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That extra boost

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

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RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website

Consumer Fair 9 coming soon

MegaStrike gets artistic touch

Three artists recently finished painting a section of the MegaStrike Bowl Centre’s wall with a touch of artistic flair that incorporates the bowling centre’s environment. The three young artists who call themselves “Arttralia”, formed in 2009, comprising Zakwan Zinal Abidin, Hairol Abdulkhan and Muhd Nur Adzim Othman. The group completed the mural painting within a week, just in time for the new year.

According to Hairol, the name “Arttralia” is a combination of the words “Art Attracts Belia”, and the team has previously done mural art paintings for the Youth Day at the National Indoor Stadium, the International Convention Centre exhibitions, the Youth Centre and the children’s ward in Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital.

According to Syu’aib Rafie, MegaStrike Bowl’s executive officer, the management wanted a mural art design that can highlight the centre’s lively environment that encompasses its logo.

“Before we did the design, we tried to capture all of the moments and experiences while we were here (the bowling centre)… then we try to interpret that by making the flow of the movement, as well as the speed of the bowling ball, and express it through the colours, which will, in turn, express the delightfulness and happiness portrayed by visitors playing here,” explained Hairol.

The “Arttralia” group has its facebook page where the public can see all their artwork and book for mural art requests. Text and images courtesy of Anwar Hj Rosly of The Brunei Times.

Muhd Nur Adzim Othman, Hairol Abdulkhan and Zakwan Zainal Abidin with Syu’aib Rafie in front of the completed mural art painting

The mural art painting at MegaStrike Bowl Centre at The Airport Mall

Have you tried cosmic bowling at MegaStrike Bowl Centre?

Recap: 2001 (Part II)

July 2011. Baiduri Masters 2011 ….. BRIDEX 2011 ….. Tony Moly opened its door …. SCB Run that Cares …. Think Big Biz Plan was renamed to Think Big Ignite …. Le Orient relocated and relaunched …. EA Con (Expressive Art Convention) ….. EGNC launched e-darussalam ….. Harry Potter Day at STPRI ….. RA parts with Skali on website management …. Liverpool tour to Malaysia ….. My second visit to Cambodia with Awesome Foursome with a KL stopover ….. Quick pitstop to Singapore for Mom’s minor surgery …..

Book reading week at STPRI with Harry Potter theme. They organised a bazaar with some activities such as treasure hunt and ended with a flash mob

My media trip for SCB coverage of Liverpool’s Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur. I managed to take a pic with Charlie Adam *woohoo* Thank you, SCB Brunei 😀

One of the most enjoyable trips this year as I revisited Cambodia. My last visit was back in 2006. It was another visit to the Angkor Wat and we also visited the orphanage

August 2011. Ramadhan began …. LoveFoodHateWaste revived and hits doubled than previous years …… Nasi Bryani Amal by OGH …. ICI passport holders not granted visa to Vietnam *boohoo* ….. Youth Forum …. London riots …. Waterfront Expo …. The Burger phenomena ….. Government agency indecisive on Golden Churn issue …. Toys R Us drew crowd on its 1st week …. Prevent Diabetes campaign kicked off … UBD FM’s audition ….. BIBD unveiled Blessing Rewards campaign …. Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple … Crescent officially launch …. PDCA signing ceremony for Musical Wedding Garden Fair 2011….. Borders closed down

The beginning of the saga of the Golden Churn butter. It was an on-off decision to shelve the said butter which caused the credibility of the butter.

September 2011. Aidil Fitri celebration …. Tour de Brunei 2011 ….. Two students fell victims in accident at school car park …… Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar …… UBD Convention Festival 2011 …… Brunei’s Hottest and Cutest Person Fanpage became talk of the town …. Mall Food Court had a minor smoke ….. Brunei Business Forum 2011 ….. BSP UBD Green Debate semi-finals ….. The introduction of PowerKad ….. My first weekend at Temburong (Ulu-Ulu Resort) …. Fun Bee Park opened ….. Who’s Got Talent Top 50 contestants …. Youth Day 2011 …..

I have to tell you that Ulu-Ulu Resort at Temburong was awesome and I totally recommend you to stay a night or two.. I hope to go back there again this year.

October 2011. Boustead Carnival ….. Abacus Travel Fair …… BICTA prize presentation …. The disappointment of the announcement of iPhone 4s instead of the 5 …. The passing of Steve Jobs the following day …. Musical Wedding Garden Fair 2011 …… Lilmopiko’s unforgettable evening ….. Red Bull Tri Nation Futsal won by Brunei ….. Baiduri’s Media Appreciation Night (Nerd & Super Heroes) ….. JIS unveiled new multi-million Art Centre …. 1st Brunei Online conference by SocMedBN ….. Belinda won Proton from Times Square promotion … Football funday at JIS …. Business Icon book launched …. Zul F official launch of his debut album …. Sri Lembayung opened …. DST announced Future Funds …. UNISSA beat UBD in BSP UBD Green Debate …. iCentre Think Innovate Forum ….. TecXpo 2011 ….. Youth Ship Brunei group departed …. ISB celebrated International Day ….

