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Archive for January, 2012


I dislike to open wide

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Online prepaid electrical bill payment through SCB

Click image to enter website

An accident at Jln Tutong

The huge jam that happened at Jalan Tutong this morning because of this accident. Image courtesy of @HardBreakKid

New gadget at ETA

Hmmm so who’s the copier?

Thann Sanctuary is one of places to be when it comes to Spa and you should follow @thannsanctuary on Twitter for updates. Anyway, click image to read more “juicy stuff” from Thann Sanctuary on the “copier”

An interesting post on Thann Sanctuary’s blog on an imitation spa that claimed to be another outlet (or the 2nd outlet) of Thann Sanctuary. I still remember the old days when T.T. Blues used to be called “The Coffee Bean” and there was a lot of confusion from the public.

As for this particular imitator (spa), I’m not too sure which spa Thann Sanctuary management was referring to but according to the post, the unknown spa has been imitating by copying part of their names of the establishment as well as names of the therapists as well.

So this is just a precaution to the public if you happen to come across this particular wanna-be spa, don’t be fooled.

New Year at RBC

Braised Soya Chicken

In celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year 2012, the Year of Dragon, Royal Brunei Catering is introducing the popular Chinese New Year Set Menus from 22 January to 6 February 2012 at Emperor’s Court and Dynasty Restaurant. There are three selections of the best-loved delicacies of the festive celebration. Each menu starts with a celebratory tossing of “Yee Sang” and a range of gourmet dishes such as Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat, Wok Fried Prawns with tea leaf, Trio Hot and Cold Combination, Braised Mushroom and Dried Scallops with Seasonal Vegetable, Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber, Sweetened Peanut Cream with Glutinous Rice and many other choices. Menu range from $368, $468 and $588.

In this festive celebrations, Yee Sang is also available from 21 January to 6 February 2012.

Toss high for good luck and prosperity with five variations of auspicious Yee Sang with choices of Abalone, Pacific Clam, Shredded Roast Duck & Jelly Fish, Salmon and Vegetarian. Prices range from $28 to $148 served either medium or large portion.

For reservations, please call Emperor’s Court (Tel: 233 2880/1) and Dynasty Restaurant (Tel: 243 0185/6) during business hours from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Hurry! Place your bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.


Deep fried nian gao with banana

Bakhir bagged top prize

First-time participant at the Consumer Fair, Uni Arcade Funland, presented winners of the Uni Arcade Basketball Shooting Competition finals with cash prizes at the banquet hall. Md Bakhir Omar emerged as the overall winner with 310 points, netting himself a $500 cash prize in the process, while first and second runners-up, Cheng Boon Hui with 273 points and Md Zulkifli Hj Suhaili with 253 points respectively, took home $300 and $200 cash prizes.

The prize of a Samsung Galaxy S Plus went to Suriyati Abd Hamid after her name was randomly picked from all the entries for the Uni Arcade Funland lucky draw, which saw every $10 spent on arcade game coupons entitle the customer to one entry for the luck draw. On hand to present the prizes to all the winners was Uni Arcade Funland Director, Mr Ricky Soh Hock Kee.

One of the finalists last Sunday

Another finalist but he failed to make the cut

Md Bakhir won $500 for being 1st place in the basketball competition

Ricky Soh, the Director of Uni Arcade Funland with the top three winners

Suriyati Abd Hamid won herself a Samsung Galaxy S Plus as part of the lucky draw from Uni Arcade Funland

Happening this Sunday

Care & Action for Strays. Dogs & Cats for adoption


Comics has lost its mojo

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Maher Zain to Brunei in March

The wait is almost over. The concert is made possible by NMHQR Studio Productions. I will be gathering more information on the concert soon. Would this the first of many international artist concerts after a long dry spell? Let’s hope so..

Driving fun with Audi A1

Norashikin wins Proton Saga FL

Nine hundred grand draw finalists stood still with emotions and anticipation as 10 small piece of paper were drawn out of a box and the names etched on them were announced.

These 10 lucky winners were then asked to come on stage to choose a key that would open the door to a brand new Proton Saga FL, the ultimate grand prize. Norashikin Nasruddin had the golden touch and chose the correct key, and won a brand new car.

Present to pick out the names of the lucky winners was Pehin Orang Kaya Hamzah Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Abdullah Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Hj Bakar, the Minister of Communications.

Times Square Property Manager Amal Majidah in her opening remarks stated that Times Squareis dedicated to “making the shopping mall a place for everyone”, a motto they adhere to.

“We are thankful for all the support you (shoppers and customers) have given us because without you, Times Square will not be here today. We have come a long way from when we started in 2010, and I am honoured to announce that we have started our renovationfor our Cineplex to cater to our customers’ request,” said theproperty manager.

Amal assured other lucky draw participants who were not picked that they still have another chance in the final grand draw in July,of which the grand prize is asemi-detached bungalow. The event was held to commemorate the Times Square shopping mall’s first anniversary celebration. Text by Anway Hj Rosly.

