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This is my now

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Royal Brunei Airlines

Click banner to find out more

Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop + Fitness Zone

You can now enjoy a selection of healthy baked breads from Mr Baker’s Bakeshop at Fitness Zone Serusop; that is delivered to the premises fresh everyday. Mr Baker, well known for it’s healthy bake, is one of the corporate partners of Fitness Zone for jointly promoting healthy living lifestyle to the community. The breads displayed on the shelves are not only for Fitness Zone members but all are welcome.

According to Wu Chun, “Fitness Zone is not only about health and fitness! We are always searching for exciting and innovative ways to make the experience as a member of Fitness Zone more enjoyable and fulfilling We have more than 50 corporate partners whereby FZ members are entitled to special discounts or benefits from our partners.”

Fitness Zone chose Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop because they are the healthier choice and due to their strict policy of no added preservatives, dough improver and as much as possible, no added stabiliser / emulsifer is used. For instance, you may notice that the sponge used in our cakes is less spongy but firm in texture and most of our cakes are less sweet.”

Wu Chun added, “We are thankful to Mr Baker’s Bakeshop for allowing FZ Members to have the privilege of having their cakes made to order and have them delivered to Fitness Zone free of charge.”

Wu Chun, Managing Director of Fitness Zone, holding one of the healthy buns from Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop

A small counter of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop at Fitness Zone Serusop

According to Eric, the founder of Mr Baker’s Bakeshop, “In conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration, we are having a 15% discount on our top selling cakes, Fresh Fruit Vanilla, and on top of it, we are also giving complimentary gift voucher worth $140 to the first 50 customers which entitles holder for one-week free entry to the #1 Health Club courtesy of Fitness Zone.”

Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop is also baking their biggest fruit cake ever baked specially for Fitness Zone’s Mother’s day activity which is to be held on 12th May Saturday at their Serusop Branch. This coming weekend, there is also a ‘Surprise’ Mother’s Day promotion and Fitness Zone will also do an open house for all families to enjoy their state of the art facilities plus free gifts as well! Start living healthy and start SAVING MONEY by becoming a member of Fitness Zone today!

Also, Wu Chun says, “Good health not only add years to life but also add life to years! Quality of life is so important to people nowadays and this month, we are giving very good promotion for all mothers which we believe it’s one of the proudest ‘Gift of Love’ that a mother can own on mother’s day!

Wu Chun and Eric Pui of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop with a huge Fresh Fruit Vanilla cake

Being bald pays :p

LOL.. I never expected this to happen in the first place. It was just from a normal conversation between YC Lee and I as he offered $200 for my head to be shaved and he will donate $200 for the cause for my #walkruncycle2012 initiative. Before it could be discussed further, he stood up and brought it to the attention of the 40 people who were at the lunch gathering few days ago.

This time, it was a bigger agenda.. He raised the stake to $2,000 for my bald look and within minutes, we managed to collect half the amount. Only last night, it broke past the $2,000 mark and I ended up being shaved by my buddies *lol* The money raised will be accumulated as part of the #walkruncycle2012 donation card which I will have to return tomorrow (Saturday) as it is the deadline.

A big thanks to YC Lee for making this possible (out of the blue) and the support from my friends too as they were anticipating to see the outcome of the ordeal. The last time I had a bald look was back in 2003 which was quite a long time ago. So peeps, don’t be startled when you see the bald version of me. I’m definitely growing it back to normal :p Once again, my gratitude and thanks to those who contributed as this means a lot to the charitable foundations.

Within less than 48 hours, an amount of $2000+ was raised to see my bald look for the upcoming #walkruncycle2012

YC Lee did the honour of shaving off my hair

And others joined in to shave off my hair

I was a bit worried about the razor blade part.. Didn’t know YC Lee was pretty skillful in making sure I didn’t bleed

Half an hour later, this is my new look. The donation was handed over to me officially for #walkruncycle2012 funds

The awesome bunch who contributed and witnessed the shaving ceremony

Ironically many of them wanted to have a feel of my bald head

My donation card – thank you to those who contributed. Every donation counts 🙂

Dato Rahman also donated for the cause.. Awesome!!

And so did Jake Ten.. thanks dude 😀

Mother’s Day at The Empire Hotel

Mother’s Day at Savy’s Brasserie, Mabohai

Promotion at Grazie Mauri

Mother’s Day at Cheez Box

Intimate Secrets Mother’s Day

Mother Day’s promotion at Intimate Secrets and Lilli Lingerie

ZELL-V Mother’s Day promotion

Special promotion for Zell-V during Mother’s Day

In conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration, Zell-V (Brunei) would like to let all to express their gratitude to their parents by giving them the health, vitality and beauty from ZELL-V and enjoy FREE CELL CHECK at our store (1st floor, Rizqun International Hotel).

