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Fast is slow

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Have you signed up for Reebonz?

Click image to enter website and sign up

Grills at Radisson Hotel

All-new Chevrolet Spark

A sneak preview of what’s to come for the Spark

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Royal Brunei Airlines

Click banner to find out more

Blessing Rewards monthly prize

This is the first batch of prize presentation for the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Blessing Rewards 2 campaign. The campaign was launched last March and it will be running for 3 months until 19th of June. The responses have been overwhelming ever since the 2nd campaign kicked off. The grand prize for the Blessing Rewards 2 campaign is a new Lexus IS300 convertible.

Ten winners were presented with prizes though only eight were present. Siti Zulwati Abd Razak, Zurina Hj Ismail, Othman Hj Jaluddin, Mohd Firdaus Hj Roslan, Ak Hj Mohd Amirol Fairuez Pg Hj Sulaiman, Dy Emas Mahmud, Junaidah Hj Mahmud, Juneri Hj Murah, Marina Ahmad and Hjh Kamsiah Hj Ismail received their Luminox watch *niceeee*

The prizes were presented by the Brannch Manager of BIBD Kiulap Branch Hj Suhaimi Hj Hashim.

There are other fantastic prizes to be won such as 60 inch Samsung LED television and packages of Apple products too. So how to be eligible?? It’s easy… just sign up for any BIBD product such as BBA Home Financing, Education Financing, BIBD Debit Card and many more.

Do visit their Facebook page too for constant updates of activities and promotion.

Holding the awesome prizes for the 1st round winners

Now these are awesome watches to start off with.. Congratulations to the winners

One of the winners of the Blessing Rewards campaign presented by BIBD Kiulap Branch Manager Hj Suhaimi Hj Hashim

One of the winners of the Blessing Rewards campaign presented by BIBD Kiulap Branch Manager Hj Suhaimi Hj Hashim

Group photo of the winners with BIBD Kiulap Branch Manager Hj Suhaimi Hj Hashim and BIBD Head of Marketing, Ben Lin

Who will win the grand prize of the Lexus IS300 convertible?

b.mobile 3 Aside Football

Registration starts 12th May at any b.mobile branches and stand a chance to win $1,000. The 1st Kick off will be 25th May 2012.

Dark Shadows falling flat

The cool prop of Dark Shadows at The Mall Cineplex

Dark Shadows. Ah.. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp combined again for the … eerr, I lost count here… but I have to say it’s not the strongest movie from Tim Burton. I felt this was just a passable movie for my taste. I’ve seen their other collaborations and I enjoyed most of it. Visually this is pretty good and I love the classic soundtracks too.

What disappointed me is the flow of the story and the lack of character from the other casts. Those I thought that would made significant screen appearances only appeared here and there and I felt the relationship between the characters lacked the special connection. There are some highlights in this movie but can be easily forgotten once you leave the cinema unlike The Avengers where people will boast about Hulk/Thor scene or how Ironman/Stark was awesome etc. As for Dark Shadows, there was nothing worth to boast about really.

Their collaboration had so much potential but Dark Shadows short changed me. Verdict: 6/10. Del Goh and Sophia gave it an 8 surprisingly.

Cap spotting is back!!

O3 is back with its Sporting Cap Surprise for the 2nd season!!! O3 Sporting Cap Surprise 2 promo, which kicks off from 1 May– 28 December 2012, will see consumers of O3 smiling home with grand and major prizes including the latest iPhone, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Note, Netbooks and LED TVs. Other instant prizes to be won in the promo include Easi-cards, KFC/Rasamas vouchers, pendrives and more than 8,000 free O3 drinks.

Speaking to announce the kick-off of the promo, Ms Sun Yeo, Marketing Manager, Aiking Trading Co. Sdn Bhd, stated that the promo was conceived to reward as many loyal consumers of O3 as possible. In her words: “This Promo has one main and only objective, which is to say thank you to our loyal consumers. We want this promotion to touch our consumers’ lives in a way that only a real O3 drink will do. That’s why every lucky consumer with the letter cap don’t just get 1, but 3 chances of winning.” O3 Lemon Tea and Green Tea, according to Ms Yeo, “has established itself as a credible choice of healthy yet tasty drink”. She also thanked the consumers of O3 whom, she said, were responsible for making O3 one of the fastest growing drink in the country.

Ms Yeo stated that consumers only have to buy any O3 drink, twist open and redeem any O3 bottle cap with either “S”,“P”,“O”,“R”,“T”,”I”,”N” or ”G”, at O3 roadshows to qualify for 3 chances of winning – an instant draw, a Major Prize draw and the Grand Prize draw for the iPhone. While giving details of the promo, Ms Yeo stated that a roadshow will be arranged on the 28th of every month during the promotion, to provide convenience to the consumers and at the same time, allow public draw, where winners can take home their prizes instantly.

Now this is interesting.. Well, not sure if it’s called the iPhone 5 but the grand prize will be the next generation iPhone for sure. Click image to enter Facebook page.

The roadshows will be held on 28 June at Jaya Hypermart (Gadong), 28 July at Sim Kim Huat (Airport Mall), 28 August at Millimewah Department Store (Berakas) 28 September at Sim Kim Huat (Kiulap), 28 October at Sim Kim Huat (Sengkurong), 28 November at Millimewah Department Store (KB) and 28 December at Jaya Hypermart (Gadong). The Grand Prize draw will be held on 28 December at Jaya Hypermart, Gadong. So do keep these dates on your calendar.

O3 Lemon Tea and Green Tea are available in all major supermarkets, department stores, mini-marts and kedai runcit. For details, consumers can visit Aiking’s website, www.aiking.com, or Like O3 on Facebook, @O3GreenTnLemonT or Follow O3 on Twitter, @O3Sporting.

The draw is organized by Aiking Trading Co. Sdn Bhd and supported by Jaya Hypermart, Sim Kim Huat Department Store and Millimewah Department Stores as well as ranoadidas.com.

So be adventurous and you will never know if you will be the lucky one 😀

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