Such a big crowd last Sunday at Times Square. But after the 10 shortlisted were announced, half the crowd left #typical

Guest of honour picked 10 draws from the 900+ coupons

The finalists must pick the key from the booth of the car before heading to the Proton Saga FL

Mutu was one of the foreigners being shortlisted but he only received a consolation as he failed to unlock the door

Another disappointment as he failed to claim the car

Finally the winner of the Proton Saga FL.. Norashikin said two words – “Happy… Rezeki”.

The formalities as the mock key was handed over by the guest of honour

Alfred Yong of United Motors taking a group photo with Norashikin with her family

Catch Yvonne Lim on UBD FM

I’ve pulled her once on Twitter a few months back and she has a great, soothing voice and music is her passion. Catch her tonight live on UBD FM from 8pm onwards. Click image to find out more.

My first meeting with Yvonne in Singapore last December

Comics to go

I stumbled across TigerLim’s post on the clearance sale on one of the longest comic store that has been existing in Brunei. Well, it’s famously known for Chinese comics and also Dragon Ball comics.

I was just talking about comics to my old time buddy, Yazid and both of us were collector of comics back in the 90s *lol* I remember I collected like at least 60 titles a month (a huge chunk of my allowance money) and back in the 90s, there are tons of places to buy comics in Brunei – Best Eastern, Bluestone (closed) and Bookers International.

However, for the past few years, comics have been on a downhill.. Best Eastern was always a collection point for me and I made used of the “Comic Preview” to pre-order my comics. Frankly speaking, I’ve lost that hobby in me and my love for comics just faded in the late 90s. Today, comic collectors can feel the significant drop in the interest of comics.

I also used to buy my comics in Singapore (Serene Centre) and a few more places but now there are hardly any stores that just simply sell comics. I haven’t done any further research on this but the trend is pretty obvious. Could it be because graphic novels are much cost effective? I notice bookstores such as Kinokuniya focuses more on graphic novels instead of comics.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sad that comics have lost its presence despite their rise in popularity in movie adaptations. By the way, what comic are you? I’m a Marvel, Image and DC collector for your info 🙂

Mr. TigerLim was looking through the comics.. They have a huge collection of comics to choose from and they are selling it at a very low price. Image by TigerLim. Click image to read more

The bookstore is located at Hua Ho Gadong on the 1st floor

Since it’s on the topic of comics, I’m looking for a buyer for my collector items – Wildcats #1 Gold edition signed by Jim Lee and Pitt #1. I don’t know how much they are worth now *lol*

Careers at SCB


Still in 1st gear

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Is this for real?

I found this on Hanisham’s Facebook album. I wonder what happened next.

A must try

This is the first time I’ve seen a Kuey Teaw + Ayam Penyet dish and this was made possible at Lau Di Fang Restaurant located at Gadong Central. Try this dish out and there’s quite a good traffic too. Says a lot about that place. Call 242 7217

Red Bull Monkey Run

There were 800 entries in the recent Red Bull Monkey Run during the consumer fair and no, I didn’t get the opportunity to try it out but this looks quite fun indeed. The winners of the university category will earn the chance to represent Brunei in the regional finals in July in Penang, Malaysia. The ones with the fastest times in each respective categories will also bagged top cash prizes ranging from $800 to $1,500. Images courtesy of Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin.

Male Open category winners:

1. Thal’at $1,500
2. Nazirul Mubin $800
3. Saifullah $600
4. Roy Usmeirman $400

Female Open category winners:

1. Afirah $1,000
2. Sabaria $500
3. Karimini $300
4. Yen $200

Male University/College category winner:

Hasnal Husna $1,000
Female University/College category winner:

Ummi $1,000
Lucky prize of tour package for two to Penang:

Julremi Hj Zaini

The final hours of the Red Bull Monkey Run.. Great turn out from the public

Perhaps the easist obstacle of the lot

Now this can be painful if not done properly *lol*

Winner of Male Open Category – Thal’at

Winner of Male University/College category – Hasnal Husna

Winner of Female Open category – Afirah

Winner of Female University/College category – Ummi

Winner of Female University/College category – Ummi

Rapala Lures Clinic last Sunday

Director of Deepblue Fishing Store in Brunei commented on the decreasing fish population in the country’s fishing spots as a result of pollution.

In an interview with the director, who preferred to be known as “Ken” during the first “Rapala Lures Clinic” held at Riverview Hotel Poolside yesterday said that fishing in the country is viewed as more of a past time for enthusiasts rather than a sport. “It’s quite worrying because it’s quite visible that when people go out and fish, there is less to catch due to pollution,” said Ken. He said there has been an increase in fishing enthusiasts in Brunei and that it would be a shame to see an outdoor hobby such as fishing be a disappointment for interested people if they find out that there is not much to catch in the country.