And for all mothers and fathers, they would like to urge them to start pampering themselves by giving themselves a chance to improve their health wellness.

The following are the promotion packages that they are offering now.

Package 1 – 1 box of Zell-V with FREE $50 product voucher
Package 2 – 3 boxes of Zell-V with FREE Travel Pack with FREE $50 product voucher
Package 3 – 6 boxes of Zell-V with FREE 1 box of Zell V with FREE $50 product voucher
OR 6 boxes of Zell V with FREE Zell-V Wonder Cream and Phytocell Serum with FREE $50 product voucher
Package 4 – 36 boxes of Zell-V with instant enjoyment of 20% VIP Purchases, and additional BND80 off

The product vouchers can be used in their next purchase which can be on the same day.

For more info, you can call 821 9221.

This is my daily dosage that I’ve taken for almost 3 months now and I feel superb as of late

The only concern for me is the size of the pill of Zell-V.. I still haven’t mastered the swallowing part *lol*

So I normally experiment with different types of food to help me swallow the gigantic pill. This biscuit cracker failed on me.

Now this won’t be good idea to drink along with.. Otherwise I might be super double charged by the end of the day. Then again, any liquid form has proven useless to help me swallow the pill

This is still the best choice to date to help me swallow Zell-V pills. The banana has never failed me once 😀

Zell-V has somehow increased my endurance and stamina especially during my afternoon jogs. I noticed how I was more motivated to increase my jogging distance.. Awesome!!1

Who knows one day once I get super charged up from Zell-V, I might apply for a role in the WWE as The Rock wannabe *lol*

Saturday is the last day

As the most anticipated event is drawing near, HSBC announces that Saturday (tomorrow) is the last day for all HSBC Walk Run Cycle (WRC) participants to return their donation cards together with any funds collected to any of the HSBC branches in the nation.

100% of all funds collected will be donated to the four organisations that provide training and education to special needs children of Brunei Darussalam, benefitting Pusat Ehsan Al Hajah Al Maryam, SMARTER Brunei, KACA and Learning Ladder.

HSBC WRC participants, who return their donation cards together with any funds collected, will be given a goody bag which comprises of a 2012 Walk Run Cycle themed T-shirt. Also by doing this, participants have the chance of winning the lucky draw dip that has 70 prizes up for grabs, valued at BND$ 20,000 in total.

Participants returning the donation card at HSBC counter

The charity event which is held for the first time in the evening, will kick start at 8.30pm sharp at the Taman Hj Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien (SOAS) on Saturday, 19 May 2012. As an additional safety measure for the event, participants are advised to wear their reflective bracelets which can be collected from HSBC booths at the venue.

A carnival of games, bouncers, and refreshments awaits WRC participants at the finishing point. Fun games including the latest iPad giveaway that goes to one nominated winner for the best costume, and, a family pack hamper that is to be given away to one family who wins the best costume wear for family. Text courtesy of HSBC Brunei.

Thank you Wu Chun for donating to #walkruncycle2012 charity

Thank you to Eric Pui and Jan Shim too

Laneige’s Family Day

To celebrate BRUNEI Darussalam its first National Family Day, LANEIGE has organized family bonding activities for its members and family members to participate and the participation responses are overwhelming. “Our slots are fully booked, we are so pleased with all them to share the happy family bonding moment with Laneige”, said Pat, Marketing Manager of LANEIGE. There are over 25 families from as young as 2 years old, as old as 65 years old grandfather participated the photo shooting activity at LANEIGE,The Mall and this photo shooting activity has been carried out for the 2nd year.

LANEIGE aims to encourage Bruneian with busy life should slow down and spent some good quality time with family. To build strong family bonds is the backbone of life, the secret to happy, well-balanced, quality of life for the youth and the adults.

LANEIGE has been carrying out charity works with the objective of youth development and encourage a wide spectrum of youths today on the need to be more caring and compassionate. Throughout this year Family Days activities, we wish a positive and caring family background can be developed for our youth in the country. We believe family values are important to both adults and the youth, it is greatly impacts of who we are as a person.

Hamidah, one of the participants at the activity says, “this is my 2nd year participate Laneige Family days photo shooting activity, it is really a great moment for me and my mum, without the belief and support of my family, most of us wouldn’t be where we are today. Sometimes in our life maybe up and down, family can get you through anything with their love and support.” Don’t taking things for granted that their family is supposed to be there to provide for them. These principles are passed down from generation to generation and have to be taught to each other. Another participant, Hjh Yanti says, “Family is more important than anything else. We sometimes take our family for granted and not realize how valuable they are. Family are the ones you bonded to growing up, and you have memories that you share with them. After some years, we may never see them again, but they are what you possibly call “family”, because they are the only true family you knew when the bonds were being forged, thank you LANEIGE to organise this lovely bonding moment for us.”

