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Any of you still on mIRC?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Grills at Radisson Hotel

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Royal Brunei Airlines

Click banner to find out more

In my 3rd month (ZELL-V)

Do you know we are always busy but sometimes we never take notice of our well being? Well, another fact is that everybody ages and sometimes the ageing process depends how fast each individual ages. Bring in other factors such as unhealthy lifestyle habits, insufficient sleep, irregular meals, stress etc, these can contribute to a faster ageing process.

Hence, to rejuvenate myself, I have been consuming Zell-V tablets for the past two months and hoping for a positive result.

So why Zell-V? This is because they have a cellular therapy. It is used as complementary medicine as well as preventive medicine. So it rejuvenates the body systems to optimum working conditions and as a result allows them to work synergistically to combat premature ageing. In other words, this is anti-ageing.

Did you know that normal Western medicine generally treats the symptoms but occasionally, not the problem itself? Let’s say you have a headache, you will take aspirin or pain killers to relieve it but the underlying problem is still not addressed.

Hence the cell therapy is not about treating the disease but instead rejuvenate the system and allowing it to heal itself. Mind you, it takes a longer time to achieve results since restoration does not occur overnight.

So any improvement so far from my side? Well, my energy level has surely improved for one. I won’t say it has a “Red Bull” effect but overtime I don’t feel burnt out as I used to before. So that’s pretty cool considering the field that I’m in. I’m sure there are a few things that I might not be aware of but this one was pretty obvious.

I’ve been jogging as well and I could last 6km or more though it wasn’t my personal best. You know lah.. that I don’t work out that much before but because I’m now preparing for HSBC #walkruncycle2012. I shall be continuing my dosage of ZELL-V till the 6th month and check up with my blood cells too.


You can get them boxes that will last your for a month

Does mIRC still interest you?

This was the topic that we brought up during our dinner conversation last night while enjoying the Penang Food promotion at Goldiana Cafe at OGH (You should try it.. not bad). It was kinda nostalgic to bring back the past of the mIRC days where it was one of the main channels where strangers will chat with one another where we all think back then was “safe” and it was also the era where broadband haven’t existed yet.

I signed up for mIRC back in the year 1997 and wow, I was so addicted to it and I could spent hours in front of the screen, connecting with strangers whom later became my friends. I have to say honestly that mIRC opened doors for me in terms of my circle of friends and it expanded from there. Well, to be more specific the people that I know most from mIRC was from #JISCAFE channel.

Little did I know that the founder and the manager of #brunei channel is @BKiD who is no other than our prominent blogger @anakbrunei and there were many regulators or what we call “Ops” who will monitor the brunei channels in case any chatter would abuse or create unnecessary incidents in the said channels.

For your info, my old nicks were “slothnezz” (because I happened to love the movie se7en back then) and [HHH] because Triple H of WWF then was my favourite wrestler. Lame right if you ask me *lol* Oh yeah, most of us chatters will always request to be “voiced” where you will be given the + on your nick so you will be positioned below the “Ops” Well, it’s more like a status and privilege haha and we all fell for that.

How the channel looks like on mIRC

The familiar names of the Ops that I could remember from the top of my head are @simontemp @gatorz @D’Anarchy @BKiD @Apachez @WaRLoRD @Beowulf.

For now, I’m not too sure how active are the “Ops” or how happening the #brunei channel is as of now. @BKiD is now operating as a bot and he said it has been a while since he entered mIRC. I’ve stopped mIRC ever since I signed up for Microsoft MSN Messenger and chat with my familiar friends that I made on mIRC.

I did try to download mIRC but apparently it only works on Windows.. Or perhaps I didn’t explore further if it is also compatible with Mac. Thank you anyway to mIRC for creating new opportunities and friendship then. Now with MSN, skype, whatsapp, twitter, the interest of mIRC has faded long ago unless the new breed of youngsters continue the legacy…. which is unlikely.

This was the latest information that I received from @BKiD though it’s back dated 2007

The Legendary Concert

Wanna catch four superstar icons from Malaysia – Zainal Abidin, Sheila Majid, Jamal Abdillah and Amy at KK in a few days’ time? Well, it’s just 30 minutes away (by air) and S-Team, the Brunei Sole Ticketing Agent, have created a package for the Brunei market. Further more, if you can check out their Fanpage for more details. 

The venue will be at UMS, Chancellor Hall, on the 5th May 2012. For more info, you can click on the link – http://legendary.gbs2u.com – or call 2345 999 or 2342 999 for more details.