Manager of Singapore-based Rapala Asia Pacific, Fred Goh, at the first Rapala Lures Clinic yesterday. Image courtesy of Wardi Buntar of The Brunei Times.

“One of the suspecting things to me is pollution like battery acid being thrown away in the Brunei rivers, when the water is already polluted at the upstream area then when people want to fish downstream, there is just no point,” said the director. He said that nowadays people would have to travel deeper down the river just to fish and sometimes it could “pose a risk” for them because it would usually be away from civilisation. “One example for people to upset the fish cycle is through the ecosystem. If we tear down the mangrove trees, the fish are dependent on the roots because that is where they lay eggs to hide away from their predators,” said Ken.

The director added that it is a postive thing that Brunei has started to be conscious in taking care of natural reserves or the imbalance in the ecosystem would just spoil Brunei’s fishing hobby.

“Fishing is seen as a growing hobby in the country and we hope to continue this trend in the future,” said the director. Text courtesy of Wardi Buntar of The Brunei Times.


The legacy continues

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

Special promotion at Tasek Braserrie

Click image to enter Facebook Page

RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website




Today we lost one of the influential figures in Brunei. Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Indera Makhota Pengiran Anak (Dr) Kemaludin Al-Haj ibni Al-Marhum Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yassin, passed away this afternoon. He was a former Legislative Council Speaker. My deepest condolences to the family. Al-Fatihah. (Image taken from Ilhamina Athirah).

Online prepaid electrical bill payment through SCB

Click image to enter website

Bring your kids for Math Monkey

It was my first visit to IKIDS Enrichment tuition school and it’s pretty true what was mentioned earlier on my post that Math Monkey can make Math a fun subject. I’m never a big fan of Math and maybe that’s how I was brought up anyway. Hence, Math Monkey programme can somehow turn Math into a more interesting and even maybe a passionate subject for your children.

During the official opening of the 2nd outlet of IKIDS Enrichment, I attended a short demo on how Math can be simplified and engaging. The system of Vedic Math was applied for multiplication and I never realised how easy it is to multiplication even for double digits such as 36 x 36 or 42 x 49.

One of my friends actually send his children to IKIDS but back then they only have a branch at Kuala Belait. Hence he would send his kids to KB every Saturday to attend the Math Monkey programme. Now with the 2nd branch open at Gadong Central, it’s more convenient for him.

Congratulations to the management of IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School on the opening of their 2nd branch at Gadong Central and guess what peeps… The management would like to further show their appreciation by giving a discount of 10% off the module fee and promotion will be only valid until 22nd January 2012 (One day before CNY).

Call 242 7376 for more details.

This is the logo of Math Monkey

There was a lot of interest from parents during the opening of the IKIDS

One of the rooms at IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School

They had a few gimmicks for kids to play and they are educational too

Kids were having fun playing educational games at IKIDS

Math for life?? Eeerr… not for me *lol*

He’s very impressed with IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School. His kids love the programme and now they enjoy Math too. It’s a bonus that IKIDS is now open in bandar so he doesn’t have to commute to KB to send his kids.

There was a short demo was shown to the parents on how Math Monkey works. It’s very interesting.

Now Math can be fun subject and you’ll never know that your kids will enjoy this subject

Autodesk workshop – Immerse

Do sign up if you’re interested

Promotion for facial

Chinese New Year Promotion from 9th – 31st January at Dermatologist Beauty Therapy and they will still carry on the promotion from last month. Diamond Dermabrasion facial ($135), Vitamin C Infusion facial ($120), Aromatherapy Stress Relief facial ($108) & Environment Control Sensitivity facial ($125) is NOW ONLY $88. For Anti Aging facial, Ultrasonic Lifting facial & ChromaWhite Skin Brightening facial is NOW ONLY $98. For any Oxygen Intraceuticals treatment, you can choose either FREE eye treatment, ear candling OR diamond dermabrasion.

Take note that they will be closing for Chinese New Year from 23rd-29th January. Any enquiry pls call to 2342928 OR 8716680.

The facial shop is located at Serusop

The products they use at Dermatologist Beauty Therapy


New CLS in town

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

New CLS at Jati Showroom

Happenings for today

It was my first time checking out iKids Enrichment Tuition School and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the teaching methods. The official opening was this morning and I shall talk more about this tomorrow in my post. Congrats on opening the bandar outlet 🙂

A new restaurant called Kaiz and yes, it kinda have a Japanese name to it… This was also officially open today and it’s located at Gadong Central. The food served is Japanese + Korean + Chinese + Shabu-Shabu though the menus are not completed just yet but do expect more dishes from Japanese menu for the moment

Great morning indeed and loving the sky

Who will win the car today at Times Square? It’s the 2nd Grand Lucky Draw. I’m still amazed how Belinda won her car in the first round. Amazing build up and suspense.