Click image to enter LANEIGE Brunei Facebook page

In addition, there are another activity on LANEIGE Brunei Facebook page encourage facebook fans to create family bonding with LANEIGE. on LANEIGE Family Day activity. It very easy to join and there are 2 winners going to bring home the limited edition of LOVE IN BLOOM set woth B$300 each set. All facebook fans base in Brunei can join simply:

1. Take a photo at Laneige Dream Garden of “Love in Bloom” at the Mall Laneige
2. Upload your photo here on Laneige Brunei Facebook wall
3. Ask your friends to LIKE your photos

The MOST LIKE photo, 2 winners will bring home the complete set of this Love in Bloom Collection (7items in each prize worth B$300 each set)
Deadline to LIKE the photo on: 13 May 2012, 22:00GMT (10pm)

Every one of us play an important role to in the community with positive family mentality, we don’t take it for granted. All efforts count, even at an individual level, we should start today and have family gathering every week not only during National family days, so that it will becomes a norm for our next generation. Happy Family day everyone!

The Secret for Mother’s Day

In conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration, Secret Recipe Brunei is inviting all families to come and celebrate the auspicious day at their outlets.

On this special occasion, patrons will enjoy an amazing discount offer of 50 per cent off, on any whole cake purchases for Mother’s Day starting from May 11 to 13. The offer is valid for advance bookings not less than three days before collection. With over 23 varieties of delicious cheesecakes and cream cheesecakes to choose from, patrons will definitely be spoilt for choices.

Whether mom is a chocolate fanatic or a cheesecake enthusiast, there is surely one cake from the Secret Recipe selection that will satisfy her sweet tooth. “With this amazing Mother’s Day offer, we believe every mother in the country will get to enjoy a special treat by Secret Recipe from their loved ones, in celebrating this very special occasion,” said Mr Thompson Tan, General Manager of Secret Recipe Brunei.

Apart from the great deal, patrons will also enjoy a dine-in and take away promotion where spending B$20 and above on any of the main meals (à la carte) in a single receipt will entitle them to a lovely mystery gift.

Both promotions are valid at all Secret Recipe outlets at The Mall Gadong, Tanjung Bunut and Seri Delima. For details and information contact or visit any Secret Recipe outlets. Text by Rokiah Mahmud and image courtesy of Bahyiah Bakir.

The cakes and the mystery gifts await

50% of cakes until 13th May 2012

Free gift upon spending $20 on any meal stated

Mother’s Day at Times Square

Mother’s Day, falling on the 2nd week of May every year marks an important day for Times Square Shopping Centre, a shopping complex that emphasizes on families, being “A Place for Everyone”. Times Square will be celebrating Mother’s Day with all the beautiful mothers out there this Saturday to Sunday, 12th May to 13th May 2012.

There will be several games and activities for this Mother’s Day with Times Square, such as the “I Love My Mummy” Card designing contest with Best Eastern, where children from ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 can stand chances to win amazing prizes from Best Eastern, such as a $125 cash voucher and a gift pack, to name a few. Forms can be retrieved at Best Eastern bookstore as well as the Registration Counter at Times Square Shopping Centre starting from today to Sunday. To participate, contestants simply have to attach a receipt of a minimum of $25.00 from any branch of Best Eastern. There will be 2 sessions daily, from 10:30AM to 12:30PM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM.

Click image to enlarge image

Kofom will also be having their “My Mummy and I” Photo contest where contestants have to send in hardcopies of their photos consisting of a Mother and Her Child/ Children to Kofom, Times. The Contest will be ongoing from now until the deadline, which is on Sunday, 13th May 2012 at 5pm. Contestants can stand a chance to win a $200 cash voucher from Kofom just in time for Raya this year. To participate, simply attach a receipt of a minimum of $30 with the registration form.

Lastly, to bring out the beauty of all the mothers in Brunei, Skin Food will be organizing their “Most Beautiful Faces” contest which will run from 11AM on Saturday, 12th May 2012 to 5PM on Sunday, 13th May 2012 at the Skin Food booth at the Atrium. With Skin Food makeup provided to the contestants, they will have to do makeup on their teammate and then have their photos taken. The team with the best makeup will bring home a Mother’s Day DIY basket. To participate, simply attach a receipt of a minimum of $30 with the registration form.

There will be a prize presentation on Sunday, 13th May 2012 at 7:30PM for all 3 activities. For more information, please find out more at the respective stores today. Head on down to Times Square this weekend, and bring along your families, especially your beautiful and deserving mothers! Times Square Shopping Centre, an innovative and family-orientated shopping centre is constantly finding new and more ways to reach out to the public, making it “A Place for Everyone”. Text courtesy of Times Square Shopping Centre.

Mother’s Day at Sri Lembayung

Eat and Sing all you can this Sunday 13th May. Mother’s Day Lunch & Buffet $15 only (children 1/2 price). Make your reservation now, call 223 1788



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