Catch all the legendary singers in one night. Click image to see more details

Last weekend, Zainal Abidin did some voluntering work with the Beach Bunch for the Jerudong Beach Clean up.. Awesome lad 😀

Zainal Abidin was recently in Brunei to promote the Legendary Concert and also met some fans along the way. Image by Muiz Matdani.

Zainal Abidin with some Bruneian fans. Image by Muiz Matdani.

Combating sexual online predators

It’s pretty scary yet amusing to know that Brunei ranked the highest in terms of usage of Facebook according to the population ratio in Asia. This shows the high level of internet penetration in Brunei due to the accessibility of technology to almost all age group. Well, let’s not count baby infants. Now you can see two year olds playing with iPad or other tablets and they become their new toys as they grow up.

According to statistics by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of the United States, 79% of Brunei can be categorised as active online this year alone. Though these numbers look promising, this also can create possible dangers on children that fall in the hands of online sexual predators.

Recently AITI organised a two-day workshop, Child Online Protection (COP), at the Rizqun International Hotel. As of now, there is no existing framework which concerns this issue and the workshop is the first step in better understanding the underlying problem that can help the community to tackle sexual online predators. The good side is that there are educational material on tackling this issue but lack of distribution of the said materials to schools.

Representative from ITU was in Brunei for the two day workshop. Carla Licciardell, an expert and moderator from the ITU, gave a quick presentation on how Child Online Protection was carried out and she was aware that Brunei has started creating awareness programme for schools.

Another expert was also brought in for the workshop. Marco Gercke – a Child Online Protection expert who is also the Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute, said that Brunei is on the right track and taking this matter seriously to the national level. He also said that it’s difficult to create a standard legislative framework because of the emergence of different platforms of social media. However, the main focus should be on COP and Brunei agencies are studying ways for the benefit of children and parents.

The Minister of Communications delivering his keynote address during the Child Online Protection workshop

The stakeholders and invited guests listening to the key note address and presentations by the speakers from ITU and Ministry of Health

The Minister of Communications said that development of the COP framework comes at the right time when we need to address the importance of safeguarding our children’s online experience and activities.

The minister also hopes to see a strong collaboration between all the stakeholders involved and come up with their own key initiatives, programmes and measures to tackle online risks for children and young people and protecting them from accessing risky contents as well as engaging in negative online behaviour.

He highlighted that have an obligation to protect our children and online safety for children must be given a priority.

Let’s hope for the COP framework to be ready and enforced in the near future. I’m not quite sure how long the process will take. AITI hosting this workshop is already a great start and hopefully the framework can help to educate both children and parents on Internet usage.

Carla Licciardell, an expert and moderator from the ITU

Dr Marwani from Ministry of Health presented her slides

Group photo with the Minister and the participants of the workshop

The committee for the COP 2-day workshop

Some of the participants during the workshop

Connect with your loved ones

Stay connected with your family during Family Day through bmobile

The FACESHOP opens at Mabohai

The FACESHOP Brunei expanded its presence here with the opening of its fifth branch last weekend.

The new branch at Mabohai Shopping Complex is the latest addition to complement a store in Kuala Belait and three stores in Bandar Seri Begawan situated at The Mall, Gadong, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex and Times Square in Berakas.

What’s special about this branch is that they have a new range of Club 20 that offers skincare and beauty products, catering to 20 years olds (or younger), offering everything from skincare, beauty to nail care.

Last weekend, the FACESHOP also had 25% discount on their products in conjunction with the launch of their 5th outlet.

The new outlet at Mabohai Shopping Complex

The new Club 20 range that was recently introduced

Loving the colours here

The FACESHOP had special promotions last weekend

There was also some free makeover and skin analysis

Fire at Kiarong yesterday

The fire affected 5 families. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

SWIFT action and immediate response from the Fire and Rescue department successfully managed to douse the flames of a burning house in Kg Kiarong in six minutes yesterday.

Unfortunately for tenants, the six minutes were more than enough to destroy what little they had.

On-the-scene interviews with victims and eyewitnesses say that the fire begun shortly around 4.30 yesterday afternoon. Albert, a tennant of the house for more than a year, said he was shocked to find his house in flames when he came home yesterday.

According to Albert, a Filipino national, the house was rented out to several families by the local home owner Hj Yakup Hj Ludin. A nearby neighbour, Hjh Fatimah, said she was resting quietly after Asar prayers when suddenly she heard loud noises and screams from outside.

Situated right next to the burning structure, Hjh Fatimah was alerted of the fire by her children who were fuelled by fear of the fire spreading over to their house. Click here for more details. Courtesy of Syed Rory Malai Hassan of The Brunei Times.

The fire took place late afternoon. Image courtesy of @snrpablo

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