Okay… This happened yesterday and I’m still amazed how I was punk’d by my buddies yesterday at Berakas Forest Reserve Beach.. Thank you guys. I realised how the entertainer became entertained to entertain others in the process.. Weird but true *lol* Awesome day and I love you guys 😀


Thank you, peeps :)

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Fake money shouldn’t be tolerated

How deep is your love? The fake $500 note was detected by the bride’s sister. I also heard that only one side of the money was printed #superfail. Image by Muiz Matdani of Media Permata

This article came out Media Permata two days ago with regards to a fake money being used as part of the “Hantaran” during the couple’s solemnization (Nikah) which took place on 1st January. What would you do if you find out that fake money was used to officiate a wedding ceremony?

According to the press release at Media Permata, the husband’s mother’s defence was that they didn’t have enough money to fork. Hence, the mother’s plan was to “colour-photocopy” the $500 note and hope that the fake money was good enough to dupe the eyes of the guests and the witnesses during the procession. If I’m not mistaken, the dollar notes were framed. It wasn’t until the sister of the bride inspected the “hantaran” items and noticed the fake notes.

In my opinion, this matter could have been discussed earlier and for the husband’s side to be truthful of their limited spending power. It is very likely that the person who printed the money will be charged accordingly and it will be a police case. This was indeed a bizarre story to start off year 2012.

Math Monkey helps Mathematics

Maths and fun are two words that you don’t often find in the same sentence but IKIDS Enrichment tuition school has demonstrated that MATH IS FUN by providing Math Monkey Programme. It is an academic enrichment programme that uses an ancient wisdom of Vedic Math from India, a unique approach with incorporation of fun and interactive game-based activities that helps children and parents solve mathematical problems with lots of fun in the process and makes it possible to quickly solve complex math problems mentally and is designed to turn a child’s brain into a high-speed calculator.

Professor Kenneth Williams, who is the chief academic officer of Math Monkey believes that children shouldn’t have to rely on a calculator or pencil and paper for something the mind is capable of doing without them. Professor Williams has been studying Vedic Math since 1971 and has dedicated his academic career to researching Vedic Math from ancient texts.

Vedic Math gives children a good understanding of the very foundation of mathematics, and allows children to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity and speed. It is a powerful checking tool and helps to save lots of students’ precious time in examinations. Through mental work, children progress faster in terms of mental agility, capacity to hold ideas in the mind and to remember past impressions, as well as developing flexibility on their methods of tackling problems including evolving their own strategies to meet new challenges. By instilling a love of Maths in young children, Math Monkey will be able to nurture future generations of creativity and innovation.

Hey peeps… Tomorrow is the official opening of Math Monkey. Do drop by and find out more 🙂

The main goal is to give children a strong fundamental basis in Maths and help them reach their full potential. In fact, children at Math Monkey are taught much more than numbers. They develop problem-solving, reasoning, memory, concentration and critical thinking skills on their way to becoming big thinkers of tomorrow. This helps considerably in other academic areas as well as self esteem and personal growth.

Classes at Math Monkey are categorised into different levels. Children from age 4 to 12 are assessed based on their current mathematical aptitude before being placed in the level most suitable for them. Children can join the classes for a FREE TRIAL and assessment before enrolling in the programme. Parents are encouraged to bring their children over for a full Math Monkey experience.

The first Math Monkey Knowledge Centre is located at IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School in Kuala Belait. The second branch which is located at Gadong Central in Bandar Seri Begawan will be having its Grand Opening day on this coming Sunday, 8th January 2012 at 1000hrs. All are welcome to join this event and there will be a SPECIAL DISCOUNT where registration fee worth $30 is waived if you sign up your child on the Grand Opening day. There will also be a session of Math Monkey Vedic Demo for parents, exciting games and gifts for children. For further details call 242 7376 to make appointments for the Free Trial classes which will be available starting from 8th Jan 2012. Seats are on a first come first serve basis. More information on Math Monkey programme is available at www.mathmonkeyasia.com.

Immerse 1st Workshop of 2012

Over 50 people attended the workshop from various organisations and institutions. Hadi Shafie, iCentre manager, opened with a welcoming remark speaking on the untapped potentials that contribute majority to Brunei’s creative industry.

Jason Ong began his interest in photography in his early 20s. In 2005, he founded Masamichi studio, professional wedding studio in Brunei. Well known for his exceptional images and covering assignments from Europe to Singapore, he believes photography is best kept simple but at the same time, viewer can relate their feelings to it.

Olivia Ong, a graphic designer with 6 years’ experience in the art and design industry, shared with the audience her insight and inspirations from her designing and creative journey so far with the impact she has made with her work in Brunei.

The iMMerse workshop part of the iCentre Immerse Program that aims to identify, nurture, and develop creative talents in the digital multimedia community and industry in Brunei Darussalam.

Immerse Program brings together a series of activities, mini competitions and workshops to highlight the talents in digital multimedia media, thereby helping to build up the creative community and industry in Brunei Darussalam.

