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Thank you, peeps :)

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Fake money shouldn’t be tolerated

How deep is your love? The fake $500 note was detected by the bride’s sister. I also heard that only one side of the money was printed #superfail. Image by Muiz Matdani of Media Permata

This article came out Media Permata two days ago with regards to a fake money being used as part of the “Hantaran” during the couple’s solemnization (Nikah) which took place on 1st January. What would you do if you find out that fake money was used to officiate a wedding ceremony?

According to the press release at Media Permata, the husband’s mother’s defence was that they didn’t have enough money to fork. Hence, the mother’s plan was to “colour-photocopy” the $500 note and hope that the fake money was good enough to dupe the eyes of the guests and the witnesses during the procession. If I’m not mistaken, the dollar notes were framed. It wasn’t until the sister of the bride inspected the “hantaran” items and noticed the fake notes.

In my opinion, this matter could have been discussed earlier and for the husband’s side to be truthful of their limited spending power. It is very likely that the person who printed the money will be charged accordingly and it will be a police case. This was indeed a bizarre story to start off year 2012.

Math Monkey helps Mathematics

Maths and fun are two words that you don’t often find in the same sentence but IKIDS Enrichment tuition school has demonstrated that MATH IS FUN by providing Math Monkey Programme. It is an academic enrichment programme that uses an ancient wisdom of Vedic Math from India, a unique approach with incorporation of fun and interactive game-based activities that helps children and parents solve mathematical problems with lots of fun in the process and makes it possible to quickly solve complex math problems mentally and is designed to turn a child’s brain into a high-speed calculator.

Professor Kenneth Williams, who is the chief academic officer of Math Monkey believes that children shouldn’t have to rely on a calculator or pencil and paper for something the mind is capable of doing without them. Professor Williams has been studying Vedic Math since 1971 and has dedicated his academic career to researching Vedic Math from ancient texts.

Vedic Math gives children a good understanding of the very foundation of mathematics, and allows children to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity and speed. It is a powerful checking tool and helps to save lots of students’ precious time in examinations. Through mental work, children progress faster in terms of mental agility, capacity to hold ideas in the mind and to remember past impressions, as well as developing flexibility on their methods of tackling problems including evolving their own strategies to meet new challenges. By instilling a love of Maths in young children, Math Monkey will be able to nurture future generations of creativity and innovation.

Hey peeps… Tomorrow is the official opening of Math Monkey. Do drop by and find out more 🙂

The main goal is to give children a strong fundamental basis in Maths and help them reach their full potential. In fact, children at Math Monkey are taught much more than numbers. They develop problem-solving, reasoning, memory, concentration and critical thinking skills on their way to becoming big thinkers of tomorrow. This helps considerably in other academic areas as well as self esteem and personal growth.

Classes at Math Monkey are categorised into different levels. Children from age 4 to 12 are assessed based on their current mathematical aptitude before being placed in the level most suitable for them. Children can join the classes for a FREE TRIAL and assessment before enrolling in the programme. Parents are encouraged to bring their children over for a full Math Monkey experience.

The first Math Monkey Knowledge Centre is located at IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School in Kuala Belait. The second branch which is located at Gadong Central in Bandar Seri Begawan will be having its Grand Opening day on this coming Sunday, 8th January 2012 at 1000hrs. All are welcome to join this event and there will be a SPECIAL DISCOUNT where registration fee worth $30 is waived if you sign up your child on the Grand Opening day. There will also be a session of Math Monkey Vedic Demo for parents, exciting games and gifts for children. For further details call 242 7376 to make appointments for the Free Trial classes which will be available starting from 8th Jan 2012. Seats are on a first come first serve basis. More information on Math Monkey programme is available at www.mathmonkeyasia.com.

Immerse 1st Workshop of 2012

Over 50 people attended the workshop from various organisations and institutions. Hadi Shafie, iCentre manager, opened with a welcoming remark speaking on the untapped potentials that contribute majority to Brunei’s creative industry.

Jason Ong began his interest in photography in his early 20s. In 2005, he founded Masamichi studio, professional wedding studio in Brunei. Well known for his exceptional images and covering assignments from Europe to Singapore, he believes photography is best kept simple but at the same time, viewer can relate their feelings to it.

Olivia Ong, a graphic designer with 6 years’ experience in the art and design industry, shared with the audience her insight and inspirations from her designing and creative journey so far with the impact she has made with her work in Brunei.

The iMMerse workshop part of the iCentre Immerse Program that aims to identify, nurture, and develop creative talents in the digital multimedia community and industry in Brunei Darussalam.

Immerse Program brings together a series of activities, mini competitions and workshops to highlight the talents in digital multimedia media, thereby helping to build up the creative community and industry in Brunei Darussalam.

Farah Ahmadnawi, Marketing and Public Relation officer from iCentre said, “This workshop will allow the participants to be inspired and being able to approach subjects and situations with creativity. Hopefully the participants will pick up a few useful tips or techniques to encourage clear vision and imagination. At the same time, we want to make it fun for the audience to participate.”

She went on to say, “iCentre host these workshops to nurture the local talents that can help to improve or flourish their creative skills regardless if it’s just a hobby or be inspired to take it up as profession and therefore contribute to Brunei’s creative industry.”

Jason Ong talked about photography

Olivia Ong shared her experiences in the art and design industry

The guests in attendance yesterday at iCentre

Wireless Stereo Headset at ETA



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