A genius. A visionary. An icon. The late Steve Jobs passed away and made headlines, stealing the limelight of the iPhone 4s launch.

A series of surprising moments for a good friend on her birthday. An awesome evening indeed.

The 1st Brunei Online Conference attended by 80 people at Radisson Hotel. A historic moment for the SocMed group.

November 2011. World announced 7 billion population …. Deseo’s 3rd year anniversary …. Movember campaign ….. Agricultural and Fishery Carnival at Kg. Parit ….. Abacus Appreciation Dinner Night …. Asia Inc Forum’s LBD Forum on branding …. Holika Holika’s CN Blue lucky draw but concert postponed to February due to floods in Thailand …. Megastrike Bowl opened at The Airport Mall ….. Convergence 2011 by Projekbrunei …… First coverage of Anugerah Industri Muzik at KL …. AirAsia signed with RA *woohoo* ….. Flexa, another franchise came to Brunei …. TAIB unveiled Tekad Haj account ….. ISB Speechless play … HSBC’s Media Appreciation Night (Retro night) …. Laneige’s 2nd Musical Broadway competition won by STPRI …. JIS Musical Concert ….. Timeless Realm launched ….. Wobbly_sphinx became the 3rd person to be blindfolded …. Rainforest Gallery Bazaar …. Canon 1st Photowalk Competition by Interhouse Company ….. Obsidian Hair Cut Competition ….. Royal Brunei Airlines upgraded online system, partnered with Amadeus … Mochi (Frozen Yoghurt) opened at Airport Mall …. BSM Customer Day 2011 ….. BIBD’s Media Appreciation Night (Cook off) …..

One of the winners of the 1st Canon Photowalk where over 200 contestants participated. Most likely another similar event will be held this year.

A touching moment for WC during her birthday at Tasek Lama. Her wish also came true – KFC 😀

Obsidian Hair Cup competition and the hairstylists will fly to Korea

This was another great night during BIBD’s Cook Off theme. It was BIBD’s Media Appreciation Night

December 2011. World Aids Day 2011 …. Coverage of RedBull Rookies at Sepang 1000km race where Ogy completed her race ….. TelBru’s Let’s Trek ….. 1st Book Swap event …. Pelangi Awards 2011 ….. My trip to Singapore for ZO 2011 and Wicked play …. Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 where Xiaxue bagged two top hounours …. Oil and Gas Job Sector Fair at BRIDEX …. First instameet organised by Brunika …. Brunei’s Edutainment Wonderland …… Times Square Carnival …. AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia (Brunei) made partnership official …. Ambuyat Man comic debuted …… KK Bus tragedy that cost 7 lives ….. FES Retro Cup for FIFA 12 and Foosball …. My Olloclip fever moment *lol* ….. Foil-a-car debuted ….. Former Cambodian Ambassador is a fugitive and wanted for corruption …. MAS Wings announced its expansion to Brunei (to Kuching and KK) …. DPMM FC given green light to participate in S-League in February 2012 …. Charity Futsal with celebrities from Raja Lawak …. Sad case when a 2- year old toddler was abused to death by Zini Sulaiman 27 who will be sentenced on 7th January 2012 ….. New Year’s Eve celebration and bonus period caused massive traffic jam everywhere …..

AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia announced partnership so do watch out for great deals in 2012

Have you seen the broadway play “Wicked” in Singapore? Lots of Bruneians have caught this play at the Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. I really love the show. Two thumbs up!!

The glamourous night of Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 hosted in KL. These were the two hosts of the evening.

We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo. I saw this on Rottentomatoes and it has a fresh rating but I was quite turned off by the title itself because I thought to myself, “Couldn’t the producer make another suitable title?”. However, after watching the movie half way, the reason for the producer was justified on the title of the movie.

I havent seen the trailers so I had no expectations of the movie but a good word of mouth from Sophia and Del suggest that this should be a pleasant watch, considering both are very hard to please when it comes to movies *lol*

I was drawn from the beginning till the end of the movie. This is what sometimes is lacking in hollywood movies – moral values and lessons that can be learned from a movie. “We Bought A Zoo” displayed these elements and I was pretty moved by them. This flick would have easily made my top 10 list of 2011. A heart warming movie where Matt Damon pulled off a commendable performance. I still love Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting and that was his best for me. Screenings are pretty low at The Mall Cineplex but if you do have time, I highly recommend you this. Verdict: 8/10

A crowd pleaser and touches the heart. Catch it while you can.

TelBru promotion

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