Farah Ahmadnawi, Marketing and Public Relation officer from iCentre said, “This workshop will allow the participants to be inspired and being able to approach subjects and situations with creativity. Hopefully the participants will pick up a few useful tips or techniques to encourage clear vision and imagination. At the same time, we want to make it fun for the audience to participate.”

She went on to say, “iCentre host these workshops to nurture the local talents that can help to improve or flourish their creative skills regardless if it’s just a hobby or be inspired to take it up as profession and therefore contribute to Brunei’s creative industry.”

Jason Ong talked about photography

Olivia Ong shared her experiences in the art and design industry

The guests in attendance yesterday at iCentre

Wireless Stereo Headset at ETA


Zero Three Six

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

Click image to enter website and start shopping

RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website

Who’s gonna win the KIA Sportage?

Norhairol Momin and Lim Sei Kee brought home a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 each after winning the ‘Win-A-Car’ campaign hosted by GreenCity Concept Sdn Bhd at the Consumer Fair Part 9 (CF9) yesterday.

Visitors can enter the contest by simply purchasing either six cans of Red Bull Gold or Silver or one box of Sunsnack for only $5. Customers will then fill in the contest form and drop it into the collection boxes that are located at several stations during the Consumer Fair Part 9. Other prizes to be won include another two units of Samsung Tab P1000 and four units of Samsung Galaxy S II.

One lucky winner will drive home a brand new KIA Sportage (high spec) for the final grand draw that will take place on Sunday, the last day of CF9. Other prizes to be won in the final draw include two units of Apple iPhone 4S and two units of Apple iPad 2 (16GB Wifi+3G).

There are five stations and one main station at the Multi-purpose Hall where you can buy a cluster of Redbull or a pack of SunSnack at the Consumer Fair

Sophia and I bought a SunSnack and let’s hope both of us get shortlisted this Sunday *lol*

….. and we ended up giving the Sunsnack to staff of Sunlit Advertising

They had tons of people who entered the lucky draw on the first day

Who’s gonna drive the KIA Sportage this Sunday?

Lim Sei Kee (2L) and Norhairol Momin (2R) hold up their prizes in a group photo with Martin M Anthony (C) with GreenCity Concept staff. Image taken by Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin

Red Bull is also bringing in the Red Bull Monkey Run for the very first time in Brunei Darussalam. A challenging obstacle course that will test contestants’ physical fitness, agility and flexibility and those who will win for the university category will have the unique chance to represent Brunei in the regional grand final in Penang, Malaysia, some time in July.

The champion for the university category for the male division will win a cash prize of $1,000, the runner-up will get $700, 3rd place will get $500 and $300 for the 4th place. While the female division’s champion will win $800, $500 for the runner-up, 3rd place will win $300 and 4th place will get $200.

Those participating in the open category will stand a chance to win a tour package for two inclusive of air tickets and hotel accommodations to watch the ‘University’ edition grand final in Penang, Malaysia. The champion for the open category for the male division will win $1,500, the runner-up will get $800, 3rd place gets $600, and 4th place will get $400. The female division’s champion will win $1,000, the runner-up will get $500, $300 for the 3rd place winner and 4th place gets $200.

The Red Bull Monkey Run is open to residents with valid Brunei identity card. For entrance into the university category to potentially race for Brunei in Penang, participants are only required to produce their student identity card and purchase a can of Red Bull.

This Brunei leg of the race during the Consumer Fair 9 is the first stop for the series that will then go on to tour various parts of Malaysia and Singapore in search of other finalists to compete in Penang. The Red Bull Monkey Run is supported by the Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and is managed by GreenCity Concept Sdn Bhd, the official marketing agent for Red Bull in Brunei Darussalam.

The CF9 was opened to visitors starting on January 4. It will then be opened from 10am to 10pm every day until January 8. Free shuttle buses will run regularly from Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah to ICC during the event period. Visitors are also welcome to park their vehicles in the parking space there. Text courtesy of Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin.

All you need is to spend a $1 on Red Bull drink to be eligible for the competition. You can stand a chance to win fantastic cash prizes for open and college category :))

Ok, one tip… if you are short, it’s not advisable to try the roller part.. you might just roll under

You have to glide before reaching the last obstacle – the net

Jacky didn’t want to try just yet. Let’s hope he will before the end of Consumer Fair

There’s even a medic team just in case you might get injured during the obstacle attempts

These guys will help to assist you this weekend for Monkey Run

Places to visit at CF9

If you want to visit Balloon World and Kids World, just look for this Gingerbread man to guide you

You can use this balloon as a scarf *lol* and this was taken at Balloon World

A lot of effort was done to create the face of MJ using balloons.. At least 2-3 days to build this.

The ever popular Angry Birds are also made into balloons

One of those times where it is okay to touch “one”

A mosque made of balloons too

This was taken at Kids World

You will see characters from Toy Story and they can dance too

There’s also a ship from the Pirates of the Carribean

House of Snake is another place of attraction at Consumer Fair


Lobster overdosed

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Have you applied for BIBD online?

