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Trying to make Monday my Sunday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2013


Pusat Ehsan is organising its eighth charity bazaar, which is set to take place on Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1 at the Jubilee Park in the Sultanate.

A few competitions will be held at the bazaar throughout the weekend. On Saturday, on the main stage, a cooking competition will be held, while at the grass area, Frisbee enthusiasts will be able to show off their skill in the Frisbee competition.

On Sunday morning, a colouring competition will be held at the main stage, and throughout the day, there will be a dress-up competition open to all those dressing up as their favourite character. Exciting prizes will be up for grabs for winners of the competitions.

Aerobics fans will certainly look forward to the Zumba sessions led by instructors from Susan’s Fitness Studio, scheduled on Saturday at 4.45pm, and on Sunday at 7am.

Those who enjoy solving clues and puzzles must not miss out the Walk Hunt, which will be held on Sunday afternoon (breaks will be taken during prayer times).

Coupons for the event are available for purchase at $5 per booklet, containing five coupons which can be used for the various activities set up at the bazaar. The charity bazaar is the second for the centre, and carries the slogan “I Care, You Care…We Care”.

To book a booth, please contact Rubysusanti Hj Jahli (Ruby) at 8656622. Text courtesy of Mei Fung Lee of The Brunei Times.


Travelmania 2013 in 4 days




Recap of 12th Consumer Fair


It was another typical busy day at Consumer Fair last weekend and of course, Sunday being the busiest day among the lot. I won’t spare much details about CF12 or ASEAN Year Consumer Fair but I shall leave a few images to recap some photos I took. I didn’t take much pictures during the CF as I was focusing more on Red Bull Dodgeball Championship 2013. More on that finals coverage this week on Dodgeball.

 Yang Berhormat Pehin Yahya, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources officiated the opening of ASEAN Year Consumer Fair 2013 at BRIDEX

 Cultural performance

 Guest of honour visiting MIPR pavilion

 Eric of Mr. Baker’s Bakeshop

 Guest of honour at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf booth

 At the BSM booth

 Briefing the materials of the item at BSM booth

 I bought this shampoo from PHB but now I just shaved off my hair so I won’t be shampooing for a while

 Photo opportunity with the management of PHB. You should check out their products. PHB is also located at Times Square near QQ estore shop.

 Sos chilli Brunei

 Guest of honor touring the Indonesian pavilion

 If you are looking for nice apartments to stay in, check out Armada Properties

 TAP was also making their presence at CF. I might need your help on some TAP questions 😀

 Guest of honour with Baiduri associates

 Richard of Prima Solido explaining to guest of honour

 At Ideal booth

 care is now the leading roadside assist in Brunei

 Visiting the Brunei Press booth

 Visiting Goldmyne Hardware

 Brunei Halal had special promotion on their basket package. Sold like hot cakes. I missed it out and by Sunday, it was gone!!

 Miss Chiang Mai …. of 2008

 Papaya Salad at Sawaddee House booth

 Touring the Thailand pavilion

 Entering the horror corridor of the haunted house

 Now do you feel like taking a shower?

 Photo opportunity with the boys behind the scene

 Family pose *lol*


Jual Jual Shop opening this weekend


Grand opening of JualJual Shop this weekend. Ideal for mothers.

Brought to you by Lily Imani Enterprise (Motherhood, Breastfeeding and Babies)

 You reach them on Facebook or instagram @jualjualsh 



Movie reviews


 Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne??

Before I proceed with my movie reviews, I want to quickly talk about the news that shocked movie-goers – the fact that Ben Affleck is being casted for the next Batman role for Man of Stell sequel under the direction of Zack Synder. Now here’s the thing. I have nothing against Ben Affleck. He’s definitely an A-star actor and I love him in The Town and Argo.

However, I’m doubting Ben replacing Christian Bale as The Dark Knight. I still salute Christian Bale for turning a counter offer reportedly USD 40 million. I know it’s pretty hard to fill in the shoes of Bale. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney were wrong bets when they played Bruce Wayne/Batman. We’ll just wait and see how things turned out.

There are even thousands of film fans signing petition to drop Ben Affleck as Batman. You can listen to my new podcast on my friends’ comments to the latest news. I was already disappointed with Man of Steel despite giving an OK review. Now with Ben Affleck in the mix, I’m not pretty sure how it will turn out. They have a year and a bit to produce the movie before it hits the screens on 2015. Good luck!!

 The Mortal Instruments. City of Bones.

The Mortal Instruments. City of Bones. First it was Heavenly Creatures. Now The Mortal Instruments. Why? Why? Why? Formula seems familiar. I was bored with Twilight series though I enjoyed the final episode. Enough with the triangle-threesome relationship already. This is what happened with producers or novelists run out of ideas. The CGI was mediocre at best. If you didn’t enjoy Heavenly Creatures (a huge flop), then you can give this a miss. One thing about this movie, it’s not as cheesy as The Twilight. The boys are more toned down though I chuckled at some parts of the scenes. Verdict: 6/10 Del Goh: 6/10 Rottentomatoes 13%

 The Purge

The Purge. Hmmmmm I like the premise but this is a movie that you will just have to excuse as it won’t happen in reality. So prepare yourself for that mindset where for one night a year, you are able to commit crime without being punished. A thought provoking movie but it failed on so many fronts. A movie about a home invasion that lacked suspense and the violence just made up for the story. I can’t believe they are even making a sequel for this movie. I just hope James DeMonaco won’t be directing the sequel. Lena Headey the female lead seems to be busy in 2013 with Game of Thrones and recently The Mortal Instruments. Such an awesome actor but casted in poor movies. I was totally disappointed with The Purge. It was already interesting but I lost interest half way through. Verdict: 5/10 Rottentomatoes 38%





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