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Football season almost over

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

RC Racing Competition at Times Sq

Times Square Shopping Centre had its first ever Technology & Lifestyle Fair 2012 on Thursday, 3rd May and ended on Sunday, 6th May 2012.

During the four day event, PEMKAR organized an RC Racing Competition, generating much interest and attention from the public. There were two types of races: Mini- Chassis 3HR Endurance Race and RC Drift Challenge. The first place of the Mini-Chassis 3HR Endurance Race went to Team Penyangat Purple with 1102 laps at a total time of 3:00:16.575 with a best time of 7.714 while second place went to Team XXL with 1059 laps at a total time of 3:00:23.173 and a best time of 7.949. Third place went to Team Sbbb Alfa with 1055lapsat a total time of 3:00:19.175 and a best time of 7.483. For the RC Drift Challenge, first place went to Hj Birin while second and third went to Patt and Fathul respectively. The top qualifier went to Hj Birin while Best Body Shield went to Hasrin.

In addition to the interactive games and activities, Times Square also organized the Tag & Race Contest where contestants had to use their smart phones and search for Tags placed around Times Square, and the one who finds all 30 tags first will be the winner. The first place went to Teddy Ahmad, who won himself an MP3 Headset Player and $50 cash voucher- both from Current Enterprise, while second place went to Azri Al-Rashid, winning himself a Laser Light and $80 cash voucher from Current Enterprise while third place went to Nur Halijah Bte Md Alidin, winning herself a $50 cash voucher from Current Enterprise.

First place for Mini-Chassis 3HR Endurance Race goes to Team Penyangat Purple

First place for RC Drift Challenge Hj Birin

Group photo with the participants and organisers

There was a Lucky Draw with fabulous prizes up for grabs. Prizes included Hua Wei Ideos S7 Slim, Ideos U8500, Ideos U8150 sponsored by Ten Ten Communications, and other prizes sponsored by TelBru, Current Enterprise and WR Electronics. 8 Lucky winners were called up to determine which prize they have won for themselves by playing a short game. The winner of the first prize, which is a Hua Wei Ideos S7 Slim was Lau Kong Chiong, while Dk Aaliyah Hannah won herself an Ideos U8500 and the 3rd prize, Ideos U8150 went to Ibrahim Hj Bakir.

The activity partners of the Times Square Technology & Lifestyle Fair were University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Pemkar, AIA Insurance, LiveWIRE Brunei, while Activity sponsors were Ten Ten Telecommunications, Current Enterprise, Ezy Printing, WR Electronics and T.H.A. Enterprise. The Official Social Media Partner of the event is Brunika and the Official Instagramers Community of Brunei Darussalam. Text and images of courtesy of Times Square Brunei.

First place for the lucky draw was Lau Kong Chiong

Group photo with the lucky prize winners

The Avengers smashed new record

One of the funniest moments in The Avengers. Image taken from Behance.net

I’m always hyped up about box office performance and how well the movies performed in the box office especially in North America. Any blockbuster movie that made less than $100 million is considered a flop or a movie that didn’t cover its costs is also a flop.

One of the most expensive movies ever made in the 90s was Titanic but the budget paid off handsomely and it held the record for the biggest box office earnings with $600 million alone in North America, only to be beaten by Avatar ($760 million).

The Avengers was recently released in the States a week after Brunei premiered it. The production budget for the movie was $220 million and guess what… the superhero movie broke the record for having the biggest box office weekend opening with an outstanding $200 million in the first three days. It bettered Harry Potter, Death Hallows 2 by $30 million. Internationally, The Avengers scored huge earnings with $441 million in just 10 days. Phenomenal. Do expect The Avengers to break the $1 billion mark worldwide in the next few weeks or so.

I recently watched The Avengers again for the second time but in 3D. This is still a great watch and if you haven’t seen this, by all means please do.

Top Opening Weekends of All-Time
1. The Avengers (2012) $200.3 million
2. Harry Potter … Deathly Hallows 2 (2011) $169.2 million
3. The Dark Knight (2008) $158.4 million
4. The Hunger Games (2012) $152.5 million
5. Spider-Man 3 (2007) $151.1 million
6. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) $142.8 million
7. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 (2009) $138.1 million
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC (2006) $135.6 million
9. Iron Man 2 (2010) $128.1 million
10. Harry Potter … Deathly Hallows 1 (2010) $125.0 million

Football update

It hasn’t gone the way for my favourite teams in Europe – Barcelona, Liverpool and AC Milan. Barcelona don’t look invincible as before though Messi can’t stop scoring but it was the points the cost them the La Liga title to bitter rivals Read Madrid. Barcelona also failed to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The performance of Barceolna this year hasn’t been up to their best and this also has result in Pep Guardialo, Barcelona’s coach to end his reign once the season ends.

Liverpool have spent a bomb USD 100 million but only managed to squeeze in one title – the League Cup and they are also beaten finalist in the FA Cup. However, their league form haven’t improved since last year. Now they are in 9th place and they have lost 13 games which is not a familiar trend for the Reds. They are definitely one of the flops of the season, having spent millions but never reflected on the league standings.

AC Milan lost the important derby match to Inter Milan last night which gifted Juventus the Italian league title. Well done to Juventus and I know Mas Idris is a huge fan of Juventus. Did you know that Del Peiro is still playing for Juve though he’s not in the first team? Well, there is always a next season.

I can’t wait for Euro 2012 and I will talking more on the EURO 2012 Poland-Ukraine sticker album by Panini. Remember that this was a big hit during the World Cup 2010 and I still have my complete album book 😀

I shall be updating you more on this EURO 2012 sticker album soon and there will be some activities as well for sticker collectors

Real Madrid won the Spanish League Title with 3 more games to go. Finally a win for Jose Mourinho and he also won with Chelsea and Inter Milan. Awesome achievement!

I’m not much of a Dutch league supporter but Ajax won the Dutch title. Most of the top Dutch players are playing in major clubs.

Yes it’s definitely down to the wire. The final game of the season which will be this Sunday. Who would have expected this outcome where the Noisy Neighbours have matched Red Devils this season. It’s all about the mental pressure now and I hope for a new breed to win the title to bring some freshness to the competition for next season.

What can I say about this lad? He has overdone himself in the scoring charts, breaking records but his goal achievements were overshadowed by Barcelona’s failure to win the league and also reaching the Champs League final. Their only consolation could be the Spanish King’s Cup against Bilbao end of the month.

Brunei DPMM FC are enjoying the summit in the league. They have a 3 point cushion with a healthy goal difference. I’m starting to question the S-League’s competitiveness. Two nights ago DPMM FC had their biggest win of the season with 5-1 thrashing of Hougang United FC.

How did Di Matteo turn the tables for Chelsea? They had a troubled season under the leadership of AVB and now they won the FA Cup, in the finals of the Champions League and chasing fourth spot in the EPL. Last Saturday, Chelsea beat Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup.

Well done Juventus on winning the Scudeto last night



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