Catch BIBD at the Plenary Hall at the Consumer Fair

BIBD staff will assist you in signing up with BIBD

They also offer free financial health check up during the Consumer Fair

I’ve signed up for BIBD Online and you will receive this dongle for your BIBD online access

Durian season

Ok, it’s the “Durian” season right now and it’s sort of a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter at the moment. I have to say that I ain’t a big fan of Durian and yes, it’s in my list of “kryptonite food” category.

It’s happening tomorrow at iCentre

Star Wars: Old Republic

Mei Wei Restaurant (Seafood)

The chinese name of the restaurant is Mei Wei but I saw this label which was translated in Malay (above). I know a friend that finds the title a turn off. I wonder why *lol*

This is actually located at Sumbangsih Mulia building. Yes, the restaurant is open at night if you look at the opening hours from the 1st picture. You can’t really see it from outside and the counter and tanks are in located inside a room instead of food stalls outside.

We ordered almost a kilo of lobster which cost almost BND 80 *eeeekkkss*

The lobster was cooked with salted egg and Woooww, this is one tasty lobster.. I highly recommend this dish if you have the budget

The next day (today) I started having this itchiness on my lips so I paid a quick visit to Lee Clinic to get some meds and lotion (thanks Dr. On for the consultation). I didn’t know I’m allergic to lobster or perhaps it was an excessive consumption of lobster.. It was quite uncomfy to have the irritation feeling on your lips. Lesson learned.


The 9th Consumer Fair

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

In today’s Borneo Bulletin

This was circulating on Facebook and I don’t agree that the photo should be posted even though the intention of the person is good. If you missed out on the recent child abuse case, you can click the image to read the article.

What to expect at CF9?

I missed the opportunity to be the official blog for the event but not to worry as I will be doing some coverage on some of the activities that’s happening at Consumer Fair 9.. There won’t be a Brunei Cyber Game this time round but there are plenty of activities lined up for CF9.

All I can say is that the Consumer Fair 9 is definitely targeting family and kids when I browsed through the activities they offer. The venues used will be at the Plenary Hall, Main Conference Hall (Red Bull Monkey Run, Bumper Car), Press Conference Hall (House of snakes), Multi-Purpose Hall (mostly food) and Banquet Hall (Balloon World and Kids World).

The Consumer Fair 9 kicks off today and the final day will be Sunday. Expect ICC to be packed as usual and if you want to park at ICC car park area, I wish you good luck.. The long queue (and waiting time) is a turn-off. So I suggest you park near Indoor Stadium and use the shuttle bus. You definitely save a good 20 minutes or so.

There are tons of activities to look forward to but I’m too old for this *lol*

Hmmmm… It’s a Flying Fish toy… I wonder how this works (at Multi-Purpose Hall)

Multi-Purpose Hall is full of food stuff… I’m sure there will be some food tasting too.

BIBD is taking up a few areas as well at the Plenary Hall

This is where the official opening of CF9 will take place

This was quite popular during Edutainment Wonderland and it’s back again. This should be another crowd puller

The Kids World area at Banquet Hall

A Transformer made out of a Balloon

Can you recognised this face? It was made out of balloons

Arcade area for kids to play

A mini bumper car section at The Main Conference Hall

You can check out Max Track at The Plenary Hall

I’ve always seen this item but I don’t know what it does

Ahh… Angry Bird made of balloons at Balloon World

I didn’t want to touch the green balloon so I opted for the red one *lol*

Great deals at Takaful during the Consumer Fair. Do you want insurance for your education or travel or fire or even golfer’s insurance?

Try the Red Bull Monkey Run

Now this is for adults and this is one of the activities at Consumer Fair located at The Main Conference Hall. The Monkey Run is brought to you by Red Bull (Brunei).

This is the Monkey Run structure. It reminds me of Wipe-Out.

There are three obstacles to go through and the winner will win $1500 (Open) and $1000 (University/College).

1) Roll 2) Glide 3) Climb

Four categories with 16 prizes up for grabs.. Cool stuff from Red Bull

Ok, this one I might be interested to participate… I’ve won lucky draws before but never this big *lol* All you need to buy a cluster of Red Bull or Sunsnack to participate

The Kia Sportage is being displayed at the main entrance of ICC

Mouse promotion at Concepts Computer

BruXpo at Indoor Stadium

Now ain’t this smart ….. Having an expo at Indoor Stadium while the Consumer Fair 9 is happening at the ICC and both events kick off today till Sunday. So in a way, it’s complementing each other in terms of traffic. Of course, the main draw will be Consumer Fair which has attracted at least 100,000 people (per Consumer Fair).

The main draw for the BruXpo will be the Smurf Pavilion as well as the official launch of Hyundai Veloster this Friday evening. With BruXpo and CF happening at the same time, expect more traffic around this area.

