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Archive for 03/06/2016


KLIHF 2016 is back

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


KLIHF 2016 is in town 


Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hjh Siti Radhiah Pengiran Maharaja Lela Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof with Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Wahidah Widadul Bolqiah with the organisers of KHLIF, VIP guests and supporters of the KLIHF 2016 event

Second time coming, second time better!! The participation might be slightly lesser than last year but the exhibition is more refined and customers will still be spoilt for choices. This is also the best time to shop before the month of Ramadhan kicks off and also prepare for the upcoming Hari Raya season.

So I’m pleased to announce that the Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair (KLIHF) 2016 is officially opened and this is also the first time that it opened on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

The event was launched by guest of honour Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hjh Siti Radhiah Pengiran Maharaja Lela Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof, daughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Nor’ain. She was accompanied by her sister Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Wahidah Widadul Bolqiah.


Mona Din, the Managing Director of KLIHF, in her welcoming remarks


The ladies shopping at the fair

El Souq, one of the local vendors, at the KLIHF 2016. Good to see young entrepreneurs being involved. Good luck 🙂


Mona Din, the Managing Director of KLIHF, was in exuberant mood during her welcoming remarks. She truly appreciated every single contribution from the people involved and the media. She was truly appreciative toward the Indonesian delegates and the Indonesian Embassy for their participation in the KLIHF which has made a huge difference in this event. As you can see, the Indonesian Pavilion has a huge presence with more than 15 exhibitors from Indonesia.

Mona’s next mission is to have a similar one in Perth next year and they already have started the ground works. This shows how the demand for Muslimah fashion is on the rise and it’s no surprise that KLIHF is back again in Brunei.


At the Tudung People booth


At Mia Suria


At Faiz Boutique

For the men, don’t be discourage since they have plenty of choices for the men’s. For instance, the famous celebrity from Malaysia Ustaz Don has his own line Don & Dona clothing on men’s Jubah.

Last year’s sales were pretty good with BND 2.08 million sales from hundreds of vendors. Interesting numbers. It will be interesting if they can supersede that figure this weekend.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the KLIHF 2016 as a few of the booths are owned by celebrities such as Umie Aida, Yatt Hamzah, Heliza Helmi, Lisdawati, Betty Banafe, Mia Suria and of course, Sazzy Falak.

Speaking of Sazzy Falak, she will be in town today to debut her latest urban fashion line under the brand, Street Fashion KL (SFKL) by Sazzy Falak in collaboration with Sakura Malaysia, an accessories brand made and based in Malaysia.

The SFKL by Sazzy Falak x Sakura Malaysia duo can be found at Booth 5 at the Celebrity Pavilion of the KLIHF Brunei in ICC from 9am to 9pm. The ‘How Do I Look? Asia’ host will be in the country till Sunday.

For updates, you can follow them on IG at @klihf or their Facebook Page.












The Berry

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


bruneihalal gaining momentum 

Dr Nur Rahman,Chief Executive Officer of Ghanim International Corporation (bruneihalal) shared the vision of the company and hopes to make a strong local and international presence in the coming months

Guests observing the product demo of the new bruniehalal products

bruneihalal will be launching a number of exciting new products in the market such as the Brunei manufactured cordial, soy-based mayonnaise and meat tenderizer, among others. To demonstrate the use of the products and their modification into delicious recipes, a demonstration with RBC chefs was held at Anjung Saujana, Brunei International Airport yesterday.

I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the new direction that bruneihalal is heading with the recent leadership of Ghanim International Corporation, Dr Nur Rahman, its Chief Executive Officer. Ever since coming on board, he has been aggressive in producing more bruneihalal products not just for the Brunei market but international as well. The signs have been encouraging and bruneihalal is excited to launch newer products.

So yesterday, I managed to see four new products from bruneihalal and there are the sweeteners and salts. Not just any sweeteners and salts but they are proven to be the healthier choice. I believe this will be a big hit among the locals and I hope restaurant owners will do their best to support our local product that also have beneficial health value.

The cooking demo was conducted by Chef Maryani Hj Kachi, one of the chefs from Royal Brunei Catering and she used Cremvia natural sweetener and the Nutrisal low-sodium salt replacer. So the items are ideal for your baking products and also savoury.

It was a strategic move by bruneihalal to engage with credible partners such as the Health Promotion Centre under the Ministry of Health and also Royal Brunei Catering, the leading food & beverage industry in Brunei Darussalam.

With the recent overwhelming responses at the BIMP-EAGA Expo and the 18th Consumer Fair, bruneihalal will be having a roadshow at the Airport Mall tomorrow. You will get to sample perhaps some of the products from bruneihalal.



A natural sweetener.. Even ideal for those who have diabetes

Another healthier choice for salt consumption

Chef Maryani Hj Kachi (right) the chef from RBC

Interesting choice from bruneihalal to come up with sugar and salt.




The final draw today 

The 25 winners of the Red Bull Boost & Win on the 3rd week at Kemuda Institute, Beribi

Week number 3 and more winners were feted. It was third weekly draw of the ongoing Red Bull Boost & Win contest. Interestingly enough the third prize presentation took place at Kemuda Institute in Beribi.

As usual, there were 10 consolation prizes followed by three winners with BND 50 shopping vouchers, five winners with BND 30 PowerKad and seven winners of BND prepaid card.

The presentation of prizes were presented by the Managing Director of Kemuda Institute, Hjh Hasnah and accompanied by the General Manager of Kingston Beverage & Creamery Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Red Bull in Brunei, Valentine Hon.

So today will be the day as it’s the grand draw for the Red Bull Boost & Win. Who’s gonna go back with a Sharp TV? or a Sharp auto washer? Or a Sharp two-door fridge? Of course, there will be consolation prizes as well.

The final draw will take place today at Station One, a new supermarket at Mentiri. Good luck to all the finalists 😀


One of the winners with Managing Director of Kemuda Institute, Hjh Hasnah and the General Manager of Kingston Beverage & Creamery Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Red Bull in Brunei, Valentine Hon

One of the winners with Hjh Hasnah and Valentine Hon

The grand draw will take place at Station One Supermarket later at 3pm (Friday)

Some of the finalists for today




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