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Transformation week

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Grills at Radisson Hotel

Premium online shopping facilitator

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Royal Brunei Airlines

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B-Mobile and FZ join forces

A MEMORANDUM of Understanding was signed between B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd and Fitness Zone (FZ) on Monday, at the Fitness Zone branch in Kiulap.

Signing on behalf of B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd was its Chief Executive Officer Lim Ming Soon, while signing on behalf of Fitness Zone was its Managing Director Wu Chun.

Acting General Manager of B-Mobile Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar and GohKim Tian represented both parties as witnesses to the signing. Also present at the signing were representatives of the Health Promotion Centre (HPC), Ministry of Health.

According to a press release from B-Mobile, a collaboration is in the works for a mutual programme to be conducted by both companies on educating the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The joint effort is a part of both companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

The ‘b.fit’ programme, a name play of both companies’ names, will be unveiled sometime in the middle of the year, said Hjh Nurul Haniah during a press conference after the signing ceremony.

Wu Chun stated that the programme is just the start of many more projects between the two companies.

Lim Ming Soon said,”We hope the project will help inspire healthy living by making health a paramount factor in our everyday life.” Text and images courtesy of Anway Rosly of The Brunei Times.

Wu Chun, Managing Director of Fitness Zone, Lim Ming Soon, CEO of B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd and Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar, Acting General Manager of B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd

The exchange of documents between B-Mobile and Fitness Zone

The workout session with Fitness Zone and B-Mobile

RA’s sum up for the week

Ok guys.. I highly recommended you this drink “Pop Juice” from Country Patch (free publicity here *lol*) and I’ve posted this on Instagram twice because I just enjoy this drink. SY introduced me to this drink 3 years ago and this is just awesome!! The content inside is fresh orange juice with fresh polemo. However, I always asked the waitress to crush or blend the ice and add extra pomelo to have a better drinking experience. My last dosage was 2 Wednesdays ago.. I’m getting this later for breakie 😀

It has been a while since I hiked at Tasek Lama. My previous hike was with @cuterabbit84 a few months ago and she was fitter than me *lol* Lately I’ve been jogging but hiking is a different ball game. It was a good hike with Amalina and she’s a frequent visitor to Tasek Lama and Bukit Shahbandar.

Last week I watched Cabin in the Hills (Verdict 9/10) and I was deciding whether to buy Silent Hill or Mass Effect 3 at ETA Games before the movie. After watching the movie, I straight away purchased Silent Hill *lol* and the game is pretty good too

Finally I caught up with @cuterabbit84 who’s currently working for Mint in Singapore. I was in Singapore for the weekend for an assignment. Thanks babe for the company and truly inspired by your commitment in your volunteerism role on weekends.

I’m a regular visitor to Doc John’s shop at Lucky Plaza, Singapore, where he’s quite known for altering pants and jeans. I kept sending my pants here for altering and the price is quite competitive too. I love his workmanship.

I made a visit to Kinokoniya at Taka and this is one of the places that I never miss whenever in Singapore. However, I forgot to bring my privilege card. I also ended up buying this book.

While I was in Singapore, my friend Jowyne launched her new shop Laqvin, a boutique bag shop located at The Mall. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your opening and her shop carries Zkin bags.

As I said before that I was on an assignment before and my assignment was hotel hopping where I will be doing reviews on the hotels under the Far East Hospitality group and the hotels I stayed are pretty good. Ok, this was my vain moment at Oasia Hotel and the timer apps on the iPhone did wonders to make this shot possible.

I ended up buying this running shoes for two reasons. Not because it’s Adidas but the reason it’s black and orange, my current favouriate combination and secondly this will be my running shoes for HSBC’s #walkruncycle2012 and I didn’t realise these new Climacool pairs are slightly expensive

Great discounts and promotion at Adidas store in Singapore. I ended up applying for a new Adidas privilege card because I couldn’t find mine in my room. Now I have one for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

When I walked out of Wheelock Place, I saw this view of the ION and the suite apartments and it reminded me of Titanic #justsaying

Debbie Too was on the same assignment as well as Jan Shim. Thanks guys for the enjoyable company and let’s for more trips to Singapore in the future *cough cough to Far East Hospitality group*

I’m proud of my buddy and LFHW partner Mr. Kurapak for winning one of the categories in “I Love Brunei” photography competition organised by The Brunei Times. This is the winning picture as it was announced last weekend. Last year, he also bagged a few prizes in the photography competiiton organised by TBT too.

Alex Chan (right) of Far East Hospitality was the host of our trip and thank you very much for taking care of us during our 3 night stay in Singapore. I hope you have recovered from your flu and catch up soon.

I met up with my mirror in Singapore. This is @superadrianme and the best description is that Adrian is the RA of Singapore and vice-versa. A truly dedicated lifestyle blogger and his readers are very international too. It was a great catch up and I shall see you perhaps in May or June.

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