Preparing for the launch of Veloster this Friday

The Smurf Pavilion at BruXpo at Indoor Stadium


That extra boost

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Premium online shopping facilitator

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RBA special promotion

Click image to enter Royal Brunei Airlines website

Consumer Fair 9 coming soon

MegaStrike gets artistic touch

Three artists recently finished painting a section of the MegaStrike Bowl Centre’s wall with a touch of artistic flair that incorporates the bowling centre’s environment. The three young artists who call themselves “Arttralia”, formed in 2009, comprising Zakwan Zinal Abidin, Hairol Abdulkhan and Muhd Nur Adzim Othman. The group completed the mural painting within a week, just in time for the new year.

According to Hairol, the name “Arttralia” is a combination of the words “Art Attracts Belia”, and the team has previously done mural art paintings for the Youth Day at the National Indoor Stadium, the International Convention Centre exhibitions, the Youth Centre and the children’s ward in Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital.

According to Syu’aib Rafie, MegaStrike Bowl’s executive officer, the management wanted a mural art design that can highlight the centre’s lively environment that encompasses its logo.

“Before we did the design, we tried to capture all of the moments and experiences while we were here (the bowling centre)… then we try to interpret that by making the flow of the movement, as well as the speed of the bowling ball, and express it through the colours, which will, in turn, express the delightfulness and happiness portrayed by visitors playing here,” explained Hairol.

The “Arttralia” group has its facebook page where the public can see all their artwork and book for mural art requests. Text and images courtesy of Anwar Hj Rosly of The Brunei Times.

Muhd Nur Adzim Othman, Hairol Abdulkhan and Zakwan Zainal Abidin with Syu’aib Rafie in front of the completed mural art painting

The mural art painting at MegaStrike Bowl Centre at The Airport Mall

Have you tried cosmic bowling at MegaStrike Bowl Centre?

Recap: 2001 (Part II)

July 2011. Baiduri Masters 2011 ….. BRIDEX 2011 ….. Tony Moly opened its door …. SCB Run that Cares …. Think Big Biz Plan was renamed to Think Big Ignite …. Le Orient relocated and relaunched …. EA Con (Expressive Art Convention) ….. EGNC launched e-darussalam ….. Harry Potter Day at STPRI ….. RA parts with Skali on website management …. Liverpool tour to Malaysia ….. My second visit to Cambodia with Awesome Foursome with a KL stopover ….. Quick pitstop to Singapore for Mom’s minor surgery …..

Book reading week at STPRI with Harry Potter theme. They organised a bazaar with some activities such as treasure hunt and ended with a flash mob

My media trip for SCB coverage of Liverpool’s Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur. I managed to take a pic with Charlie Adam *woohoo* Thank you, SCB Brunei 😀

One of the most enjoyable trips this year as I revisited Cambodia. My last visit was back in 2006. It was another visit to the Angkor Wat and we also visited the orphanage

August 2011. Ramadhan began …. LoveFoodHateWaste revived and hits doubled than previous years …… Nasi Bryani Amal by OGH …. ICI passport holders not granted visa to Vietnam *boohoo* ….. Youth Forum …. London riots …. Waterfront Expo …. The Burger phenomena ….. Government agency indecisive on Golden Churn issue …. Toys R Us drew crowd on its 1st week …. Prevent Diabetes campaign kicked off … UBD FM’s audition ….. BIBD unveiled Blessing Rewards campaign …. Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple … Crescent officially launch …. PDCA signing ceremony for Musical Wedding Garden Fair 2011….. Borders closed down

The beginning of the saga of the Golden Churn butter. It was an on-off decision to shelve the said butter which caused the credibility of the butter.

September 2011. Aidil Fitri celebration …. Tour de Brunei 2011 ….. Two students fell victims in accident at school car park …… Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar …… UBD Convention Festival 2011 …… Brunei’s Hottest and Cutest Person Fanpage became talk of the town …. Mall Food Court had a minor smoke ….. Brunei Business Forum 2011 ….. BSP UBD Green Debate semi-finals ….. The introduction of PowerKad ….. My first weekend at Temburong (Ulu-Ulu Resort) …. Fun Bee Park opened ….. Who’s Got Talent Top 50 contestants …. Youth Day 2011 …..

I have to tell you that Ulu-Ulu Resort at Temburong was awesome and I totally recommend you to stay a night or two.. I hope to go back there again this year.

October 2011. Boustead Carnival ….. Abacus Travel Fair …… BICTA prize presentation …. The disappointment of the announcement of iPhone 4s instead of the 5 …. The passing of Steve Jobs the following day …. Musical Wedding Garden Fair 2011 …… Lilmopiko’s unforgettable evening ….. Red Bull Tri Nation Futsal won by Brunei ….. Baiduri’s Media Appreciation Night (Nerd & Super Heroes) ….. JIS unveiled new multi-million Art Centre …. 1st Brunei Online conference by SocMedBN ….. Belinda won Proton from Times Square promotion … Football funday at JIS …. Business Icon book launched …. Zul F official launch of his debut album …. Sri Lembayung opened …. DST announced Future Funds …. UNISSA beat UBD in BSP UBD Green Debate …. iCentre Think Innovate Forum ….. TecXpo 2011 ….. Youth Ship Brunei group departed …. ISB celebrated International Day ….

