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Do do do

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

2nd Limited Edition T-shirts

The latest design for #WalkRunCycle2012 glow-in-the-dark limited edition T-shirts ready for pre-booking. First 50 can have their number preference. Please call Aewon 2611120, 2670481, 2670497. Last order Tuesday 15th May

So this is the 2nd batch of Limited Edition T-shirts for the upcoming #WalkRunCycle2012 event. This came after a huge interest with the first batch of glow-in-the-dark T-shirts that @kurapak design and it created a huge interest that HSBC Brunei decided to unveil a new design for the next batch of limited edition t-shirts.

So far they have been many phone calls to Aewon who created the design for this batch. You can call their office number 2611120 (9am to 10pm), 2670481 or 2670497 (9am to 7pm). The first 50 bookings will get the privilege to get their number preference on the t-shirts. The material will be cotton and the price is $50 each and the proceeds will go to #walkruncycle2012 fund.

The final order will be on Tuesday 15th May so better make your pre-bookings soon. Do not reach myself or HSBC outlets concerning the bookings of the t-shirts. Just call the numbers listed from Aewon – 2611120 (9am to 10pm), 2670481 or 2670497 (9am to 7pm)

Have you signed up for Reebonz?

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Grills at Radisson Hotel

All-new Chevrolet Spark

A sneak preview of what’s to come for the Spark

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Royal Brunei Airlines

Click banner to find out more

Who will be the chosen one?

After 6 years into the project, Red Bull Rookies Racing 2012 will get a new look. Previously an all-female drivers team, this time a battle of sexes will be introduced to bring in the male drivers. All Bruneians (Yellow and Red IC holders) between the age of 18 and 25 years old are encouraged to participate. 

The audition will be held at Times Square from 18th to 20th May 2012. Anybody born between 31st December 1994 and 1st January 1987 is eligible to take part. Valid IC’s are to be presented during the registration process. The male team which is to be spearheaded by Mark Darwin, a Malaysian, as the anchorman while the female team will be led by Melissa Huang of Singapore.

Red Bull Rookies Racing was introduced to Brunei Darussalam in 2010 where Noradzlianayati Abdul Razak (Liana) and Melline Jaini (Mel) made their debut and last year Fauziah Haziz (Ogy) made history as she was the first Bruneian to start the Sepang 1000km Race in Red Bull colours. And she did exceptionally well combining with Puteri Ayu Yasmin of Malaysia and Emmiline Ang of Singapore. The team came home in 15th placing out of 28 teams that started the race. It was a remarkable result considering the drivers were rookies and the only all-female team. 

Mr.Raymond Lee, the Area Sales Manager (Brunei Darussalam) said that Red Bull introduced and continued this legacy project in the hope to provide the opportunity of a lifetime to potential young champions who have the dream to excel in racing industry. Many times it is very costly for one individual to prepare and race.

Come the 20th May 2012, 3 female and 3 male qualifiers will be announced to take part in the multi-stages and stringent elimination process to be conducted by the team led by Team Manager cum Trainer, Mr. Kenvin Low. Mr Low possesses an impressive resume in terms of racing and coaching. This will be his fourth year handling the team. 

This is how the seach for the drivers will look like and the time line.. A bit confusing but you will understand soon

Mr. Wong, representative from Red Bull, at the press conference yesterday

This was the team of Red Bull Rookies 2011 and they all did quite well

So who will be the chosen ones??

Click image to find out more :))

Get your tax done online

Click image to enter website

The Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance has continued its series of STARS Discovery Day Roadshow on 9 May 2012 at 8:30am at the Theatre Hall, Ministry of Finance Building. The is the second roadshow of a series of roadshows to introduce the System for Tax Administration and Revenue Services (STARS). The guest of honour is Puan Hjh Ning-Lela binti Dato Paduka Haji Mohammad Permanent Secretary (Performance). The roadshow was attended by company directors, accountants, auditors and tax agents.

STARS was first launched on 22 October 2011, gradually rolled-out to the tax community in stages. This system provides online access to a suite of transactions, enquiry and account management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The most prominent feature of STARS is the electronic service that allows tax payers to submit their tax returns online. With the access online, the taxpayers will be able to enjoy the ease and comfort of performing their tax obligations such as filing tax returns wherever internet access is available. With this online system, the tax payers no longer have to physically come to the Revenue Division to make payment, as this can be done online.

Taxpayers are now required to file and pay for their Income Tax Returns for years of assessment 2012 onwards by a new submission date which is 30th June. Taxpayers are also required to submit and pay their estimated chargeable income within three (3) months after the end of the accounting period, as stated under Section 52A(i) of the Income Tax Act relating to that year of assessment.

At this roadshow, the Revenue Division also shared the latest amendments to the Income Tax Act, such as the reduction of the corporate tax rate from 22% to 20% for Year of Assessment 2012. Tax incentives were also explained whereby in support of local employment, tax credits can be claimed for employing locals and sending local employees for training.

So the next roadshow will be tomorrow Wednesday 16th May at Theatre Hall, Ministry of Finance. Workstations for online presentations will be provided and participants are encouraged to bring your own notebooks or tablets with WiFi/3G to avoid queueing. You can book your seat by calling 238 0651.

The panelists running the STARS workshop for the participants

The participants in attendance

Reading the booklet on STARS

Register with STARS

The Revenue Division invites taxpayers to register for STARS at www.stars.gov.bn as it offers greater convenience and efficiency, thus making it simpler for the tax-paying community to comply with Brunei Darussalam’s tax regulations.

Pre-requisites steps to filing your tax returns online are:

1. Directors of a company must register personally with STARS
2. To enable access for an employee to perform tax matters on behalf of the company, the director must set up a relationship with the employee in STARS.
3. To enable access for a tax agent to perform tax matters on behalf of the company, the director must set up a relationship with their tax agency in STARS.


Taxpayers who need help with filing their tax returns via STARS can visit the Revenue Division where STARS kiosks are available with the assistance of a Revenue Division representative. Taxpayers can also call the STARS helpline on + (673) 238 3933 or 2380651. These services are available daily during working hours only from 8am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Additionally, taxpayers may email to revenue@mof.gov.bn. Latest information may also be obtained from the facebook and Twitter @RevenueDivision

I can also registered online personally even though I don’t have a company account

This is how it will look like online

Apparently I didn’t know that I’m still a director of these companies *lol*

The next roadshow will be tomorrow 16th May from 8:30am at Theatre Hall, MOF. Please call 238 0651 for details or bookings.

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