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Archive for 24/08/2013


Dodgeball hit the mark

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Dodgeball hitting up!!!


“Dodgeballers” complain one thing about the game itself. They want more. They want more time on the court. This is because they fell in love with the sport. It’s pretty rare to see a new sport gaining a lot of interest and I’m happy that Red Bull saw a potential in this sport and they are willing to invest their energy and time in creating awareness and who knew that such sport has generated a lot of interest and I won’t be surprise there will be a demand for this sport.

Anyway, the Red Bull Dodgeball competition continued last evening at BRIDEX Hall as part of the Consumer Fair. There were nine matches in total and I missed the first two games. I’m actually looking forward to the knock-out stages which will be played tomorrow (Sunday). So you will get to see the best of the best teams vying for the championship.

It was good to see the great bond and support from the players as well as their supporters. In every sport, sometimes things can get out of hand. Dodgeball is still a new sport. Players are adapting to the mechanics game by game. It was good to see certified marshals from Malaysia to help with the umpiring. It’s a very fast pace game and marshals must be alert on every shot and moves. Hence, a lot of appreciation for them for making this tournament a success and big shout out to the supporters in their understanding that this is a relatively new game so mistakes and misunderstanding or miscommunication are bound to happen but treat them as experiences.

The best match last night for me was Cosmo Women A vs Jaguars (ladies) while for the men’s category will be MTSSR Sparta and Rockets. You can check out my 15 seconds video on instagram here. I’m also impressed with the strategy and gameplay by Exco. They have such great team work and they played as if they have been playing for years.

The Red Bull Dodgeball continues today starting 6pm and just refer to the schedules below. Good luck to all the players and let’s play for the love of the sport.

 This was an interesting match up between MTSSR Sparta (yellow) and Rockets (red). Rockets won 4-1.

 Even the ball gets a direct hit on your feet, you are out.

 This guys is pretty athletic but he was still outnumbered and lost the battle

 Another stunt from MTSSR Sparta

 Paul of Rockets defended well despite being outnumbered

 The handshake sportsmanship

 MTSSR Sparta 1 Rockets 4

I was impressed with both team’s effort on the court. MTSSR Sparta looked promising during their warm-up with their fast throws and athleticism but it wasn’t enough as they were overpowered by Rockets who came off from a 6-0 win from Cosmo Men A in a few hours’ earlier. Sparta had chances to capitalize their advantage but it wasn’t to be their night as Rockets had a better game plan. Rockets won this game 4-1 and with two wins out of two, it looks like they are heading to the semi-finals of the tournament with two more games remaining. Sparta, on the other hand, can hope to get two more wins and hope for a miracle to reach top two in their group. My predictions for Top Two in Group A – UBD Magpie and Rockets. You can check out my video post for this match.

 Exco vs SNVR Power

 Exco team looked very strong and focused

 They also prefer to play defensively by staying behind and allowing their opponents to attack

 SVNR Power managed to get one point out of the game. They lost 4-1.

 It was nice to see H.E.A.R.T Medic Support during the tournament

It was my first look of team EXCO and they looked superb on court with their strategies and teamwork. SVNR had a better night compared to their outing against Easyway last Wednesday but EXCO was just too strong to handle. The navy blue jersey team always had the numbers on the court and this made harder for SVNR Power to attack and let alone defend. SVNR showed glimmer of hope when they scored a point but that’s the best they managed to squeeze out of EXCO. With Easyway notching two wins already last Wednesday and EXCO winning two games in Group B, my prediction is that both these teams will reach the semi-finals unless a big upset happens along the way.

 Boxx DT vs Cosmo Men B

 Boxx DT dominated earlier in the match

 Boxx DT on attack mode

 Up, up in the air

 Zed of Boxx DT in action

 Comso Men B came back from behind to beat Boxx DT 5-1

Boxx DT had another late game on their schedule and this time they were up against Cosmo Men B. After a heavy defeat against Easyway last Wednesday, Boxx DT needed to win this match for a possibility to reach the semi-finals. Cosmo Men B needed a win too after a loss agains EXCO. In the end, Comso easily defeated Boxx DT 5-1. Boxx DT’s chances are gone for a top two finish while Cosmo Men B has a glimmer of hope but they have yet to face favourites Easyway and SVNR is also hungry for points too. A great experience for both teams nonetheless and this is pretty good, considering this is the first dodgeball tournament.

 Cosmo Women A vs Jaguars

 The ritual handshake before the game

 Captain of the team for Cosmo Women A

 One of the fast throwers for Jaguars

 Dean Kassim got a direct hit but he didn’t get a high pitch after :p

 Jaguars were leading but squandered their lead and lost the match

 Dodge and shoot

 Not sure what she was trying to tell the opponent

 Reaching for the dodgeballs

 A great comeback for Cosmo Woman A. They won the game 4-3 and this is the best match of the night

This match between Jaguars and Cosmo Women A was the best match so far. It was the closest game and this match also determines who will reach the quarter-finals for the ladies category. Cosmo Women A already had a crushing defeat against favourites Thunderbirds last Wednesday so it was a must win for Cosmo to reach Top two. Jaguars, on the other hand, had the best chance in this match to reach top two because there are only three teams in a group with Thunderbirds the toughest to beat.

My prediction is that Thunderbirds will top the group so which means the winner between Cosmo Women A and Jaguars will determine the second spot. I have to tell you that I thought Jaguars had this game after leading 2-0. After lapse of concentration, Cosmo Women A picked up the pace and race to a 4-2 lead. I swore it could have been a draw if Jaguars finished off their 7th game quickly and force the eight game into sudden death which will be a 4-4 scoreline. But the lack of focus cost Jaguars the match and their match-up against Thunderbirds will be a huge task.

Cosmo Women A looks like finishing second unless Thunderbirds lose their next match to make it an interesting outlook. The best match of the tournament so far. Thank you Jaguars and Cosmo Women A for the nerve wrecking match. Cosmo Women A 4 Jaguars 3.

 Team Diamond coming off a 5-0 over Cosmo Women B

 The designated bench area for players being hit by a dodgeball

 The solo attacker from Cosmo Women B

 This is how we do it~

 Diamond will face Gladiators tonight at 7pm

 Another solo moment for Cosmo Women B. Diamond easily won the game 5-0 against Cosmo Women B.

 Someone’s recording the game last night :p

 The fixtures for tonight

This was a one-sided match as Diamond beat Cosmo Women B 5-0 last night. This means that Cosmo Women B are eliminated from the tournament with two losses. Diamond and Gladiators are through to the quarter-finals but they will be vying for top spot to avoid meeting Thunderbirds in the quarter or semi-finals at least.

Diamond started off great and they looked solid on court but it took them a while to get reach 5 points. Cosmo Women B had two games so far and they had a good experience on court and I hope they continue to practice and be more aggressive on court. Kudos to Diamond for the great win but their big match against Gladiators tonight will be important as the luck of the draw will favour those who finish top of the group.

 Results at glance for last night matches


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