A genius. A visionary. An icon. The late Steve Jobs passed away and made headlines, stealing the limelight of the iPhone 4s launch.

A series of surprising moments for a good friend on her birthday. An awesome evening indeed.

The 1st Brunei Online Conference attended by 80 people at Radisson Hotel. A historic moment for the SocMed group.

November 2011. World announced 7 billion population …. Deseo’s 3rd year anniversary …. Movember campaign ….. Agricultural and Fishery Carnival at Kg. Parit ….. Abacus Appreciation Dinner Night …. Asia Inc Forum’s LBD Forum on branding …. Holika Holika’s CN Blue lucky draw but concert postponed to February due to floods in Thailand …. Megastrike Bowl opened at The Airport Mall ….. Convergence 2011 by Projekbrunei …… First coverage of Anugerah Industri Muzik at KL …. AirAsia signed with RA *woohoo* ….. Flexa, another franchise came to Brunei …. TAIB unveiled Tekad Haj account ….. ISB Speechless play … HSBC’s Media Appreciation Night (Retro night) …. Laneige’s 2nd Musical Broadway competition won by STPRI …. JIS Musical Concert ….. Timeless Realm launched ….. Wobbly_sphinx became the 3rd person to be blindfolded …. Rainforest Gallery Bazaar …. Canon 1st Photowalk Competition by Interhouse Company ….. Obsidian Hair Cut Competition ….. Royal Brunei Airlines upgraded online system, partnered with Amadeus … Mochi (Frozen Yoghurt) opened at Airport Mall …. BSM Customer Day 2011 ….. BIBD’s Media Appreciation Night (Cook off) …..

One of the winners of the 1st Canon Photowalk where over 200 contestants participated. Most likely another similar event will be held this year.

A touching moment for WC during her birthday at Tasek Lama. Her wish also came true – KFC 😀

Obsidian Hair Cup competition and the hairstylists will fly to Korea

This was another great night during BIBD’s Cook Off theme. It was BIBD’s Media Appreciation Night

December 2011. World Aids Day 2011 …. Coverage of RedBull Rookies at Sepang 1000km race where Ogy completed her race ….. TelBru’s Let’s Trek ….. 1st Book Swap event …. Pelangi Awards 2011 ….. My trip to Singapore for ZO 2011 and Wicked play …. Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 where Xiaxue bagged two top hounours …. Oil and Gas Job Sector Fair at BRIDEX …. First instameet organised by Brunika …. Brunei’s Edutainment Wonderland …… Times Square Carnival …. AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia (Brunei) made partnership official …. Ambuyat Man comic debuted …… KK Bus tragedy that cost 7 lives ….. FES Retro Cup for FIFA 12 and Foosball …. My Olloclip fever moment *lol* ….. Foil-a-car debuted ….. Former Cambodian Ambassador is a fugitive and wanted for corruption …. MAS Wings announced its expansion to Brunei (to Kuching and KK) …. DPMM FC given green light to participate in S-League in February 2012 …. Charity Futsal with celebrities from Raja Lawak …. Sad case when a 2- year old toddler was abused to death by Zini Sulaiman 27 who will be sentenced on 7th January 2012 ….. New Year’s Eve celebration and bonus period caused massive traffic jam everywhere …..

AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia announced partnership so do watch out for great deals in 2012

Have you seen the broadway play “Wicked” in Singapore? Lots of Bruneians have caught this play at the Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. I really love the show. Two thumbs up!!

The glamourous night of Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 hosted in KL. These were the two hosts of the evening.

We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo. I saw this on Rottentomatoes and it has a fresh rating but I was quite turned off by the title itself because I thought to myself, “Couldn’t the producer make another suitable title?”. However, after watching the movie half way, the reason for the producer was justified on the title of the movie.

I havent seen the trailers so I had no expectations of the movie but a good word of mouth from Sophia and Del suggest that this should be a pleasant watch, considering both are very hard to please when it comes to movies *lol*

I was drawn from the beginning till the end of the movie. This is what sometimes is lacking in hollywood movies – moral values and lessons that can be learned from a movie. “We Bought A Zoo” displayed these elements and I was pretty moved by them. This flick would have easily made my top 10 list of 2011. A heart warming movie where Matt Damon pulled off a commendable performance. I still love Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting and that was his best for me. Screenings are pretty low at The Mall Cineplex but if you do have time, I highly recommend you this. Verdict: 8/10

A crowd pleaser and touches the heart. Catch it while you can.

TelBru promotion

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