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Archive for 09/06/2016


Rack & Brew Sungkai promotion

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Rack & Brew Sungkai 


The Crepe Lasagne, one of Rack & Brew’s signature dishes

This is the first of its kind for Rack & Brew – Sungkai buffet. I’m a big fan of their kolo mee and their cakes but this time, Rack & Brew came up with something more attractive for the benefit of their patrons.

They have a good variety of main courses to begin with. My personal favourite is the ribs.. Or I could be just biased since I’m a sucker for ribs. If you are not settled for just ribs, R&B also serves lamb.. yum yum. Then something else caught my taste.. It was the Gado-Gado 😀 Why? Because of the spicy peanut sauce. It has this unique spicy feeling that I can’t explain and I ended up having two servings of it.

Do expect a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines such as satays, tempura, assorted sushis and many more..

There are also the healthy corner where you can enjoy the salad and vegetables. Apparently, my buddy Louis was a big fan of their mushroom soup.. He had more than two rounds of it.

All in all, the choices were just great and you will have a great time with your families and friends because R&B also has a cozy ambience.

You can also see more coverage on Thanis Lim’s post on R&B sungkai coverage.



Rack & Brew Sungkai Buffet

Adult $29.90

Children $14.9 (6 – 12 years old)

Tel: 2457886

Tel: 7299668

Starting Friday, 10th June 2016

6pm to 9pm


This might sound weird but I’m quite hooked on this particular Gado-Gado- Try out the sauce and you will know why. Image courtesy of Thanislim.com

Pauline and Jane helping to the buffet

The media from different agencies enjoying dinner at Rack & Brew

Mmmmmmmm Rosemary Honey Chicken

Lamb oh Lamb…

This is contender for one of the best ribs I’ve tried

For tempura lovers


My friends were pretty stuffed after the meal

Chicken satay 😀

Seafood Marinara.. Excellent choice. Image by thanislim.com

Mango Pudding. Image by thanislim.com

All the satisfied diners at Rack & Brew. Second round, perhaps?

For your info 😀



Tasty Tandoor

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Tasty Tandoor 


Filterworks experiencing Sungkai at Tandoor Restaurant


It is my unspoken habit to go to Tandoor at least once every month. Since it opened a buffet line during last Ramadhan, I went there three times that month for Sungkai. I wasn’t going to miss it again this year. And I sure wasn’t disappointed. The ambiance was so cozy, it was less noisy and the aroma that filled the air was amazing.

Tandoor has an exclusive mixture of Indian, Italian and Arabic cuisines on its menu. I quickly went to the main draw of this buffet – the mouth-watering Lamb Mandi, also known as Talam. It is actually a popular Arabian dish which has perfectly cooked, moist rice with very tender lamb. The lamb is flavourful and you can just taste the spices in every bite. Also, the Lamb Mandi is enough to feed the entire restaurant unless everyone decides to go for seconds. It is available every Sungkai so you won’t have to worry about it not being served when you visit.

Less known to a lot of people who go to Tandoor for Indian and Arabic food, their Italian dishes on the menu is worth trying too. I personally love the pizza there. As for desserts, their homemade ice-cream has a unique taste so I recommend that for those looking for something sweet after the main course.
$20 for adults and $12 for children is a great catch and value for money. What more? It opens until 2am for Sahur. So don’t forget to visit Tandoor for Sungkai this Ramadhan.



Tandoor buffet
Adult $20
Children $12
Tel: 882 9495
Tel: 245 0182

Restaurant opens until 2am for Sahur



Lamb Shawarma

Tikka fish

The main event – the Lamb Mandhi

Gobi Manchurian

Pasta 😀

Pepper Chicken Masala

A’aqiil helping a serving of the Lamb Mandhi


Don’t forget to use the sauces for this dish. Highly recommended.

Can Tibby finish up the whole tray? :O

There’s even pizza in the house

My Sungkai partner in crime last night

Brinjal Masala yummm

Ah, you know what this is 😀

The dessert corner

The ice-cream corner.. Home made Kulfi.. Interesting taste

The home made ice cream. Actually Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from India



Tandoor buffet
Adult $20
Children $12
Tel: 882 9495
Tel: 245 0182

Restaurant opens until 2am for Sahur




The New Age

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


YMRM Galleria 

The $1 sale that attracted the crowd recently. More to come.

One of the popular materials for Baju Melayu using Moroccan

The Crazy Sales are back and it will come back from time to time during the period of Ramadhan. Yes, Galleria YMRM are always great in doing awesome promotion and sales. Just recently last Monday, they brought back the $1 sale for the benefit of the regular customers.

