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Archive for 22/01/2012


Year of the Dragon

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Lion Dance today at Radisson

The Perfect Baze: Part II

Aditya performing last weekend… Awesome gig!!!.jpg” alt=” ” />

Aditya performing last weekend… Awesome gig!!!.jpg” alt=” ” />

Mr. RA with the guys from Brunika instagram admins

3 stripes was the theme that night

Hello ladies 😀

I ain’t scared of ya.. (Maybe a lil)

Mr. RA with Jessie T and Sean

Awesome Foursome :))

A creative man-made 3 stripes from Clovis.. Amazing!! *lol*

Delicious red velvet cake from @pablo_bakes *two thumbs up*


The revival of the Regatta

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Row, row, row your boat

Many reasons why the Regatta competition should be an annual event. One of it is because this will build up the name of the capital of Brunei and give Brunei River a good brand among the locals and tourists alike. With the facelift of the BSB Waterfront, we need more activities at bandar to attract more locals.

Another reason is the cleanliness of the Brunei River. I belive the river was considerably clean and the relevant authorities have been proactive prior to the 2012 Regatta Brunei Darussalam to make sure that the river is clean from rubbish and man-litter pollution. With more government activities at BSB Waterfront, this could enforce the authorities to educate the public on disposing of their rubbish. I have to tell you that the Brunei River does collect a few rubbish here and there and it’s not good sight to see them floating by the edges of the platforms along the BSB Waterfront.

It was a great turnout today and everyone was enjoying the activities of the 2012 Regatta Brunei Darussalam. There were boat, powerboat and jet ski races to name a few. It was also great to see His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei rowing in a friendly race with other boats.

I hope to see more of activities at BSB Waterfront and kudos to Ministry of Home Affairs and the organisers for making this event possible. This is indeed a historic moment to see the Regatta event being revived.

His Majesty the Sultan and HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik paying a quick visit to Kopi Bandar at BSB Waterfront

His Majesty taking a quick break at Kopi Bandar

The Crown Prince also visited the cafe. On the left is the owner of Kopi Bandar

The owners of Kopi Bandar with the chefs and staff

Lots of crowd hanging out below Kaizen Waterfront

His Majesty leading the friendly boat race

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik also took part in the race

Like uncle, like nephew

Dato Hamdilah was also at the event today

Some of the boat races at the 2012 Regatta Brunei Darussalam

Quite a crowd watching the regatta

One of the trophies of the 2012 Regatta Brunei Darussalam

Hey little kid… not in public, please *It’s not what you think LOL*

The rowers representing one of the ministries

A lot of government officers and diplomats also witnessed the event

Audi A1 for you?

IA Salon closes for CNY

In conjunction of coming soon CHINESE NEW YEAR, we would like to inform that our business hours on 22nd January 2012 will starts from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

Their business will closed from 23rd January until 29th January 2012. Business will resumed on 30th January 2012.

All staff and management of IA Salon would like to greet everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR and GONG XI FATT CHAI.

A model from IA Salon

A model from IA Salon

BruneiQ Puzzle TM

PHMD Publishing Company will publish another product called The BruneiQ PuzzleTM . It is specially designed and created for all ages so everyone can have a FUN and EXCITING experience. It also motivates those who try to solve the puzzles to not give up and keep trying to find the best solution. Anyone and everyone can solve it. If you can read, then you can definitely solve these puzzles. Make sure that you read all the instructions, hidden clues and hints in each of The BruneiQ PuzzleTM.

The book will be available soon

There two options available in this competition.

Option A – The Brunei.Q Puzzle Lucky Draw!!

The BruneiQ Puzzle consists of varieties of Puzzles which The BruneiQ PuzzleTM supports the government initiatives in promoting tourism in Brunei Darussalam. Thus, most of The BruneiQ PuzzleTM is related to interesting places, local culture, natural heritage and attractions in Brunei Darussalam. Let us work together to promote our country, Brunei Darussalam to our friends overseas by getting a copy of The BruneiQ PuzzleTM for them. The puzzles include Sudoku, Number Sequence, Word Column, Kuih-Kuih Brunei and many others.

Share The BruneiQ PuzzleTM with your family and friends; do not keep it to yourself. Since The BruneiQ PuzzleTM is designed specifically for all ages, everyone can enjoy countless hours of solving the puzzles together. Collaborate and share your puzzle solutions with them; seek help from them if you get stuck because there is always an alternative way to reach the solution.

They believe strongly that anyone and everyone will be able to solve all the puzzles in The BruneiQ PuzzleTM book. Hence, they want to reward your time, talent and effort by entering you into The BruneiQ PuzzleTM LUCKY DRAW.

Option B. $10, 000 cash prize! – Reverse Puzzle.

Reverse puzzle, a puzzle for those who Love a Challenge, was invented by Michael Guan (“The Inventor”) sometime in 2000. Consisting of 49 pieces, it was marketed with a B$10,000 prize on offer by The Inventor to whosoever could solve it. Due to the toughness of the puzzle no time limit was imposed and up till today. Reverse Puzzle remain unsolved. The challenger will cut a shape that looks like the ISLAND OF BORNEO into 49 pieces. Once cut draw the outline of the 49 pieces inside the ISLAND OF BORNEO in the Official Entry Form and immediately deliver the completed official entry form to The Inventor. The first correct entry that matches The Inventor pre cut 49 pieces wins.

It was also The Inventor’s mission to provoke people to think creatively, innovate and push their imaginations to greater heights. To this end, for those who dare to take on the challenge, The Inventor put up the prize money himself and B$10,000 could be yours! So Hurry, and Don’t Miss the Fun, the Adventure! Remember, No Venture, No Gain! To assure fair play an encrypted soft copy of the 49 pre cut pieces is stored in a thumb drive. The thumb drive is in the custody of the BruneI.Q publisher, PHMD Publishing Company.

PHMD Publishing Company guys with Mr. Micheal aka Mr. Magic. Image taken by Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin

About the Inventor
The Inventor is a Chartered Accountant and he is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England & Wales. He enjoys golfing, solving puzzles, singing, performing magic and writing books.

Pre-Order for Brunei.Q Puzzle Book. PHMD Publishing Company will open The Brunei.Q. Puzzle for Pre-order starting 21st January 2012, Saturday until 27th January 2012 as for the official launching. Pre-order will be priced at $8.80 from the original $10.90. The price will be resumed to $10.90 after the official launching. To Pre-order Brunei.Q Puzzle, you can simply email at bruneiqpuzzle@gmail.com your particulars. (NAME, IC-Number and Phone No).

Yee Sang at RBC



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