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Hello Hello

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


Nyonya Culture workshop with Pearly


Cecilia Lee, Fun Bee Park’s Activity Consultant announced that Pearly Kee is coming to town to do a Nyonya cooking demo this weekend at Fun Bee Park. Check out details below!!

This should be interesting… What’s great about Cecilia Lee is that she likes to try to new things especially when she travels abroad. This time round she wants to share the Nyonya culture to the residents of Brunei and the activity that will take place this weekend is the Nyonya cooking workshop and the seats are limited (8 pax per session).

Did you know that the Baba Nyonya culture signifies the unity and inter-community of races in Brunei and Malaysia? I did learn some history of the Baba Nyonya culture in my trip to Malacca a few years back. I’ve always enjoyed the nyonya style cuisine and it’s good to know that Fun Bee Park will be hosting this Nyonya cuisine workshop this weekend.

They will be inviting Chef Pearly Kee, a fifth generation in the art of Nyonya cuisine, and she is a descendant of Kee Lai Huat the founder of Sungai Bakap, a small town in Sebarang Perai Selantan, Malaysia.

Want to learn more about Nyonya culture?

Cecilia Lee briefing to the local media for this weekend’s event

You still can sign up for Nyonya cuisine workshops

Tonight Saturday, 6th July 7pm to 10pm. Nyonya night. Maximum of 50 pax. 5 course sit down dinner and Nyonya cultural showcase. Menu – 1) Curry Kapitan 2) 5 spice chicken roll with chilli sauce 3) Kerabu Kay 4) Sambal Goreng 5) Bee Koe Moy BND 80 only

Tomorrow Sunday, 7th July 8am to 11am. Demo by Pearly with tasting session. Maximum of 50 pax. Menu – 1) Assam Laksa 2) Nasi Ulam. Tasting portions of demo dishes. Demo recipes and 2 bonus recipes given. Additional nyonya kueh and drinks provided for. BND 40 only.

Tomorrow Sunday, 7th July 2pm to 6pm. Maximum of 8 pax. Menu – 1) Stuffed ladies fingers 2) Assam Prawn 3) Curry Chicken with potatoes. Dinner included. Go home pack with 3 hands on recipes and 1 bonus recipe. BND 80 only.

To register or purchase tickets or for any enquires, call Fun Bee Park at 2457729 or visit the centre at Unit 6&7 Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Jalan Batu Bersurat.

Pearly (center) is in Brunei for the weekend

Pearly conducting a workshop yesterday at Fun Bee Park

Pearly conducting a workshop yesterday at Fun Bee Park


Brunei playing for 5th spot


Lisha Rahman playing central role for Brunei and she has the most minutes on court in all the matches. I don’t remember her being subbed out. Brunei U-21 beat Maldives 82-18 in the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championship.

The Brunei coach expected that they were gonna win against Maldives yesterday and she knew it was gonna be a tough game against Thailand. Her biggest worry was the new injury to one of their attacking player Nur Syuhaidah who fell awkwardly in the 2nd half of the match. With injuries to Farul and now Syu, Brunei U-21 will have to make use of their reserve players as they take on Thailand for the 5th spot in the competition. Their star player Marhayati Ahmad is not fully fit but she will definitely be featured and play an important role against Thailand today. Another worry is Siti Nuratikah (Eika) who is nursing some blisters on her feet.

However, coach Thilaka Jinadasa was very happy with how her players played yesterday. She was proud how the girls have gone so far in the tournament and she felt that they need more games like this for exposure and experience if they were to improve. The players will benefit from this experience and this tournament is already a good eye opener for them. She said that they have never played so many games consecutively in a competition and hence fitness plays an important role. One player that she highlighted was Lisha Rahman who is the only player to play full time in all the matches and she’s one of the fittest player on court.

Brunei will take on Thailand later at 11:00am after a comprehensive victory over Maldives 82-18, their biggest victory in their competitive match. Come and support our national players and I hope they will achieve 5th spot in the tournament.

Maldvies played their best and I hope they will improve in years to come

Brunei rotated their players to give all of them a chance on court

A bad injury to Syu and it’s very unlikely that she will play later

Fifi of Brunei U-21 playing GK and she did pretty well

A tactical move that is legit in netball. It was the first time I’ve seen such defensive move in netball. Great attempt 🙂

Malaysia outclassed Singapore


I would have expected a Malaysia-Singapore final but I just learnt how freaking good Sri Lanka team is. Even coach Thilaka said that netball is a national sport for Sri Lanka. Anyway, I thought this match was quite interesting because it was a pretty close match in the first three quarters though Singapore was trailing most of the time.

The Malaysians were technically better than their opponents and they marked their players all the time, making it difficult for the Singaporeans to retain possession. The turnaround came in the final quarter where Malaysia just raised the bar and kept scoring at will.

Malaysia beat Singapore 52-32 in the first semi-finals of the tournament. Malaysia will face Sri Lanka in the finals while Singapore will take on Hong Kong for 3rd/4th place tomorrow at the Indoor Stadium.

Singapore attempting a shot against Malaysia

Shikin of Malaysia is one tough player to steal the ball from and her success rate of receiving passes is pretty high

Singapore’s GK was pretty vocal on the court

And she still kept the momentum despite being on a stretcher. Definitely one passionate netball player I’ve come across.

A tearful player as Singapore lost to Malaysia in the semi-finals

Sri Lank proved too strong for HK


I was telling my friends how I admire Kriesel of Hong Kong as GK because of her defensive capabilities. I knew she was gonna have a tough time against Sri Lanka and she did. Sri Lanka were simply unstoppable and their physique and strength gave them the competitive advantage against Hong Kong as they beat HK 70-28.

I expected a win for Sri Lanka and they steamrolled past Hong Kong in the first quarter 23-8. Hong Kong were forced to shoot from a distance while Sri Lanka had easy shots from the basket. The great thing about Sri Lanka is their depth in the squad as they were able to rotate their players and still give the same energy.

Of course, in the back of Sri Lanka’s mind is the finals against Malaysia. Sri Lanka have been losing finalists for the last three tournaments and they will want to better themselves by beating Malaysia tomorrow (1:30pm) in the finals.

Justine of Hong Kong trying to pass to her team mate against Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka proved too strong for Hong Kong







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