Ramesh Jiwatram Bhawnani, the founder of Galleria YMRM, expressed his sincerity in holding such sales and promotion and it was a gesture of giving back to the community after the many years of support they have given to the establishment. It was also another way for the local spenders to support local retailers and help to improve the local economy.

Despite the turbulent economy, Ramesh was surprised with the recent growth in sales at YMRM. The reason being is that the locals and even expats know what they are paying for – affordable and still of good quality. YMRM has become a household name for offering such great offers and not compromising on the quality. Even members of the Royal Families frequent to buy materials for baju melayu and baju kurung.

So do watch out this space or on my social media updates on their next promotion or crazy sales. There will be a few, leading to the Hari Raya season.


Nice lightings at YMRM

A YMRM staff busy over the counter

The nicely woven senjang also available at YMRM – ranging from $9.90 to $299

I will need to get me one of those soon

Nice collection of lace for the ladies

More choices for the baju melayu collection

Genuine senjang from BHS



FV to make a mark

FashionValet will be in Brunei soon. The biggest festive season is approaching! Every year, there will be an amazing FashionValet (also known affectionately as FV) campaign for the Muslim celebration, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It’s the peak period for the internationally known e-commerce giant, as FV is popularly known to carry the hottest and biggest local and Southeast Asian brands and their Raya collections.

Having just completed a 4-day fashion show with Andrews Models called Gaya Koleksi Raya (GKR) 2016 recently, now FV is going cross-country to host exclusive tea parties. The Singapore, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur tea parties have come and gone with much success, now FV is looking forward to Brunei next! These private events are to cater to the media and top customers and influencers in that specific region and to build a closer relationship with them. FV wants to involve themselves in more onground events especially in these countries to solidify their presence.

Brunei’s first pop-up store will open between the 11th and 17th of June at the Indera Kayangan Ballroom at The Empire Hotel & Country Club from 10am to 10pm. We hope to cater to their many loyal customers and supporters in Brunei. Standard Chartered is their official bank partner in Brunei. Their customers will be the first to preview and purchase FV’s Raya collection and they’ll also enjoy a 10% discount for online and offline purchases on the 11th of June only. It’s good to be a Standard Chartered cardholder in this case!


Alia Bastamam will be in Brunei as part of the FashionValet campaign. Click image to see their collections.

Rizman Ruzaini will be in town as well. Click image to see their collection.

On the other hand, Brunei’s private tea party will be held at the same venue on 12th of June during the fasting month as a Sungkai (or buka puasa) affair where FV will be catering to VIP customers, FV’s fashion designers, social media influencers and the media. The best part is, guests will enjoy a special 10% discount off FV’s Raya collection, which will be displayed. Guests are able to secure their favourite outfit which were showcased on the runway at GKR 2016 in early May. Brands part of FV’s exclusive Raya collection available for purchase at the Sungkai event are Alia B., Syomirizwa Gupta, nh by Nurita Harith, emel by Melinda Looi, Poplook Premium, Mimpikita and many more!

FV’s Official Loyalty Partner is Enrich by Malaysia Airlines. Apart from flight sponsorships, FV and Enrich will be working together very closely to bring customers an incredible deal. More information will be released in due time, but safe to say, it will be an exciting one! On another note, FV is currently working on their expansion programme whereby fulfilment centres have already been set up in both Jakarta and Singapore. On top of that, FV just opened their first physical store along Orchard Road in Singapore at 313@Somerset and so far has been very well received by locals! Meanwhile in Jakarta, a pop-up store is now running at North Sky Bridge, Level 2 at Pondok Indah Mall from the 31st of May till 12th of June 2016. These physical stores will enable customers to enjoy a more tangible shopping experience with FV – being able to touch and feel the fabrics and admire intricate detailing. It also helps with future online purchases at www.fashionvalet.com

This will be the biggest Raya campaign FV has worked on so far and is one of the most exciting and rewarding times for everyone at FV and their customers as the hustle and bustle of the celebrations creep in and the atmosphere builds as the month of Syawal approaches. The icing on the cake was when FV’s first billboard ad was erected in the beginning of April on Federal Highway. Look out for it! What with the new reality TV show on Astro Ria called ‘Love, Vivy’ already airing, this is definitely a time where audiences will want to keep their eyes glued to FV’s every move.


Rizman Ruzaini latest collection

A collection from nh by Nurita Harith

Latest collection from Syomirizwa Gupta




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