every ball and they even won 50/50 chances to gain possession. The hunger and desire were definitely there. However, it was the little lack of concentration that cost Brunei the points against hot favourites Vietnam.

Both sides had fair share of chances but it was Brunei who weren’t clinical in the shooting department. Goal bounds were either weak or slightly off target, one hitting off the post with the keeper well-beaten. I hope the confidence is still high in the dressing room because Brunei gave it a great fight indeed and this is a great performance indeed.

So let’s support Brunei tomorrow against another favourite Malaysia tomorrow evening, 3rd March, Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. A win is now a priority for a chance to qualify for the semi-finals.

So who’s gonna win the Toyota VIOS? Tickets available before every match

Is this a new wrestling move? Much better than Mr. Socko for sure

How high can you go?

Our influential midfielder is out of the tournament due to ankle injury during the match

These cars were asked to be removed from their spots

Many ways to be creative with the rainproof material

The 12th man is one of the main reasons for Brunei’s better performances

A strong 10,000 crowd turned up last Wednesday despite the drizzle

A lot of supporters paying attention to the cameras

He was wearing one of my trendy colours

The crowd managed to pull the Mexican wave

The Vietnam supporters were the happier among the two

Despite the result, Brunei supporters still backing the Bruneian players

Loving the musicians (in yellow)

This was the save of the night indeed

There were tons of aerial contests but Brunei seemed to win a higher percentage in this area

There were also tussles here and there

In this kind of situation, it’s an advantage if you have good athleticism

Another WWE finishing move – Brokeback something…

The reaction of Brunei players after the final whistle

Brunei Manager blamed referee for changing the course of the game. Many of the challenges were gone unpunished and he was upset that Hendra will be missing in the remaining matches

Swordman under observation

The Chinese man who caused some commotion with his foreign object on the road last Wednesday evening

It was mentioned in today’s Borneo Bulletin that the Chinese man with the katana/sword is currently under observation at RIPAS Hospital in order to determine his mental state. He was apprehended at a convenient shop nearby Kiulap roundabout after the two hour chase. The case is still under investigation and it was not reported to what the motive was just yet.

According to the papers, he was carrying a long machete and he was spotted at a bus stop, next to Syariah court around 8pm last Wednesday. The Royal Brunei Police Force were on the alert and many of them were on foot and on the road during the chase. The good thing was that no one was injured.

And no, this wasn’t part of an exercise carried out by the RBPF.

F1 packages from Century Travel

MZ happy to be back!!

The promotional poster for Maher Zain

It was great to see Maher Zain back in Brunei Darussalam as he will be having his first concert in Brunei tomorrow evening (3rd March) at Jerudong Amphitheatre. Maher Zain’s concert was approved recently by the Ministry of Home Affairs after many attempts and finally after two years, the celebrity is able to perform live in Brunei Darussalam.

Maher Zain said he will be performing all his songs with his own band and he’s excited that the concert is finally happening in Brunei. He recently finished his tour in the States and Canada. In South East Asia, Maher Zain has performed in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Sharif Banna, CEO of Awakening Records, revealed that Maher Zain’s new album will debut some time early April.

Tickets are currently available at $120, $90, $70 and $40 and can be purchased at KFC Mall, KFC Plaza Athirah, KFC Belait, KFC Lumut SPARK and NMHQR Studio Productions (Plaza Athirah, 6th Floor).

Additionally, on the day of the performance (3rd March), a ticket booth will be open at the Amphitheatre from 12 Noon onwards for those who have yet to purchase a ticket.
A fraction of the proceeds received from ticket sales and sponsorship will be donated to Pusat Ehsan and SMARTER Brunei.

Maher Zain with event manager YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Qayyum of NQMHR House Production

YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Haffiz of NQMHR House Production

YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Razaaq of NQMHR House Production

Thomas Foo kicking off the press conference

The press conference was held at VIP Room of Jerudong Amphitheatre

Sharif Banna, CEO of Awakening Records, revealed Maher Zain’s newest ablum to be released early April 2012

Members of the media during the Q&A session

Thomas Foo, YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Razaaq, Sharif Banna, Maher Zain, YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Qayyum and YAM Pg Anak Muhammad Haffiz

Zatty getting a signature from Maher Zain

Members of the media with Maher Zain

Triangle tyres at wholesale price

Only at Sin Hup Huat



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